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The Counterflow Podcast is a weekly show featuring discussions and interviews with people who are outside of and critical toward mainstream liberal and conservative politics. Counterflow challenges the conventional right/left binary and is concerned with the more important distinction of free vs unfree. The show features thinkers from all backgrounds, who do not fit into the narrow framework of fashionable opinion. The show addresses cultural and lifestyle issues as well as philosophy and politics. Host Buck Johnson (formerly of the Death To Tyrants Podcast) is a musician and firefighter and has always had an interest and drive to go one way while everyone else runs the other direction.

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Talking Paleoconservatism With Paul Gottfried

Many ideas that were big in the Paleoconservatism movement are becoming popular once again. What do Paleoconservatives believe? When did this movement start? What is interesting is that libertarians and Paleoconservatives sure many of the same enemies. Why is that? If there is a go-to person to answer these questions, it's longtime Paleoconservative philosopher, thinker and author, Paul Gottfried. He was kinda enough to join me and we break it all down for you including populism, right wing vs left wing, the libertarian and paleo connection and of course fascism and socialism.  Find Paul's work here:  Find me here: Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel


11 Jun 2019

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BONUS: Scott Horton on the New Conflict with Iran

Scott Horton joins me to talk about the recent US military assassination of high-ranking Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, how we got to this point, and what is happening as a result. Keep up with Scott! - - - - You can now ! Donate to the show . Leave us a review and rating on iTunes! Thanks!


4 Jan 2020

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Waco 1993: When the US Government Murdered Its Citizens

My guest this week is the great Scott Horton. Many of you know Scott for his brilliant depth of knowledge regarding foreign policy. However, he's also very knowledgeable on the Waco Massacre of 1993 against the Branch Davidians. Scott breaks down what happened between the ATF, FBI, Military and the Branch Davidians and gets into many of the horrific details. As always, he speaks with passion and clarity and compares what the government did in Waco to the same cover ups they tried regarding Sadam Hussein and the War in Iraq.  Find Scott Horton here:  and here:  Here's the Waco Documentary we reference:  Buy Scott's book "Fools Errand:Time to End the War in Afghanistan" here :  Buy Scott's NEW book "The Great Ron Paul" here: Find Sheldon Richman's new book here:  Buy tickets for the Scott Horton vs William Kristol debate here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/soho-forum-debate-william-kristol-vs-scott-horton-tickets-70915930457 Find ME here: Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel  Donate to the show here:

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14 Oct 2019

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Black Guns Matter!

This week I have a brilliant interview with Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter. They tour around to various cities to promote firearm education and safety classes. They are quickly becoming a major force on the pro freedom and pro second amendment scene. Maj pulls no punches and this interview is powerful. You can find him here:  Twitter:  Support him here:  Find their merch here:  Find us online at Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel


5 Nov 2018

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The Austin Bomber and the Bomber John Bolton

This week we discuss the Austin Bomber. Why did the charlatans and carnival barkers insist on their fallacious narratives regarding the victims and then the bomber himself? Speaking of bombs, Donald Trump has named none other than infamous warmonger and historically idiotic neocon, John Bolton as his National Security Advisor. How does this man continue to be employable? He's been wrong on literally everything he's ever promoted. And finally, we touch on the anti gun marches that took place. Are the marchers actually against the slaughtering of innocent humans? Where have they been all this time? Thank you for your continued support. Find us on facebook and give us a "like" Follow me on twitter @Buckrebel Be sure to hit the subscribe button on iTunes AND finally, share the show!! I'll be back next week :-)


26 Mar 2018

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Warmongers To The Left and Warmongers To The Right

Is a US war against Syria a sure thing now? What about WW3? The left has been pushing for war with Russia for over a year now. The right says something must be done to Assad and the Syrian government. Why are libertarians the only ones left who oppose mass human slaughter? We are principled and therefor anti consequentialist. We remain strong against the wars in the Middle East, the war on drugs and the war on poverty. We are proven right over and over again. Do we ever get to say we told you so?  Thank you for the continued support. Give us a "like" at Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel


16 Apr 2018

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Ep. 93: Talking Libertarianism & More, with Pete Quinones

My guest this week is Pete Quinones, host of the "Free Man Beyond the Wall" podcast and managing editor at the Libertarian Institute. I invited Pete on to chat about his podcast, libertarianism in general, and the new documentary he is co-producing called, "Monopoly on Violence". Pete and I have a lot in common, so it was fun to just basically shoot the sh*t. We also got into anarchism, police, abortion, intellectual property, annoying libertarians, and secession. I know you'll enjoy this chat. Check out Pete's work: Check out Pete's website: Join the Libertarian Party through my link! Click here: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Donate to the show here: Audio Production by Podsworth Media: Leave us a review and rating on iTunes! Thanks!


24 Feb 2020

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Symbolic Racism and the Great Political Divide

Today we chat with Aaron Pomerantz, a bright young social psychology  graduate student at Oklahoma University. He wrote a very good article  discussing the idealogical language divide in our current political climate and the origins of "symbolic racism". It's all too common today that when one disagrees with a policy, they immediately use the ubiquitous "R" word. That is a shortcut to intellect and we chat all about it.  Aaron's articles are found at  and are linked to below.  Follow me in Twitter @buckrebel "Like" us on Facebook at


20 Feb 2018

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Taking On Antifa with Joe Biggs!

My guest today is the man himself, Joe Biggs. He became famous working for Alex Jones and Infowars. After that he became famous for taking on the violent communist group, Antifa. Antifa is know for provoking violent physical attacks on people they disagree with politically. Joe Biggs will be hosting a rally against the terrorist group in Portland, OR on August 17th 2019. To support Joe, visit  That is literally the only internet site that he's not been banned from.  As for us, give us a like and follow at Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel


8 Jul 2019

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The Astronomical Price of War and Big Government

This week I have   on the show. We discuss his latest article The Astronomical Price of America's Undeclared Wars as well as the fine work done by the Tenth Amendment Center. Decentralization, local control and much much more. Enjoy! Michael's page can be found at  You can visit the wonderful Tenth Amendment Center at  Follow him on Twitter @mmaharrey10th Go follow and like us at Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel


17 Sep 2018

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The State Of The Nullification Movement Today

My guest is Michael Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center. We discuss their "State Of The Nullification Movement 2018". From legalized marijuana to gun sanctuary counties, to states effectively nullifying Obamacare, the nullification movement is spreading and great things are happening because of it. We discuss all of that and more. His links are as follows:  Twitter: @mmaharrey10th Find us at Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel

1hr 5mins

4 Feb 2019

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Dismantling Bernie's Jobs Idea

Bernie Sanders has gone off the rails once again. His new "plan" is to create a government job for every unemployed person in America. That's somewhere around 13 million people. It gets better. So far, he admits that they don't know how to pay for it. Yes. You read that correctly. So, lets talk about it. Thank you for the support.  "Like" us at Follow me on Twitter @Buckrebel Article:


7 May 2018

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Tales of Tyranny: Freeman Beyond the Wall Meets Death To Tyrants

In an episode I will subtitle: "Tales of Tyranny", this episode features my appearance on the Freeman Beyond the Wall podcast with Pete Quinones. Pete and I discuss several crazy instances of pure abuses of "power" by government police officers. These instances are, of course, appalling and disturbing and we give our thoughts on each instance along with discussing the bigger issue of governmental power in general. Pete is a great podcaster and managing editor over at the Libertarian Institute. He's also the author of the book, "Freedom Through Memedom- The 31 Day Guide to Waking Up to Liberty".  You can find all things Pete Quinones here:  Go visit the Libertarian Institute here:  Find me here: Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel Donate to the show here:   Here are the articles that we discuss:


12 Nov 2019

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Libertarian Freedom vs Conservative and Progressive "Reform"

Do you know the big differences between libertarians, conservatives and progressives? Well my guest today is Jacob Hornberger from the Future Of Freedom Foundation. He believes that one major difference is the constant talk from conservatives and progressives to want to "reform" government programs and our wish that the program be completely abolished. We don't want to reform immoral boondoggles, we want to eliminate them. He contends that we are modern day abolitionists who don't want slavery tweaked and reformed, but rather gone altogether. We go down a list of political programs like social security, medicare, the war on drugs, the military industrial complex and Jacob explains where we as libertarians stand and where our conservative and progressive opponents stand. We then get into the rumor of Jacob exploring a libertarian party ticket presidential run.  Visit Jacob here:  and here:  Visit us here: and follow me on Twitter @buckrebel


13 May 2019

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The Dark Legacy of John McCain

The media, the establishment and most politicians from both "sides" of the aisle fell over themselves trying to pontificate about what an amazing man John McCain was. Luckily, there are writers and thinkers like my guest today, Tom Luongo. He calls John McCain out for being the slimy establishment brutal warmonger that he was. The amount of blood that was on McCain's hands is immeasurable. The amount of lives and money that were lost due in part to his policies, leadership positions and votes cannot be overstated. It's time to call him what he really was. A war loving demagogue. Follow my guest at  and on Twitter @TFL1728 Follow ME on twitter @buckrebel Give us a "like" at


3 Sep 2018

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The Reason Behind the Electoral College

Today I have Reason Magazine editor Joe Setyon on the show. We discuss his article on the electoral college. Why do we have it? Why is direct democracy a terrible idea? What is mob rule? All this and more on this episode of Death To Tyrants. Joe's article is here:  You can follow him on twitter @JoeSetyon You follow ME on Twitter @buckrebel Find us here as well :


15 Oct 2018

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The Gross Love for the CIA

Recently Bill Maher had ex CIA director John Brennan on his show. Just a few years ago, the left showed skepticism toward massive government spy agencies. Not so now. Bill Maher treated John Brennan like the second coming of Christ. Keep in mind, John Brennan actually aided Al Qaeda. Why all of a sudden, does the left love people like this? I discuss that today. Share the show! See you next week.


10 Sep 2018

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Talking Politics and Fun With The Red Headed Libertarian

My first milestone is here. Welcome to the big episode 50! And for this celebratory milestone,  I bring back my most popular guest thus far, Josie The Red Headed Libertarian. We discuss the Russia hoax, the media, the clown show that is the Democratic primary field, the 2020 election and of course owning the prudes and the libs. Follow her on Twitter @TRHLofficial  Thank you for your support the last 50 episodes! I look forward to many more. Find me here: and on Twitter @buckrebel

1hr 10mins

29 Apr 2019

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Libertarianism and the Issues

I get asked a lot about the "libertarian stance on _____". In this episode, I go over the philosophy of libertarianism and discuss various political issues. We talk about war, drugs, income tax, social security, the federal reserve , education and healthcare. This is a clear and concise explanation of the consistent philosophy of libertarianism and how we see the political issues that people care about. Go give us a "like" at Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel  Share the show! See you next week!


6 Aug 2018

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The Man That Will Help Fix a Broken Libertarian Party

My guest today is Joshua Smith. He is running for Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee. Josh is on the show to explain exactly why he is the guy for the job. The current chairman has embarrassed the Libertarian Party by demonizing many of the best libertarians out there. Up until I met Josh and interviewed him, I wasn't a renewing member of the Libertarian Party. However, his message inspired me to rejoin and fight to get him elected and the current chairman ousted. Josh is antiwar and anti Federal Reserve and those are a must, in my opinion, if you want to represent libertarianism.  You can find Joshua Smith here:  You can find me here: Follow me on Twitter @buckrebel Donate to the show here:


4 Nov 2019

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