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Julius Caesar Crosses the Rubicon

History Daily

January 10, 49 BC. A provincial governor named Julius Caesar marches his army across the Rubicon river, invading Italy and plunging the Roman Republic into Civil War. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


10 Jan 2022

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Julius Caesar and Augustus - Cullen's Second Birthday Special

Drinks with Great Minds in History

It's Cullen's Birthday... Again!  My High School History Teacher returns to lead DGMH through the "Tale of Two Caesars," as we explore the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of an Empire!    We chat about the role of Julius Caesar and his chosen successor, Octavian, in the fall of the Roman Republic and the formation of the Roman Empire during their respective reigns.  This episode had a good bit on the First and Second Triumvirates, as well as Cleopatra of Egypt too!  Plus, we made some fun comparisons to the US.   Key content: Julius Caesar, Gaul, Augustus, Cleopatra, Marc Antony, Roman Empire, Republicanism  Cheers!Support the show here and get access to all sorts of bonus content:https://www.patreon.com/user?u=34398347&fan_landing=trueBe sure to follow me on Facebook at "Drinks with Great Minds in History" & Follow the show on Instagram @drinkswithgreatminds_podcastMusic:Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3845-hall-of-the-mountain-kingLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Artwork by @Tali Rose... Check it out!Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=34398347&fan_landing=true)


19 Nov 2021

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Episode 92: Restoration Australia's Anthony Burke on history, architecture & why his show brings out your inner Julius Caesar

Talking Architecture & Design

The host of Restoration Australia, Anthony Burke, is a Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean of International Engagement in the Faculty of Design Architecture and Building at the University of Technology Sydney. A graduate of Columbia University, he is recognised internationally for his work in architectural design, curation, and commentary, specialising in contemporary design theory at the intersection of technology, urbanism, and practice.In this engaging interview, Professor Burke talks about architecture, design, TV,  history, Post-Traumatic Urbanism, and why doing a home restoration isa bit like channeling your inner Roam emperor. 


25 Oct 2021

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Julius Caesar Presentation (1.2) with Peter Van Norden and Elizabeth Dennehy

The Working Actor's Journey

A fantastic scene workshop from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar from February 2021. After only a few weeks of work, the cast and director continue to work on and discuss the process. Part of The Rehearsal Room series. DIRECTOR: Geoffrey Wade DRAMATURG: Gideon Rappaport BRUTUS: Peter Van Norden CASSIUS: Elizabeth Dennehy CASCA: Howard Leder Prefer to watch the session? Find it here on YouTube! -- Click here to grab an audience spot for our upcoming CHEKHOV session in The Rehearsal Room with director Libby Appel - begins September 13th! -- Get your copy of "10 Ways to Stop Worrying and Start Working!" See additional content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

1hr 42mins

7 Sep 2021

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AWR0167: Shakespeare Cycle: Julius Caesar

Amazing World of Radio

The classic story of the plot against Julius Caesar. Original Air Date: July 26, 1937 Go to

28 Jul 2021

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Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and Ceasarism by Dr. Pavlos Papadopoulos

The After Dinner Scholar

“Let me have men about me that are fat; “Sleek-headed men and such as sleep o' nights: Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.” So said Julius Caesar to Mark Antony in Shakespeare's "Tragedy of Julius Caesar." Cassius was indeed dangerous as Caesar discovered on the Ides of March when a group of Senators led by Cassius stabed him to death. They, for their part, believed their action represented the height of patriotism. Caesar would be king—an abomination in the Roman Republic. “Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!” they shouted as Caesar’s blood dripped from their knives and hands. Were Cassius, Brutus, and the rest patriots or treasonous monsters? Dante put Cassius and Brutus in the frozen bottom of Hell endlessly chewed by Satan chews along with Judas Iscariot. What was Shakespeare’s judgment on these men and their plot? And how should we look at the conspirators and their attempt to defend the republic from what they perceived as tyranny? At the Wyoming School of Catholic Thought, the college’s adult learning week, in June, most of those conversations took place in seminar sessions, but Dr. Pavlos Papadopoulos started the discussion with this introduction.


13 Jul 2021

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Episode 27 | Julius Caesar Pt. 13 | Fear and Loathing in Las Britain

Iconoblast Podcast

Presented by, Ghostbed. Matt Cooper and Joel Benner finish off the story of Caesar in Britain. Joel gurgles tequila while the boys remember the good ol' days of sleeping with large women. Also, a special visit from a living legend, Dan Hollaway.

1hr 7mins

25 May 2021

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Episode 26 | Julius Caesar Pt. 12 | Britain Gets Knocked Loose!

Iconoblast Podcast

Presented by Ghostbed. Matt Cooper and Joel Benner talk about Caesar and his campaign in Britain. Kevin Costner is superman's dad, has gills, and is Robin Hood in real life. Coop complains about "head walking" and "gopher bopping" at metal shows. Find us on YouTube on the Drinkin'Bros History Channel!

2hr 27mins

18 May 2021

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Episode 25 | Julius Caesar Pt. 11 | The British Aren't Coming!

Iconoblast Podcast

Matt Cooper and Joel Benner dig deep into the heart of Caesars lust for war and British gold. An ancient letter from a Roman slave child is discovered and Coop reenacts an epic speech from Julius Caesar himself.

1hr 6mins

11 May 2021

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

The Drunk Guys Book Club Podcast

The Drunk Guys now have a Patreon! If you enjoy the show, send us beer money over at patreon.com/drunkguysbookclub! The Drunk Guys lend their beers to friends, Romans, and countrymen this week when they discuss The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. The fault is not in their beers,


13 Apr 2021