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The Wedding Biz - Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

Andy Kushner offers an inside look behind-the-scenes of the wedding and event world for both industry experts and bridal couples by featuring in-depth and transformative conversations with event industry icons. The Wedding Biz is also the only global platform of its kind to serve the business development needs of wedding and events professionals. As the host, Andy interviews the most prolific thought leaders and talent, taking you behind the curtain and revealing their personality, character, passions, and secrets to their success. Andy’s powerful, yet casual and comfortable interview style gives you access to the authentic story each of these incredible industry leaders has to share. The Wedding Biz podcast is your opportunity to really get to know the amazing personalities that endlessly elevate the world of weddings and special events.

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Episode 49 Jose Villa: Redefining Success with Fine Art Wedding Photography

Initially, Jose’s parents were nervous about him becoming a photographer. As recent US immigrants, they didn’t think his dreams of making money in portrait photography would come to fruition and wanted to see him take on a more traditional career path.  But Jose knew he was onto something when he started taking photos in high school, and his friends started paying him for senior portrait sessions. He loved portraits, he loved film, and he never looked back. Since then, Jose has been shooting film professionally for all of his clients. He’s been photographing weddings for about 16 years and finds them to be completely immersive, personal, and life-changing for everyone involved.  In this episode, Jose sits down to share his perspective and tips on what it’s like to be a professional wedding photographer who has an eye for fine art, and how his niche in film photography plays out in the digital age. About Jose Jose Villa is a fine art wedding photographer known for crafting vibrant, energetic, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs. Jose has been published in many magazines around the world, including Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Elegant Bride, Instyle Weddings, Inside Weddings, Brides Magazine, Modern Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Pacific Weddings, Southern Weddings, and many more.  He has been named a top wedding photographer in Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar, Style Me Pretty, and Vogue, and was recently listed in the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo Magazine. Jose is the author of Fine Art Wedding Photography. Jose was born in Mexico and grew up in Solvang, California.  He attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. Show Highlights: Jose open up about his parents’ initial reaction to him wanting to be a photographer What motivated Jose originally to take photography classes in high school The one person who helped boost Jose’s confidence as a young photographer How Jose got his first gig as a wedding photographer Jose defines what fine art photography is when it comes to weddings Why Jose continues to shoot in film even after the rise of digital photography The things Jose worries about when waiting for developed film to come back Why candid photos mean so much especially to friends and family The way a photographer’s presence at a wedding impacts the event as a whole as well as the bride and groom’s wedding day experience. What to do if guests pull out cameras or cell phones during the ceremony Jose shares his go-to gear for shooting weddings in film Links Mentioned in the Show: Jose Villa - Fine Art Wedding Photography Jose Villa on Instagram - @josevilla Jose’s book - Fine Art Wedding Photography The Man Who Listens To Horses by Monty Roberts


16 Apr 2018

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Episode 123 LYNN EASTON: PART 2 - Branding, Pricing & Choosing A Team

Do you know how important branding yourself and your events is? On today’s show, our guest will go more in-depth on this topic as well her perspective on choosing her support team of creative partners, for events, and on the sensitive industry issue of pricing your services. Lynn Easton of Easton Destination Events joins us again. Her attention to detail has made her an icon in the industry.  Making every wedding unique is what Lynn and her company strive for. Easton Destination Events carved their way into this big noisy world. Listen in today and hear what Easton Destination Events has in store for 2019! Show Highlights: One of the hardest events Lynn put on and why More on how Lynn feels about branding and why it is so important How Easton carved their way into this big noisy world Lynn describes her brand and gives examples Lynn is known for her attention to detail and gives us examples Using different vendor/partners for her weddings What Lynn loves about her job the most Topics that came up during a unique FAM trip including Pricing Lynn’s goals for this coming year Challenges for 2019 Resources The Wedding Biz Website The Wedding Biz Instagram The Wedding Biz Facebook Easton Events Website Instagram:  eastonevents Facebook: eastonevents Twitter:  eastonevents YouTube: About Easton Porter Website References Lynn Eason Part 1 Interview on The Wedding Biz Jackson Durham Website Mindy Rice Interview on The Wedding Biz Jose Villa Interview on The Wedding Biz Bryan Rafanelli Interview on  The Wedding Biz Colin Cowie Interview on The Wedding Biz Abby Larson Interview on The Wedding Biz Sponsors OFD Consulting www.ofdconsulting.com Kushner Entertainment www.kushnerentertainment.com


28 Jan 2019

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Episode 70 Mindy Weiss: Setting the Standard

Mindy Weiss is a force in the high-end wedding and event planning business. Since her early beginnings, she has delighted celebrity and non-celebrity clients alike with her ability to build meaningful relationships every step of the way. On this episode, Mindy shares her wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to maintain an A-List clientele. But while there certainly are additional factors to consider when planning luxury events for celebrities, Mindy’s insights from years of experience working with families and couples are applicable to anyone in the event planning industry. From getting to truly know your clients-- both financially and personally-- to how you might be able to successfully evade the paparazzi, Mindy Weiss dives in with honesty and humor to share her wisdom on this episode. About Mindy: Mindy Weiss is based in Beverly Hills and is the best-selling author of 3 books: The Wedding Book, The New Mindy Weiss Wedding Organizer, and The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner. She is also a product innovator and spokesperson, planning celebrations all over the world for celebrity clients like Fergie, Ellen Degeneres, Pink, Jessica Simpson, Serena Williams, and Heidi Klum, among many others. What you can expect from this episode: How Mindy stays on the top event plan and design lists year after year The unexpected venue where Mindy celebrated her Sweet 16 party How Mindy got her first event planning gig and what it was Mindy explains how events for celebrity clients are different Clever tips for managing paparazzi How to build your business with celebrity and VIP clients The top qualities needed to be a successful wedding and event planner What common phrase to never say to your clients Mindy shares some of her all-time favorite celebrity client weddings How to maintain respect from your high-end clients Simple ways to improve your quoting and pricing How to build and manage a team that creates a healthy workspace Links Mentioned in the Show: MindyWeiss.com Mindy Weiss on Instagram - @mindyweiss and @under30over50 Vow To Be Chic - The Mindy Bridesmaid Dress The Mindy Weiss Rollasole The Wedding Book by Mindy Weiss The New Mindy Weiss Wedding Organizer The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner by Mindy Weiss Wedding Paper Divas Invitation Collection

