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The official Dietitian Connection Podcast gives you access to the most influential and successful experts in the Dietetic profession and beyond. This podcast will inspire you; it will challenge you; and it will empower you to become a nutrition leader and realise your dreams. Visit dietitianconnection.com to subscribe to the FREE weekly newsletter. Dietitian Connection is a one stop shop for busy nutrition professionals for nutrition, leadership and business resources, exciting job opportunities, upcoming webinars and events, new products, the latest nutrition news and research and much more!

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The Gut Health Doctor: Megan Rossi (#41)

Dr Megan Rossi is a Registered Dietitian with an award-winning PhD in the area of Gut Health. Megan works as a Research Associate at King’s College London, Consultant Dietitian across food industry and media and leads a Gut Health clinic on Harley street in London. In this episode, we chat to Megan about the gut health craze sweeping the globe, her past and present research and much more. For the shownotes: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts


16 Mar 2018

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The Sarcastic Nutritionist (#40)

Get ready for loads of laughing and terrific insights into a unique dieititan-led business. In the latest podcast, we’re chatting to Stephanie and Josh — the duo behind The Sarcastic Nutritionist. My favourite quote from the episode is “Inspiration and creation is all around us.” So grab your Sarcastic Nutritionist mug of coffee and enjoy this episode! For the shownotes: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts


16 Feb 2018

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Gut Microbiome and Digestive Diseases Research (#52)

Gail Cresci, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC works in the Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital and Inflammation & Immunity, Lerner Research Institute, as well as Director for Nutrition Research within the Center for Human Nutrition, Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute at Cleveland Clinic. In this episode, we discuss Gail's research in nutrition, gut microbiome, digestive diseases, surgery and critical care, enteral feeding, liver and intestine diseases. She has received numerous awards and published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters as well as editing a textbook in critical care nutrition.


7 Mar 2019

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"The Mindful Dietitian" with Fiona Sutherland (#32)

Are you a "non-diet" dietitian, or an aspiring one? Fiona Sutherland, "The Mindful Dietitian," takes us through her serendipitous discovery to starting a new movement of Dietitians - her journey will move you. She offers powerful advice on how you, too, can discover your calling along with useful tools on how to enter the realm of "non-diet." Click here for the shownotes.


19 May 2017

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Stop struggling and get the job you love

What’s the point in doing 5 years of study if there’s no jobs in dietetics! There are 200 new graduates and only ONE new grad position – how do I stand a chance? These are the stories we’re hearing from dietitians and it’s scary! So, this latest podcast is a deep dive into jobs with our director and founder, Maree Ferguson - an internationally renowned nutrition and dietetics expert with extensive recruitment experience. TUNE IN now, stop struggling and get the job you love. Podcast shownotes here: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts/get-the-dietetics-job-you-love/


7 Jun 2019

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Unconventional dietitian - Erica Julson

Erica Julson is a "non-traditional" registered dietitian -- she's an online entrepreneur and the founder of The Unconventional RD -- a blog and community -- in fact, one of the most popular Facebook groups for dietitians! She's also the creator of The Functional Nutritional Library for dietitians. In this episode, we're talking about connecting, learning, growing and creating job opportunities. Check out the shownotes for free resources and more on The Unconventional RD. 


12 Apr 2019

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“Multidisciplinary private practice” with Jo Turner (#31)

You have a passion for a diverse range of interests – but struggle with how to combine them into a single career. Sound like you? You’re not alone. But it can be done -- with great success. For a winning example of how, listen to our DC podcast with Jo Turner. Jo -- a dual-qualified Dietitian / Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist -- heads up NuActive Health, an integrated approach to multi-disciplinary care. In our half-hour podcast, Jo shares how she landed on her practice’s unique concept; how NuActive operates under one roof with its diverse team of Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists and medical professionals; the challenges and rewards she’s faced in running her business; and much more. A skilled communicator with extensive media experience, you’ll enjoy listening to Jo, and will come away with advice that can help you marry your various interests to the career you’ve been dreaming of. Shownotes available at dietitianconnection.com/podcasts


7 Apr 2017

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"The business of communicating about food and nutrition" with Nicole Senior (#29)

2017 food trends, new opinions and social media hype calls for an interview with one of Australia's top nutrition consultants, APD: Nicole Senior. Nicole’s role at Principal Nutrition Services is to provide accurate, responsible, engaging and compelling communications about food. Nicole and Kate chat about the pros of nutrition consultancy work, how technology plays a role and the seven jobs required for this position; it is certainly more than simply writing about food! For the shownotes: http://www.dietitianconnection.com/podcasts


10 Feb 2017

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PCOS Nutrition with Angela Grassi (#51)

Angela Grassi, MS, RDN, LDN is the PCOS Nutrition Centre owner and founder and she was also given the distinguished Ricardo Azziz PCOS Challenge Advocacy Leadership Award for her dedication to advocacy and public policy efforts that expand access to resources and support women with PCOS. Additionally, she has published the The PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook and PCOS: The Dietitian’s Guide, now in its second edition. In this episode, we discuss what PCOS is, and who it affects, the benefits of nutrition coaching for PCOS, relevant guidelines and how Angela has helped women.


7 Feb 2019

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Feeding athletes with Simone Austin (#50)

Simone Austin is an advanced sports dietitian, media dietitian, speaker and president of Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA). Simone has 20 years of experience as a dietitian; she’s worked with (and fed) elite athletes and also collaborated with top chefs. She's one of the most down-to-earth, energetic and passionate dietitians we’ve met; this really shines through in our latest podcast. Simone shows us what it's like to fuel incredibly successful athletes, she shares her "pinch me moments" and so much more.


