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HJRP1819 Writing a Good Story, an Ethical Dr. Douche, Campaign Idea, Snowflakes and Horror

HJRP1819Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Jason, ProbieTim and JiBShow Notes!Doug from Texas asks How to Write a Good Story. Kevin from Roll vs Roll Cards suggest a way to ethically play Dr. Douche. Mike in Nebraska sends in a Campaign Idea. KurtPotts asks about Setting Specific vs Setting Agnostic systems. Name Withheld writes in about The Special Snow flake. Steve in SoCal sends us a GenCon Horror Story

26 Feb 2017

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HJRP1909 FATE Epiphany, Likable NPCs, and more

HJRP1909Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Bill and JessieIn this Episode:Daniel shares his epiphany about FATE. Dan from Minnesota asks about making likeable NPCs. Eran in London ask about explaining Savage Worlds in a web comic. Tim writes in about ending a session.Email:happyjacksrpg@gmail.comSocial Media:Twitter: happyjacksrpgAlso on Instagram: happyjacksrpgLive Stream:If you’d like to watch the show live, you can find out how at happyjacks.org/liveOr happyjacks.org/twitch,or happyjacks.org/youtubeAnnouncements:Jackercon 13: We Don’t Need Another Hero.Last week in June and the first week in July.You can register and sign up for games at jackercon.com

23 May 2017

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HJRP1915 NPCs, Death, Leveling

HJRP1915Your hosts: Stu, Stork, HosierRob, ProbieTimIn this Episode: Topic: How to Handle Character Death GM John writes in for advice on a passive, spectator player.    Chris in Canada sends us a well-actually about DnD leveling from days of old. Vincent writes in about mechanical canon in RPGs. Steve in SoCal sends us some effective uses of NPCs.

1 Jul 2017

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HJRP2001 Villains for Kids, More on Hit Point Fudging, Success

HJRP2001Your hosts: Stu, Stork, GinaEight years ago today, we released our first episode of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast. We didn't realize this at the time of recording, but in celebration, I've included our original, crappy artwork for the show both here and attached to the .mp3 file. According to my FTP list, we've published 380 episodes (though it's probably more like 375). We'd like to raise a glass to our listeners old and new. You've listened, you've critiqued, you've contributed and you've sat through more Human Centipede references than I can count. Thank you for your patronage, support and feedback.-- StuIn this episode:Out of print GM asks: Running a villain game for kids? Mr Manowar writes in about our divisive hobby. Abacus from Missouri writes in about Hit point Fudging. And David from Florida sends us a GM success story.

1hr 25mins

13 Aug 2017

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HJRP1609 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 16 Episode 09

HJRP1609Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Bill and JiB

8 Feb 2016

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HJRP1703 Over Prepping, Naming NPCs, Star Wars, Confession, RPG Philosophy, Nightmare

HJRP1703Your Hosts: Stu, Eric, Stork, KimiShow Notes! Dylon from Indiana writes in about his over-prepping. Kurt share a tip for naming NPCs. Dreamweaver writes in with a question about Stu's Star Wars game and a confession. Jake from the Midwest writes in to share his RPG philosophy and tells us about his party of new players. And Drayle88 sends us another installment of his ongoing gaming nightmare.

11 Jun 2016

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HJRP1706 Epic-Feeling Scenes, Success Stories and Horror Stories

HJRP1706Your hosts: Stu, Gina, Stork, JiBShow Notes: Morgan writes in to ask about Epic-feeling scenes. Eric from New Jersey writes in about a little of this and that.Allen from London (and Tennessee) share an RPG Success Story Dylon from Indiana shares a GMing horror story and asks a setting question.

2 Jul 2016

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HJRP2005 LARPs, Bookkeeping and Horror

HJRP2005Your hosts: Stu, Patric, Michael and StorkIn this Episode: Patrick and Michael talk LARP Steven in So Cal writes in about bookkeeping being fun?! Drayle 88 sends some questions and recounts his game. West sends us an update and treats us to a horror story.

1hr 54mins

11 Sep 2017

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HJRP1607 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 16 Episode 07

HJRP1607Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Kimi, TimLinks Mentioned:DND5E OGL/SRD:DnD5E OGL/SRD - The DMs Guild - What is the DMs Guild? - DMs Guild Creator ResourcesStorium - Strolen's CitidelShow Notes: We talk about DnD5E and the new OGL announcement. GM Zach wrote in about our advice on GM screens. Willow writes in about some play-by-post type things. Chris asked the age-old question: Traveller or Savage Worlds?Bert in Berlin complains, loves us and asks a question. Bled Drug give us a GM Confession (your sins are absolved) and asks a question.

