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The Jasmine Star Show is a conversational business podcast that explores what it really means to turn your passion into profits. Law school dropout turned world-renowned photographer and expert business strategist, host Jasmine Star delivers her best business advice every week with a mixture of inspiration, wittiness, and a kick in the pants. On The Jasmine Star Show, you can expect raw business coaching sessions, honest conversations with industry peers, and most importantly: tactical tips and a step-by-step plan to empower entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create a life they love.

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THIS Is Where Everyone Quits | Social Curator Coaching Session

Have you ever felt so exhausted, overwhelmed and confused that you wanted to throw in the towel? *Friend, I know I have and all of the ladies I brought in on my coaching call today have because it is NORMAL!* It doesn’t matter how tough you are, what skills you have, or where you are at in your life... it’s normal!  There isn't a single entrepreneur in the world who hasn't thought about quitting at least once.When I first started my business, I did not have the kind of confidence I have today. In fact, one of the reasons I love these coaching calls is because I love hearing where everyone is at and encourage them in any way I can.There is nothing I believe in more than teaching what I’ve learned, tested and tried to other business owners hustling hard to make their dreams a reality. We are all going to feel stressed and overwhelmed when we put ourselves out there.>>However, success goes to us who remain undaunted and keep pushing themselves forward past the point where everyone else may quit.<<So if you’re telling yourself maybe this isn't for me after all... I am here to tell you this is for YOU. You are meant to be here. You are meant to do this. You are intended to pursue your passion and you are here to create a life that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning.You are meant to do the thing that you love because why would you ever settle for anything else? So please, please, please Buttercup: do not give up.If this is resonating with you right now, it is because you need to hear it. So take a deep breath have a good cry, but then go out and chase your wildest dreams with reckless abandon because you can. Click play to hear how I coach Leanne, Megan, Amanda & Mye through their challenges and encourage them to keep pushing through when everyone else gave up. And of course, you can learn about our guests here: https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode39 !


27 Feb 2020

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What To Say When Someone Says “That’s Too Expensive” with Ramit Sethi

Have you ever struggled with how much to charge for your services or product? You question if you’re asking for too much or not enough, want to hide your head in a hole when someone says “that’s too expensive,” but also strive to charge enough to make ends meet.  Boo boo this is one thing that allllll businesses struggle with. You are not alone. I had the opportunity to connect with Ramit Sethi, author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You to Be Rich. He's known for his unique blend of business, finance and psychology. Ramit is going to walk you through how to set your prices for your business… it’s his proven technique to charge luxury prices y'all! Are you ready for a confidence boost? *Think of this as that splash-of-water-across-your-face wake up call*>> You are WORTH what you charge.<<Your time, your ideas, your creativity, and your efforts are valuable. You have learned to be an expert in what you do, and only YOU can provide that special flair, that expert touch, and that care to what you do. You first need to believe and own it before anyone else will.  So are you ready to hang up your current mindset in regards to pricing and open your eyes to something you never even dreamed of? I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation with Ramit. Click play to dive on in! 


7 Apr 2020

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The Secret To Growing On Instagram | Pays To Be Brave Keynote

What if I were to tell you the secret to Instagram is to stop growing? Hold up, put that car in reverse and back it up.  Did I lose you already? Or are you still with me? You better still be with me, because boo this is going to radically change your world. Let’s get on the same page here. We think growing our Instagram will solve our monetization struggles. It only makes sense right? More followers equals more money? But my question to you is: >>Are you converting your followers to customers?<<Because if you don't know how to create customers on Instagram, getting more followers ISN'T the answer... They are just going to sit there like that pile of laundry from over the weekend you still haven’t gotten to. *Who am I kidding, I don't do the laundry!*Hit play to hear the rest of this secret Instagram sauce! Don’t forget to subscribe to the Jasmine Star Show. I don’t want you to miss a single episode of all the business-y goodness I have to share with you!To read the show notes for this episode, click >>HERE!<<


8 Oct 2019

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The Key to Getting REAL Results on Instagram | Social Curator Coaching Session Part 1

