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Podcast – Erick “Big E” Bartoldus

https://www.instagram.com/p/B0NEwxhgVO8/?igshid=1kz9vjf7hit56 https://www.instagram.com/p/Buwi7dgFD0Q/?igshid=kpikhfmzu7pjNEW Erick "Big E" Bartoldus Podcast is up - starting with his early days in Florida making his way to California and couch surfing at Gork and Spike Jones' place, a stone throw away from Wizard Publications / BMX Action Magazine.We talk about Erick's time with E-Team, Jive, working at SBS, before interviewing with Rich Long and getting a job at GT providing he cuts his hair. Once at GT, Big E went out on tour, becoming the Powerlite Brand Manager, and picking up a young Donny Robinson, Randy Stumpfhauser and later, Mario Soto; his thoughts on Mario's passing in 2001 alongside the success Powerlite had during the 90s.Big E talks about starring in GT videos and TV commercials, his end at GT, moving into the moto industry working for Transworld Motocross, Answer and later and his current job at Yoshimura where he is the Marketing Manager for R&D and so much more.

1hr 47mins

24 Nov 2019

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Podcast Mike Miranda & Eric Carter

Long time coming but finally nailed down Hollywood, Mike Miranda and recorded a Podcast with the help of Mike’s long-time friend, Eric Carter who always brings great stories and perspective which all went down at Hyper Design Studios in Carlsbad last week.We breeze through Hollywood’s career from the early days racing in So-Cal riding for SE, CW, Torker and Hutch before finishing up on Free Agent while working at Vision Street Wear.Mike talks about his time racing in England at the Kelloggs witnessing Tim Judge and Richie Anderson brawl in a hotel room, British rider Geth Shooter winning in the rain, horse riding with Andy Ruffell and thoughts on English birds being a dime-a-dozen at the time.Mike also talks racing in Holland and France, the lifetime relationships he’s made and what it was like to race in Bercy in a packed stadium in front of all of the crazy French fans during the peak years of the 80s.We talk Mike working at GT in the 90s, his thoughts and respect for Rich Long, becoming a Golf Pro for a few years before returning to the bike industry working at Cycling Sports Group (owners of Cannondale, GT, Schwinn and Mongoose) before moving over to Hyper more recently as (Co-Director of Shenanigans and all around good egg) as Mike puts.We talk about the current state of the Bicycle industry, USA BMX, Pump Tracks some thoughts and solutions to grow not just racing but ways to get more kids out and on bikes moving forward.We also hit on Mike coaching at Woodward, being in the movie RAD & negotiating more money on-set and of course we hit on as many of the Q&A that were posted on Facebook as we could.It was great to sit down with Hollywood and EC. This one could have gone on forever, enjoy...

2hr 10mins

16 Jun 2019

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Podcast – Greg Hill

Greg Hill Podcast - We catch up with Greg and see what the latest is with him and Remix and see what he's got planned moving forward as he turns a new page in his life. We dive into current BMX affairs and, as most know, with Greg you get it straight and he shares his thoughts on the race landscape today. We hit on USA BMX, Nationals, the local scene, Pro racing and so much more.  Greg’s not holding back on this one and you can sense his passion after all these years for BMX is alive and well. Like most of us he’d like to see it grow and not decline. Check it out...

1hr 31mins

9 May 2019

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Podcast – Tyler Brown

https://www.instagram.com/p/BublyFJDv7o/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=155cxnj8848ejThis week on the Podcast we got Tyler Brown, a man with many hats including racing, his own 316 team, running a track, coaching and his newer role at USA Cycling. We talk about his career moving from Colorado with his mom to California, racing AA Pro to turning Vet and already winning 2 World Titles and a Vet National title. We then talk industry, thoughts on the current scene in the US, Pro Racing, Prize Money, Sponsorship, putting on events, Pro results in Phoenix and Oldsmar and more.


