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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.

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Hardcore punk and general freak flag waving.

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John’s show 172

By trips 68 - Oct 20 2019
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Your pod really delivered.Thanks from down in P’cola,Fl.

Five stars

By my cat's life!! - Feb 16 2019
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This podcast saved my cat’s life!!

iTunes Ratings

27 Ratings
Average Ratings

John’s show 172

By trips 68 - Oct 20 2019
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Your pod really delivered.Thanks from down in P’cola,Fl.

Five stars

By my cat's life!! - Feb 16 2019
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This podcast saved my cat’s life!!
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Latest release on Sep 16, 2020

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Updated by OwlTail 8 days ago

Rank #1: Episode 196

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We continue to shift amorphously through time, space, etc. Best to just close your eyes & listen to the music...or clean your room, whichever works for you. 

Alamoans - Never Too Young

Speed Plans - Sudden Relapse

Lobstah - The Plan

Living World - The Ordinary

Invader Lars - Tom Savini(Omega Feast)

Choir - Guilt Drip

Kim Phuc - Constant Heart Attack

Invalid - Court Of Public Opinion

Blood Pressure - Chronic Abuse

Chronic Abuse - Class Traitor

Laffing Gas - Pressure

The Guests -Killing Spree

Adderall - WORM(You)

Nandas - Bellona

Dark Thoughts - Identity Crisis

Bad Example - Tethered In Deviancy

Advertisement - She Was Dead

Public Acid - Incapacitate

Crisis Mode - Just A Fuck

LSG - A Leather Sex Gang

Mentira - Tus Demonios

Body Farm - Rough Night

Sniffany and the Nits - Rotten Tomato Planet

CB Radio Gorgeous - Earth II

Rotten Mind - Beat of the Street

BB and the Blips - Lucky Country

Exit Order - Seed Of Hysteria

The Donnas - I Don't Wanna Go To School

Zounds - Demystification

Killing Joke - Wardance

Young Marble Giants - Colossal Youth

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

May 28 2020

1hr 20mins


Rank #2: Episode 140

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You already know but let me reiterate; support these bands by buying their records and going to see them live whenever you can. You are an integral part of diy punk take pride in making it what you want it to be. 

Booji Boys - Unknown Pleathers

Chiller - Deep Descent

BB Eye - Running Out Of Time

Mala Leche - Planeta Prohibido

Control Test - Suicida

The Brass - Psychic War

Beta Boys - Red Devil

Pious Faults - Cope

Orion - Sexy Alien

Pawns - Brimstone & Fire

Mass Exhibit - Trapped

The Jesus & Mary Chain - Snakedriver

The Cure - A Forest

Sial - Leta

Permission - Sequence

Fex Urbis - What's Going On With You

No - Nothing

Khiis - Saboor

Idiota Civilizzato - Atti Di Follia

Jad - Czas

Mock Execution - On The Edge

Pobreza Mental - Pesadilla

The Landlords - Bathroom Bigot

State Of Confusion - Blanket Power

Cocadictos - Fieles Siempre Al Vicio

Fatal Rage - Fatal Mistake

Mandarines - When I Do I Will Die

Gobblinz - Women In Love

Cyndi Lauper - She Bop/When You Were Mine

Aug 30 2018

1hr 30mins


Rank #3: Conversations #3 Eric Good & Corey Lyons(Aus Rotten, Caustic Christ, etc.)

Podcast cover
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You've seen them playing in Aus Rotten, Caustic Christ & The Sicks together. They've written some of the most important punk songs ever and are two of the nicest people I have the pleasure of calling my friends. 

This is not too dissimilar from conversations we've had in the record store, at shows or having a beer at Gooskis. It should be immediately obvious how genuine they are which will come as no surprise to anyone who has talked to them for even 5 minutes. Sit back and enjoy as I talk to your boy and his boy! 

Nov 13 2019

2hr 42mins


Rank #4: Top 100 of 2010-2019 Part 1

Podcast cover
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There are exactly 100 songs that defined that last years of punk, hardcore and all the genres and sub-genres in and around it. This is all of them. In the perfect order. No mistakes were made. No room for error. Except it or hit the road. 

