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The Downbeat with Craig Reynolds. I’m basically gonna talk to a bunch of my interesting mates, usually musicians.

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Sam Carter - Architects

My guest this week is Sam Carter. Sam is the singer in Architects and a bloody legend. I caught up with him on their bus after their sold out show in Manchester. We talk about their new album Holy Hell, school, football, becoming a touring musician, how Sam is still good at drums after all these years of being a frontman - and how for some mental reason I have been ghosting Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech in my twitter DMs.

1hr 44mins

17 Jan 2019

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Drew Dijorio - Stray From The Path

My guest this week is Andrew Dijorio who sings in my band Stray From The Path. We're currently on a US tour so we talked rubbish in a hotel room for a hot minute. We talk about touring, recording our new album Internal Atomics and there's also a lengthy section about Drew's alter ego: The Jingle Man. We also fail to decide what to have for dinner. Enjoy!

1hr 9mins

31 Oct 2019

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Brendan Murphy - Counterparts

My guest this week is Brendan Murphy, singer of Counterparts. He's the funniest person I know. 

2hr 1min

29 Jan 2019

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Josh Middleton - Sylosis/Architects

My guest this week is Josh Middleton, guitarist of Architects and guitarist/vocalist/everything of Sylosis, who are back with a new album 'Cycle Of Suffering' of Feb 6th on Nuclear Blast.

1hr 31mins

6 Dec 2019

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Dan Searle - Architects

My guest this week is one of my most beloved friends AND the most requested drummer so far: Dan Searle of Architects. We try and talk about drums but mostly we talk about the good old days when I was his drum tech, borrowing snare drums from Napalm Death, and I guess we talk a bit about their upcoming album Holy Hell. I also hypothesise what Dave Grohl could do to get his edge back.

2hr 4mins

22 Oct 2018

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Alessandro Venturella - Slipknot

My guest this week is Alessandro Venturella, aka V-Man. V-Man plays the bass in a band called Slipknot. If you don't know who Slipknot are I don't think I can help you with this podcast. Me and V go back around 10-15 years so we spend a lot of time reminiscing about the UK scene from back in the day, our similarities as UK-based techs who are now playing in US bands, as well as HOW EXACTLY ONE JOINS SLIPKNOT. We also of course talk about the new Slipknot album 'We Are Not Your Kind' and its recording process.

1hr 51mins

19 Aug 2019

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Will Putney

My guest this week is Will Putney. Will is a three-time grammy nominated producer working out of probably my favourite studio in the world, Graphic Nature. He is also the guitarist and main songwriter of Fit For An Autopsy. We talk about what drummers can do to make the studio a better experience for themselves and everyone around them. We also talk about gear a fair bit and near the end we discuss the famous Gralter Challenge, which is absolutely insane.

1hr 50mins

4 Nov 2018

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Matt Halpern - Periphery

My guest this week is Matt Halpern, drummer of Periphery. Matt and I are good friends and have known each other for around 9 years. He's a fantastic drummer (obviously) but also an accomplished clinician and, as I discovered during this podcast, an innovative businessman in the world of drums. We talked about dicks, and some other stuff. Does anyone read this? 

1hr 51mins

23 May 2019

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Caleb Shomo - Beartooth

My guest this week is Caleb Shomo, singer/songwriter of Beartooth. I caught up with Caleb in Nottingham on their sold out tour with The Amity Affliction. We (of course) talked about St Anger, as well as his time in Attack Attack, how he started touring at 14 years old, recording/producing bands and how that led to his initial solo project which would become Beartooth. Great chat, great dude. Peace!

1hr 26mins

27 Feb 2020

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Andrew Tkaczyk - The Ghost Inside

My guest this week is Andrew Tkaczyk, drummer of The Ghost Inside. On November 19th 2015 TGI and their crew were involved in a horrific tourbus crash which resulted in Andrew losing his right leg above the knee. Against all odds, Andrew (with a little bit of help from his father's ingenuity) is back RIPPING the drums. We obviously talk about the crash, but also his father's invention that allowed him to relearn the drums, his solo project One Decade, and his unlikely friendship with Travis Barker. Andrew is an amazingly positive soul and I had a great time talking to him. I only nearly cried like once.