Ever wish you could ask me your burning Instagram questions? Listen up Buttercup, because today's your lucky day! I’m gonna bring you in on a coaching session I had on the inside of Social Curator where we talk about all things Instagram. I have not been asked questions this in depth, granular and amazing. *They put me through the ringer!* In fact this coaching session was so good, that we actually had to break it up into two parts. That’s right, double the fun! In this episode, you’ll hear me answer questions on:How to get engagement using stories *all things polls, gifs, stickers, glitter & unicorns* What content to save in your highlights  *this is your opportunity to showcase your authority* Using analytics to figure out your focus area *the algorithm is no joke y’all*Featuring your team on your account *give credit where credit is due* Hang on to your Instagram hat cause we’re about to blow it off. I can’t wait to share with you my key so you can unlock the door to all the opportunities there are on Instagram! Click play to take that first step! And if you’re interested in joining me for one of my classes… I’m offering a free webinar on How to Plan 30 Days Worth of Content in 1 Day! Save your seat at www.jasminestar.com/30days 


30 Apr 2020

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The Complete Guide to Goal-Setting In 2020

Friends we’ve officially made it to 2020! Can you believe it!? I don’t know about you but I’m NERVCITED about this year, you know nervous + excited. *Yeah I made up a word because I’m gangster like that*This year holds so many possibilities, but if you don't know where you are headed, you'll never know when you arrive.... Or at least that's what my mom always told me. *She also said a lot of other quirky things like clean your room, it'll make Jesus happy. But as an adult, I've chosen to focus only on the statements that make sense to me all these years later!*Boo boo, I want to help you to find your vision and set those goals. Because once you know where you're going all the sideway tracks, the pitfalls, and the truck stops off random highways in middle America will be okay because you’re secure in where you will end up. So if you’re ready to start setting those goals and pushing yourself forward with a purpose click play to listen and check out the show notes at https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode24. If you have the incredibly brave goal of doubling your business in 2020 *like me!* I'd love to invite you to my upcoming 60 minute masterclass: How to Double Your Business without Losing your Time or Strategy. To save your seat for this free masterclass, head to https://www.jasminestar.com/2020. I’d love to see you there! 


2 Jan 2020

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3 Myths About Instagram That Are Holding You Back in Business | Social Media Marketing World Keynote

I’m gonna throw it back to the early 2000s when the show Mythbusters was airing. Remember that show where they took common myths and either confirmed or busted them?*I mean, who knew that turning off your ac and rolling down your windows doesn’t ACTUALLY save you gasoline!?* In a keynote I presented at Social Media Marketing World, I take down some of the common myths people tell themselves about Social Media. Boo boo this is something I’m sooooooo passionate about because I don’t want these misconceptions to hold you back in your business. Are you ready to stop letting myths keep you from showing up, adding what you can to the world, and being all you can be?>> I want you to believe the impossibilities are possibilities for you! <<Tune in to today’s episode where I break down the myths that are holding you back in business, Buttercup. And if you would like more help on owning social media head to www.jasminestar.com/igmarketingguide for my free Instagram Marketing Guide.


16 Apr 2020

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How To Build An Unforgettable Brand | Connecting Things Keynote

Do you want to know the secret to making your brand UNFORGETTABLE in the eyes of your dream customer?  Oh baby boo you better take out that pen and paper because you’re getting allllll the juicy details today.A brand is not defined by a business, but by the consumer's perception of the business.>>It is what somebody says about your business when you walk out of the room.<< When you make your audience feel happy, empowered, and educated they feel fulfilled. They turn into your RAVING FANS!So how do you do that? Well Buttercup it all starts by pressing play!I’m giving you ALLLLL my top tips for creating a brand that turns your customers into raving fans.I’ll dive into: Creating content that reflects your personality Building personal connections on and offlineUsing the best hashtags to attract your ideal customer to your brandBalancing your personal life with your businessSo who’s with me!? Get my FREE Branding Resource Bundle >>HERE<< and check out the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<


12 Nov 2019

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The Two Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make (And How To Avoid Them!) | Social Curator Coaching Session

As a very busy business owner this holiday season, you have a lot on your plate and there ain’t no time for mistakes! In this episode we dive into another coaching session with members of Social Curator and all the business mistakes I made when starting out. *Spoiler Alert* there’s plenty of them! So if you want to know what advice I would give 2010 Jasmine you’re going to want to tune in. I talk about how I learned:To invest in myselfTo give myself proper graceTo ask the right questions To find confidence when sharing my story To present my services properly >>I wish I didn't wait so long to learn all these tips and boo boo I don’t want you to wait so long either.<<It’s time for you to learn from the mistakes I made and get ahead of the game! I can’t wait to hear what you take away. So Click Play to be a fly on the wall in this amazing conversation.View the Show Notes here:  https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode23Sign up for my free webinar, How to Double Your Business without Losing your Time or Strategy here: https://www.jasminestar.com/2020. I’ll see you there! 


