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Mike ,Grizz and Anthony bring you the best and worst movies of the VHS era! SOV to 35mm ,the more gory and gruesome the better! Join as as we venture into the forgotten world of low and no budget horror films that will rock your world or make you sick! So dust off your VCR and get ready to adjust your tracking, This is Bad Taste Video.

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Episode 67- Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight

Join us this week as we break down the (maybe) most underrated horror film of the 1990’s, “TalesFrom the Crypt: Demon Knight”. Billy Zane chewing up the scenery in a woefully, painfully,under appreciated performance, fun biblical undertones, a solid overall cast, awesome special effects, and last but not least.... the directorial debut of your favorite decaying skeleton, the Crypt Keeper! Enjoy!

1hr 15mins

12 Nov 2019

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