Part 1 : Songs 100-50

Dec 26 2019

1hr 42mins


Rank #5: Halloween MMXVIII

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No talking just tunes. Happy Halloween cretins.

Zolar X - Space Age Love

F.L. Wray - The Mummy

Round Robin - I'm The Wolfman

Images - Witchcraft 71

Trauma Harness - The Crypt On The Hillside

Gravesdiggaz - 6 Feet Deep

Lord Infamous - Triple Six Clubhouse

Tommy Wright III - Homicidal Ride

Venom - Don't Burn The Witch

Slices - Cave Crawl/Bad Mask

Mighty Sphincter - Waltz In Hell

Marilyn Manson - Dope Hat

Danzig - Possession

Haldol - Law Of Indifference

Pawns - Thanatos

Orion - Sexy Alien

Ikon - Stranger I've Become

Lou Miami - Ghosts

Skeletal Family - Promised Land

Metal Y Ca - Velocidad

Twisted Nerve - Never Say Goodbye

Sad Lovers & Giants - Cloud 9

The Sonics - Strychnine

The Spits - Black & Blue

Dead Moon - Walking On My Grave

C.W. Stoneking - The Zombie

Morgus & The Daringers - Morgus Creep

The Phantom 5 - Graveyard

Midnight - Unholy & Rotten

Bobby Soxx - Scavenger Of Death

Siege - Grim Reaper

Oct 25 2018

1hr 47mins


Rank #6: Episode 195

Podcast cover
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Another vague period of time on "this island" Earth. More music and also less music depending on how you look at it. I will say, this podcast is best listened to not looked at though. 

LSG - Eat It Up

Loss Prevention - Vicious Cycle

Cadanexo - Indestructible

Muro - No Hay Luger

Sial - Biar Putih Tulang, Jangan Putih Mata

Suck Lords - You're A Hype

Fried E/M - Modern World

Inmates - Creatures of the Night

Peace Talks - Getting Off On Acting Out

Cape Of Bats - Free From Grace

Erik Nervous - Living In The Woods

Devo - Find Out

John Maus - Find Out

The World - Last Rhodesian

Rotten Mind - Burn For You

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Frustraion II

Ratfucker - The Need 4 Bleed

Rat-Nip - Motormouth

Ratface - Fukushima Nightmare

Negative Gain - Night Of The Rat

Savage Amused - Mall Rats

Ratos De Parao - Parasita

The Rats - First Mistake

Crazy Spirit - Slimey Leech

Dawn Of Humans - Bung Life

Perdition - Room 101

Natural Law - Persona

SQRM - I Can't Find My Knife

Slices - Medusa

Salvation - The Internal

Ecoli - Wind Chimes

No Statik - Clarified, Distilled, Recomposed

Glam - Agobian

Masshysteri - Välkommen till verkligheten

May 18 2020

1hr 11mins


Rank #7: Top 100 of 2010-2019 Part 2: "Cruise Control"

Podcast cover
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Holy wow more punk songs from the last decade. Once more this list in definitive and not a single mistake was made the entire time please send all hate mail about you and your friends band being dissed to please and thank you also give me money thanks 

SONGS 50-15


Dec 29 2019

1hr 7mins


Rank #8: Top 100 2010-2019 Part 3 "Rise Of The Machines"

Podcast cover
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Punk sucks, it's cool. 

Jan 02 2020



Rank #9: Episode 175

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My brain won't slow down and my consumption of music is somehow at an all time high even though I suffer from listener fatigue. I am an addict and cannot be stopped. The only way to end this is to kill me so the ball is in your court world, whatchu gonna do bout it? 

Also listen to the podcast Latino USA. 

