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Ep 5: High Level Imposter Syndrome with Anders Varner

Get Enlifted

On today's episode we chat with Anders Varner on what it takes to step into world class coaching and how the imposter syndrome shows up at even the highest levels of success.Get more from Enlifted Coaches:http://enlifted.me Learn more about certification: Book a Discovery Call FREE Coaches Workshop replay with Mark England Get TICKETS for GET ENLIFTED @ Onnit in September Follow us on Instagram: @enliftedcoaches Get more from your hosts: Kimberly: @kimberly.kesting Chase: @coach_chase_tolleson // www.chasetolleson.com Dave: @daverobinson.coach // www.chopclubformen.com

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3 Apr 2022

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Barbell Shrugged Owner Anders Varner

Rebel and Be Well

Episode 6, Season 2During this episode on the Rebel and Be Well Podcast we are honored to speak with Anders Varner, Co-Owner of Barbell Shrugged. We spoke with Anders to learn with our audience how to stop using old habits that don't serve our health, discovering greater purpose, and tuning into happiness in your present stage (and age) of life. Listen to consider resetting and recalibrating to align with the season you're finding yourself in mentally, emotionally and physically- including schedules, lifestyle, and priorities.Anders is host of the Top 10, Health and Fitness Podcast "Barbell Shrugged", and had also founded San Diego Athletics in Pacific Beach, CA before selling and investing time into Creating the R.A.P.I.D Executive Mentorship and Diesel Dad Mentorship programs. These mentorship programs implement world class protocols in functional medicine and professional coaching to help busy executives and fathers be the leaders they want to be. He has coached athletes from every major sport including the NFL, MLB, WWE, and CrossFit. An athlete himself, Anders has competed in the CrossFit regional four times, medaled at multiple Olympic Weightlifting competitions, and had the honor or being John Cena’s training partner for four years.During our interview, Anders shares both good and bad experiences from his own life, and mistake-patterns he notices in his clients. As a coach, he does a wonderful job helping us to feel more hopeful and accepting of life's changes; reflecting on our age increases, and with that the opportunity and need for new behaviors. Notably, making changes to the way we're distributing energy, resources, and choosing to care for our physical, mental, and relational health. "We need a different skillset to get through the next 10, 15, 20 years" - Anders Varner - Co-Owner - Barbell ShruggedAfter addressing the personal, we dig into Anders' experience working on the health of business professionals. He educates and coaches not only individual wellbeing but also the wellbeing of the company these individuals work for (financial success, etc.). Ask yourself: How much is my professional performance affected by my health? Regardless of our listeners' profession, Anders offers questions worth each of us asking.Next, we take a deeper dive into stress, our awareness of it, and how to find balance while living in a culture that demands "more"- without forgetting our intrinsic desires to grow. 1) Where is my attention?2) What is the intention that I'm bringing to those things?3) How does this manifest into my life?Lastly, with exceptional knowledge and perspective on lifestyle medicine, Anders shared the pros and cons to an outside-in approach vs. an inside-out approach to health:Outside In: What external things can we put onto or into our body to create a better "human package"?Inside Out: Let's seek raw data, work on our immunity and mental health, and then move onto: nutrition, movement, and other outside variables. For business leaders tuning in: How can businesses invest in their people? Leaders have heavy roles as well; where are you finding your support systems and can we identify where to begin solving the gap in our own health, and that of our company? For all other adults: What needs to be valued most now for my health? What needs to change in my life to respond to that?We invite all to tune into this episode - aging, growth, and change can be challenging; hearing from others who have found solutions could be a helpful step in a longer healthspan. Resources- Listen to the renowned Barbell Shrugged Podcast, and sign up for their varying programs, below!https://barbellshrugged.com/- Meet and learn from Anders in-person winter 2022 during The Point's February Lovework Retreat and Workshop- open to all! The event is hosted in Pequot Lakes, MN and Anders will speak on a concept that has the potential to heal, grow, and grant inspiration: "6 Stages of a Transformative Mindset".https://thepointretreats.com/program-retreat/504


