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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio is a bi-weekly, hour-long radio show playing sub-underground rocknroll music from punks, mouth-breathers, intellectuals, artpunks and psych & garage rock heathens from the 1960s through this past week. Come learn more at dynamitehemorrhage.com.

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #20

It's all about the young musicmakers of today this time on DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE RADIO - this 65-minute podcast features a bunch of 'em, including brand new stuff from Household, Neonates, Wildhoney, The Ar-Kaics, Toxie, Terry Malts, Ruby Pins and even the swan song from Sic Alps. Holy mackerel. I also took a page directly from the book of New Zealand's (and The Dead C's) Bruce Russell, and played a set of kiwi postpunk, punk and noise from the early 1980s on "small labels", just as Mr. Russell did on his excellent podcast "And The Maggots Dance...1,2,3". I was taking notes, as you'll see. The show is rounded out by other sub-underground sound from Jackknife, Blast Off Country Style, The Spits, Dara Puspita, Bona Dish, Flesh Eaters and more.Track listing:JACKKNIFE - Come OnWILDHONEY - Super StupidWINGTIP SLOAT - M31LINDA LAINE & THE SINNERS - There He GoesTHE TUTS - BeverlyDARA PUSPITA - A Go GoBONA DISH - MutationRUBY PINS - My Friends Are InsaneHOUSEHOLD - A New LeafTERRY MALTS - They're FeedingNEONATES - Over FireTOXIE - TiesLIFE IN THE FRIDGE EXISTS - Have You Checked The Children?NAKED SPOTS DANCE - Crescendo/Circle MoonTHE OXES - Garden City Hell FlightTHE PLAYTHINGS - Coloured25 CENTS - Don't Deceive MeRITUAL SEX - CaligulaTHE AR-KAICS - Make It MineBLAST OFF COUNTRY STYLE - Lake EerieTHE SPITS - FlagsTHE FLESH EATERS - Jesus Don't Come Through The CottonSIC ALPS - Biz Bag

1hr 5mins

13 Sep 2013

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #47

Here's yet another hour-long curated mess, a collection of developmentally delayed rock and roll - and some very evolved pop - from the most recent five decades of recorded sound. I tip my proverbial cap this time to the wacko spazz-punk of THE CONEHEADS, to say nothing of new stuff from NOTS, USELESS EATERS, SCRABBLED and those three new bands that get played every show: HONEY RADAR, SNEAKS and KING TEARS MORTUARY.But wait - that's not all. There's teutonic punk from the likes of Stalinorgel and Schund; an incredible unearthing by Rema-Rema; and more clatter and clang from The Minutemen, Crash Course in Science, John Berenzy's 20/20, Goblin Mix, The Eat and more. I "hope you love it as much as I did making it for you".Playlist:NOTS - DecadanceTHE CONEHEADS - Hack Hack HackTHE CONEHEADS - 'Notha ThingREMA-REMA - International ScaleTHE MINUTEMEN - FanaticsNUMBERS - InformationTHE EAT - Dr. TVTHE SNAILS - Snails' Love ThemeSCRABBLED - Brisbane TownKING TEARS MORTUARY - Grease TrapHONEY RADAR - Birds ReunionCRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Kitchen MotorsFLY ASHTRAY - President StonesSTALINORGEL - Ich Geh Ins ExilSCHUND - SchundBLACK RANDY & HIS ELITE METROSQUAD - Idi AminJOHN BERENZY'S 20/20 - Vice VersusSNEAKS - Tough LuckCLAG - Scum ManorSARALEE - Lead The FireVIRGINIA DARE - Ship Go DownGOBLIN MIX - The Unusual WishUSELESS EATERS - Out In The Night