31 Dec 2019

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Social Media Mastery | Interview On The Ed Mylett Show

There’s this beast that we all face on a daily basis... It’s one that’s always changing and leaves you confused and wanting to curl up crying on your bathroom floor. That beast... SOCIAL MEDIA.  If you’re ready to get inside my head [*warning* that’s a scary place, trust me] and find out everything I know about social media then you’re in the right place! I spill it ALL in this interview with my sweet friend, Ed Mylett. In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to:Use consistency to build a reputation with your followers and [*bonus*] track what type of posts hit better with your audience so you can double down on themCreate content that gets into your ideal client’s psyche because any time a consumer looks at a piece of content that feels like it's tailor made for them, they will follow, they will spend more, they will wait more, and they will support more. Navigate conversations online to show value to your followers and build your tribe  Post the same content across multiple platforms so you come across authentic and foster conversations Find what hashtags your consumers are inclined to look for so you can build your following  Choose a bio and bio photo to truly capture your identity  Invest in yourself, own that you are enough, and step into your purpose so you can better invest in others Boo, I want you to know that your social media is a reflection of you. YOU decide what your style is, what photos you use, what copy you write, who you’re doing this for, and how you engage.You are in the driver’s seat so let’s take control and make it something you are proud of! If you'd like to learn more about Ed Mylett, read the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<If you enjoyed this episode, can you do me a teeeeeny tiny favor and head on over to your podcast platform to subscribe and leave a review? Your reviews help this show get discovered by more amazing business owners just like you. I'm obsessed with the community of hustlers we are building and I can't grow it without you! xo


22 Oct 2019

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Turn Procrastination Into Your Purpose

Where my procrastination friends at? You raising your hand or did you already hop off this podcast platform and start looking up dog videos? *you know that’s my kryptonite* You are not alone. Every single one of us procrastinate to some capacity. But here’s the thing... >>Procrastination is the highest form of selfishness.<<Yeah I said it, and I’m not backing down boo boo! Every minute you waste is robbing others from your greatest purpose. It’s robbing your friends, your partner, your children, your community.  It’s robbing the people you are intended to serve.And if you’re thinking “I don’t procrastinate, I’m just a perfectionist waiting for the right moment”.  I want to hit you in the face with this quote:>>“Perfection is just procrastination in disguise”<<Perfect doesn’t exist Buttercup. You’re just wasting valuable time. All the time you wait trying to make something perfect is you not putting yourself or your product into this world. You will not know how to make your product or service better until you take it out to market. So stop robbing others of what you could be serving them with! If you’re ready to take your messy self and quit making excuses and quit getting side tracked scrolling through instagram or reading the latest celebrity gossip in US Weekly... *yes I’m guilty of this too* … then listen to this podcast and read the show notes here; https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode13a


14 Nov 2019

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3 Actionable Steps To Make Over Your Instagram Account | ShowIt United Keynote

Are you ready for a Social Media makeover? *The kind of makeover that would make  the Fab 5 from Queer Eye proud?* You won’t even be able to recognize your Instagram by the time I’m done with it! In late 2019, I had the privilege of speaking on a stage at United, an annual conference for photographers. I loved this keynote because I did something completely different: I critiqued the Instagram accounts of AUDIENCE MEMBERS.*Aren’t you glad you’re safe at home or in your car and not being exposed in front of hundreds of people at this conference?* If you are ready to hear exactly what I would change about your Instagram account from your bio to your photos to how you engage with followers, this episode is all for you. So without further ado, here's my keynote at United 2019. Click play to listen! Speaking of making changes, are you ready to take your business to the next level using my proven Instagram strategy? Then you need my Instagram marketing guide, boo boo! Download it for FREE at  http://www.jasminestar.com/igmarketingguide. 