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16 Jul 2018

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Episode 186 CARRIE GOLDBERG: Travel & Weddings Director, Harpers Bazaar

Andy is very excited to welcome Carrie Goldberg. She is the Digital Travel & Weddings Editor at Harpers Bazaar where she oversees all things weddings and travel for HarpersBazaar.com. She is in charge of content, strategy, and visuals for Bazaar's digital travel and wedding verticals and editor of their new membership program Bazaar Bride. She has worked on Live with Regis and Kelly at ABC and as fashion editor for Martha Stewart Weddings to name a few. When she joined Harpers Bazaar, they didn't really focus on weddings and she changed all of that. Since then she has published dozens of original fashion and decor content for the site, plus she has created a considerable brand voice.  Carrie and Andy chat about her internships and working the red carpet at the Oscars with Faith Cromas, Kelly Ripa's stylist. She speaks to us about working with Martha Stewart Weddings, which helped her gain the knowledge to succeed in her job at Harpers Bazaar. Carrie says she has the job she always wanted, even as a small child, and couldn't be happier. Listen in as she gives us insight into weddings, styling, and why she is passionate about the notion of luxury being redefined. Show Highlights: [02:07] Welcome to the show, Carrie! [03:05] Carrie tells us that in 4th grade she didn't go to school for a week because she felt she didn't have anything to wear. [04:25] She grew up in New York City and always had a hunger for fashion and art. [05:25] In high school, she did an internship at a fashion PR firm and stayed until after college. [06:03] She went to a call at ABC studio for Live with Regis and Kelly for a digital internship.  [07:35] Working on the Oscars with Faith Cromas, Kelly's stylist, she was able to learn evening gowns and evening wear. [09:00] Carrie says there is very little difference between doing weddings and doing things like the Oscars. [10:10] She believes that people are not really sentimental about weddings like they used to be. [11:03] The trend now is for couples to pay for their weddings instead of asking their parents. [11:43] What are some interesting statistics that you can share with us? [12:40] They developed a members club for their faithful readers in the form of a subscription. [14:20] Carrie tells us she is surprised that more women aren't planning their weddings on their phones. [15:10] She believes that women's personal styles are more layered than they ever realized. [17:14] Do you have any thoughts on something that might compete with Instagram? [19:03] Graduating their readers from honeymoon travel to regular travel is a way for them to keep their readers longer. [20:30] She feels very passionate about redefining what luxury is. Luxury is no longer a synonym for expensive. [23:47] Martha Stewart Weddings was a finishing school in styling for Carrie. Taking the red carpet style on people and putting it on the printed page was something she had never done. [26:15] Lighting is huge because it can invoke a feeling depending on what kind of lighting is used. [27:03] She has accumulated and publishes a list of the best planners, best florists, and best photographers. [29:13] She asks real brides who they could or couldn't use and why. She keeps them in mind to watch for her list. [31:10] How are you dealing with the immediacy of today's digital world and people's ability to instantly share content? [33:15] Fashion is the first thing that grabs her attention for the magazine, second is diversity in every way. [36:58] They discuss how ironic it is that weddings are circling back to the traditional style. [38:15] She has had speaking engagements about the notion of redefining luxury. She has also talked about ridding the industry of styled shoots in favor of working on real weddings. [39:30] What is something you haven't spoken about that you would like to in the future? [40:18] Where do you see yourself in three to five years? [42:58] She hopes that she handles the pressure of her position gracefully. [43:40] Have you thought about your own wedding? What would you do? LINKS & RESOURCES Follow The Wedding Biz on Social:  The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram: @theweddingbiz The Wedding Biz on Facebook: @theweddingbiz Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.KushnerEntertainment.com Carrie Goldberg Carrie on Instagram: @harpersbazaarus or @carrielauren Email Carrie at: carrielgoldberg.com Harpers Bazaar Harpers Bazaar Bride Membership Mentioned during the interview: Faith Cromas Marth Stewart Weddings Rachel Zoe


16 Sep 2019

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Episode 210 ADAM SCHAEUBLE - Using Instagram to Grow Your Audience

In this episode, Andy is speaking with Adam Schaeuble. Adam is the host of the top-ranked podcast, The Million Pound Mission, where his goal is to inspire one million pounds of healthy results. However, Andy met Adam at PodFest 2019 in Orlando, where Adam gave a dynamic presentation on expanding your Instagram presence. Since wedding and event industry professionals use Instagram more than any other social media platform, it is fascinating to have Adam on this episode of The Wedding Biz. Have you ever thought your Instagram page could do more? Listen in as Adam gives tips that event professionals can use to increase their audience on Instagram. Asking questions, an Instagram story poll, use voice messaging, and how to use an Instagram live event quiz to grow your audience. He also explains how bringing in other people to your live event can get you exposure to not only your audience but also theirs! Adam discusses Instagram TV and how to use it to your advantage for your events, or by showing behind-the-scene videos. Learn how to use Instagram Live as a brainstorming tool and how having a unique hashtag can help put your page higher in the Instagram algorithm. If you want to use Instagram to grow your audience, this is the episode for you! Adam gives expert advice, tips, and tricks about Instagram, Instagram TV, and Instagram Live. He is willing to share with us what he has learned, so if you are ready to grow your audience and business sit back, relax, and learn. Show Highlights: [04:06] Welcome to the show, Adam! [05:45] Adam speaks about how he helped his home town lose 35,000lbs, and started his first podcast. [07:11] He wanted to grow his audience for his two podcasts, so he got involved with Instagram. [09:19] Adam believes that the wedding and event industry is doing very well with Instagram. He has some tricks that can help grow your audience. [10:40] He explains how the “have you ever” question works when asked in the form of an Instagram story poll.  [18:47] Another strategy he uses for audience growth is an Instagram live event quiz. [23:58] He speaks about using a split-screen on Instagram Live so you can bring in anyone you want to talk too.  [26:02] Use this technique as a brainstorming session with multiple people so that your audience can follow. [29:04] Another angle is that you can do a live question and answer session and leverage the algorithm. [33:32] Adam discusses Instagram TV and how it can work for you and what to look out for. [38:04] What is the difference between using hashtags with a bunch of followers versus using hashtags with a smaller volume? [40:54] If you have over 10,000 followers, you can use a swipe up, but if you have less, he has some workarounds. [42:21] Adam, what do you have available to help people learn about using Instagram? [43:33] Thank you, Adam, for all the information you shared today. LINKS & RESOURCES Follow The Wedding Biz on Social:  The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram: @theweddingbiz The Wedding Biz on Facebook: @theweddingbiz Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.KushnerEntertainment.com How to Find Adam  Casting The Pod Million Pound Mission @millionpoundmission Instagram Mentioned Edgar Zamora on The Wedding Biz