16 Jan 2016

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HJRP1502 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 15 Episode 02

HJRP1502Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Kimi, Gina and the Angry GM.Many thanks to the Angry GM for joining us.

27 Jun 2015

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HRJP1711 Murder Hobo Advice, the Sprawl, Using Fiasco, Mass Combat

HJRP1711Your hosts: Stu, CADave, Gina, Stork, JiBIn This Episode:Mitchell writes in with a dire warning: “I’m coming to you.” Adam in Japan from Fresno writes in with advice in is FFG Star Wars game. Marty from SF sets us straight on SD. Steven SW sends us a play report on The Sprawl a PbtA game. Zach in Chicago has an idea to use Fiasco to enhance other games. Chris writes in with his take on mass combat in RPGs. Griever sends us a horror story.

13 Aug 2016

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HJRP1715 Left Turns, Con Recap, Saying Yes, Mood Setting, GURPS

HJRP1715Your hosts: Stu, Stork, JiB, Gina and KimIn This Episode: Topic: Ways to improvise left turns. Gateway2016 Recap (Hero Kids, David K’s Fate Game).  Jonas Larrson writes in about always saying “yes.”  Tim from South Africa writes in with some great mood-setting techniques. The Penguin GM asks for some GURPS help. Gaz the Dungeon Master asks about dealing with scared players. Alex in Huntington Beach writes in with a Horror Story narrowly escaped.The Aetatis kickstarter JiB mentioned.Gaz's board game reviews.

10 Sep 2016

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HJRP2008 Flashbacks, Mouseguard, Rules Splicing, Promotion

hjpr2008Your hosts: Stu and StorkIn this Episode: Julian from Paris writes about playing with time and narration. James from 1d4Cast Podcast sends us a quick breakdown of Mouseguard. Charas writes about transplanting favorite rules into other game systems. And Julie from Connecticut asks how to promote a game.

1hr 34mins

7 Oct 2017

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HJRP1713 Limiting Distractions, Slack, Traveller, DM-ADD and ALL THE TANGENTS EVER

HJRP1713Your hosts: Stu, Dave77, Joey and TimIn This Episode:SirGuido writes in about Limiting Distractions. Fredrix on the forums asks, “Whats the deal with slack?” The Prof asks for his advice GMing Traveller for the first time. A Make Good from el Mao Roflson about his Living Campaign idea for a game con (we skipped this last week accidentally). Steve writes in to ask about DM-ADD. OfTheHillPeople asks for advice about a player wanting in-game advice out-of-game. Colin writes in with a gaming nightmare.

27 Aug 2016

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HJRP1710 Homebrewing Settings, Magic and Technology, Actual Play Requests, Living Campaign

HJRP1710Your hosts: Stu, Bill, CADave, KimiIn This Episode:Zoomfarg asks about homebrewing a complex settingBen in Philadelphia writes in about magic and technologyDoug in Vancouver asks about Actual Playing GumshoeBen from New Zealand writes in about a Living Campaign based on Dragon Quest and a podcast plug for The Big Red Couch.

2hr 3mins

30 Jul 2016

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HJRP1515 Happy Jacks RPG Podcast Season 15 Episode 15

HJRP1515Your hosts: Stu, Stork, Gina, TimThe Wrecking Crew is raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Link to the Wrecking Crew's Extra-Life page. Click "donate." Type "The Wrecking Crew" into the search bar and pick a member to donate to.You can also check out the Wrecking Crew's podcast.

10 Oct 2015

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HJRP1702 Introducing NPCs, World Building, Do We Need Combat, Rules Heavy Systems, DnD4E Woes

HJRP1702Your Hosts: Stu, Kimi, StorkShow Notes! Alervant writes in with a GMing question about introducing NPCs, DiceOff asks about world building. Hour Eleven asks a thought-provoking question: do we need combat? GM Zack asks for rules heavy system recommendations. and Jonathan tells us of his DnD4E experiences and gives us a horror story.

4 Jun 2016

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HJRP1720 Fit to GM, Gender and RP, AP Question

HJRP1720Your hosts: Stu, Kimi, Bill, StorkShow Notes! Manuel from Germany asks: Am I not fit to GM? Kenigma23 writes in about Gender RP Proclivities. The show psychiatrist sends us a mental health well-actually.  Larry writes in with a handy FFG Star Wars RPG site. Steve from Atlanta has a question about the Mote of Sin AP.

2hr 1min

17 Oct 2016

Rank #18