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Welcome to The Meating Room! This podcast will keep you up to date on what is happening in the meat industry, as well as provide an in depth discussion of all things relating to meat safety, quality and production.

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Ep. 17: Is it Meaningful or Just Marketing?

Organic, Natural, Certified, Free Range.  All of these claims (and more) can be spotted on meat dozens of meat labels. But, what are they actually telling us? Do they really impact the product, or are these claims just a marketing technique? 


23 Jul 2021

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Ep. 16: What's in a Label?

When you go to the grocery store, what convinces you to buy a new product? Often times, it is the label.  This week we discuss what is required  to be included in a food label for a meat product sold in the US.


16 Jul 2021

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Ep. 15: Health Stewardship and Food Safety: Dr. Halden Clark

Dr. Clark is the Health Stewardship Veterinarian at the Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center.  Earlier in his career, he worked as a veterinarian for the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service where he ensured that the livestock being harvested were healthy and safe to enter the food chain. Hear about what his role in the meat industry looks like and advice he has for those considering vet school!


9 Jul 2021

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Ep. 14: Selling Boxed Beef: Dakota Lovett

Dakota Lovett is a Beef Sales Representative for American Foods Group and sells everything they can fit in a box, from beef feet to tongues.  This week we talk about what led him to a career in meat science and what his current position looks like. 


2 Jul 2021

Rank #4

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Ep. 13: Feedlots of People: Hannah Guenther

Hannah Guenther did not grow up involved in the ag industry, but now lives on a feedlot, works as a Food, Nutrition and Health Extension Educator and runs the @FeedlotsofPeople Instagram page. This week we visit about her transition into the ag industry, the benefit of keeping meat in the diet, and how she shares the story of nutrition and beef production with other people. 


25 Jun 2021

Rank #5

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Ep. 12: Creating Purpose for People: Jason Mauck

Jason Mauck, Farmer and CEO of Munsee Meats, has a passion for innovation and developing young entrepreneurs.  This week we visit about what that looks like at Munsee Meats, in his home operation, and beyond. 


18 Jun 2021

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Ep. 11: Sharing the Story of a Steak: Kylee Kohls

This week I am joined by Kylee Kohls, a Brand Communications Specialist (aka beef story teller) at Certified Angus Beef. Kylee shares some insight into what a career in ag communications looks like and how she got to where she is today. 


11 Jun 2021

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Ep. 10: High Stress Steaks

The life of a market animal can have a significant impact on the final product. This week we visit about the quality concerns that can be caused by stress. 


4 Jun 2021

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Ep 9: History of the US Meat Industry

The US Meat Industry is known worldwide for producing a safe, high quality product.  However, it has taken a lot of advancements in the industry to get to that point. This episodes talks about some of the changes that have occurred throughout the years to bring us to where we are today. 


28 May 2021

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Ep. 8: The Newsstand

There were quite a few news stories about the meat industry this week. This episode will update you on all that is happening in the industry. 


21 May 2021

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