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Sonya Looney: You're Not Entitled to the Outcome - R4R 273

The Running for Real Podcast

Sonya Looney describes herself as a normal person who has been able to achieve extraordinary things through hard work, self-belief, determination, moxie, and grit. That includes being a World Champion mountain bike racer who has competed in over 25 countries, in places like the Sahara Desert, the Himalayas, and the Mongolian steppes. She’s also a runner, a TEDx speaker, an entrepreneur, and host of her own podcast, The Sonya Looney Show. “I love the ultra endurance stuff just because I feel like you really get to know who you are as a person.” Sonya’s mountain bike races are usually 50 - 100 miles or 24-hour races.  She loves the endurance aspect, and also that “you have a lot of time out there and it's so mental, and the range of emotions that you experience in the course of a day is so diverse, and you wouldn't necessarily feel those in your daily life.” “If I can safely push through this thing, then that builds my confidence and my self- belief for the next time.” The obstacles in endurance mountain bike racing require the rider to make a choice: do I go on, or do I quit?  Life, of course, is the same. As Sonya says, “you learn over time that giving up makes you give up more,” so she chooses to take on the challenges.  You can look back on the hard things that you did and got through, and then “you can remember that and then you just keep going and going.” “Optimism is accepting the difficult things as they come up, but knowing that with effort and maybe a little bit of grit that they can get even better.” Sonya believes that to do those hard things, you need to train optimism. That doesn’t mean “just blindly thinking that everything is going to be fine and ignoring all the difficult things.”  You need to be aware of your negative thoughts, but instead of giving into them, you can work on confronting and overcoming them. “The outcome isn't the most important thing about what you're doing.”  One of the greatest fears that people have is failing to meet the expectations of others, or even harder, of ourselves.  Sonya emphasizes the importance of being focused on the process, because “you're not entitled to the outcome. Like you might think, “I deserve to win’ or ‘I deserve this,’ but so does everybody else out there that's working just as hard as you, or maybe even harder than you. So really it's about being proud of your effort at the end of the day.” “Our lives get over complicated, focusing on all these things that we think that we need to feel good.” One thing that Sonya has learned through her travels in other countries is that “you don't really need that much to be happy.”  There are places where people live very simply, but they’ve found a way to make it work for them.  Seeing that has made her ask herself what she really needs to feel fulfilled, and to appreciate all “the basic things we take for granted.” “Ask yourself, what are the consequences if I don't speak up and will I regret it if I don't speak up or do the thing?” Sonya has chosen to compete in some smaller races in other countries because it’s important to her “to have a different lens on life,” even if that means passing up more prestigious races that could get her bigger sponsorships or more media coverage.  She’s found that when you don’t follow your heart, “a lot of times you do regret it if you don't do it, and that's because it's clashing with something that you fundamentally believe in.” “I think a lot of us do feel like people will love us more if you achieve more.” Following your own path can be difficult, especially if it means doing something that you’re afraid you might not be good at, or that other people won’t approve of or understand. But Sonya believes that “if you have the courage to explore that curiosity, to just open a door or to try an opportunity that comes your way that sounds interesting, you're going to learn so much.”  As she says, “it's not my quote, but  be brave enough to suck at something new.” “Just focus on the joy of getting better, because there is a lot of fun in getting better at something, but it requires getting started, even if you're bad at it.” Resources: Sonya's website The Sonya Looney Show Tina's interview on Sonya's podcast Sonya's TEDx Talk Sonya's Instagram Sonya's Facebook Running for Real NYC Marathon Watch-Along Thank you to Tracksmith and Generation UCAN for sponsoring this episode. Tracksmith is a Boston based company that truly cares about the quality of their running clothes. Running can be demanding on our clothes; they definitely go through wear and tear to where we may be purchasing new clothes constantly. Tracksmith designers work with the finest materials and keep you in mind as a runner, with spots for your keys, phone, and fuel. You can go here to check out my favorites! Go here and use the code TINA15, and Tracksmith will donate 5% of your purchase to Runners for Public Lands, and you'll get free shipping! Thank you, Generation UCAN. I have been talking about them for years and they are my ONLY source for fueling while I am training and racing. And without fail, I have a product of UCAN every day, whether it is a Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar or their delicious Cookies and Cream Protein Powder. I am also excited to share with you a NEW product, a gel! It's fueled with Superstarch and ready to go wherever you are headed. Go here and use the code TINAUCAN for 20% off your order! Thanks for listening! We know there are so many podcasts you could listen to, and we are honored you have chosen Running For Real.  If you appreciate the work that we do, here are a few things you can do to support us: Take a screenshot of the episode, and share it with your friends, family, and community on social media, especially if you feel that the topic will resonate with them.  Be sure to tag us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram If you are struggling through something a guest mentions, chances are others are too, and you will help them feel less alone.  Leave an honest review on iTunes or your favorite podcast player. Your ratings and reviews will really help us grow and reach new people. Not sure how to leave a review or subscribe?  You can find out here. "Thank you" to Sonya.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the show.


