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Joy Reid conducts one-on-one conversations with politicians and newsmakers while addressing provocative political issues both inside and outside of the beltway. Reid, who is also a best-selling author and public speaker, joined MSNBC in 2011 as a contributor. Drawing from her decades-long experience in politics, passion for addressing the intersection of race, justice and culture, as well as her signature tenacious interviewing style, Reid kicks off MSNBC’s primetime lineup by delving into American politics as it unfolds.

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Monday afternoon, the FBI seized the cellphone of pillow-manufacturer-turned-election-conspiracy-theorist Mike Lindell

Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut at a Hardees drive-through in Minnesota, where Tuesday afternoon, the FBI seized the cellphone of pillow-manufacturer-turned-election-conspiracy-theorist Mike Lindell, as the FBI investigates alleged crimes committed in support of Donald Trump and the Big Lie. Then, we cover how verdicts are now being handed down for the violent criminals who attacked police on January 6--the same criminals who are being embraced as heroes by Trump and his MAGA comrades. Where's the accountability for Trump? Sandra Garza, partner of fallen Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, joins Joy, saying of Trump: "Justice for me will not be clear, a day where I can celebrate, until he's in prison." Plus, we welcome Charlie Crist, Democratic Nominee for Florida Governor, and Pennsylvania State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


15 Sep 2022

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New allegations that Trump wanted Barr to go after Trump's political rivals

Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with the bombshell new allegations from former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman that Donald Trump and William Barr wanted him to put his thumb on the scales of justice and go after Trump's political rivals. Also in this episode, we examine how we have come to know Lindsey Graham as apparently the most cravenly opportunistic politician in America. Now just two months after saying that states should decide on abortion, he is pushing for a federal ban. Joy explains how this issue will define the midterm elections. Finally, Rudy Giuliani biographer Andrew Kirtzman joins Joy on Rudy's disgraceful descent from "America's mayor," to having his law license suspended. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


14 Sep 2022

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Trump's lawyers' new excuse for stashing classified documents at Mar-a-Lago slammed by leading Republican

Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with the scathing remarks made by Mike Pence's former chief of staff, as Donald Trump's lawyers now claim that Trump's stashing of highly classified documents at Mar-a-Lago is nothing more than a "storage dispute." Plus, we bring you new reporting from The New York Times on an escalation of the Justice Department's criminal probe of January 6, including 40 new subpoenas. Also, we bring you the woman who defeated Sarah Palin in Alaska, Mary Peltola, who takes her seat in Congress on Tuesday. She generates hope that Democrats can hold on to their House majority. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


13 Sep 2022

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The politics of King Charles III and how he is likely to change the British Monarchy

Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with King Charles III paying tribute to his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. After 70 years in waiting, the job is now his. Joy Reid and her guests take a look at the politics of King Charles and how he is likely to change the institution of the British Monarchy. Plus, we are just weeks away from the midterms and Republicans are feeling the full force of the abortion backlash. We examine how the issue of abortion is galvanizing voters. We also take a closer look at the Senate race in Ohio, which Republican J.D. Vance was supposed to have sewn up by now. Instead, he's losing. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


10 Sep 2022

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Joy Reid commemorates the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II

In this episode of The ReidOut, Joy Reid commemorates the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died peacefully at home on Thursday in Scotland, after a remarkable 70-year reign. Joy and her guests examine the drastic changes to her empire over the years, and the persistent fascination with her family here in the former colonies, as the British people grieve the only monarch most of them have ever known. Plus, Steve Bannon, once Donald's Trump's chief White House strategist, appeared in handcuffs on this day in a New York City court where he pleaded not guilty to charges of defrauding thousands of Trump devotees. Our experts bring you their analyses. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


9 Sep 2022

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Washington Post reports: 'Material on foreign nation's nuclear capabilities seized at Trump's Mar-a-Lago'

Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with the fact that Trump's lawyers have been denying and joking about the possibility of nuclear secrets being stashed at Trump's home, but now new reporting indicates it is no joke. Yet, Republicans are still defending him. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen joins Joy to weigh in. Also, the buddy act returned to the White House, as President Biden welcomed Barack and Michelle Obama for the unveiling of their official White House portraits. We share the highlights. Joy Reid also observes regarding those in the GOP fighting President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan: "Republicans... Sure do love loan forgiveness when it comes to their own personal businesses." Finally, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan joins us on the Jackson, Mississippi water crisis. All this and more in this edtion of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


8 Sep 2022

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The shameful hypocrisy of the Trump defenders

Joy Reid leads this episode of The ReidOut with the shameful hypocrisy of Trump defenders making excuses for the former president stealing sensitive government documents, some with the highest classifications, after years of attacks on Hillary Clinton over her email server. Joy Reid and her panel also scrutinize the judge who granted Donald Trump's request for a special master, who experts say is creating special rights out of thin air for the man who appointed her. Also in this episode, we report on how families are coping in the grief-stricken community of Uvalde, Texas as they send their children back to school for the first time since the massacre at a local elementary school. All this and more in this edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC.


7 Sep 2022

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BONUS EPISODE - The Culture Is: Latina

Actress Justina Machado hosts an honest, thought-provoking conversation with Latina trailblazers shaping American culture including: Julissa Arce, Author of You Sound Like A White Girl: The Case for Rejecting AssimilationGloria Estefan, Grammy-Award Winning Singer, Actress and PhilanthropistMaria Hinojosa, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Anchor of Latino USAGloria Calderón Kellett, Executive Producer and ShowrunnerBricia Lopez, James Beard Award-Winning Restaurateur and AuthorJanel Martinez, Writer and Founder of Ain’t I Latina?Mónica Ramírez, Co-founder and President of The Latinx HouseGina Torres, Actress and ProducerThe special centers on a fabulous dinner party at Casa Blanca in Beverly Hills, where guests discuss their lived experiences and defining moments as Latina women. The episode also features an exclusive interview with Oscar and Emmy-nominated actress and activist Rosie Perez and how being Latina in the entertainment industry has shaped her personally and professionally.


29 Aug 2022

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BONUS - The Culture Is: Black Women

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross host a dinner party at Minton’s in Harlem with Black female trailblazers who are shaping America’s culture, including:Ryan Michelle Bathe, Actress and Producer, Star of NBC's "The Endgame”Tarana Burke, Activist, Author, and Founder of the Me Too MovementNikole Hannah-Jones, New York Times Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist and Creator of the 1619 ProjectCaptain Timika Lindsay, Partner, “Diversity Crew” and Retired U.S. Navy CaptainRep. Ayanna Pressley, Congresswoman, Democrat from MassachusettsMaria Taylor, NBC Sports, HostRobin Thede, Creator and Showrunner, HBO Max’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show”Tamika Tremaglio, The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Executive DirectorMelba Wilson, founder and executive chef, Melba’s in HarlemThroughout the revelatory dinner, guests share personal stories and experiences about what it’s like to be a Black woman in America and what it’s like to spark change. The episode also features Reid’s exclusive interview with Vice President Kamala Harris in Mississippi. They discuss Harris’ historic role as the first Black woman to hold the office.


11 Jul 2022

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News from Joy: How to Listen to The January 6th Hearings

Joy Reid will be contributing to MSNBC’s special coverage of the January 6th Hearings this month, beginning on Thursday, June 9th. Good news: you can listen to the full hearings, plus the team’s analysis before and after each hearing, as podcasts. The episodes will be dropping into The Rachel Maddow Show feed. Head there now and hit “follow” so you don’t miss a moment: https://link.chtbl.com/trms16_jr.

9 Jun 2022

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