9 Dec 2019

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Episode 115 REVISIT: Lynn Easton: Destination Weddings with a Classic Touch, Part 1

REVISIT: Lynn Easton is a busy woman. Between managing her destination wedding design business Easton Events and growing her Easton Porter Group luxury properties, she’s got a lot of balls in the air. But for her, that’s all just part of the fun. Lynn started her wedding planning career over twenty years ago almost by accident. She offered to help a friend plan and design her wedding, back before planners were really around. One wedding turned into another and another, and soon Lynn realized she had a true thriving business. But she wanted more; her beautiful designs were only being noticed regionally, and she was ready to go national, and even international. Lynn’s story is one of how to make it on the big stage, and her sage advice goes a long way in inspiring and educating others in the industry. In this week’s episode, Andy and Lynn talk all things business, family, and pleasure, and how she truly does it all. She shares her take on what an Easton event really is, what she attributes most to her success, and how she and her husband are taking on now more than ever in the business- and still loving it. Lynn also gives pointers to other up and coming event planners on where to focus efforts most to get the more clientele. This perceptive interview is a perfect reminder of how someone with a strong vision and a great business plan can create one of the world’s most sought-after companies. The full interview is available now. Links Easton Events  Easton Events [Instagram] Easton Events [Facebook] Easton Events [Twitter] On The Wedding Biz Network: The Stylish Bride with Julie Sabatino This Episode is Sponsored by: OFD Consulting Contact OFD Consulting OFD Consulting is an awarding-winning publicity agency that focuses on the wedding industry. Client portfolios range from top-tier planners and venues to well regarded national brands and industry thought leaders. Owner, Meghan Ely is regarded as the leading PR Expert in the industry education space. She is a WeddingWire education expert and has spoken most recently at TSE, Engage Summits, Catersource, Wedding MBA, NACE Experience and WeddingWire World among others.


31 Dec 2018

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Episode 86 Abby + Tait Larson: Saving Style Me Pretty

To get the full scoop on one of the hottest topics in the world of wedding inspiration, we are invited into the home of Abby & Tait Larson to learn more about their story, and the oh so popular wedding resource: Style me Pretty. They started when the the blogging world was fresh, and not nearly as creative. You will learn how they both started this amazing business that has grown with them and the industry-including details on how they’ve reacquired Style Me Pretty!   Show Highlights: How Tait and Abby met after College Abby worked for a Stationery Company that helped her path to Blogging Abby’s first invitation for a friend’s wedding led her to start her own stationery business that she later sold Doing stationary for Oprah, and why she never cashed the check Style Me Pretty’s early days started from a type pad account, Abby even created her own logo Abby noticed there was an enormous gap from what was happening offline and what was happening online for brides Abby feels her vendors she originally reached out to are why Style Me Pretty is so successful Abby always led with her gut and feels it was important in the early days of the blog Broke a wedding into 10 parts having readers come back through the day Real weddings were a key to success Having an offer on Style Me Pretty made them realize it was worth something Vendor directory was really liked by the vendors Tait and Abby took one year off after the 4-year partnership with AOL How Tait and Abbey got Style Me Pretty back Discussing market saturation Authenticity is an opportunity to tell the story behind the scenes Resources: Style Me Pretty Blog Style Me Pretty on Instagram Facebook Pinterest

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10 Sep 2018

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Episode 235 JOSE VILLA: Wedding Photography At Its Finest

Andy and Jose hopped on the line, Friday March 13th, to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on the event industry and their businesses as a prelude to the regular interview.  Listen as Andy and Jose discuss many topics, including the celebrity weddings he photographed in 2019. There is so much to learn from Jose, regardless of whether or not you are a photographer. If you are not familiar with his work, Jose Villa is primarily a film photographer, named one of the top Wedding Photographers in the world by Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Harper’s Bazaar. Jose has also been recognized as one of the most influential photographers of the decade by PDN. Listen as Jose shares how the level of the weddings he does has changed and what he feels when shooting celebrity weddings. In 2019, Jose did the photography for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s weddings, two of the most high profile weddings he last last year. Jose also speaks about the cameras and lenses he uses and the presets that are now available that makes digital photos look like film. Have you ever grabbed one camera, one lens, and just started composing images? Jose speaks about how much he likes to change things up, even after being in the business for the last eighteen years. He shares about those moments he waits a whole wedding to shoot, clients that require a lot of attention and how that pays off, and his strategy with social media. Jose is very humble and grateful for what he has achieved, and has more he wants to accomplish. Jose shoots about twenty weddings a year now and the intricacies of each event keeps him plenty busy. Listening to Jose is always a pleasure and you don't want to miss this conversation! Show Highlights: [02:14] Welcome back to the show, Jose! [02:35] Jose shares where his business is now and how the level of weddings has changed. [03:20] Jose speaks about the anxiety he feels during celebrity wedding shoots. [05:55] Jose discusses the photos he shot for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's wedding. [07:50] Did Nick ask for specific things he wanted for his wedding photographs?  [09:28] Jose shares his experience with Priyanka Chopra and her attention to detail. [11:02] Jose chats about the fact that Nick and Priyanka's wedding was the first time he shot a wedding digitally. [12:55] Jose discusses Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding and why the vibe was different. [15:21] He felt like he was filming a concert at the reception because of how many artists were there. [16:20] Jose speaks about seeing the world when he is photographing vertically. [17:26] Jose chats about loving the ability to run around with one lens on a 35mm camera. [18:20] What cameras and lenses are you using now? [18:53] Jose shares how he uses lighting and how soft light compliments people's faces. [20:30] Jose speaks about taking photos intuitively and making sure the subject is present in the moment. [22:42] Do you have moments when you feel like this is it, this is the photo I have to have? [24:21] Jose shares his social media strategy and what he struggles with the most. [26:37] Jose speaks about how he handles his business and the fact that he answers every email and text from clients. [28:32] He chats about a client he works with that requires a lot of his attention, and it has paid off because they have hired him to shoot every event they do all over the world. [30:40] How many weddings do you shoot a year? [31:56] Jose tells us what he does for fun when he is not working. [34:18] What is it like to be married to a photographer? Is there any competition there? [36:51] Jose discusses what he spoke about at Engage and why he temporarily stopped doing workshops. [38:52] What are you looking forward to? Are you going to be traveling a lot? [40:02] Jose shares what success means to him at this point in his life. [43:34] Jose, thank you for being on the show! LINKS & RESOURCES Follow The Wedding Biz on Social:  The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram: @theweddingbiz The Wedding Biz on Facebook: @theweddingbiz Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.KushnerEntertainment.com Find Jose: Jose Villa Jose Villa Part 1 on The Wedding Biz @jose-villa Facebook @josevillaphoto Pinterest @josevilla Instagram Film Presets Mentioned: Mindy Weiss on The Wedding Biz