1hr 3mins

22 Oct 2014

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #101

New material for our 101st show this time comes to you from MINERALS, STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, SEX TIDE, THE SHIFTERS, ENHET FOR FRI MUSIK, MAD WALLS, PINEAPPLE RNR and quite a few others. We also climb into the entire history of sub-underground rock music and reveal gems from 100 Flowers, The Portage, Vertigo, Burnt Envelope and much more.Track listing:MINERALS - Third/ThermTHE SHIFTERS - Contrast of FormPINEAPPLE RNR - All Day100 FLOWERS - HorizontalPETTICOATS - AllergyALMOND - test1THE STROPPIES - Gravity is SternSTEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Over ScrawlSARAH MARY CHADWICK - This is Familiar LEDA - Gitarrmusik IIINEUTRAL - Japanese SuperheroesENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - När Ska Min Själ Finna RoMAD WALLS - Somewhere AnywhereKING ALFRED, MAN OF LEISURE - Holiday in a Car ParkTHE PORTAGE - Swamp DreamSEX TIDE - Flintcomb-AshBURNT ENVELOPE- It Must Be My BrainVERTIGO - Two LivesTABLE SUGAR - M.e.X - White GirlKRIMINELLA GITARRER - Silvias UngeANNIE-PHILIPPE - On M’a Toujours Dit

1hr 15mins

12 Aug 2017

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #100

Five years ago a young man with a dream created a faux radio podcast and called it "Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio". 100 episodes later, that man isn't so young anymore, but his dopey vision remains pure despite innumerable self-induced setbacks, hostile skeptics and countless screw-ups (who'll ever forget "Syd Barrett is still alive" from a few shows ago??)Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #100 celebrates with a barrel full of new stuff from MAD WALLS, THE SHIFTERS, STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, DAVID NANCE, TABLE SUGAR, SNICKERS, PRIVATE ANARCHY, ELKHORN and others. I've also pulled together legacy material from Sarah Mary Chadwick, The Cramps, the Pin Group, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, World of Pooh and still even more. Download it or stream it happily, and let us know what you liked best at dynamiteh@outlook.com.Track listing:DAVID NANCE - Negative BoogieMAD WALLS - LilyPRIVATE ANARCHY - The Glue HouseSNICKERS - Maybe Maybe NotSTEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Brass City DilemmaPIN GROUP - CoatTABLE SUGAR - No Es NadaANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS - You Don’t Even KnowJANITOR SCUM - GummequinUV-TV - Really StupidTHE CRAMPS - The Band That Time ForgotTHE SHIFTERS - I’m a BelieverST. VINCENT & THE GRENADINES - Side of LifeWORLD OF POOH - Stones of JudgmentSTEREOLAB - John Cage BubblegumSARAH MARY CHADWICK - This FitsVELVET UNDERGROUND - The Gift (mono isolated)HUNDRED DOLLAR BAND - Engine SongELKHORN - Ohun

1hr 9mins

30 Jul 2017

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #131

Let's return to the obscure, the marginal, the sub-underground and the exceptional. Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio edition 131 features a ton of new stuff from ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS, GONG GONG GONG, PREENING, HEADROOM, VITAL IDLES, BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE and more. You'll also find the usual collection of pre-2018, post-1965 freaks and iconoclasts to round out the 20 or so tunes.Track listing:ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS - Echo PedalTHE OFFSET: SPECTACLES - Flatline InsomniaGONG GONG GONG - Something’s HappeningBRANNTEN SCHNURE - Wiederholungen beim MittagessenDIAMANTENER OBERHOF - Das Zertretene SchneckenhausSIC ALPS - GlyphsPREENING - SlabsSCREAMIN’ MEE-MEES - Hot Sody THE KIWI ANIMAL - Back To MoonFLIPPER - Love CanalMIDDLE CLASS - SituationsTYRADES - Former AirlineVENOM P. STINGER - Walking AboutVITAL IDLES - SecondsPONYS - Prosthetic HeadHONEY RADAR - The Calvin Coolidge ClarionFREE KITTEN - John Stark’s BluesFIERY FURNACES- Straight StreetHEADROOM - City Lights

