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Hey Playa! Are you tired of listening to mainstream media? Do you want to hear facts not fiction? If so, join me Doubledeemuva with the Blaqurate news where I am black and the news is always petty as hell but accurate. On this podcast I go beyond the headlines to find out what's really going down. I cover politics, current events, social justice and so much more. Are you ready to sip the Real Tea with me!!!!

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Lindsey Loose Booty Graham

Von and Dre Mccray update, Uvalde newspaper defends releasing full video, House dems pass two advance bills to ensure abortion access, Texas hit with 2nd power conservation, Trump supporter new lie, Jan 6 select committee hint at new whistle blower but cancel Thursday hearing, Lindsey Graham wants tries to quash subpeona, Lauren Boebert book raises eyebrows, this episode is sponsored by Rose in the Wind Millicent Baker

1hr 3mins

14 Jul 2022

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The worst of times

Highland park shooter charged with 7 counts of first degree murder, Malik Shabazz serves eviction and subpoena to Carloyn Bryant last known address, Elon Musk has twins, Timothy Loehman the murderer of Tamir Rice gets a new job, Real estate firm connected to trump held in contempt, Lindsey Graham says he wont comply, This episode sponsored by Luv me Hair


7 Jul 2022

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Heinz and Hunts Ketchup

The fall out of Jan 6 select committee hearing, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to be sworn in tomorrow at 12 pm Est, red states see challenges to abortion bans, 70 year old warrant discovered in Emmett Till murder case, Kara Lake hypocrisy on full display on faux, brand new episode of play stupid games win stupid prizes. This episode is sponsored by melaningaia.com.

1hr 4mins

30 Jun 2022

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Pass the Buck

Uvalde Police Chief placed on leave after mind blogging information comes out, Fourteen republicans support gun reform, Marjorie Taylor Greene supports LGBTIA plus community and black lives matter, Jan 6 select committee to hold more public hearings in July, Lauren Bobblehead says she hasnt had an abortion, Oath keepers lawyers may be paid by Sidney Powell.


23 Jun 2022

Rank #4

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Failed Coup

Federal Grand Jury Indicts man who was arrested outside of Justice Kavanaugh house, House approved Justice security bill, 1776 returns on Jan 6, Steve Bannon heads to trial after judge rejects his motion to dismiss, Lauren Boebert plans to take legal action, Hershel Walker got an secret son and play stupid games


16 Jun 2022

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You are not the Grandpa!

Boosie celebrates not being a grandfather, House passes gun laws package, Jan 6 hearings, Trump and kids must testify, Haitians missing from Florida, Frump and kids must testify, Peter Navarro begs. This episode is sponsored by afrounicorn.com


9 Jun 2022

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Just another day living in America

Updates on Buffalo shooter, 911 operator fired, Uvalde teacher traumatized after being blamed for leaving door open, President Biden urge congress to act on gun reform, House of representatives hold meeting to discuss gun reform, republicans blame everything for mass shootings but guns, 21 democrats send letter urging congress to separate the protect our kids act. Mississippi school under fire after giving black child the monkey award


3 Jun 2022

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How Many More?

What do we know about the tradgey in Uvalde Texas, Student arrested today in texas with guns, Candace Owens is so dumb, What happened to Jalen Randle, Biden signs executive order for police reform, and play stupid games win stupid prizes. T


26 May 2022

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Change is gonna come

Buffalo tradgey, Republicans try to separate themselves from white replacement theory, Oklahoma passes most restrictive abortion laws in the country, Madison cawthorn is mad and he plans to snitch, Barry Loudermilk has to report to Jan 5 select committee, Play stupid games win stupid prizes. This episode is sponsored by Godaintpettybutiam.com

1hr 4mins

20 May 2022

Rank #9

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Make Manchin and Sinema Irrelevant Again

Vote to protect abortion failed at the senate, Protest at Amy Coney Barrett house raise eyebrows, Fire bomb at Wisconsin prolife Office, Frumpy must pay a 110k fine to New York, Judge Hatchet groped by Sheriff, Surfside residence and survivors reach a settlement, Grifters gone Grift,


12 May 2022

Rank #10