30 Jan 2020

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Creating A Productivity Map To ACTUALLY Achieve Your Goals

Raise your hand if you feel surrounded by hustlers who have their junk together? You know the ones, they’ve already planned and executed their perfect work day … for next week... while you’re over here still trying to finish making your first cup of coffee?The struggle is real, friend. It's tempting to think that some people can just do more with the time they're given.  *But boo, that could not be further from the truth.* We all have the same ability to succeed and the same amount of hours each day!What if I told you I could help you map out your next three months in less than 30 minutes?I want to give you the foundation you need to turn your dreams into reality by creating a plan to get you there! In this podcast, I’m going to help you: Stop getting distracted & stop making excuses that get in the way of you accomplishing your goalsMove past the feeling of overwhelm by focusing on a smaller list you can tangibly handle Build a timeline for your projects & stick to it every quarterLearn the importance of pausing and breathing to keep yourself groundedIt's not about your ability to succeed. It’s about whether you are disciplined enough to create a plan.If this was helpful for you, please subscribe and review and pass this episode along to someone who might need it. I can’t wait for us to pursue our goals together! Check out the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<


29 Oct 2019

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Nail Your Niche: Tips to Finding Your Dream Customer

What is your NICHE? I know that can be a scary + fancy word… *I mean how do you even pronounce it?* but when it comes to marketing, your business specificity is key.>> There are riches in niches, boo boo. <<If you’re like me, the first thing I do when hiring someone or buying a product is read their bio or About Me section.In order for you to stick out in a saturated market, you have to become an authority based on personality, purpose, and promise of what you're going to deliver to the customer.When it comes to identifying your niche,  ask yourself:What problem do you specifically solve?Who do you specifically serve? How specifically do you serve them?Why you? Why you over another business? So if you’re ready to start identifying what your niche is and how to better serve your customers listen to my entire episode and check out my show notes https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode26!If you need more help with finding your niche and would like an easy step by step approach to explaining who you serve and how you help them… you are going to LOVE my Nail Your Niche workbook! Download it for FREE at www.jasminestar.com/niche. 


9 Jan 2020

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Dealing with Depression as an Entrepreneur: Jasmine and Amy Porterfield Get Real

Want to know something I’m embarrassed to admit? I have suffered from depression for years and I used to never want to talk about it... like, stuff-it-in-a-shoe-box-and-shove-it-under-the-bed kind of embarrassment.Here’s the thing: I know I portray a dog petting, book reading, coffee drinking, JD loving life on social media but depression can be found in some of the most seemingly happy people you know. For many people the holiday season can be a really tough time. Maybe you've had a loved one pass recently, or maybe there’s a lot of expectations on you during the season, or perhaps there's just a lack of sunlight that’s getting you down… whatever it might be boo, know that you are NOT alone.That is why I wanted to share with you one of the hardest yet most necessary podcast interviews I have ever done with my dear friend Amy Porterfield. We discuss:What it means to have depression as an entrepreneurHow to find a support system if you need itWhy you should not be ashamed in sharing your storySo are you ready? Let's do this TOGETHER. It all starts by clicking play! You can also check out my show notes to learn more about Amy at https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode20/. 


17 Dec 2019

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Standing Out In A Saturated Market Over The Holidays | Social Curator Coaching Session

Are you ready to get your business to stand out? You have an amazing business that only YOU can uniquely bring into this world. So let’s get others to see that, Buttercup! In a recent coaching season, I invited business owners in Social Curator to ask me questions about how to best position their business in a competitive market. In this episode, we dive into three main areas: How to stand out in a saturated market What to do when your calendar isn't quite as full as you would like it with a steady flow of customersHow to be strategic on social media  >>Friend, you are unique enough to stick out in a saturated market <<So let’s work on finding your confidence, building your message & setting your plan. We will be cheersing to your success in no time... it all starts by clicking play!Don’t forget to also check out the Show Notes to learn about each of the business owners I had the privilege of working with here: https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode19 


10 Dec 2019

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How to Write Scroll-Stopping Captions for Authentic Engagement

I can’t believe what I’m about to tell you…….Did I grab your attention? On a scale of 1 - 10 how do you think your posts do at getting your audience’s attention and engagement? The struggle bus is at full capacity right now. Don’t you worry, we've ALLLLLL been there. Not knowing what to write, side-eyeing someone else's grid for caption inspiration, playing eenie-meenie-minie-mo to choose a content strategy, or maybe you dramatically get down on bended knee like Boyz II Men asking the algorithm gods, “Whyyyyyyyy?” I’m going to scoop out my favorite tips to writing scroll stopping captions like we at Baskin Robbins y'all. I may not give you 31 flavors… but I WILL serve you up with my caption-writing formula in 3 simple steps: HIC (Hook, Insights, Call to Action). So if you’re ready to hear all about juicy shares, how to identify a specific audience, resonate with your readers AND SO MUCH MORE, you’re gonna want to click play, boo boo. Looking to dive in deeper? I’d love for you to join me for my webinar on How to Plan 30 Days Worth of Content in 1 Day! Register at https://www.jasminestar.com/30days and join us LIVE. 