16 Mar 2020

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Episode 19 Valerie Gernhauser: Empowering Wedding Planners

Valerie Gernhauser is no stranger to unfortunate circumstances. The timing of her professional career landed amidst Hurricane Katrina, the financial banking crisis of 2009, and the economic downturn of the entire country. But instead of feeling self-pity for herself, she decided to do something about it and took her future into her own hands. Valerie, a law school graduate, turned to the unlikely path of wedding planning after learning the ropes while planning her own wedding celebration. She struggled for a few years with finding the right price points to charge her clients, and began to feel the burnout factor that many in the wedding industry can feel. That’s when she changed up her game plane, created a pricing strategy (which she also offers as part of an overall pricing package for planners and designers), and became a force to be reckoned with within the international wedding planning and design community. Valerie’s interview with Andy serves as an empowering call for anyone in the wedding industry who feels undervalued and underpaid for their creativity and hard work. She tells us her amazing story of how she created her pricing structure, how she inspires others to adopt her business plan and improve their self-worth, and why witnessing father-daughter dances still gets her choked up. Her full interview is available to listen to now. Links Sapphire Events Sapphire Events [Facebook] Sapphire Events [Instagram] Sapphire Events [Twitter]

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18 Sep 2017

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This episode of The Wedding Biz is Andy’s first roundtable event held on the last day of Engage at Nizuc, Mexico. The roundtable guests for this episode are Rishi Patel, the CEO of HMR Designs, Carrie Goldberg, the Travel and Weddings Director at Harpers Bizzaar, and Christina Matteucci, the Executive Director of David Beahm Destinations. During the roundtable, Andy and each of his guests bring up a key takeaway that they got during the conference and discuss them as a group.  Andy’s takeaway from the conference was from Christina’s message of “audacious transparency.” Christina speaks about what she meant by that, and the group talks about vulnerability and owning your own personality. They discuss how social media can give a client a false perception of who you are, so when you meet the client for the first time, it is like an audition. Christina’s surprising takeaway was from a breakout session with Bruce Russell and Tara Fay wedding and event planners with their TV show, My Big Day: Home Or Away. She loved what they said about taking care of each other behind the scenes because the TV show pits them against each other on-screen. The group speaks about always taking care of each other in the industry, information, and trade secret sharing because there is plenty of business to go around, and everyone’s point of view is different. Rishi feels like knowing what you are selling is the biggest takeaway for him. The group agree and discuss how knowing what you have to offer makes it possible for the client to feel joy at the end of the day. You have to be yourself because you can’t be like anyone else, and what you are can’t be stolen. They also chat about how one of the focuses of this Engage was redefining the word luxury as a more authentic emotion, and how what used to be so different and unique is now quite common. A key takeaway for Carrie was pricing and making money. If you are not making a profit, then you are not in a business you have a hobby. The brain trust says that you should know what your profit margins are before the event even happens. After the fact, you should analyze it and decide what you will do or who you will work with on the next event. Listen in as the group discusses how they are preparing for whenever the next economic recession hits and getting lean now instead of waiting for the economy to force the issue. Keep listening after the roundtable for some great takeaways from other attendees of the conference like Sarah Schreiber of Martha Stewart Weddings, Julie Novack with PartySlate, Meggie Francisco with Meggie Francisco Events, Nicole Braghin of Plan Design Events and many more. They all have lovely things to say about what they learned at Engage, and you won’t want to miss any nuggets of wisdom they share. Show Highlights: [01:31] Welcome to the show, Rishi, Carrie, and Christina!! [02:57] Christina tells us about “audacious transparency” and what she means by those words. [04:15] Rishi gives us his insight into transparent and owning your own personality. [04:51] Carrie agrees that if you are vulnerable with your clients, then they can be vulnerable to you. [05:29] They all discuss how social media can give clients a false perception of who you are before they ever meet you. You always have to bring it to the audition. [09:11] Don’t try to win every client, just the ones that are right for you. [10:39] Rishi talks about his epiphany of “the things that land in your lap are meant to be and the ones that don’t aren’t.” [11:26] Is it more important for them to see the brand or the human side? [12:37] Christina speaks about the takeaway she had from the conference. [14:45] Taking care of each other in the industry behind the scenes is so important. [17:43] Rishi’s takeaway is that you need to know what you are selling.  [20:07] Does the client feel joy at the end of the day? [22:16] Redefining the word “luxury” as a more authentic emotion was a big topic at this Engage conference. [24:18] The words planning, design, and production are thrown around to much. Rishi believes that terms like that need transparency and what the definition of each is. [26:40] Carrie’s key takeaway was pricing and making money. [28:36] Rishi agrees that you should not be doing a job if it is not profitable and enough profit to make it worthwhile. [32:10] How are you prepared to handle a recession when it happens? What do you see happening in the industry in 2020? [35:00] Carrie speaks about diversity and inclusivity and sustainability. Going green as much as possible and contributing. [36:42] Andy talks about getting lean now before the economy forces the change. [38:17] Thank you all for doing this, it has been a pleasure. LINKS & RESOURCES Follow The Wedding Biz on Social:  The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram: @theweddingbiz The Wedding Biz on Facebook: @theweddingbiz Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.KushnerEntertainment.com Mentioned Rishi Patel on The Wedding Biz Carrie Goldberg on The Wedding Biz Christina Matteucci on The Wedding Biz Preston Bailey Part 1 on The Wedding Biz Preston Bailey Part 2 on The Wedding Biz.