1hr 3mins

30 Jan 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #104

New stuff this time from THE WORLD (pictured); SAUNA ACCIDENT, TRENDEES, OLUMPICE, LITHICS, MINERALS, CAROLINE NO, MOSQUITOES and RABBIT U.S.!Reissues from GUS, FAKE PURR, and THE AND BAND! Crazed blitzkrieg sub-underground rocknroll from HUSKER DU, OLLA, PLAGAL GRIND, THE BIBS, the GARBAGE AND THE FLOWERS and more. Track listing:THE BIBS - Slow CurvesTHE TRENDEES - Power WavesFAKE PURR - Bear WolfRABBIT U.S. - Radio BirdWINGTIP SLOAT - M31JACKNIFE - Come OnDOOF - (Treat Me Like) The Man I AmTHE AND BAND - Interstellar GothicOLUMPICE featuring Bek Coogan - Rotting in My RoomCAROLINE NO - Up To DowntownTHE GARBAGE AND THE FLOWERS - Born in the Dark DearENHET FÖR FRI MUSIK - Sann Livsglädje Finns, Det Gör Den FaktisktPLAGAL GRIND - Midnight Blue VisionWHITE FENCE - A Need YouMOSQUITOS - DiodicLITHICS - unknown trackEDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS - Catholic QuiltMINERALS - Second/SecondOLLA - Septic HagfishGUS - Indie Pop SockSAUNA ACCIDENT - Mary JaneCOME - Fast Piss BluesHUSKER DU - M.I.C.X - TV Cabaret RollTHE WORLD - Hot Shopper

1hr 16mins

28 Sep 2017

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #142

It took me 142 tries to curate an hour of music this good, but I'm almost certain you'll agree that Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #142 is the most enriching 66 minutes you've spent in a long time. It's got some new stunners from FAKE FRUIT, SORRY GOLDEN STATE, XV, HONEY RADAR and the DAN MELCHIOR BAND - but moreover, old dazzlers from The Cardboards (pictured), The Dum Dum Boys, Clinic, The Shop Assistants, Good Throb, Murphy & The Mob and more besides.Track listing:FAKE FRUIT - No Space for ResidenceXV - FeelingJASON HENN - The Parachute CandidateTHE SPIES – Collided and CollectedTHE OFFS - 624803THE CARDBOARDS - CopacabanaCLINIC – IPC Subeditors Dictate Our YouthDAN MELCHIOR BAND - One DollarMURPHY & THE MOB - Born LoserFIGURES OF LIGHT - It’s LameBUILDERMASH - Measley LoveTHE VISITORS - The OrcadianSORRY GOLDEN STATE - 9:12HONEY RADAR - Tick TockBENT - Bad BedsRAT PAWS - Bad ArcadeGOBLIN MIX - The Unusual WishBUBA & THE SHOP ASSISTANTS - Something To DoDUM DUM BOYS - Let There Be NoiseX - It Must Be MeGOOD THROB - Welcome Break 

1hr 5mins

16 Sep 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #145

Latest edition of the ongoing project I have in which I drag files into place & pretend to back-announce songs like I'm on the radio. We call it Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, and this is the 145th edition of it. New stuff this time from STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, FAKE NUDES, BLUES LAWYER, 2 CHEVRONS and XV, plus some newly-reissued treasure from ENTLANG, GOOD MISSIONARIES and 11,000 SWITCHES. Plus a bunch of other things that sounded like they might make you happy when you download or stream this thing.Track listing:BLUES LAWYER - I Owe Money All Over Town11,000 SWITCHES - Drinking Elvis WineSPIDER - SpiderliliTHE IN OUT - SwingbagsJUNIOR CHEMISTS - Building a FortPERE UBU - Nonalignment Pact2 CHEVRONS - Fuck YouHOUSEHOLD - A New LeafENTLANG - Walking Into BarsPETER JEFFERIES - Guided Tour of a Well-Known StreetCOSMIC PSYCHOS - Custom CreditFAKE NUDES - Lou ReedSOFT BOYS - Rock and Roll ToiletXV - CostcoFLESH EATERS - Jesus Don’t Come Through the CottonSEEMS TWICE - Abrupt AlterationCCTV - God’s WillTHE GOOD MISSIONARIES - Call to ArmsTHE COOLIES - God Take MeSTEFAN CHRISTENSEN - Unkempt Power (This City’s Hold)