28 Apr 2020

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How To Use Instagram Stories To Show The Behind The Scenes of Your Business

Oh boo, I see you sinking lower into your seat as you read the title of this podcast. Instagram stories can be a scary thing! *This introvert gets it! That’s why I love me a good Instagram filter #realtalk* If you've been wondering whether or not you should use Instagram stories to relate to your followers and how to navigate the ever-changing algorithm, this episode is for you. So sit a little higher and enjoy.! >>Friend, stories are profoundly powerful<<Stories provide the opportunity to bring your followers into who you really are. We all know that someone’s feed is curated to look a certain way… I mean nobody just “woke up like this #blessed.” That’s not real life. Stories, on the other hand, really reveal a different side that people can trust. They show the behind the scenes, they show the heart, they show the good and bad. It’s where the real human connection happens. So let’s get out of our comfort zones and sit in the awkward so we can show up for our followers! Click Play for more! Don’t forget to check out the show notes for all the details including a link to my free Instagram Stories Checklist here: https://jasminestar.com/podcast/episode21


19 Dec 2019

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The Art of Asking For What You Want with Lewis Howes

Here’s something that might shock you: I’m a TOTAL introvert and my comfort zone is my arch nemesis. Can you relate? Baby boo, if it doesn’t come natural for you to own who you are and it’s hard for you to ask for what you want, this episode is for YOU!Talking to Lewis Howes got me thinking about the different ways I need to step into owning my life and asking for what I want, even though that is so uncomfortable for me to even THINK about doing. In this episode you’re going to learn: How to define your level of greatnessHow to STOP play the comparison gameHow to network wellHow to allude a magnetic energy -  that makes people want to buy into youWe are on this journey together! Join me on Instagram and Facebook and let’s chat about some of your takeaways.To read the show notes, check them out >>HERE!<< And if you aren’t already, show Lewis some love by following him on Instagram or checking out his podcast, The School of Greatness!


8 Oct 2019

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3 Tactical Tips For Turning Followers Into Customers This Holiday Season

It’s tempting to think your business will be lost in a sea of social media posts this holiday season.People are being sold to at every turn and they’re going to have to decide where to swipe their credit card. So how do you get your business to stand out amongst the rest of the juicy offers? If selling around the holidays feels like trying to make conversation at the dinner table with your awkward uncle… then boo, this episode is for you! >>The best way to combat the holiday stress is to have a plan for selling on social.<<Click play to hear my 3 tips for turning followers into customers during the holidays.So if you’re with me, let’s pop this holiday promotion season wide open like a bottle of eggnog!Read the show notes for this episode >>HERE!<<


7 Nov 2019

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Fake It Til You Make It? Building A Business Despite Your Doubts | Interview On The Go-Getters Podcast

Have YOU ever felt like an imposter? Like I’m going to fake it until I make it and hopeno one notices?  Everyone struggles with imposter syndrome, the feeling that we aren’t good enough,  in some way or another. *I’m right there with ya!* Symptoms of imposter syndrome include asking yourself: Who am I to do this when there are other people more qualified, richer, better looking, funnier, whittier and more popular?If you’re guilty of this, I want to shake that mindset up like a can of soda pop, boo! Instead of saying “Who am I?” I challenge you to ask yourself WHO AM I NOT?In this episode you will learn how to: Combat fear with action Speak with a level of authority when you feel as timid as a mouse Find *and thrive in* your place of power Thank the haters *that’s right!*Do it scared because choosing fear is the ticket to growth So if you want to overcome the imposter syndrome, choose to be scared and grow your business instead of spinning on the hamster wheel of despair, then give this episode a listen and turn the volume up full blast! And if you want a little extra magic, I’ve provided a mindset shifting exercise for you to do >>HERE<< and feel free to read the show notes >>HERE!<<Because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! And I don’t mind shouting that from the mountain tops.


5 Nov 2019

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