30 Dec 2019

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Episode 148 Liese Gardner: Brand Therapy & Marketing With Heart

One of the most fundamental components of any business is marketing and communication. The art of learning how to create an effective marketing strategy is crucial. In this episode of The Wedding Biz, Andy Kushner interviews communications specialist, Liese Gardner, and unravels some of the industry secrets to mastering your marketing and expressing your brand. To hear more about creating a sustainable and well-curated business, join Andy and Liese in this episode of The Wedding Biz. Show Highlights: The fundamentals of marketing What makes PR relative to marketing today What drew Liese to the event industry The foundation of starting a business Using Instagram effectively Figuring out categories to focus on for your business How to use Facebook for business Creating a group and targeting your tribe The process of brand therapy Being intentional about how you use your voice Using email as a marketing strategy Re-engineering what you want the future to look like and setting goals The negative impacts of brands overcompensating for loyalty What people should look for to find the right marketing strategist for them Resources: The Wedding Biz Website The Wedding Biz Instagram The Wedding Biz Facebook LIESE GARDNER LINKS Website Instagram @liesegardner Facebook Twitter SPONSOR LINKS OFD Consulting www.ofdconsulting.com Kushner Entertainment www.kushnerentertainment.com


6 May 2019

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Episode 96 Jennifer Zabinski: High-Touch Planning

This week’s episode features  Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events. Jennifer is a dedicated and talented wedding planner, known for being cool under pressure, great with communication and always looks out for the vendors while honoring the clients. About Jennifer: Jennifer Zabinski is all about the details. She tailors every event to the couple, adding stylish elements and engaging all the senses in the process. She's also the queen of logistics—her weddings are mini-productions with every detail planned and executed with total precision. The New Yorker has planned events in some of the world's best cities—New York, Paris, San Francisco, Florence and too many fabulous island destinations to name. She loves bringing a couple's vision to life and even enjoys the adrenaline rush on the wedding day. Show Highlights: Jennifer’s priority of embracing her couples personality Techniques Jennifer uses to get to know her couples Why listening is very important The wedding has to reflect the couple’s personality The importance of being cool under pressure It is a team effort when working weddings A few things Jennifer does to make it memorable Why Jennifer considers herself 100% a planner not a designer How Jennifer helps choose vendors, fitting vendors to clients Use visual inspiration from outside the world of weddings How Jennifer balances life, kids, work, and being a wife Resources: The Wedding Biz Website Instagram: @weddingbizshow The Stylish Bride with Julie Sabatino Instagram: @jzevents Jennifer Zabinski Website


15 Oct 2018

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Episode 11 Colin Cowie: Creating Groundbreaking Luxury Experiences

Colin Cowie is a top designer for all things weddings—as well as galas, charitable events, corporate and destination celebrations. He's beloved by the likes of Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, Elton John, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Jennifer Aniston, and countless other A-list celebrities. Ever since Colin arrived in Los Angeles from Kitzwe, Zambia at the height of apartheid in 1985, his professional life has soared. While teaching cooking lessons at age 23, he met a woman whose chance encounter soon led to his first wedding assignment for a local bachelor: Hugh Hefner. Thirty-one years of parties, weddings, and multi-day events later, he’s never created the same event twice. The degree to which Colin cares for and personalizes his work is not just unmatched, it's nearly indescribable, and precisely why he’s consistently relied upon by the most discerning of clientele. He learns everything there is to know about his clients, over hors d'oeuvres and champagne, until the event he crafts (and the journey on which he takes his clients to get there) is not just perfectly tailored, but permanently unique. When he isn't designing weddings and Fortune 500 parties, Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball or Guinness Book of World Records-breaking pyrotechnic shows abroad, Colin works as "creator-director" for elite brands like NetJets, Dom Pérignon, and Bergdorf Goodman; even private islands. Idyllic as Colin’s life may sound, and so often is, he and Andy extend their conversation today beyond the exclusive glamour of the luxury events industry to the unseen challenges once faced in the midst of the great recession, Colin's daily routines (from meditation and "I am" statements to nightcaps), professional strategies, and the critical value of humility and gratitude. Links Colin Cowie Lifestyle Instagram Facebook Twitter Wilkie Blog FOOD, Inc. NYC Learn more about each of Colin's books on Goodreads and Amazon    


24 Jul 2017

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Episode 23 Lynn Easton: Destination Weddings with a Classic Touch

Lynn Easton is a busy woman. Between managing her destination wedding design business Easton Events and growing her Easton Porter Group luxury properties, she’s got a lot of balls in the air. But for her, that’s all just part of the fun. Lynn started her wedding planning career over twenty years ago almost by accident. She offered to help a friend plan and design her wedding, back before planners were really around. One wedding turned into another and another, and soon Lynn realized she had a true thriving business. But she wanted more; her beautiful designs were only being noticed regionally, and she was ready to go national, and even international. Lynn’s story is one of how to make it on the big stage, and her sage advice goes a long way in inspiring and educating others in the industry. In this week’s episode, Andy and Lynn talk all things business, family, and pleasure, and how she truly does it all. She shares her take on what an Easton event really is, what she attributes most to her success, and how she and her husband are taking on now more than ever in the business- and still loving it. Lynn also gives pointers to other up and coming event planners on where to focus efforts most to get the more clientele. This perceptive interview is a perfect reminder of how someone with a strong vision and a great business plan can create one of the world’s most sought-after companies. The full interview is available now. Links Easton Events  Easton Events [Instagram] Easton Events [Facebook] Easton Events [Twitter]


16 Oct 2017

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Episode 36 Mindy Rice of Mindy Rice Design: Creating Feelings Instead of Just Events