1hr 5mins

30 Nov 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #49

Broadcasting from a laptop in San Francisco, California, Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #49 is all about top-tier sub-underground rocknroll from the last five decades. Not a song is wasted, because in a short-attention-span world, we need to bring it, and modesty aside - the show brings it, especially if you use the "scrubber" to skip over the horrifically annoying host. Then you're left with righteous new stuff from BENT (pictured), DREAMSALON, THE FIREWORKS, ULTIMATE PAINTING and NOTS - along with classy material from days of yore by Pussy Galore, Feedtime, Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Animals and Men, Honey Radar, England's Glory, Sally Skull, Neon Boys, Syd Barrett and much more. Get it while it's steaming and fresh - download it or stream it now before the squares do. Playlist:BENT - Skeleton ManTHE FIREWORKS - On and OnNOTS - Insect EyesPIRANHAS - DangerlineFEEDTIME - MotherANIMALS AND MEN - Render Us HarmlessLUNG LEG - Dirty PlotteULTIMATE PAINTING - Central Park BluesTHE CANNANES - Sound of the CityTHE MINDERS - Now I Can SmileHONEY RADAR - Lost and FoundENGLAND'S GLORY - Shattered IllusionsDREAMSALON - Soft StabPUSSY GALORE - Damaged IIMURPHY AND THE MOB - Born LoserSYD BARRETT - Vegetable ManNEON BOYS - Love Come In SpurtsGRAHAM PARKER & THE RUMOUR - Local GirlsDUM DUM GIRLS - Jail La LaSALLY SKULL - Mean WomanTHE GORLS - TVs OnCAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND - Mirror Man

1hr 19mins

19 Nov 2014

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #147

Heads and punks unite as Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #147 helps lead the way to a better scene. New stuff abounds this episode from the likes of HEADROOM, SOURSOB, BOB DESAULNIERS, HUEVOS II, SLENDER, DRILL and MICHAEL MORLEY. We're also showcasing other musical acts you're sure to enjoy such as Les Rallizes Denudes (pictured), O-Level, Times New Viking, Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band...and more. Get your download going now and tell a friend the news!Track listing:SLENDER - EclipseHEADROOM - Over EasyLES RALLIZES DENUDES - Field of Artificial FlowerMICHAEL MORLEY - The LivingSOURSOB - Neo-Lib DreamsQQQL - Underground IncelsMOTARDS - Yo Heart Mexico½ JAPANESE - Danger Danger Rachel LangJOHN HOVORKA - 2AYNO-LEVEL - Pseudo Punk/O-LevelHUEVOS II - Our SaturdaysKING ALFRED, MAN OF LEISURE - WishesTIMES NEW VIKING - Teen DramaDRILL - PredatorVICIOUS VISIONS - I Beat YouCAPTAIN BEEFHEART AND THE MAGIC BAND - Dachau Blues (Trout Mask Sessions) CLAW HAMMER - Moonlight On VermontCHILD MOLESTERS - Snake-Eyed Donkey, Fish-Eyed SnakeBOB DESAULNIERS - Rose Water 

1hr 16mins

6 Jan 2020

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #103

As thunder crashed around our faux broadcast studio (i.e. my house), this faux radio program, our 103rd, was created for you to listen to and cherish. 1 hour & 12 minutes of skronkery, gnarly punk, weird vibes, bad tidings and busted strings. Includes new material from BLUE CHEMISE, LITHICS, RAYS, SUBURBAN HOMES, PREENING and MARAUDEUR.Download it or stream it, and come back for even more in a couple of weeks.Track listing:LITHICS - untitledRAYS - Tour Tape Song #2HALF JAPANESE - My Concentration Oh NoTHE SHIFTERS - Pub on the Narrow WayCHAIN GANG - Piss Your PantsCHAPTER 24 - SpindlePREENING - BeetersMARAUDEUR - Strange Afternoon at the Swimming PoolTHE FALL - City HobgoblinsTHE WORLD - TalkHIGH THIRTIES PIANO - The LampTERMINALS - Twilight EnvironmentSUBURBAN HOMES - UnemployedTOXIC SHOCK - SensationalismTRUE BELIEVERS - Accept It!SAUNA YOUTH - Oh JoelDANCING CIGARETTES - Pop DoormatHOWARD WERTH - Mango ManMOSQUITOES - StrobeluckSARAH MARY CHADWICK - The Man and the FlagsTHE PUDDLE - LacsydaisicalBLUE CHEMISE - The Music Lesson