28 Feb 2019

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Podcast – Sylvain André

Good to catch up with Sylvain André earlier this week for a coffee and Podcast and to see what the World Champion has been up to, as we move into the 2019 season. Sylvain talks about his big win in Baku, passing fellow Frenchmen Joris Daudet down the last-straight and all of the emotions of being crowned the World Champion.We then talk about his own history in the sport; coming through the ranks, winning Junior Men at the 2010 Worlds in South Africa, putting Marc Willers over the turn at the Chula Vista World Cup and climbing the Elite ranks to become one of the most consistent riders over the last few years.We also touch on French BMX; winning the 2017 World Cup some French BMX Trivia questions and more.https://www.instagram.com/p/BrDBmOpAmEF/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1un0m9jdwt3mf


14 Feb 2019

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Podcast – Tracer Finn

This week on the Pod, Eddy King and I sat down with BMX Hall of Famer, former CW rider and Vegas local Tracer Finn, during the USA BMX Hall of Fame weekend in San Diego.Coming from an entertainment family and working and growing up in Vegas, Tracer shares some great stories outside of BMX as well as many in the sport.Tracer talks CW days, losing his finger in a crash, jumping his dad (Mickey Finn), playing the piano on the Vegas Strip for a BMX Action shoot, team managing for Specialized during the mid 90s to early 2000s working with his long-time friend TJ Lavin, alongside Christophe Leveque, during Leveque's dominating years on the team.Tracer talks about still riding, the importance of supporting your local track, after parties at the X and Gravity Games with the likes of Stephen Murray, Nasty, Fuzzy, TJ and more.https://www.instagram.com/p/BrgzbnCF_TF/?igshid=8p17kzy68gp4

1hr 15mins

7 Oct 2019

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Podcast – Dr. J & Tory Nyhaug

Spent Friday afternoon down by the coast drinking coffee and podcasting with Dr. J and 2x Olympian and all-round good guy Tory Nyhaug. We talk about Tory's crash at the World's last year, resulting in a concussion and the frustrations he's having from still not being released to train or race. We then hop onto a bunch of subjects from the Olympics, to social media, World Cups, the current state of BMX and of course we touched on some of the current rants in the race world right now on social media including Tim Kneip's posts to Team Pits and more. Check it out...

1hr 19mins

19 Jan 2019

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Podcast – Matt Hadan

Matt Haden Podcast - from the early years racing in Azusa, Ca riding for Bandito, GHP, Diamond Back and then Free Agent during the 80s. We talk about being in the mags and some of his covers shots included the likes of BMX Action and Snap as we moved into the 90s.Matt talks about turning Pro, coming in 2nd behind Danny Nelson at the 94 Worlds and what he would do differently if he had another shot at that main event. We also touch on him being over looked for numerous years for the Hall of Fame, the money he made as an amateur and chat about some of Matt's other podiums at World Championships and of course, we answer a bunch of questions you guys posted and a whole lot more. Check it out.PC: Gork

2hr 8mins

14 Mar 2018

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Podcast Dr. J & Rich Houseman

https://www.instagram.com/p/BuVEGWpFP-f/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=bi4932vsooxToday’s Podcast include myself and Dr. J sitting down with Hookit's Rich Houseman over at Leap Coffee in Carlsbad. We start catching up with what's been going on over in Dr. J’s world, a quick update on Dvide, thoughts on USA BMX’s GOAT article in the new Pull Magazine then our thoughts on Beth Shriever’s GoFundMe to raise £50,000 to support her Olympic campaign over the next 2 years.We then catch up with Rich talking about being a factory star riding for Hutch in the 80s, a successful mountain bike career in the 90s and 2000s and his current gig at Hookit, with some great insight and advice on marketing and social media in today’s landscape in the sponsorship world.

1hr 13mins

8 Mar 2019

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Podcast – Jason Donnell

Growing up in Orange Country, the Mecca of BMX during the 80s, and riding for teams like Powerlite, GT, GHP, CW and Redline, Jason talks about making money at such a young age and traveling all over the Country as an 80s factory superstar. We talk about his Pro career being teammates with Jamie Staff, Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist on Haro and a run in with Eric Abbadessa at the Fall Nationals. We also chat about what he's up to these days being one of Mike Day's early day heroes and much more.PC: Gork

1hr 14mins

6 Apr 2018

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Podcast – Simon Tabron

This week's Podcast is with a fellow Brit living in San Diego, longtime friend and Vert rider Simon Tabron. Starting out on a Raleigh Super Burner, Simon talks about his local riding scene, some of the early influences such as Andy Irwin, Craig Campbell, Neil Ruffell and Carlo Griggs just to name a few. We talk the early 90s when BMX took a dive in the UK and how Simon started hitting the race scene to compete in KODs, hang-out, and shares some of the good times he had when it seemed like the sport went underground.  We hit on sponsorships, X-Games, moving to the US, his long rivalry with Jamie Bestwick and, of course, we have to talk about Freestyle in the Olympics including the politics and conflicts that have already begun, and so much more.