When we think about wedding and event floral designs, our imagination is often limited to bouquets and centerpieces. Today, I am talking to one of the premier event designers in the world.  She sees flowers and foliage as a way to create lasting memories of events your guests will never forget. Mindy Rice, of Mindy Rice Design, is a native Californian with a creative lineage. Growing up, Mindy was taught how to think like a designer. Never feeling confined by the “rules” wedding floral arrangements like to follow, Mindy seemed to fall into the wedding business after designing events for the corporate world. What makes Mindy unique is how she encourages her clients to step into their most daring self. She turns dreams into reality—no Pinterest board copy-cat ideas here! Today, Mindy is going to walk us through her process, from the exciting ideation stages to actually executing her most memorable pieces. She will share stories of how she has transformed a simple barn into a Redwood wonderland. Mindy will describe her favorite pieces, and how she uses color and perspective to transform any event space. Mindy’s goal is to create unique elements for each event that guests will really remember. She is not afraid to take a risk because she knows the risky pieces will always pay off. Every bloom and bough is placed thoughtfully so that guests will feel something long after the last toast and dance. “Everybody has two personalities—who they really are, and who they dare themselves to be.” ~Mindy Rice Today is not just about flowers and spectacle! Mindy and I will chat about what it means to own our own business, and how we can successfully balance our creative endeavors with family life. The event design business sometimes feels as though it could take over everything! Mindy embraces the life she’s been given and chooses jobs that will both fulfill her creatively and best support her family. Mindy is inspiring in so many ways, and I know she is going to transform the way you’ve always thought about flowers. Expect the unexpected when Mindy is around! Show Highlights: Mindy’s family has always been creative, and she uses that history to infuse design into her floral arrangements. Mindy’s first job was raising show rabbits! High school wasn’t Mindy’s thing, so she quickly entered design school. Hear all about some of Mindy’s less successful design ventures. Experience the amazing transformation of a simple barn into an enchanted wonderland. Mindy explains her process of working with a client to translate their dreams into a perfect event. Mindy wants her clients to be free to choose what they love, and dare to be a little different from the Pinterest trends. Build client trust through visuals and pictures. Mindy designs using color and proportion. Hear the inspiring story about how Mindy made her passion into a business. We discuss the common pitfalls of creative business owners: delegating to a team. Mindy is still learning the balance between family life and operating her business. Mindy and I share our favorite moments in this life we live and the business we love.   Connect with Mindy: Mindy Rice Design [Website] Mindy Rice Design [Instagram] Mindy Rice Design [Pinterest]  


15 Jan 2018

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Episode 198 AUDREY NERACOULIS: Emotional Photography And Authenticity In Business

Audrey Neracoulis, Welcome to The Wedding Biz! Audrey is a film photographer based in Paris and is known for her unmistakable fashion house inspired aesthetic, and unique and sophisticated work. She also brilliantly utilizes social media, especially Instagram, in ways that will surprise you. Audrey has a master’s degree in marketing and dreamt of being surrounded by, and working with, a wonderful team. When faced with the reality that a first job working for a corporation meant sitting alone in a cubicle, she decided it wasn’t for her. She chose to pick up a camera, tell stories visually with pictures and become a photographer, even though she had never taken a picture before.  Is the hardest part of your business attracting new clients? Listen, as Audrey describes what she did when she started out and what she does today to attract clients. She says you have to have a strong brand and make personal connections with your clients. Audrey is sharing her life with pictures on Instagram believing that letting potential clients see her story through photographs will give them the best idea of the reality of her work.  Audrey’s vision for a wedding is to blend fashion photography and cinematic documentary to make the perfect photographs. Her passion is capturing the emotional and physical connections of the bride and groom so that the images evoke meaningful memories. For added dimension, she likes to build in a sense of sensuality learned from her experience with shooting boudoir. If you are a photographer or want to be, pay attention as Audrey points out the difference between using film, going digital, and the benefits of both. Listen as she tells us how to create and connect with clients when traveling, about her retreats in Paris, and all the ways she teaches about photography.  This is a compelling episode with so much great information you will definitely need to take notes, so sit back and enjoy. Show Highlights: [02:54] Audrey, it is so exciting to have you on the show! [03:38] Andy and Audrey chat about speaking English in France. [04:37] She was married to a man from Kentucky but lived in New York, where she went to school, got her master’s degree, and her first job. [06:53] Audrey started her career in photography with no training because she wanted to tell stories with pictures. [08:23] She made a business decision to blog before she bought her first camera to see if she could attract clients. [10:17] Audrey chats about learning from YouTube and taking pictures of friends. [11:33] Attracting clients is about telling a story, the wedding industry is very personal, and you need a strong brand. [12:37] She shares her life through photos on Instagram so that clients can get a better sense of who she is. [15:44] Audrey takes a video of each event to show everything that happens in real life, the good and the bad. [18:10] She takes a photo at each event that she posts to Instagram so that potential clients can see in real-time what she does. [19:44] Audrey gets recommendations from vendors for events. [20:39] She explains her process for her preparing because she often doesn’t meet the client until the wedding. [22:49] Audrey speaks about her vision for each wedding and how she creates beautiful portraits by blending fashion and cinematography. [24:37] How do you capture the emotional and physical connection between the couple? [27:42] Doing boudoir and couples’ photos allows her to add a sense of sensuality to the images. [29:12] Audrey shoots with film instead of digital, which is more challenging because every shot counts. [32:08] Why do you use film? What are the benefits of each? [33:24] She networks wherever she is, even on vacation, she posts where she is going and creates meetups. [36:31] Audrey has retreats in Paris where she shows people what she shoots, provides hair and makeup classes, and powerpoint presentations on photography. [39:20] How do you find out what people want? Direct messages or...? [41:28] Audrey says her social media platform of choice is Instagram. [44:42] Her retreats are tours of the area, round tables with people sharing their ideas, cooking classes, and more. All along the way, she photographs, which people learn about. [45:42] What kind of equipment do you use? [47:57] Audrey, thank you for being on the show! LINKS & RESOURCES Follow The Wedding Biz on Social:  The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram: @theweddingbiz The Wedding Biz on Facebook: @theweddingbiz Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.KushnerEntertainment.com Audrey Neracoulis Audrey Neracoulis @audreyparisphoto Instagram Retreat information at Rendezvous with Audrey Mentioned on the Show Jose Villa on The Wedding Biz Andre Maier on The Wedding Biz


28 Oct 2019

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Episode 196 VANESSA KRECKEL: Brand Development To Set You Apart