5 Nov 2021

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Sonya Looney, Mountain Bike World Champion joins to share all about how she made it and continues to do so every day!

What IS Wellness

Sonya Looney is a Mountain Bike world champion, but that is only the beginning of her accomplishments. Through incredibly hard work and dedication, Sonya's goal is to help people be better every day and to show people they can find their potential through doing hard things. She believes that curiosity and optimism are the keys to always learning and growing. In this episode we explore what it takes to be a profession athlete but even more, how that grit and dedication can be a catalyst for achieving in all aspects of life.


5 Nov 2021

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You can do hard things! Professional mountain biker, Sonya Looney, can teach you how

Plant Fueled Podcast

This conversation is with Sonya Looney, one of the world’s best endurance mountain bikers. She has raced her bike across the world in some of the hardest races and became the 24 hour Mountain Bike World Champion in 2015. Not only is she a world champion athlete, but she is also a health and mental performance coach, keynote speaker, professional writer and blogger, and host of the popular podcast The Sonya Looney Show! Although she balances many different identities, she is probably most well known for her ability to help people learn how to build a resilient inner narrative. We cover: How Sonya left a career in electrical engineering to pursue mountain biking Becoming the first woman to complete the Yak Attack endurance race Quitting is a muscle and how to build resilience Changing your frame of mind around failure Balance doesn’t exist - the power of “intentional imbalance” Sleep is the number one priority (even over exercise!) How to set achievable goals The power of having a growth mindset Mountain bike tips for beginners Advice for handling fear during sport and life Why Sonya switched to a plant-based diet Her typical pre- and post-workout meal Connect with Sonya:Instagram: @sonyalooney | Facebook: Sonya Looney | Twitter: @SonyaLooney Her website: https://www.sonyalooney.com Resources: The Sonya Looney Show Enroll in the Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy Sonya’s apparel brand: Moxy & Grit Watch Sonya’s TEDx Talk Book: Atomic Habits Book: MindsetShow sponsor: Warlockgolf.com use code PLANT15 at checkout for 15% off your order! Theme music by Tyler Gaudon and a special thank you to Wyatt Pavlik for the audio editing and processing! Connect with me here on Instagram: @plant_fueled That’s all for now! Be sure to subscribe and if you are enjoying the show, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review!  *Please appreciate that this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, always seek the opinion of a physician or qualified healthcare provider!*


3 Nov 2021

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Ep. 113: Sonya Looney - The Power of Picking Yourself


We all have our proverbial mountains to climb, but today’s guest has climbed some of the highest mountains — on her mountain bike. Plant-powered pro mountain biker, Sonya Looney, is Rip's guest and, in addition to crushing it as a professional mountain biker, Sonya has also become well-known as a health andd mindset coach, setting clients up for success no matter what they're trying to accomplish. Rip and Sonya share many commonalities - from being professional athletes, to becoming health coaching entrepreneurs, and raising plant-powered kids. In fact, they spend most of their time today talking about chasing these big dreams, taking risks, remaining resilient, and not quitting even in the face of inevitable setbacks and frustrations. That's why we've called this episode, "The Power of Picking Yourself." Whether you're trying to change your diet, develop new habits, or change careers, have the courage to believe that you are worth it and, like Rip and Sonya, you'll be well on your way to winning at the game of life. About Sonya Looney Mindset, plant-based nutrition, and sport- three things that have powered Professional Mountain Biker Sonya Looney to the top of her sport. With over 15 stage races wins across the globe and a 24-hour World Champion title to her name, Sonya is no stranger to thriving in challenging and long events. She takes her research and learnings off the bike to her top ranked podcast- The Sonya Looney Show, helps others with nutrition backed by her Cornell Plant-Based Nutrition certification. She is a Health Coach through Vanderbilt University's Integrative Medicine Program and has her Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering. Sonya's goal is to help people be better every day and to show people they can find their potential through doing hard things. She believes that curiosity and optimism are the keys to always learning and growing. Sonya has an online course- The Moxy & Grit Mindset Academy that is a mental toughness and positive psychology course for athletes. She has several business projects on the go including her Moxy & Grit apparel line and her Plant-Powered Academy online community. Episode Resources PLANTSTRONG Community PLANTSTRONG Website and Resources PLANTSTRONG Meal Planner - If you’d like to try our meal planner free for 14-days, use the code BACKTOSCHOOL to enjoy two weeks of free access. After the trial ends, membership is just $1.90 a week! Sonya Looney Website and Resources Theme Music for Episode Promo Theme Music

