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Join actor and storyteller Bill Ross-Fawcett every other week as he unravels the mysteries and histories of the complete works of William Shakespeare one play at a time. If you’ve never seen Shakespeare before, there’s no better introduction. If you’re a Bard buff, Bill will teach you something you never knew. This podcast is suitable for adults, teens and everyone in between. Share your thoughts with us using the hastag #bardwithbill www.handlebards.com@handlebards

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The Comedy of Errors

In this episode we find ourselves in the city of Ephesus where odd things keep happening and appearances can be deceiving. If you're up for dealing with drunk lawyers, minor injuries and a possible remedy to the irreparable damage of TikTok,  join Bill as he explores The Comedy of Errors.Special thanks to Tika Mu'tamir for providing the short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis for this episode.


15 Mar 2022

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Julius Caesar

This episode, we're heading back to Ancient Rome. If you want to know what was under Queen Elizabeth's wig, how monks invented a meme or whether the quill is indeed mightier than the assassin's dagger, tighten that toga and join Bill as he explores 'Julius Caesar'.


15 Feb 2022

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Much Ado About Nothing

Today we're having a break from tragedy and globe trotting adventures as we treat ourselves to some simple comedy. Ah, who are we kidding? This is Shakespeare; nothing is ever simple. If you like things that come in pairs, thinly veiled digs at critics or are in the mood for discovering a lost play then sharpen your wits and join Bill as ghe explores Much Ado About NothingSpecial thanks to Robin Harris for providing the short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis for this episode.


26 Nov 2021

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The Winter's Tale

Have you ever experienced Shakespearean Synesthesia, had a slightly awkward crush on a piece of art or want to know why the Bard might have objected to Right Wing political slurs? If so then join Bill and snuggle in as he kicks off season 2 of the Bard with Bill by delving into episode 7: The Winter's Tale.Special thanks to Mark Collier for providing the short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis for this episode


11 Nov 2021

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This episode we’re marching off into the murky moorlands of old Alba, better known as Scotland to English speakers. That’s right, we’re boldly taking on the Scottish Play itself. If you’re interested in finding out what’s humorous about phlegm, whether the title character is a redhead, or how the leading couple make an immensely satisfying graph,  get ready to join Bill if you dare, for Episode 6: Macbeth.Special thanks to Kathryn Perkins, Jenny Smith and Natalie Simone for providing the short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis for this episode


23 May 2021

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The Tempest

 In this episode we find ourselves shipwrecked in a bit of a pickle of the Bard's own creation. Join Bill as he wanders the storm-wracked shores at the very end. The end of what?Buckle up for adventure to find as we encounter grabby bird women, Dutch preserves, and Christopher Marlow's ghost in episode 5: The Tempest.Special thanks to Ross Ford for providing the short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis in this episode


9 May 2021

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

This episode may be familiar territory for many, but sometimes the things we think we know quite well can yield the most surprises. Do you have an appetite for a smorgasbord of stories or liking for lunacy? Do you want to know when it's appropriate to throw your heroes off a cliff or if fairies are really good or bad? If so, join Bill as he wends his way through the magical forest glade of Shakespeare's all time fan favourite: A Midsummer Night's Dream.Special thanks to Lottie Tickner for providing the short'n'snappy Synopsised Shakespeare for this episode


18 Apr 2021

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As You Like It

In this episode we venture into the forest of Arden. Now there are lions and snakes in this forest but don’t worry, in this play you’re more likely to suffer from having your brain bamboozled or your beliefs challenged. If you like woodlands that exist in at least two places at once, lashings of gender noncomformity or want to know which character may be Shakespeare’s solo vegetarian, Join Bill as he gambols like a lovelorn shepherd into Episode 3: As You Like ItSpecial thanks to Tom Dixon for providing the short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis for this episode


4 Apr 2021

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Twelfth Night

This episode we find ourselves shipwrecked on the mysterious shores of Illyria, but fear not listeners, the people here are friendly (mostly) and there’s a lot to discover.  If you’re into seismic social upheaval, have an opinion on whether people who hate theatre deserve to be locked up or want to know why it’s good to be a fool, join Bill as he dives into episode 2; Twelfth Night, or What you Will.Special thanks to Paul Moss for providing this episode's short'n'snappy Shakespeare Synopsis


21 Mar 2021

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Romeo and Juliet

Join Bill as he takes us on a journey through the emotionally charged streets of Verona, Italy in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.We'll discover how the play is filled with morons, why one characters could very well have ended up with clammy hands, whether or not the Montagues and the Capulets ended up in purgatory, and that there may be some echoes of a frightfully boozy Irish queen in the script.During each episode Bill will invite you to draw along and give us your interpretation of the idioms we find in Shakespeare's works. Please share your drawings with us using the hashtag #BardwithBill.-----Additional Reading and corrections- The female role with the most lines in Shakespeare's plays is actually Rosalind, Cleopatra is second, Imogen third, Portia fourth and Juliet fifth.- Dante's Purgatorio is from Canto VII is available to read for free online. - The tales of Queen Medb can be found in the Ulster Cycle of Irish Mythology.


7 Mar 2021