The Wedding Biz is excited to have Vanessa Kreckel on the show. Vanessa is the Owner and Creative Director of Two Paper Dolls, a pioneering custom design house that foreshadowed the desire for customization across all aspects of the wedding industry. She has been named in design publications including PRINT, and Communications Arts as well as BRIDES Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings. TPD Design House services clients in the art of branding, website design and development, and invitation design around the world. Vanessa has always loved being creative, which is why she studied art at Moore College of Art and Design and learned how to be a graphic artist. She started her company with one employee and used printing presses, and somehow found a niche with her customized stationery and invitations.  Who are your ideal clients? What is the voice of your company? These are some of the questions Vanessa asks when helping someone develop their brand. Branding is an essential ingredient in making your business successful, and she has been assisting people in figuring it out for almost 20 years. Listen to her tips and tricks as you follow along on the podcast. Vanessa talks about knowing and branding the look and feel of your event when thinking about invitations. She reminds us that it’s not just invitations, there are save the dates, invitation design, and day of cards. You need to consider the overall experience and how the design thread pulls it all together when deciding this critical part of your event. This is one of those conversations that will change the way you choose invitations, your brand, and what you put on social media. Vanessa is a first-rate businesswoman with insight into a different side of the event industry. One that you might not realize has such a significant impact on the event experience. You won’t want to miss what she has to say, so sit back, plugin and enjoy. Show Highlights: [02:43] Welcome to the show, Vanessa! [03:03] They chat about the work Vanessa has done with Engage. [03:43] Vanessa explains how Two Paper Dolls got started. [05:09] She studied art at Moore College of Art and Design, which is where she began in graphic design. [06:29] She took a risk when she transitioned from full-time to starting her own company. [07:48] She speaks about getting started with one employee and used printing presses that she had no idea how to use. [10:50] branding is one of the most essential parts of any business, it’s how you set yourself apart from the competition. [13:56] Vanessa tells us the first steps to take when developing your brand and what questions to ask. [16:23] They have a tool kit for clients to use as they are developing a standard consistent message for their company. [18:34] How do you create the story aspect of what you do? [20:01] Vanessa describes the brand they created for the entire Engage London event. [22:50] Website design changes rapidly. Make sure it is user-friendly and can be viewed well on mobile devices and make sure they are ADA Compliant. [26:28] Social media is more important than ever. Does your social media reflect what you are doing with your website? [28:11] Vanessa discusses the strategies for posting on social media. [29:56] People should consider the overall look and feel of an event when thinking about invitations. [32:13] Invitations can be traditional, or it can tell the story of the couple or company. [33:58] How are you managing the business aspect of your company? What have you learned? [36:21] She chats about brainstorming and discussing ideas in small groups, it is all collaborative. [39:26] Vanessa, what does success mean to you? [40:57] Andy talks about a branding video that Vanessa produced for Kushner Entertainment. [43:51] Please subscribe and follow us on Facebook. LINKS & RESOURCES Follow The Wedding Biz on Social:  The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram: @theweddingbiz The Wedding Biz on Facebook: @theweddingbiz Title Sponsor: This episode is sponsored by PartySlate - the first website designed specifically for event professionals and venues! Vanessa Kreckel Two Paper Dolls/TPD Design House Vanessa@tbddesignhouse Instagram | Pinterest Vanessa@twopaperdolls Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Branding video produced by Vanessa found at https://www.kushnerentertainment.com/entertainment-design. Filmed and directed by Matt Buckman, I Do Films.


21 Oct 2019

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Episode 64 Stephanie Bradshaw: Dynamically Branding Your Business & Events

Stephanie Bradshaw has more than just impeccable taste, she has a knack for project management and has a very diverse business portfolio-which in our opinion has lead to ultimate success! Growing up in a traveling military family, she quickly found inspiration through other cultures, colors, and textures from around the world, and she’s translated that into her love for event design and production. But even more than the art of an event, Stephanie is a fearless business leader who has endless inspiration and skill to offer when it comes to team development, taking on the right clients for your brand, and creating truly inspiring events-- all while balancing print publications, industry summits, and raising a family. Tune into this episode to be inspired by Stephanie’s drive, all while picking up some invaluable  tips along the way. About Stephanie Bradshaw Currently based in Baltimore, Stephanie spent her childhood traveling through the world in a military family. Inspired by her travels through Germany and Asia, Stephanie is now an event planner, designer, mentor, and owner of a highly successful business with her name on the door. Show Highlights: How Stephanie started expressing her interest in design How early childhood travels inspire her on a creative level Stephanie’s surprising  first job out of college How Stephanie made her transition into event design Why getting fired was so incredibly monumental for her How to set up an effective internship program Stephanie gives tips and advice on how to manage a group of staff and interns Why you benefit from having a graphic designer on your event production team Questions you can ask your next clients to get to know them-and serve them best Touching stories from Stephanie’s favorite events she’s designed How to know when to say no to clients or projects-and feel OK about it The difference between branding and marketing Methods Stephanie uses to stay organized and balanced Links Mentioned in the Show: Stephanie Bradshaw on Instagram - @sbcreative_ Videos: SB Brand: https://vimeo.com/175449250 Pendry Grand Opening: https://vimeo.com/218023079 OUTSPIRE: https://vimeo.com/243173774   Websites: www.stephanie-bradshaw.com www.outspiresummit.com www.sbhues.com


25 Jun 2018

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Episode 158 MEGHAN ELY: Using PR and Marketing Techniques to Brand Yourself and Create the World's Finest Weddings