11 Jan 2019

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Make your dream job a reality

Heather Neal is a registered dietitian and entrepreneur who is empowering dietitians and nutrition professionals to take your career into your own hands and turn your dreams into reality. Heather is an advocate for nutrition entrepreneurs, the founder of the RD Entrepreneur Symposium and Dietitian HQ. On which, professional development for dietitians is offered with CEUs.  In this episode, we discuss Heather's dietetic background and clinical experiences, the importance of mentorships, community and connection and business coaching online.


9 May 2019

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"Great business ideas" from Amanda Clark (#38)

Amanda Clark is the founder of Great Ideas in Nutrition, an award winning practice of dietitian, nutritionists and exercise physiologists, on the Gold Coast, Australia. Amanda is also the creator of internationally famous Portion Perfection - designed for women, men and children. In this podcast, we discuss her journey as a successful business owner and leader, not only in Australia but also in the USA. For the shownotes, go to: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts


10 Nov 2017

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The Prebiotic Dietitian - Kara Landau

We just interviewed dietitian Kara Landau, founder of prebiotic gut health brand Uplift Food. We ask all of your burning questions about the crucial steps in running a food brand and hot tips for product development. Get inspired as Kara shares how she turned a dream, into reality and is innovating the gut health industry. Get the shownotes here: https://dietitianconnection.com/podcast


14 Feb 2020

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Culinary Nutrition case studies with Emma Stirling

What do you get when you combine a dietitian, with a passion for food, cooking, nutrition science and the ability to communicate practical nutrition advice to improve the health of the population, in a delicious way? That’s culinary nutrition! Our recent podcast with dietitian, food scientist, gastronomist, and culinary nutritionist Emma Stirling is a delicious conversation about how to embrace the world of culinary nutrition and bring these emerging and dynamic skills into your practice to expand employment and business opportunities. Get the shownotes here: https://dietitianconnection.com/podcast Checkout Understanding the Science of Food by Emma Stirling and Sharon Croxford for the chef interviews and a foundation textbook to refresh your chemistry and extend this to food science and culinary nutrition. Download the Cobram Estate Culinary Nutrition Infographic for more on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) science, cooking facts, food pairing hacks and key practice points. This episode is supported by Cobram Estate - Australia’s leading producer of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


22 Nov 2019

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"Food education & colourful eating" with Kate Wengier (#39)

Kate Wengier is an entrepreneurial dietitian with a passion for improving the eating habits of families and communities. She created Foost, a health promotion company, to teach easy ways of eating more fruits and vegetables. (Her star pupils? All four of her kids, who love fresh, fun food!)  In this episode, we discuss: Kate’s reason for becoming, all about Foost, Kate’s mission to improve food education, Kate’s Colourful – and Successful – Crowd Funding Campaign and so much more.


8 Dec 2017

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Food humour: Andy De Santis (#45)

Joining us on this episode of the Dietitian Connection Podcast is Andy De Santis (fondly known as Andy the RD) - he is a registered Dietitian and health writer with a degree in food humour based in Toronto, Canada. Andy is incredibly passionate about blogging, creating engaging Instagram content and collaborating with other dietitians. For the shownotes: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts/food-humour-andy-de-santis/


20 Jul 2018

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"Lessons from a well-travelled professor in Dietetics" with Peter Williams (#36)

It's the career we dream of as a dietitian: speaking opps in far-flung locales, top positions across clinical, industry, academia and consultancy dietetics, heading up our industry's largest professional association. One dietitian has done all of this. In our latest DC webinar, Maree Ferguson chats to Prof. Peter Williams to learn why dietetics, what he's learned along the way - and what he sees in his crystal ball for the future. Click here for the shownotes.


15 Sep 2017

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The dairy matrix – a new approach to understanding the health effects of food

Around the world in science circles, there is a growing recognition that dietary guidance should be based on evaluation of the health impact of whole foods rather than on the individual nutrients they contain. In Australia, we have recently seen this reflected in the Heart Foundation’s new recommendations around meat, dairy and eggs. This podcast, hosted by Sharon Natoli, with guest speaker Prof Michelle McKinley is all about the 'food matrix effect' and how our approach to nutrition is changing. Get the shownotes here: https://dietitianconnection.com/podcast


14 Jan 2020

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Dr Joanna McMillan - Nutrition scientist, dietitian, speaker, media personality & author (#43)

After originally thinking she wanted to study music, Dr. Joanna veered into science – and hasn’t looked back. Today, she’s not only an international media figure and author but also a noted gut-health expert (and host of the recent Gut Revolution series on ABC’s Catalyst!). But success didn’t happen overnight. What made the difference was the decisions she made along the way. “I'm often asked, ‘How do I get a leg up?’ Sometimes you have to be a little bit ballsy,” says Dr. Jo. “Don't take no for an answer.” For the shownotes, go to: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts/dr-joanna-mcmillan/


19 May 2018

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Good Food, Good Fun: Amy Smith (#42)

Amy Smith is the recently appointed CEO of Jamie’s Ministry Of Food, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the marketing space, particularly the nutrition and health arena. We sat down with Amy to learn more about what’s ahead for Jamie’s Ministry of Food, as well as Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit and Veg program, in 2018 – and how dietitians can get involved. For the shownotes, go to: dietitianconnection.com/podcasts/amy-smith/


13 Apr 2018

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