Ruz - Blame The Badge

The Warden - This Side(A-side of 7")

Life Like - Ghost Walk


Lumpy & The Dumpers - Hair On The Insdie

Pineapple RnR- NO NO NO

Fried E/M - Song 2 from tour tape

Mon Laferte ft Guaynaa - Plata Ta Ta

Snowsa ft Young M.A. - Yank Riddim Remix

Gangstalicious - Making My Way Downtown

RealYungPhil ft Gangstalicious - Do That Dance 2

Vidro - Kalla Drommar

Indikator B - Tu

Zorn - Fickle Blessing

Devil Master - Sex With Succubus

Cape Of Bats - Lord of the Shadows

Ritual Knife - Perpertual Anhedonia

The Whiffs - Now I Know

Brower - U N Him

Nancy - Malt Licker

Dangus Tarkus - Brainteaser

Dancer - I'm Not Giving Up

Nick Normal - Luv Gum

Gee Tee - FBI

Skelton Hands - Robot Hands

Black Marble - MSQ No-Extra

Automatic - Electrocution

Omar Souleyman - Warni Warni

Atabay Chargulyyew - Chyrasy

Ernest Tubb - Sataurday Satan Sunday Saint

Sanford Clark - Climbin' The Walls

Roger Miller - What Are Those Things(With Big Black Wings)

Nov 17 2019

1hr 39mins


Rank #10: Episode 188

Podcast cover
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Things are the same but different. An eerily similar road, is this the detour or the way we have been traversing the whole time? Use your head, help each other, we are all trapped on this planet together so let's make the most of it. 

As always: support the bands you like in whatever way you can.

Peace Talks - A Lasting Peace

Laffing Gas - Attitude

Muro - Fantasia Del Progreso

Vanity - Rarely If Ever

Permission - Dominance Test

Sial - Maut

Irreal - Odie Als Veins

Power Face - Through Endless Sky

Dark Thoughts - Imaginary Lines/Must Be Nice

Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor

Bad Brains - Stay Close To Me

Teen Idles - Sneakers

Rik L. Rik - The Outback

U.X.A. - Tragedies

Agent Orange - Bloodstains

Throbbing Gristle - Distant Dreams, Part Two

Dorothy - Softness

SPK - Mekano

Richard H. Kirk - False Erotic Love

Elisabeth Welch - Stormy Weather

Eyehategod - Jack Ass In The Will Of God

Totalitar - Intolerans

Amdi Petersens Arme - Ikk Igen

Disclose - The Nuclear Victims

Crucial Unit - Thrashin Is Our Business and Business Is Mediocre At Best

Gordon Solie Motherfuckers - Court Ordered Bullshit

The Spits - Dropout

Tragedy - Not Fucking Fodder

Mar 22 2020

1hr 31mins


Rank #11: Episode 168

Podcast cover
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Been a while how are you? K cool thanx enjoy or whatever. 

Dark Thoughts - Do You Dream?

Ratsia - Ikuinen Rakkaus(Iuulet Vain)

Protex - Don't Ring Me Up

The Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead

The Zeros - What's Wrong With A Pop Group

Tampax - UFO Dictator

Sehr Schnell - Neuroottiset Pohkeet

The Reactionaries - Brigate Rosse

Excused - Run

Judy & The Jerks - Sweet Treat

Fuga - Niegalo Todo

Lucha Eterna - Barrio Boyz

Generacion Suicida - Parasitas

Rated X - Useless II

Glue - Enemy

R.M.F.C. - School

The Smarthearts - Man From The Company

Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant

Johnny Thunders - London Boys

Dave Goodman & Friends - Justifiable Homicide

The Professionals - Just Another Dream

Lightning Raiders - Psychedelic Musik

Saada Bonaire - You Could Be More As You Are

Grupa Peron - Crveni Kabriolet

The Wake - Give Up

Los Monaguillosh - Voces En La Jungla

Saweetie - My Type

Lizzo - Truth Hurts

Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, J Balvin & Ozuna - China

Aug 04 2019

1hr 34mins


Rank #12: Conversations #2 Jim Shomo

Podcast cover
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The indelible Jim Shomo sat down with me to talk about, you guessed it, life and punk. If you don't know Jim you probably have heard his voice as the front person of Dark Thoughts and Loose Nukes. Like most humans he is not constricted to such simplicity and the conversation that follows is as varied as our shared interest. Enjoy or don't. 

Jul 19 2019

2hr 18mins


Rank #13: DEATH III

Podcast cover
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Part III of what to listen to when I die. 