1hr 11mins

12 Sep 2017

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #146

The final show of our first decade on the scene. Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #146 has got a whole lotta new material this time around, from talented musicians such as SOURSOB, BRIDGET HAYDEN, SORRY GOLDEN STATE, THURSTON MOORE, DUMSPELL, BILL NACE, DRILL, RUSH TO RELAX and BLUES LAWYER - plus new reissues from Blank Statements, The Coolies & a bunch of other stuff you'll probably really want to hear. The Axemen? The 2x4s? The Crap Detectors? You'll love 'em.Track listing:SOURSOB - GizmoDRILL - AssimilateTHE COOLIES - Yr So 1960sDUMSPELL - CowboyFEEDTIME - FracturedBLUES LAWYER - Something Different2x4s - Bridgeport LatheBLANK STATEMENTS - Hunting CapsTHE AXEMEN - Grudge HillLESLIE Q - Other SpaceRUSH TO RELAX - Ne bi čekalKING ALFRED, MAN OF LEISURE - Holiday in a Car ParkTHURSTON MOORE - Spring SwellsBILL NACE - UntitledBRIDGET HAYDEN - SolaceCOLOUR BÜK - The Magic Keys to ConversationTUXEDOMOON - JoeBoy The Electronic GhostCRAP DETECTORS - Justify THE ESQUIRES - Judgment DayLINK WRAY - I’m BrandedSORRY GOLDEN STATE - Flying Fox

1hr 7mins

23 Dec 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #54

No time for fancy introductions. Let's kick out the jams. DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE RADIO #54 is now available for streaming and download - brought to you from a laptop in a bunker somewhere in San Francisco, California. Raw and sub-underground rocknroll from the last five decades. Songs of joy, songs of pain. Songs we wish you were listening to. There's still time.Track listing: CREME SODA - (I'm) Chewin' GumERASE ERRATA - History of HandclapsLA DRUGS - Put Your Body on Me8 EYED SPY - InnocenceTHINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 - CatcherLIME CRUSH - Honk TonkTHE FROGS - I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)MORTY SHANN & THE MORTICIANS - Red Headed WomanTHE REVILLOS - Motorbike Beat (demo)EDDY DETROIT - Mephisto CigarsMAGIK MARKERS - TasteTHE FIREWORKS - Took It AllSISSY - So WhatSUICIDE COMMANDOS - Attacking The BeatTHE MIRRORS - Living Without YouSTROKE BAND - Gun Fighting ManDUST DEVILS - King WoodyFLIPPER - Love CanalDELTA 5 - Make UpTHE PIN GROUP - The PowerJENNY HVAL & SUSANNA - I Have Walked This Body

1hr 12mins

5 Feb 2015

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #130

A whole lot of jostling and clanging awaits the eager listener of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #130, along with some jangling. This one hundred-thirtieth edition of the podcast features new stuff from ANDY HUMAN AND THE REPTOIDS, COLLATE, THE SHIFTERS, CURRENT AFFAIRS, RAYS and THE STROPPIES, along with some choice archival stuff that's just come out from FIFTY FOOT HOSE (pictured here).Naturally it's all supplemented with filler from everyone from Puritan Guitars to The Great Unwashed to Death of Samantha to The Electronic Hole, and everything else imaginable in between.Track listing:THE SHIFTERS - Righteous Harmonious FistsANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS - Psychic Sidekick COLLATE - CommunicationPASSION DAY - Male SlutsPURITAN GUITARS - £100 In 15 MinutesTHE LIMP - Outer Space MothSHARKY’S MACHINE - Collide CollideTHE YIPS - 1000% FoxTHE STROPPIES - Cellophane CarRAYS - The GardenLIECHTENSTEIN - CravingsTHE GREAT UNWASHED - Bad News For JesusFIFTY FOOT HOSE - Red The Sign Post (alt. version)THE ELECTRONIC HOLE - The Golden Hour (Part III)NUMBERS - InformationTHE OBLIVIANS - Go! Pill Popper (Pt. 1) MEAT PUPPETS- In a CarDEATH OF SAMANTHA - Coca-Cola and LicoriceCURRENT AFFAIRS - Draw The Line