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7 Oct 2021

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Ep. 117 - Sonya Looney - Explore Your Curiosity

Smart Athlete Podcast

Today, a professional mountain biker joins me to share her wonderful journey of becoming an endurance athlete and an entrepreneur. She's a world champion, a health coach, a podcaster, and the founder of Moxy & Grit, Sonya Looney.Most of the previous guests I have talked to played a single or a couple of sports to find the best one that suits them. But it's quite different from Sonya who played soccer, tennis, raced marathons, joined a music band, and cycling before she ended up making a name in mountain biking.Sonya tells me her reason behind trying different sports that really changed her life and helped her reach her goals.Speaking of reaching goals, she also gives a few reminders for athletes who are trying to only focus on the outcome of their hard work.So let's hear more from Sonya to find out how she became one of the world's best endurance mountain bikers and what made her join the biggest races in the world.Learn more about Sonya through visiting her website and following her social media accounts:https://www.sonyalooney.com/ https://www.facebook.com/looneysonya https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonyalooney/ https://twitter.com/SonyaLooney


17 Sep 2021

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Episode 338: Sonya Looney – 24 hour mountain bike world champion on mindset and determination

I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast

Sonya Looney is a mountain bike world champion for the 24 hour mountain bike world championships. She is a health coach and has written a cookbook, she has her own podcast called the Sonya Looney show, she has an apparel line, and has a mindset course. She is really good at speaking about positive psychology, mental toughness, and mindfulness based techniques to help people find more fulfillment in their everyday life. She has a lot of tips and techniques for reframing your mindset when the race gets really tough. What we talked about: 7:10- Sonya’s introduction to running 9:20- Where Sonya’s passion for adventure comes from 13:45- How Sonya got into mountain biking 16:45- Learning that she could compete on a world stage 18:50- Some of Sonya’s travel stories from her races 27:35- Meeting her husband 33:45- Becoming a world champion 42:10- Tips and techniques for when a dark moment comes in a race 43:50- What she’s learned from when she’s quit a race 47:45- Her mindset when things get hard in a race 48:30- Finding motivation when on days that you don’t want to do the workout 56:50- The running challenges that she wants to take on 58:40- Camping tips 1:03:10- End of podcast questions Show notes: Sonya Looney on Instagram Sonya’s Website Chatter by Ethan Kross Unwinding by Judson Brewer Connect with Lindsey:  Lindsey on Instagram Lindsey on Twitter Lindsey on Facebook  Join the I’ll Have Another Facebook Group Support the I’ll Have Another Podcast on Patreon Follow SandyBoy Productions: Sandyboy Productions on Twitter Sandyboy Productions on Instagram SandyBoy Productions Shows:  Why is Everyone Yelling? The Up and Running Podcast The Illuminate Podcast The Herban Farmacy Podcast Sponsors: Junior League of Indianapolis Scarlet Run 5k Use the code “another5” to get $5 off your registration Trust and Will Beam Use code “another” for 15% off your order The post Episode 338: Sonya Looney – 24 hour mountain bike world champion on mindset and determination appeared first on Lindsey Hein.