May 17 2020

1hr 8mins


Rank #14: Cruel Conversations #1: Rob Henry

Podcast cover
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Rob and I sit down over drinks and talk about records, punk, skinheads and life in general. 

Jun 30 2019

2hr 38mins


Rank #15: The Spirit Of Halloween Past

Podcast cover
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Redux of a Halloween style playlist from MMXVI. No Talking just music and whatnot.

Samhain - In My Grip

Smartpils - Wolf

Screamin Jay Hawkins - Alligator Wine

Belgrado - Kulminacja Oddzielenia

Ministry - Revenge

Lou Miami - Dance With Death

Eyes - Second Death

Your Funeral - I Wanna Be You

Ramones - Pet Sematary

The Flesh Eaters - See You In The Boneyard

Arch Criminals - Mr. Kingdom Man

Malaria! - You You

Cortex - The Freaks

Dead Moon - Graveyard

Venom - Bloodlust

Gravediggas - Graveyard Chamber

Oct 30 2018



Rank #16: Skull Fest 11

Podcast cover
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Fuckin' Lovers - Today

Vaaska - Poder Absoluto

Skizophrenia - Fight For Survive

Wisteria - Wormhole

The Guests - Watching The War

Hide - Mommy

Terrorist - Is This Life?

T.A.Z. - Untitled

The Mob - Witch Hunt

Rubella Ballet - Ballet Dance

De Rodillas - No Soy Nada

Fuga - Hipocritas

Lucha Eterna - Walter Mercado

Generacion Suicida - Yo No Se

Warwound - Angel Of Death

Speed Plans - Kriminal

Headsplitters - It Won't Last

Ratface - Chaos Never Die

Absolut - Mental Problem

Coke Bust - Social Currency

Detainees - City Grief

Caustic Christ - Strangled By Progress

Sheer Terror - Just Can't Hate Enough

Dropdead - Do You Choose Life?

Poison Idea - Self Abuse

Living World - Chair Shot

Flower - Distraction From Atrocity

Subversive Rite - Age Of Change

The Lewd - Kill Yourself

The Ire - Derelict

Institute - Salt

Rikk Agnew - Yur 2 Late

Heavy Discipline - Excuse

Loose Nukes - Innocent

Pine Taar - I Declare War

Stigmatism - Bloodshed

Public Acid - Amido Black

Bib - Anxiety

Glue - Disgrace

Behind Enemy Lines - Fucking Bastards

Swordwielder - Force Of Nature

Aug 09 2019

1hr 45mins


Rank #17: Episode 176

Podcast cover
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Music for life. Life for music. Something something. Eat a doughnut or be one I don't care just don't TREAD ON ME OR THE TURKEY WE BOTH JUST WANNA LIVE BRO

Alien Nosejob - Bond Clean

Screaming Fist - Betrayed

Leather Lickers - Cheap Paint

Celda - Encerrada

Lux - Action

Rejex - Don't Talk To Me

Electric Chair - I Hate Myself

Acrylics - Haze

Underage - Kids

Narcosis - Represion

Tozibabe - Li

Bannlyst - Farvel Moder Jord

Colera - Deo Fora

Ikkashinju - Dead You

Annex - Modern Age

Rata Negra - Problemas No

Chain Cult - Shallow Grave

Riki - Napoleon

Skeleton Hands - City Lights

The Mark Vodka Group - Boy(I'm Allergic To You)

Ugly Son - (I'm) Shot Dead

Nancy - (I'm A) Man

The Cryers - (It's Gonna Be) A Heartbreaker

The Necessaries - Runaway Child(Minors Beware)

The Ramones - Howling At The Moon(Sha-La-La)

Devo - Sloppy(I Saw My Baby Getting)

Screamers - Why The World(Need A Head On)

Nov 27 2019

1hr 22mins


Rank #18: Episode 189(Requests Pt. 1)

Podcast cover
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Thank you for all the request and your seemingly never ending support! If you have the means please buy records from the bands you like! Help each other out and stay safe out there in this weird world!