7 Jan 2022

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E15: BARBELL SHRUGGED INTERVIEW - Anders Varner, Doug Larson, Travis Mash

Student-Athlete Preparation Podcast

Cody joins the crew over at Barbell Shrugged for an awesome conversation of athlete monitoring, high school strength and conditioning, and how to properly train youth athletes.Anders Varner, Doug Larson, and Coach Travis Mash all join in on the conversation that is entertaining and full of knowledge.Please check out Barbell Shrugged for all of their amazing content and their podcast! They are excellent!Where do I find Barbell Shrugged?www.barbellshrugged.comPick up the DIESEL DAD ebook today for free!Barbell Shrugged Podcast on all your favorite platforms!Cody's Media:Twitter/Instagram: @clh_strengthWebsite: www.clhstrength.comShop Products/Services: gumroad.com/clhstrengthYouTube: Cody HughesSimplifaster Sports Technology & Education Company aimed to furthering the field of sports performance.

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20 Aug 2021

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Episode 174: Anders Varner on the Big Rocks of Fitness and Being a "Diesel Dad"

Beyond Fit

If you are no longer lucky enough to be in your 20s with hours a day to workout, you may be experiencing a deterioration in your fitness from a death of a thousand cuts. Anders knows that fitness impacts our relationships, our confidence and our happiness more than we realize. That's why he created the Diesel Dad program to help anyone get into or back into the best shape of their life without changing their entire life around. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." -Lao Tzu Give Anders a follow on Instagram where you can also find the Diesel Dad program! Timestamps: 1:15 The idea behind the “Diesel Dad.” 17:10 Creating leadership through action and identification. The detriment of success without sustainability. 33:47 The importance of educating yourself. Just show up! 42:00 Reverse engineering results. Small wins matter!

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12 May 2021

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Deep Thoughts with Anders Varner | ETP#15

Eat Train Prosper

This week on the Eat Train Prosper podcast we have our good friend, Anders Varner.  Anders is the host of the the Barbell Shrugged Podcast and creator of the Diesel Dad Challenge. Helping busy dads get strong, lean, and athletic without sacrificing family, fatherhood, or fitness. Anders also has an extensive history in coaching fitness, online media, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In today's episode we go deep with Anders on the reflections and changes that a lifetime of fitness has had in his life.All Things Anders Varner  ⬇️https://barbellshrugged.com/dieseldad/@andersvarner |  @barbellshruggedNutrition Coaching with Aaron ⬇️https://strakernutritionco.com/metabolic-performance-protocolInstagram: @aaron_strakerFollow Bryan's Gym Programming ⬇️https://evolvedtrainingsystems.comInstagram: @bryanboorsteinEat Train Prosper Socials ⬇️Instagram: @Eat.Train.ProsperYouTube: EAT TRAIN PROSPER PODCASTCoaching with Aaron ⬇️https://strakernutritionco.com/nutrition-coaching-apply-now/Done For You Client Check-In System for Online Coaches ⬇️https://strakernutritionco.com/macronutrient-reporting-check-in-template/Paragon Training Methods Programming ⬇️https://paragontrainingmethods.comFollow Bryan's Evolved Training Systems Programming ⬇️https://evolvedtrainingsystems.comFind Us on Social Media ⬇️IG | @Eat.Train.ProsperIG | @bryanboorsteinIG | @aaron_strakerYT | EAT TRAIN PROSPER PODCAST

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13 Apr 2021

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37- Anders Varner


Anders Varner is a beloved thought leader in the areas of Coaching, Fitness, Online Media and Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.He is the host of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast and the Director of Media for the Shrugged Collective. Previously, he was the co-founder of CrossFit Pacific Beach.To watch this podcast subscribe to the Hammered Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9quTONOZwPiHAT5kFcYT6Q