1hr 1min

20 Jan 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #149

It's been said that when the world is melting down around your feet, you'll find succor and solace in an hour of curated sub-underground rocknroll music from around the globe. Will Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #149 be that hour for you? New stuff this episode from THE WORMS, DELPHINE DORA, NOOR, MARCEL WAVE and HITS. Plus that DADAMAH reissue! And other killers from my digital file collection such as The Yummy Fur, Submarine Races, Rutto, The Go-Betweens, The Whines, Devils Hole Gang, So So Many White White Tigers and many many many more.Track listing:MARCEL WAVE - Discount CentreHITS - Stand In Your WayTHE GO-BETWEENS - People SayHONEY RADAR - Song For Randolph FreeWHITE FENCE - Art Investor CollectorDOGMATIC DUO - UpNOOR - Synapse Fusion RefusalTHE WORMS - Frequency of BehaviorDEVILS HOLE GANG - Isn’t It CHRONOPHAGE - RacingDEATH OF SAMANTHA - Blood & Shaving CreamTHE YUMMY FUR - Chinese BookieDELPHINE DORA - L’horizon InconnuDADAMAH - Absent & Erotic Lives FLY ASHTRAY - SoapTHE WHINES - Cut MeatRUTTO - Ma VihaanSO SO MANY WHITE WHITE TIGERS - PawsTHE WHITEFRONTS - Get Out of the House or I’m Calling the CopsSUBMARINE RACES - Wire TapsPARISH HALL BLUES QUINTET - I Can Never Say

1hr 6mins

13 Feb 2020

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #144

It's been a while since Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio attempted to play a mix of new and less-than-new sub-underground music, but I feel like I finally stumbled upon an alchemic collection of songs that were absolutely worth compiling in the faux-radio style. New stuff this time from FAKE NUDES, CELEBRITY HANDSHAKE, CIA DEBUTANTE, GEE TEE, ALMOND, BRIAN CROOK W/ THE RENDERERS, XV and SPRAY PAINT - along with new reissues from The Victims and The Kiwi Animal and a whole lot more.Download it and get fifty+ years of outsiders and miscreants in one 75-minute package.Track listing:FAKE NUDES - AhmedSPRAY PAINT - Alcohol SurfaceXV - LampGEE TEE - FBITHE TRENDEES - Abandoned HospitalKLEENEX - ÜURINALS - Black HoleTHE KIWI ANIMAL - Making TracksUNREST - Love To KnowDE-FENDERS - Drag BeatTHE MIRRORS - Everything Near MeKENT III - Satellite ALMOND - -- BRIAN CROOK W/ THE RENDERERS - Dragged Both WaysTERMINALS - Do The VoidWRECK SMALL SPEAKERS ON EXPENSIVE STEREOS - All of ThisLEDA - FolkligCIA DEBUTANTE - The LandlordTHE VICTIMS - Perth is a Culture ShockKING TEARS MORTUARY - Grease TrapCELEBRITY HANDSHAKE - Religion on the Outside

1hr 15mins

17 Nov 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #36

Another edition in a series of podcasts in which the host plays music, talks (too much?), cries, shares stories, insults music he doesn't like and generally gazes at his navel - figuratively, of course. It's all in good fun, ladies and gentlemen, and that's maybe why the kids keep coming back - that and the amazingly righteous selection of sub-underground rocknroll from the last fifty years.Track listing:BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS - I'm A GeniusTHEE OH SEES - DropJULY - My Clown999999999 - White DevilsMAD MIKE & THE MANIACS - The HunchICKY BOYFRIENDS - MuffinCOLD BEAT - MirrorTRICK MAMMOTH - FloristryPANG - StockpileTHE NIGHTS AND DAYS - Lookin'CHAPTER 24 - SpindleINFLATABLE BOY CLAMS - I'm SorryTHE KILLJOYS - Johnny Won't Get To HeavenTHE GERMS - No GodRHINO 39 - Xerox/No CompromiseSIN 34 - Forgive and ForgetNIP DRIVERS - EYOBCRASS - Do They Owe Us A Living?X - Hey YouSLEAFORD MODS - Black MondaySCRITTI POLITTI - Bibbly-O-TekLITTLE CLAW - Brackish StratumTHE MILKY WAYS - (Can't Seem To Find) My Way Back Home