1hr 27mins

30 Jan 2020

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Mike Johnston

My guest this week is Mike Johnston. Mike is the owner of the most popular online drum lesson resource mikeslessons.com. At a time when online drum education was not what it is today, Mike started his website (against the advice of many) and built an empire. Mike is truly an inspirational speaker and thinker and we had a great chat. We talked about finding your lane in whatever you do, his old band days, THE IMPORTANCE OF TRAVIS BARKER, the meinl family, and much more. It's very refreshing to see someone in the industry who can be so business savvy yet so humble and it not be a front or a marketing gimmick, and for that reason (and others) this episode is a great listen even if you don't play the drums. I also only swear twice in this episode because I'm trying to be professional. 

2hr 22mins

14 Jul 2019

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Tom Williams - Stray From The Path

My guest this week is Tom Williams, guitarist of my own band Stray From The Path. We talk about his crippling addiction to gambling and who is bigger out of Rammstein and Tool. We also talk about music a tiny amount and of course the PissGhost haunting Will Putney's studio. Will actually drops in to disrupt the podcast with Pat from Fit For An Autopsy and Steve Seid stars as guest 'Jamie from the Joe Rogan Podcast.' This paragraph makes no sense but who even reads this BYE.

1hr 57mins

8 Apr 2019

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Eddy Thrower - Busted/Lower Than Atlantis

My guest this week is Eddy Thrower, a session drummer from the UK who currently plays with Busted, and was formerly a member of Lower Than Atlantis. Eddy has had his fair share of session work as well but has now found himself a home in the online education world with his website and hugely popular instagram account. One of the 'real' ones, he's a great sport and we share a lot of the same views on social media and 'performance' in general. We talk about finding your space in the online drumming world, the good old days of touring in vans and plenty more...

1hr 27mins

27 Dec 2019

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Matt Garstka - Animals As Leaders

My guest this week is Matt Garstka, drummer of Animals as Leaders; and probably one of the best drummers in the world. I met up with Matt on his tour bus in Manchester during AAL's UK tour. We talked about drums A LOT: warm ups, practicing, music education (we share a love of old Hudson Music DVDs and VHS) as well as his own instructional video series. We also talked about his signature line of Meinl Cymbals: the Equilibrium hi hats and china. Matt is a wealth of knowledge and his passion for drums really shines through in everything he says, I'm grateful we had the chance to meet and have this chat. Top 5 this week is Meshuggah songs (obviously).

1hr 49mins

6 Aug 2019

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George Schmitz - Stick To Your Guns

My guest this week is George Schmitz, drummer for Stick To Your Guns. George is a great drummer and friend and one of the first drumming friends I made when I joined Stray From The Path. He's also a very politically active guy so we talk about that a fair bit. We also talk about the difficulties of upping your stage production in a hardcore band without 'selling out', how George joined STYG, playing to a click track live and obviously we talk about TAMA DRUMS BEING SICK. Our top 5 songs are from The Dillinger Escape plan. 

1hr 54mins

19 Sep 2018

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Anup Sastry

My guest this week is Anup Sastry. Anup is one of metal's most in demand session drummers. He has played for artists like Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) and Devin Townsend as well as being either a touring or recording member of bands like Intervals and Monuments. We talk about how someone gets in his position, his studio, his upcoming sample pack and of course we talk a bunch about drums. It was nice. Enjoy!

1hr 48mins

6 Jan 2019

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Kyle Brownlee - Counterparts

I'M BACK FROM TOUR. My guest this week is Kyle Brownlee from Counterparts. Kyle is an incredible, VERY precise drummer, and also obviously a great guy. We talk SO much about drums and touring (for once), including the insane story of how he got so good at drums. Our top 5 starts off as bands but then ends up Top 5 songs by The Black Dahlia Murder. Peace!

1hr 42mins

30 Nov 2018

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Daniel P Carter

My guest this week is Daniel P Carter.We had a proper laugh on this pod. Dan is probably most well known for being the presenter of the BBC Radio One Rock Show, and his podcast Someone Who Isn't Me (SWIM) but he's also been a guitarist in bands like A, Krokodil, The Bloodhound Gang and loads of others. We had a proper laugh on this pod. Dan's a very interesting guy, he's a mystical, magickal entity filled to the brim of ideas and esoteric ramblings....which I like. He's done it all. He's a top lad. See ya!

2hr 5mins

8 May 2019

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Justin Nace - PVRIS

My guest this week is Justin Nace from PVRIS. Justin is an accomplished session drummer and a great guy. Can't remember what we talked about cus I'm literally about to go on tour and recorded this two weeks ago! 

1hr 53mins

6 Feb 2019

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