PR is actually a big part of lux weddings. Getting the word out in a positive light can build an exciting event that everyone wants to attend or at least hear about. Meghan Ely is a creative with marketing, PR, and wedding planning education and experience under her belt. In this podcast, she shares how she had an epiphany to niche down her business and combine the things she loved an knew. She learned early on how to hone in on the right questions to find out what a client really wants their wedding to be like. She also makes extensive work of technology and writing to make sure the best-planned event is also one of the best-known events. Meghan shares her origin story and answers question all about PR, wedding planning, and how she was able to pull it all off. Along with tips for others trying to up their marketing, PR, or speaking game. Show Highlights: [00:37] Megan has always considered herself a pre-serial podcaster for years. [00:53] She actually received clients from people talking about the importance of PR on the Wedding Biz Podcast. [01:20] Meghan is now killing it with a Niche Wedding PR and Marketing Agency. [01:55] She was inspired by her son's career day where she had to describe her business and began to gain clarity about what she does and wants to do. [03:21]  Early on, when she was a kid, Megan was interested in writing and creating magazines about celebrities. [04:05] She even tried to get a journalism internship, but her interests really revolved around PR. [04:49] She had a career epiphany while driving on her way to the store and thinking about the movie The Wedding Singer.   [06:06] She was equally interested in the wedding planner and the PR side, but it took her a few more years to put it all together. [06:37] She earned a PR degree, but kept getting pulled back to the wedding industry. She decided to try everything and worked with AmeriCorps for inner-city schools. [07:30] She decided to work at Maymont Park, and she did 4 weddings on weekends and 8 birthdays. [09:18] All of this hands-on experience and education was not put to waste as Meghan moved forward with her career. [10:20] She learned how to ask pertinent questions when interviewing potential clients. Having an extensive background allows her to pull more information out. [12:48] Meghan shares how she shares the emotional aspect of starting OFD Consulting. Hint -- it revolves around health and changing her life. This was also a lesson in how plans change and evolve. [18:16] Meghan shares how it was a leap of faith with only $600. She built a website and decided to niche down and combine her love of the wedding industry and PR. She was also very close to her first client. Guess who it was? [20:35] Learn how a big light bulb went off when Meghan learned about opportunities and partnering with other vendors and resources. [23:09] Meghan and her team are constantly asking what PR means and trying to get the message out. They are focusing on staying relevant to get published in today's market. [25:35] Keep your eye on pop culture. Whenever anything happens these can be opportunities to reach out and create an article or post. [26:39] You can use resources like Redditt and Search Engines to keep up with trends and the latest happenings. Consistently is also key. [28:40] Meghan gives tips and tricks about how to find and pitch exciting new and relevant content. [30:32] Meghan shares tips about introducing yourself but not making it about yourself or too overwhelming. [33:48] The best way to get the word out to your industry peers, starts in your own channels like your blog. You can also pitch to blogs that have sponsored posts and advertising. Speaking is also a great way to share your expertise. [39:00] Meghan shares tips and questions to decide if you are a good fit to be a speaker. [44:05] Meghan shares networking tips for becoming a thought leader. This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.kushnerentertainment.com. LINKS & RESOURCES The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram The Wedding Biz on Facebook Colin Cowie & His Interview On The Wedding Biz: Colin Cowie Lifestyle Colin Cowie: Part 1 Creating Groundbreaking Luxury Experiences Colin Cowie: Part 2 Creating Groundbreaking Luxury Experiences Mentioned During Interview: Style Me Pretty Living Abby + Tait Larson: Saving Style Me Pretty Shawna Gohel: Maharani Weddings Never Eat Alone AmeriCorps Maymont Park Facebook Live Speaker Programs OFD Consulting and Wedding Industry Speakers: Wedding PR Services: www.ofdconsulting.com Wedding PR membership: www.ofdcollective.com Wedding Industry Speakers: www.weddingindustryspeakers.com Social OFD Consulting LLC Facebook Page OFD Consulting on Instagram Videos Wedding PR firm OFD Consulting- Meet Us! Own It! Crafting Your Personal Brand


10 Jun 2019

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Episode 164 MERYL SNOW: Maximizing Sales, Consulting, And Feastivities Events

Meryl has spent 28 years in the special event & catering industry as co-founder of Feastivities Events, along with its subsidiaries OffShoots Decor and Philadelphia's Picnic Company.  She also is the author of Booked It! Selling, Closing And Standing Out In The Special Events Industry. Meryl also authored Cha Ching There’s No Money In Sales For 2nd Place. And three how-to Style & Design videos. Her experience in the events industry is unmatched, and in the wedding industry, invaluable. Meryl reveals nuggets about how she started, the path her businesses took after the 2008 recession, and what it means to truly be successful. We dive deep into her businesses and their allure. Meryl also shares her path and struggles, and encourages others in the industry. Neither inexperience nor the recession could keep her down and she shares what her next steps look like for her business. Tune in to learn all you can from this events industry legend. Show Highlights: [01:28] Welcome back! Today we are talking with Meryl Snow of Snow Storm Solutions, etc. [03:23] Andy and Meryl start off talking about her childhood and the pivotal moments that pushed her toward her current path. [05:28] Meryl shares about how she met her husband, the time it took to find her passion, and the process of setting up their first business. [07:11] Realizing and learning about corporate hospitality and mentality was a huge eye-opener for Meryl. [08:36] Meryl and her husband started Feastivities in 1987 so that they could set their own schedule and create their own legacy. [10:16] They then started OffShoots. [12:07] Meryl’s next step was to add event planning to their design and catering businesses. [13:47] Meryl defines their specific brand identity. They didn’t follow trends, they set them. (Then she describes their trends and how they made them trends.) [16:45] Anyone can cook food, what makes you different? [18:12] Their big change was when Aramark approached them looking to purchase their catering company. [23:30] Meryl shares how hard they were hit by the 2008 recession and what that meant for their business. [25:44] Appearances are everything, the recession caused everyone to look at appearances in every get-together. [27:23] Changing their focus and their ideal customer during the recession is what saved their company. [29:43] Because of the change in the market, they started selling their playbook and expanded their consultant services. [31:34] Meryl shares how much she loves to train and provide continual improvements. [33:30] After submitting to their clients a questionnaire, they realized that most people in the events industry are not marketing themselves appropriately. [36:00] Start with a conversation rather than the conversion. [38:05] Selling in the events space is very different than other spaces. [39:32] If you’re not selling you, then you’re not selling. [40:48] Get away from the typical mold of an entrepreneur and learn about others in the space. [42:07] First impressions are so important. [43:55] People’s assumptions direct our actions despite our attempts to be autonomous. [45:49] Meryle shares how she goes about hiring a great salesperson. [47:01] Everyone in their business going through the training. [48:51] Personality tests are key! [51:36] Next up - role play! [52:16] They then provide a small test for their salespeople. [53:21] Part II coming soon! [54:38] Call, email, social media, check Meryle everywhere! This episode is sponsored by Kushner Entertainment www.kushnerentertainment.com. LINKS & RESOURCES The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz The Wedding Biz on Instagram The Wedding Biz on Facebook @theweddingbiz Meryl Snow LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/merylsnow1/ Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/meryl.snow https://www.facebook.com/snowconsultant/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/merylsnow/ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/merylsnows YouTube:   https://www.youtube.com/user/MerylSnow Mentioned By Meryl Ridgewell Catering Catersource https://www.merylsnow.com/shop Booked It! https://www.amazon.com/Booked-Selling-Closing-Standing-Industry/dp/1523659947/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2GDXQCJTBZRU7&keywords=meryl+snow&qid=1558889840&s=books&sprefix=meryl+snow%2Caps%2C211&sr=1-1-catcorr Cha Ching: https://www.amazon.com/Cha-Ching-there-money-sales/dp/1542833663/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2J2PX1H79INOW&keywords=meryl+snow&qid=1558890023&s=books&sprefix=meryl+snow%2Caps%2C143&sr=1-2-catcorr Check Out Her Triangle Method: Triangle Method Training Platform: www.trianglemethodtraining.com Demo: https://triangle-method.mykajabi.com/offers/mqycLxXd


1 Jul 2019

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