1hr 20mins

21 Mar 2018

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Podcast – Kelvin Batey

While over in the UK this Christmas I got a chance to hang out and record a podcast with one of my long time friends, Kelvin Batey over in Derby.Both Kelvin and his brother Liam were top British riders at an early age, winning bags full of National and British titles and they were always a contender in both the European and World Championships they attended.We talk about racing and traveling in the UK and Europe during the 90's and 00's, some of the teams he rode for and making the jump into the Superclass (Pro Elite) ranks at just 16 and competing with the UK's top guys and progressing over the next few years in the Jr and Elite ranks.We go into detail about the "all out drama" that surrounded Kelvin during the qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the hoops British Cycling made him jump though and the outcome, which was not competing in Beijing and his thoughts on it all today.We also talk about Kelvin changing nationality to Ireland after 08, just missed qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics and moving into the Masters class in the next few years and capturing some World titles in the process.We talk winding down his career, his great life today with is lovely wife Maria, and daughter. Kelvin and his wife both share their own successes with Kelvin working with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and still coaching and Maria is a social media blogger/influencer and heads her own notable make-up line.Great to catch-up and hang out with Kelvin. It's awesome he continues to have success in life. You guys will enjoy this one. Cheers.

1hr 21mins

28 Dec 2019

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Podcast Dr. J & CK Flash

New Podcast posted with with Dr. J and this week's guest, CK Flash visiting over from London. We talk about the new Dvide Spring Line drop, Australian rider Matty Juster busted for Sauce, and we get the scoop with CK - talking old school BMX with Tyson Beckford, TV, all of the promoting and mentoring of kids that CK is involved in and getting them on the right path with an introduction to BMX. We also go deep on all the Peckham current Elite Pro's and thoughts on Kye and Tre Whyte, Quillan Isidore and all things Peckham. Lots more, check it out.https://www.instagram.com/p/BwM7iiYHyo1/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1j7mua0f0co0k


18 Apr 2019

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Podcast – Andy Ruffell

We've been trying to nail down Mr. Andy Ruffell for awhile now and we finally sat down in San Diego and knocked out a podcast.Lots covered, the early years being discovered by Richard Barrington and getting on Team ACE with early UK BMX legend Cav Strutt, winning his first race at Chatham back in 1980 right when BMX was getting off the ground in the UK.Andy talks getting approached by Malcolm Jarvis and going to Ammaco Mongoose, traveling the country promoting the sport alongside racing and winning national titles in the process.We also talk about racing with Tim March in 1984 (Superclass), the rivalry and the on-and-off relationship between both Andy and Tim even in current times.We chat about the big money move to Raleigh in 85, winning the first official Pro Number 1 plate the same year, co-hosting BMX Beat and the Kelloggs with Mick Brown, the rise of Geth Shooter, his brothers Robert and Neil and Neil's rise to the top on the freestyle side competing and rivaling with Craig Campell (maybe not being treated well from the UKBFA) alongside coming 2nd to Ron Wilkerson at the 85 Kelloggs.Andy talks about putting on Holeshot, bringing over big names from the US in both Freestyle and Skate including Dennis McCoy, Josh White and Mat Hoffman, to Skaters Jeff Grosso, Christian Hosoi and Mark "Gator" Rogowski, just to mention a few along with all the headaches and problems he encountered putting on an event, from hotel rooms trashed, pros demanding more money and causing havoc on the London underground.Of course we have to cover his relationship and thoughts on Tony Hoffman, the 1986 Slough World Championships and the UK Pros (PRA) decision not to race, and again more recent drama with Tim March over it all last month.We discuss and decide it's about time for an Official British BMX Hall of Fame to be set up and the talks are already in the works to make this a reality along with Andy's Stunt A Biker YouTube channel Stuntabiker.com and more.

