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Episode 538 – to splat or not, part 1

* (0:28) Our history with podcasts and…iPods…? * (4:44) Fear the Con player and GM signup is ready to go. Fear the Boot new Patreon levels. Getting some old hosts back and relocating the recording studio. * (12:42) A disagreement over splat books creates a show. * (19:41) Around the table, asking who thinks what about splat books. * (21:26) Knowing the content or at least trusting its creators. * (25:04) Splat as a relief from burnout. * (28:04) How publishers break their own games. * (31:49) Trying to solve the problem after the game has been broken. * (35:58) The FCD pitch versus genuinely contributing to the game. Doing your own homework and balancing. Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne


5 Mar 2020

Rank #1

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Episode 540 – to splat or not, part 3

* (0:24) Putting Dale in the hotseat as a Game Master. * (10:01) Pitching the same idea to Chad and Wayne as theoretical players. * (17:13) Judging the regularity of and motivation for playing unusual characters. * (23:52) Kicking the pitch back to Dale again. * (32:46) The unique problems of playing from splat you wrote. * (38:17) Flipping the script and using splat to empower other characters. But it did get worse. * (43:52) Dan’s trouble with trust. Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne


19 Mar 2020

Rank #2

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Episode 539 – to splat or not, part 2

* (0:24) Why Chad doesn’t have a strong opinion on splat. Getting to the player’s real reason for the request. Allowing unusual requests as a form of collaborative world-building. * (4:20) Why Chad’s games more easily accommodate weird ideas. * (7:22) Re-skinning existing content instead of creating new content. Abusing splat. * (8:17) Not trusting the players to self-moderate. * (19:54) Why Dale, as a player, likes splat. * (27:49) Putting Dale in the hotseat as a player. Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne


8 Mar 2020

Rank #3

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Interview 42 – Decuma

* (0:25) Introducing Kimi from Happy Jacks, The Mary Sues, and Golden Lasso Girl (Twitter, Instagram). * (7:07) The Decuma Kickstarter, which can be found here. * (11:03) What Decuma is meant to do, and how it plays. * (16:20) Establishing characters and a setting so we can do a live demo. * (20:41) Playing the game demo, starting with character connection cards. A side note on how to shuffle a tarot deck. * (26:55) What we got from just two cards, including plot points for the GM. * (29:12) The world dynamics card, between the character connection rounds. * (34:09) Two location card examples. * (38:44) Building an area map as you work through the cards. * (40:50) The meaning of the name Decuma. Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne Guests: Kimi


24 Feb 2020

Rank #4

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Episode 537 – can’t run, can’t play

* (0:29) Laura in Chad’s shoes. Dogs in the hood. * (8:18) Fear the Con’s planning site is available and ready for your games! * (12:10) Wayne is in the process of improving our Patreon. * (17:01) Why there are certain games we won’t run or won’t play. * (18:06) Why Wayne won’t run Battletech, and Dan won’t play Mechwarrior. * (19:00) Why Wayne won’t run Blades in the Dark, but Laura will. * (19:37) Why Dan won’t run Dresden. * (20:24) Why Dale won’t run Dresden or Misspent Youth. * (23:33) Why Dan struggles running horror, and most of the hosts struggle with Lovecraft. * (33:47) Why Dan won’t run a supers game but would love to play in one. * (35:16) Wayne ran one of Chad’s games, simply for the challenge of it. * (36:21) The simultaneous value and limitation of practice. Dan pitches a supers game based on Owlman’s explanation of Earth Prime (also mentioned here). Hosts: Dale, Dan, Laura, Wayne


20 Feb 2020

Rank #5

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Bonus Episode 86 – twenty-twenty

* (0:22) A very important number. * (8:45) Lura, Chad, Stacy, Cathy, and Karen. * (15:38) Why Lura isn’t allowed on Fear the Boot anymore. * (22:25) Why Julia is still allowed on Fear the Boot. * (31:58) Fear the Con’s shifting demographics. You can sign-up to attend Fear the Con 2020 here. * (36:42) Cucks, clucks, pedants, and show prep. * (42:12) Wayne misses his own dinner. * (53:03) How Chad controls a room. Hosts: Chad, Dan, Laura, Wayne


7 Feb 2020

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Episode 541 – to splat or not, part 4

* (0:24) Betrayal to the keys to power. * (4:40) Why Wayne abuses utility powers. * (6:19) Chad passes judgment. It might be easier to say, “no,” upfront than to have the fight later. * (13:02) Fear of the unknown. Wayne’s confessional mini-show, now available on Patreon. * (16:53) Getting Dale’s perspective as a publisher of game supplements. You can find his online shop here. * (24:25) Dale’s advice for the splat-averse. * (32:34) How Dale can attract people to his products. Splat certification? Hosts: Chad, Dale, Dan, Wayne


21 Mar 2020

Rank #7