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Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell

A show about what you’re not supposed to say. Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States, interviews people who break the rules of conventional discourse and expand the realm of the possible.

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Episode 74: Katie Herzog

Katie Herzog is a staff writer at Seattle’s bi-weekly, The Stranger. Her work has been featured on Salon, The Guardian, Vox, Buzzfeed, Fusion, Mother Jones, High Times, and she is a former staff writer at Grist. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/74/

2hr 9mins

12 Jan 2019

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Episode 99: Joel Gilbert

Half the country believes him and the other half never will. I talked with Joel Gilbert, the author and producer of The Trayvon Hoax. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/99/

1hr 29mins

31 Dec 2019

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Episode 89: Michael Malice

He’s been call the Willy Wonka of politics. He’s the author of a new book called, The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of Politics. He’s also the most requested guest on Unregistered. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/89/

1hr 29mins

5 Aug 2019

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Episode 60: Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson is an author and journalist who was fired from his position at The Atlantic shortly after his hiring. According to the magazine’s editor, Williamson was let go because language he had used in the past was “callous and violent” and “runs contrary to The Atlantic’s tradition of respectful, well-reasoned debate, and to the … Continue reading Episode 60: Kevin Williamson →

2hr 27mins

25 Jul 2018

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Episode 78: Daniele Bolelli

Daniele Bolelli is the host of the History on Fire podcast. This episode was recorded at the Renegade University Weekend in Los Angeles. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/78/

2hr 16mins

8 Mar 2019

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Episode 88: Unregistered Live in Brooklyn with Dave Smith and Nick Gillespie

This was the first live recording of Unregistered before a public audience, featuring the comedian Dave Smith and the Reason Editor at Large Nick Gillespie. Held at a former speakeasy and brothel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this was raucous, sometimes contentious, and a total blast. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/88/

2hr 7mins

25 Jul 2019

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Episode 97: Deirdre McCloskey

I spoke with Deirdre McCloskey, the leading historian of “bourgeois virtues” and the author of a memoir about transitioning from a man to a woman, about the relationship between virtue and personal freedom and about whether my thesis that capitalism produces contradictory cultural impulses is nonsense. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/97/

1hr 17mins

5 Dec 2019

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Episode 84: John Ziegler

John Ziegler is a Mediaite senior columnist and the author of an investigative report on the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. For full show notes, go to: http://thaddeusrussell.com/podcast/84/

2hr 26mins

11 Jun 2019

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Episode 76: Lily Forester

Three years ago Lily Forester fled the United States for Mexico with her partner, John Galton, to escape long-term prison sentences for the production and sale of cannabis. On February 1, John was murdered at their homestead on the outskirts of Acapulco. This is Lily’s first interview since John’s death. For full show notes, go … Continue reading Episode 76: Lily Forester →

2hr 45mins

21 Feb 2019

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