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Tom Williams | Desert Island Survival and Polar Expeditions

The Derek Loudermilk Show (The Art of Adventure)

“Real adventures start when things go wrong and the road ahead is unwritten.” -Tom WilliamsDo you dream of being a castaway? Tom Williams is the founder of Desert Island Survival, where he takes people to remote tropical islands, teaches them survival skills, and leaves them for several days to be castaways.When a friend of the show – Anna Mascaro – Former guest and founder of Terracotta Travel – told me about what Tom was up to – I knew I had to have him on the show.The first part of his trips are survival lite – what you might experience watching one of the survival TV shows, but the second half of the trips are true – stranded on a desert island with no food or shelter situations. Which can lead to some incredible experiences and profound changesFor many people that go on his trips, their lives are never the same, with their newfound confidence, connection with themselves and nature, and the reset that comes from taking care of yourself in nature.What you’ll learn in this episode: How to win a race to the North Pole The key skills for surviving on a desert island The biggest accidents that can happen on desert islands How Tom finds the perfect goldilocks Islands to take guests How nature heals us What happens on a desert island survival trip Quotes:“During the race to the north pole, I fell asleep while walking, and fell face first into the snow.”-Tom Williams“The quickest way for me to learn about the business was to run a trip.”-Tom Williams“Real adventures start when things go wrong and the road ahead is unwritten.” -Tom Williams“We can’t really do more than 4 or 5 trips on an island a year otherwise we will deplete its resources.”-Tom Williams“Looking for satellite imagery of islands is the fun part of finding a new island.”-Tom Williams“There will always be that slow expansion to tourism and we know that our islands will only be good locations for us for 5 to 15 years.”-Tom Williams“The most remote islands are still littered with plastic” -Tom Williams“If you love what you do, it’s quite easy to apply huge amounts of time to it. And success can follow.”-Tom Williams“After the north pole expedition, I suddenly had more self-worth and confidence.”-Tom Williams“You have to learn to be extremely organized for desert island trips. You can’t have mistakes out there.”-Tom Williams“It’s easy to give up mentally. It’s very rare to give up physically.” -Tom Williams“At one point during our race to the north pole, we walked 52 hours in a snowstorm without eating” -Tom Williams“Nature is healing: 100% of the people with tree vistas in a hospital study healed faster than those that only had a view of a brick-wall.” -Tom WilliamsContinue the Adventure:Desert Island SurvivalOther Episode You Will Love:Chase Boehringer | The Chase to Another World RecordAnna Mascaro | Creating Terracotta Travel – A Luxury Travel StartupAntesa Jensen | Adventure Awake: Self-Awareness Through TravelChase Boehringer | Experience The Most Epic Adventures With The Bucketlist LifestyleHow to Run an Adventure + Business RetreatAOA 067 | Matt Prior | Adventure AcademyAOA 126 | Rock Thomas | Abundance and Adventure

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21 Apr 2021

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Tyneside Tom Williams

The Totally Football Show with James Richardson

Jimbo, Michael Cox, Adam Hurrey and Daniel Storey take in an enthralling Premier League weekend.West Ham take another step towards Champions League football thanks to that man Jesse Lingard, as Leicester look like a bunch of school children in trouble.Man United come from behind yet again to win at Spurs as Mourinho tries a new diversion technique. Is Solskjaer better than we thought he’d be?Man City are beaten at home by 10-man Leeds as we enjoy how mad football can be sometimes. But is the Champions League City’s to lose?Alvaro Romeo takes on Benji Lanyado in the latest last 16 tie in the Inter Totally Cup.Plus Football Focus and which Totally pundits would make a great 5-a-side team.RUNNING ORDER:  • PART 1a: West Ham 2-3 Leicester (02m 45s)• PART 1b: Spurs 1-3 Man Utd (12m 00s) • PART 2a: Man City 1-2 Leeds (22m 00s)• PART 2b: Champions League corner – City, Liverpool and Chelsea (26m 00s)• PART 3a: Clubs engage in social media boycott (40m 00s)• PART 3b: The good old days of Football Focus (43m 00s)• PART 3c: The Totally 5-a-side team (46m 30s)• PART 3d: The rest of the Premier League weekend (48m 30s)• PART 4: Inter Totally Cup – Romeo v Lanyado (56m 30s)SIGN UP TO THE ATHLETIC FOR £4 A MONTH:• theathletic.com/totally GET IN TOUCH:• follow us on Instagram• find us on Facebook• send us a tweet: @TheTotallyShow PARISH NOTICES:• we’re sponsored by Paddy Power - home of the Money Back Special READ STUFF ON OUR WEBSITE:• check out thetotallyfootballshow.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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11 Apr 2021

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All Hail Rejoice With Me By Tom Williams

Capitol City Baptist Church


9 Apr 2021

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XZRS: Tom Williams -Surrounded by Thunder

The 'X' Zone Radio Show

XZRS: Tom Williams -Surrounded by Thunder


26 Mar 2021

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The Deal Does Not End At “Sold” with Tom Williams

Hey Salespeople

Tom Williams is the CEO of DealPoint, a deal mapping and customer collaboration platform for complex sales. In this episode, learn why “managing the deal” continues well after the ink dries and how to alert prospects to problems they might not even know they have. Visit SalesLoft.com for show notes and insights from this episode.