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8 Mar 2021

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Anders Varner, CEO of Barbell Shrugged, Talks About The Walmart Deal, Strength & Conditioning, Leadership, Picking Hard, Being Good

The Keep Rising Pod with Uday Gosalia

In Episode 2, I am joined by Anders Varner, CEO of Barbell Shrugged. Recorded in October 2020, a few weeks before their launch at Walmart.  Anders Varner is the host of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast and Director of Media at the Shrugged Collective. In 2028, the Shrugged Collective will be the first fitness network to reach one billion downloads. Anders helped turn my thoughts of starting a podcast from concept to reality with the slightest nudge of encouragement during our first chat.  Anders shares poignant moments from his inspiring journey as health and wellness entrepreneur. The underlying factors contributing to his resilience has been his daily habits and focusing on being a good person. Thankful to Anders for his time. Looking forward to when we can sit down again and catch up on Barbell Shrugged's continuing success.  


23 Feb 2021

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PREVIEW EPISODE 2: Joined by Anders Varner, CEO of Barbell Shrugged

The Keep Rising Pod with Uday Gosalia

Anders Varner is the host of the Barbell Shrugged Podcast and Director of Media at the Shrugged Collective. In 2028, the Shrugged Collective will be the first fitness network to reach one billion downloads. Anders helped turn my thoughts of starting a podcast from concept to reality with the slightest nudge of encouragement during our first chat. Here's a preview of my chat with Anders and his fiery passion about journeying towards the finest version of ourselves. 


22 Feb 2021

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NCS 009: Anders Varner on Barbell Shrugged's New Business Model

Nutrition Coaching Secrets with Jason Phillips

On today’s show Anders Varner shares his journey of how he partnered with Walmart. Jason and Anders discuss how they rediscovered themselves after the pandemic hit and all things business in this episode! Anders is launching online training programs at Walmart with three programs hitting the shelves soon! Anders includes stories of his journey to getting into Walmart from training with John Cena, Fit Ops foundation trip where he gave his speech to the military, being the best you can be, and turning the culture. In this episode you will learn: Rediscovering self during the pandemic Making a deal with Walmart Giving his speech to the Military  How Anders keeps balance  Connect with Anders! @andersvarner | @barbell_shrugged | Barbell Shrugged Website Connect with Me! @jasonphillipsisnutrition | @nutritionalcoachinginstitute | YouTube If you’re a current Nutrition, Fitness, Health & Wellness Coach, or striving to be one in the next 6 months, check out theNutrition Coaching Secrets Facebook Group! Your FREE Nutrition Coaching Cheat Sheet: https://coachingcheatsheet.com/optin-460785161611114819997


22 Feb 2021

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Barbell Shrugged’s Anders Varner | Functional fitness to the masses

Muscle Science for Women

Anders Varner co-hosts the uber popular Barbell Shrugged podcast, and creates programs for folks to get shredded, get muscular, and get fit. The Shrugged team is embarking on a totally new area of fitness: they are launching a series of workout programs that will be available in WalMart stores, effectively bringing high-end fitness programs to a mass market. It’s the first time it’s ever been done, and I wanted to chat with my friend about the business of fitness, the challenges to entering new markets, the importance of balance and perspective in the fitness world, and how to be a “diesel dad” (or mom) and still have other hobbies and interests outside of the gym. Learn more about their programs, podcast, and other free resources at barbellshrugged.com My nose-to-tail cookbook, It Takes Guts, is available now in-stores and online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters! Want the health benefits of organ meats but not ready to eat them? I use Ancestral Supplements grass-fed desiccated organ supplements. I love the company and the quality of their offerings - check them out at here, use the code MAVEN10 for a discount and let me know if you have any questions about their products before you buy! Want to connect, ask questions for the podcast, or offer feedback? Drop me a note on Instagram @themusclemaven, send me an email at ashleighvanhouten@gmail.com, and sign up for my weekly newsletter at ashleighvanhouten.com

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10 Nov 2020