1hr 7mins

27 Apr 2014

Rank #17

Podcast cover

Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #141

New batch of burners for the 141st edition of Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio - including new stuff from DAISY CHAIN (pictured), XV, SORRY GOLDEN STATE, PENANCE HALL, SOOT, ALMOND, PUZZLEHEAD and VITAL IDLES. It's really no more complicated than that. Track listing:XV - PrisonSORRY GOLDEN STATE - OvergrownPYREX - Burn the CouchTIMES NEW VIKING - Allegory Gets Me HotSOOT - Deep HateVITAL IDLES - Cracks Me UpTHE GORDONS - SometimesMAXINE FUNKE - XylophoneDADAMAH - High TimeNICO - Chelsea GirlsALMOND - (--)PUZZLEHEAD - CarpoolSCHOOL DAMAGE - Phone DroneDAISY CHAIN - Pleasure NightMEAT PUPPETS - The Gold MineFLIPPER - Sex BombTHE WORLD - Jackson 5 BEYOND THE IMPLODE - LassitudePENANCE HALL - Take Me To The Bar Fight

1hr 5mins

5 Sep 2019

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #102

A compendium of some of the most important music of our time. Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #102 features a batch of new material from MINERALS, DUTY TOOT, SEX TIDE, ALLYSEN CALLERY, DIVORCER, SCHOOL DAMAGE and others, along with a pretty hefty batch of non-new stuff that you're gonna love. Examples include material from Dashiell Hedayat, The Kiwi Animal, Roachclip, Gibson Bros, Liimanarina, The Silver and Santa Clan. And more! Download it or stream it and give us a hollar if you have any questions, comments or concerns.Track listing:DUTY TOOT - Bit By BozoSCHOOL DAMAGE - No IdeasCOLLECTIVE HORIZONTAL - Crap GamePERFORMING FERRET BAND - Fallen TyrantROACHCLIP - BungalowWESTERN CIV - Blister Pack Outreach ProgramLIIMANARINA - Suomen Ainoa ElvisTHE KIWI ANIMAL - Flesh and TimeALLYSEN CALLERY - First Amongst The FlowersCHERRY BLOSSOMS - Charlie PrimmGIBSON BROS - My Huckleberry FriendJOSEPHINE FOSTER - The Golden WindowMINERALS - First/FirthDIVORCER - NewbornSANTA CLAN - NamelessSALLY SKULL - The Running KindBESOKARNA - Anna Greta Lejons ÖgonENHET FOR FRI MUSIK - Det Finns Ett HjärtaTHE SILVER - PopperMAD WALLS - She’s So WiseDASHIELL HEDAYAT - ChryslerSEX TIDE - I’m Alright

1hr 10mins

28 Aug 2017

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Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio #37

It's another edition of our hour-long series of podcasts/mixtapes/fake radio shows called DYNAMITE HEMORRHAGE RADIO, coming to you for the 37th time since we kicked off this relatively rewarding endeavor late in 2012. I focused this one pretty laser-like on new stuff, both new bands and new reissues. In the former category, we've got stuff from Numb Bats, Good Throb, Advlts, Pang, Trick Mammoth, Constant Mongrel, Thee Oh Sees, Ausmuteants and Fleabite. Whoa. In the latter, I'm playing you things from Jack Ruby, X__X and Dadamah (pictured). Not one half bad.See if you're buying one hour and 4 minutes of what we're selling - and please try some of the older shows while you're at it as well.Track Listing:DADAMAH - Absent and Erotic LivesGOOD THROB - No TasteADVLTS - Raw NervesFLEABITE - Last CallAUSMUTEANTS - 15 Frames Per SecondCONSTANT MONGREL - New ShapesNUMB BATS - Cry BabyJOHNNY BOY - You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You DeserveTRICK MAMMOTH - DollHOUSEHOLD - Never AfterPANG - RelaxTHE KIWI ANIMAL - Making TracksJACK RUBY - Hit and RunMARS - Helen ForsdaleRED TRANSISTOR - Not BiteTHE GIZMOS - Mean ScreenX__X - ABLACK BUG - UnicornTHEE OH SEES - Encrypted Bounce

1hr 4mins

11 May 2014

Rank #20