18 Mar 2021

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Identifying with Buyers with Tom Williams

Let's Talk Sales

Happy New Year, Let's Talk Sales listeners! After a brief Q4 hiatus, we have returned with fresh content and great featured guests! In 2020, we rang in the new year with an episode featuring Tom Williams, the Co-Founder and CEO of DealPoint.io–a tool that helps sales teams be more buyer-centric, making buying and selling more […] The post Identifying with Buyers with Tom Williams appeared first on Criteria For Success.

4 Jan 2021

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VC 2-024 Tom Williams and Sellers' Relationship With Purchasing/Procurement


Tom Williams has wide-ranging experience as a salesperson, sales leader, and CEO. Thus he's been on both sides of the procurement/sales relationship, and has a wealth of valuable insights. Tom and I spent some time talking about what it takes for sellers to deal effectively with procurement groups. I always enjoy time spent with Tom, and know you will learn something listening in to our conversation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


4 Jan 2021

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Interview with Tom Williams

Ear Read This

S3E20 Today, we have an extended interview with Tom Williams, biographer of Raymond Chandler. Check out yesterday's episode on the life of Chandler, and get Tom's fantastic book A Mysterious Something in the Light here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mysterious-Something-Light-Raymond-Chandler/dp/1613736789/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=a+mysterioYou can reach Tom on Twitter at @twilliams81 Title Music: 'Not Drunk' by The Joy Drops. Sound Bite: Raymond Chandler talking to Ian Fleming.All other music by Epidemic Sound.  www.patreon.com/earreadthis @earreadthis earreadthis@gmail.com facebook.com/earreadthis


10 Oct 2020

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Episode 20 | Tom Williams - Stray from the Path

Boutique Sounds Podcast

Tom Williams is the guitar player, manager and chief songwriter of the band Stray from the Path. He also plays guitar in Tradewind, runs a management company and a record label. We chatted about Stray, their old school way of songwriting, filling up the stage as the only guitar player in a band, what it's like being a self-manager, the importance of having different creative outlets and much more. https://boutiquesounds.com.au/


14 Sep 2020

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Make It Easy For Your Customers To Buy, Tom Williams

The Sales Podcast

http://www.thesaleswhisperer.com/blog/topic/podcast http://MakeEverySale.com Make it easy for your buyers to buy "Don't start a CRM company. The ocean always needs boiling." What feature do you not need? Salesforce won't let you delete more than one opportunity at a time Most customers don't know what their own problems are Salespeople can't follow a process Salesforce is the safe decision but the worst, usually "Let me guess. Is this one of your problems? Find the root cause of the customer's problem." If they say what they want they don't want to listen Prospects who don't listen just want a quote Acknowledge they are experts in their own businesses "What risks are you worried about?" Lead with examples. Show them you have experience and expertise in their space. "I've read a lot about your company and your situation, is this your problem?" A well-educated guess will get you a long way down the sales process Personal rapport goes a long way...but it only goes so far Check in with the customer and ask them what they need to buy Stop focusing 100% on your sales process and checkboxes Make it easy for them to look good in their own organization Your internal champion is putting their neck on the line Provide them cover Ask them... When was the last time you signed a PO of this size?" Real decision makers say "I bring in my team and bounce ideas off them." Share your plan with your prospect once you know what's going on and they are qualified Reduce their risk Have a good sales cadence merged with your sales engagement and CRM and challenge them on their current mode of business Show them they are horribly wrong "When was the last time your sales rep said 'Guaranteed closed by the end of the month.'?" "I bet you're missing your forecasts...and I know why." You know the underlying of their pain Use a multi-media, multi-step engagement plan to touch on multiple points over time until you find the hot button Focus on the process before login Have dates on milestones AEs vs. SDR quota "No buyer ever argued with clear expectations." Get all of the episodes and notes here. Join The Five to make every sale. We can't delete fast enough Emails are horrible Differentiate yourself Have the desire to be just a little bit better Your CRM spitting out form emails won't save you Authenticity goes a long way Get all of the show notes for every episode of The Sales Podcast with Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer®. Use these resources to grow your sales: Sell More This Month Hire Better Salespeople Hire The Best Keynote Speaker Find Your Best CRM Join the Free Facebook Group Check out early episodes of The Sales Podcast: Episodes 1 to 10. Episodes 11 to 20. Episodes 21 to 30. Episodes 31 to 40. Episodes 41 to 50. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-sales-podcast/exclusive-contentAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


11 Sep 2020