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17 Sep 2021

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Episode #17: Mastering your Mindset and Goal Setting with World Champion Mountain Biker Sonya Looney

Imperfect Progress with Anne Guzman

Why can't you stop that negative chatter in your mind? Would you ever talk to someone the way to talk to yourself? On that note, how should you talk to yourself, in the first person or third person? Hold on, do you even recognize your thought patterns? If not, how do you cultivate the awareness that you have negative self talk running like a reel in your mind? So many questions and so many great answers. I reached out to World Champion Mountain Biker and Health Coach Sonya Looney who not only has implemented mindset strategies in her own career, but has also created a course on Mindset for others to reap the benefits of what she has learned and studied for several years. I feel like I need to go back to this episode and write many of the quotes down that Sonya dropped as they were so poignant and meaningful. There were a lot of practical tips and this conversation left me pondering a few things about goal setting, what 'type' of person I am and the power of setting goals with specific parameters in order to help become the person you want to be. I left my own podcast pretty motivated to practice what Sonya was teaching in my every day life and I hope you leave it as motivated as I did. Here are a few things that we discuss during our conversation: Tools to cultivate awareness of your thoughts How to start meditating & cultivating self awareness How to follow through on goals and why it matters Creating your identity Key factors in setting goals you can achieve Self talk during training and racing How to manage your expectations Why comparing yourself to others is a big mistake How to move through life adversity You can learn more from Sonya on her website and through her podcast The Sonya Looney show, both which are listed below. If you're interested in starting Sonya's Mindset program (highly recommend it!), the direct link is also below. In addition if you want to up your cycling swag game, check out Sonya's Moxy and Grit collection at the link below. Sonya also has an awesome YouTube page with incredible tips on mountain bike training, equipment and mindset. So much to learn. Thanks for listening, I truly appreciate you being a part of the community. I would love if you could hop over to Apple Podcast and rate my podcast and leave a quick comment. This helps my podcast reach a larger audience, which means I can share the amazing knowledge my guests have with as many people as possible, which is my goal! I love to share comments and they also help me to improve my podcast and consider other future guests. If you have any comments feel free to message me here below in the comments or connect with me on twitter, IG or through my email. To connect with and learn from Sonya follow the links below: Website: https://www.sonyalooney.com/ Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-sonya-looney-show/id1233067098?mt=2 Mindset Academy Course: https://moxy-grit.thinkific.com/courses/moxy-grit-mindset-academy For a more detailed write up with more links to Soyna, visit my Prokit page here: https://theprokit.com/composer/create-post/post.php?post=508670&action=edit


23 Aug 2021

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Mother's Day Special - Sonya Looney

Consummate Athlete Podcast

Sonya Looney: Mountain biking badass, host of the Sonya Looney Show & Mindset Academy creator returns to discuss motherhood for this Mother's Day Special    Find out more about Sonya - >https://www.sonyalooney.com/www.consummateathlete.com for Show Notes, posts and information about Coaching Show Sponsor Inside Tracker! For 25% off the entire InsideTracker Store, visit insidetracker.com/consummate   More Ways to Support the Show: a) Share an episode b) Rate & review c) Get 'Becoming a Consummate Athlete' https://amzn.to/36B1Wat d) Book a Phone Consultation https://calendly.com/smartathlete Listen on Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/3eK9nI1Rmr7o9WvUcwCR2b


6 May 2021

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Mindset - Sonya Looney

Consummate Athlete Podcast

Sonya Looney has made a career out of racing her bike in extreme events that challenge even the most resilient athletes. Today we look at how you can get started, overcome setbacks and use different types of motivation to reach your goals!  Sonya's latest course 'Mindset Academy' dives deeper into these concepts. : https://courses.sonyalooney.com/courses/moxy-grit-mindset-academy www.consummateathlete.com for Show Notes, posts and information about Coaching Support the Show: a) Share an episode or post with a friend b) Rate & review c) Get our Book! Becoming a Consummate Athlete https://amzn.to/36B1Wat


9 Mar 2021

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Episode 95: Sonya Looney: Professional Mountain Biker

Finding Direction

Sonya Looney is a world championship professional mountain biker with a master’s degree in engineering. She is also a podcast host, keynote speaker, and mindset and plant-based nutrition coach. In this episode, we talk about: Growing up as a nerd Building confidence Going from getting a degree in engineering to becoming a mountain biker Turning failures around Sonya’s website: www.sonyalooney.com


3 Nov 2020