White Stains - Quarantine

Decivilize - Quarantine

Yambag - Cow

Shit Blimp - We Can Make Out Behind Hastee Tastee

Violent Christians - Body Bag

Wiccans - Crust Royalty

Muro - Fantasia Del Progreso

Gel - Culmination

Milk - Outpunk

C.C.T.V. - Mind Control

Powerplant - A Spine

Rosa - Sera A Posillipo

Takako Mamiya - Love Trip

The Blue Hearts - 人にやさしく

キャ→ - Slapdash

Soberania Personal - Los Politicos

Futuro - Maos Atadas

Frustasi - Kota Celaka

Marth And The Muffins - Monotone

Metropak - You're A Rebel

TZN-Xenna - Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy

Dezerter - Spytaj Milicjanta

Post Regiment - Czarzły

KGB - Treblinka

Fire Exit - Time Wall

Zips - Take Me Down

The Fakes - Production

Sedition - Criminals Of War

Mar 28 2020

1hr 26mins


Rank #19: Episode 147

Podcast cover
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Detainees - City Grief

Loose Nukes - Time Will Tell

Blood Pressure - 6x8

Warthog - Levitated Corpse

Exotica - Mundo Sin Fin

Tozcos - Lagrimas Injustas

Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band

Guff - Distance

Dreg - Silent War

Psychick TV - Godstar

Collate - Software

Kratom Leeks - Atlantic Naan

Booji Boys - Kanadian Kontent

Jeez Louise - Motor Home Boys

Hunx - Private Room

Dwight Tilley Band - Baby Let's Cruise

Therese Racket - Survive

The Gun Club - Breaking Hands

Warcrimes - Radioactive Contamination

Warhead Junk - Betrayer

Googol Plex - Die For It

Mobs - No More Heroes

Rocky And The Sweden - Hello Police(Fxxkin' Bastard For You!)

Bandit - Is The One Way

The Wretched - Too Fast To Die

Exotic Adrian Street And The Piledrivers - Breakin' Bones

The Cleavers - The Playboy(Buddy Rose)

Mike Angelo & The Idols - Fuck Everybody

Jimmy Hart - Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield

The Novas - The Crusher

Scott Joplin - The Entertainer

Nov 16 2018

1hr 39mins


Rank #20: Episode 149

Podcast cover
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These are some of the better things to happened in the vague genre of punk this year. Go buy these records/tapes/etc. and see them live if and when they come to your wicked little town. Start a band or don't.

Blood Pressure - 6x8

Loose Nukes - I'm Depraved

Spaceman Spliff - G Bong

S.L.I.P. - The Dealer

Choir - Overbite

Peace Talks - Vanity

Detainees - Big Boot

De Rodillas - Soga

Cruelster - The Pipeline Could Work

Pine Taar - You Dissed Me, You Fuck!

The Roobydocks - Mental Dumbass

Vanilla Poppers - I Like Your Band

Warm Bodies - I Need A Doctor

CCTV - Simbiosis


Dark Thoughts - Anything II

Fuckin' Lovers - Electric Lover

Warthog - Corroded

Stigmatism - Your Demise

Exotica - Mundo Sin Fin

T.A.Z. - Untitled

The Conscripts - Protect & Survive

Rashomon - Pathogen X

Public Acid - Amido Black

The Number Ones - Long Way To Go

Condor - Chacun Pour Soi

Rata Negra - Es Unica

Nueva Fuerza - Motivo de Ser/El Placer Mata

Idiota Civilizzato - Atti Di Follia

Sial - Mantera

Permission - Frictionless

Fex Urbis - People Pigs

Jeez Louise - Do You Wanna

Patti - Voodoo

Marbled Eye - Leisure

Kid Chrome - I've Had It

Lysol - Teenage Trance

Suck Lords - The Lake

Electric Chair - Dim Light

Khiis - Saboor

Tozcos - La Ilusion

Deseos Primitivos - Pueblo

Cardi B - I Like It

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights

Ramones - S.L.U.G.(Basic Rough Mix)

Buzzcocks - Lipstick/Love You More

Dec 07 2018

1hr 50mins