1hr 21mins

28 Jan 2020

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Mike Pardon Podcast Part 2

Mike Pardon Podcast Part 2 following up from the Aug 2018 Part 1, we continued the story from slowing down his BMX career in the mid 80s, getting into skating, sponsorship, opening a skate shop and competing in the Munster Skate World Championships in Germany. Mike then talks surfing, moving to Newquay living the camper life and working the odd jobs to support it.We also touch on living in Ireland, Australia, getting back into racing and winning a handful of national titles running a team for Alan Woods in the mid 2000s alongside getting into coaching with the BCF.Mike also talks being a paramedic these days back down under in Australia, becoming a dad, injuries, continuing to ride and race bikes and more in his 50s.

1hr 14mins

4 Dec 2019

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Podcast – Paul Roberts

A day over in Huntington Beach with one of my best friends of nearly 40s years, Paul Roberts @grotbags32 drinking coffee, riding along the beach talking BMX and life and everything else in between. We also paused for an hour next to a life guard tower and recorded a quick Podcast for good measure.Paul talks about announcing for Vans last month at the US Open before moving onto some British BMX history talk past and present; Kye Whyte, Neal Wood, Chico Hooke, John Dye, Bobby Hyde, Keith Duly, the list goes on. Paul talks about not being in the Union Video, who was better Geth Shooter or Charlie Reynolds, favorite bikes, magazine coverage, Debbie Scott Webb and Donna Duffy and so much more. If you like a bit of British BMX trivia then you should like this one. Check it out...

1hr 28mins

30 Aug 2019

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Podcast – Ross Cullen & Julian Allen

Podcast with Brits Ross Cullen (2x World Champion and current European Junior Champion) and old, mid and current-school rider/coach Julian Allen, who are both in California with 25 other Brits on the Zell Tour’s So-Cal BMX trip for a few weeks.We talk about both Ross' and Julian’s history and their careers in BMX and go more into detail on the current UK race scene, from the club and coaching structure with British Cycling to how the sports sits today in the UK, and some chat on the next wave of British riders coming through the ranks.Ross talks about getting ready to turn Elite in 2020, being part of the National Team, the guys he looks up to and lots more. Check it out.https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz5o3AyAExd/?igshid=13a4v5zmc9c0z https://www.instagram.com/p/B0QesOJgUjh/?igshid=1p5ek2k97gszz


27 Sep 2019

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Podcast cover

Lunch & Podcast with Eddy King

Lunch and a quick Podcast with Eddy King. We talk about "Tools of Empowerment, the Eddy King Story" that Shimano put out a few weeks ago. We also touch on the BMX Society Weekend, Andy Ruffell, thoughts on the Greg Hill Podcast, Paris World Cup and we flip through an issue of Same Old (Skate Magazine). We questioned whether this would work in race in today's landscape? Check it out.


11 Jun 2019

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Podcast – Mike Franze (Fullerton Bikes)

https://www.instagram.com/p/BwLTqXhlL62/?igshid=f2bjawbvz3f1Mike Franze (Fullerton Bikes) podcast started out with his deep BMX history in Orange County, Southern California, which was one of the meccas of the BMX industry. Mike talks about the early days, how big the OC scene was, to what's left of it now with the closing down of the Orange Y over 3 years ago now. Mike talks about test riding for BMX Plus, photo shoots for BMX Action, building and putting on his own races at Parks, how many BMX bikes he would custom build and sell during the 90s and 2000s alongside supporting riders and teams along the way.We talk about Mike getting into mountain bikes, the Over the Hump MTB Series, NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association), and his thoughts on the current state of BMX racing. We also dive into the lack of marketing, promotions, media and what's missing and what we could learn from the MTB World.Mike's got so much passion for everything bikes and still BMX after all of these years. It was great talking to him - hope you enjoy the listen.

1hr 16mins

14 Sep 2019

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Podcast cover

Podcast – Justin Kosman

(At La Costa Roasting in Carlsbad.) New Podcast posted with Director/Photographer Justin Kosman.We chat about Justin’s history, making his way from Illinois to California freelancing and working at Bike Magazine, ESPN, Ride, Transword, DC, Vans, Redbull, his time at Twenty BMX Magazine writing content and his various shoots with other brands and magazines he's worked with over the years.We also talk about some of his newer projects at Vans, thoughts on Freestyle being in the Olympics, social media, racing, pump tracks and the possibilities they could provide and more. Check it out.Website: justinkosman.comIG: @justinkosman


4 Apr 2019

Rank #20