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This show teaches people how to invest in real estate even with constraints. Not having the time or the money is no longer an excuse. It is time to do it! #DoItMovement

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🔥 #DoSomeShit 🔥

On today's episode we talk with the oh so talented Kristina Spells. She explains exactly how you can analyze a rental to get REAL numbers to see if it's a REAL deal. She specifically mentions wholesaling rentals and offering the investor the exact ROI (Return on Investment) that they want. She even adds a cherry on top by offering ROI's that are higher than what the investor expected. It all boils down to giving the people what they want and then add a little more value. Kristina is the most giving person and on this episode she really breaks down exactly how she does it. If you are not going out to do this exact model to find a rental and then wholesaling it, why are you even listening to the podcast?! She coined the hashtag #DoSomeShit so that's what this episode is about. Go out and #DoSomeShit. We don't want to hear you talking. We wanna see the results! Listen in today for the how and get access to Kristina's gift to all the listeners. #DoItMovement Connect with us: Instagram: @doitmovementpod @Kristina_Spells Books: The Five Second Rule By Mel Robbins Kristina's Gift: https://kristinaspells.mykajabi.com/pl/67505 Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


14 Feb 2019

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Building A Million Dollar Legacy BEFORE He Left His Corporate Job With O'Neil Parker

If you've been listening to #doitmovement for a while you should know by now there are A LOT of different ways to make money in real estate. Todays guest, O'Neil Parker, got tired of the wholesale hustle and dug deep to uncover some unique ways to create cash flow through real estate. In this episode O'Neil uncovers how he found several ways to secure  funding to purchase homes as a homeowner to rent out without spending any of his own money. He also clarifies that having business credit should be a priority to building wealth, as it is the gateway to many opportunities. This inspiring episode proves just about anyone determined enough to make it in real estate has an opportunity, as O'Neil started with $63 to his name and a few signs. If you are tired of the wholesale hustle, don't miss this episode with O'Neil Parker. Check out more about the #doitmovement and guests: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/ Make sure to follow the #doitmovement on IG: https://www.instagram.com/doitmovementpod/


24 Oct 2019

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From Newbie To Superstar

Today you all are in for a treat! We have a guest, Adonijah DeLancey joining us to give us some of his tips on how to get over the hump of finding your first deal. Adonijah has been wholesaling real estate for 7 months and is doing a phenomenal job!! He is doing so well that he quit his job and started working on his business full time!!! Hear how he did it on this episode. Music Credit: Snap Your Fingers By Lil Jon


20 Sep 2018

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🔥 ALL your wholesaling questions answered PART 2 🔥

For the second part of our finale we have Mr Will Galloway joining us. Will has been in real estate for 7 years. He focuses on wholesaling currently. He has a rental portfolio and is also a host of the meet up, Wholesalers R Us. Will joins this episode to answer the remainder of your investing questions. On this episode we reveal the secret to continuously find deals so tune in to check it out 🔥 On this podcast, we promote action taking! Take this info and put it into action. Learn it and start earning it. You got this! #DoItMovement Books: Tax Free Wealth By Tom Wheelwright  The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity By Edwene Gaines Rhinoceros Success By Scott Alexander Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki Fire Yourself By Brian Ellwood Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


6 Jun 2019

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Unf*ck Your Mindset With Cash Flow Creator, Brayand Ponciano

While the focus is money, generate x amount of revenue, and "where is the money" for most of us in real estate, the cash flow creator himself, Brayand Ponciano seems to think different. Brayand is here to explain clearly to us that none of that matters if you don't have the right mindset. "Nobody talks more shit to you than you talk to yourself."  "You are your worst enemy." - Brayand Ponciano The unfortunate reality of it all as Brayand explains is that were all messed up. The first step is accepting it, acknowledging it, and taking responsibility for it so that we can change and truly live a life of abundance. Brayand even opens up about how he works with several high earners who never ever get to a perfect mindset, it's just all about committing to a life of constant growth. If you're ending the year in a funk or wondering why you keep hitting a cap or ceiling in your business, this episode is a must listen as today's guest explains exactly what might be holding you back and how to start working on it now! Follow more about #doitmovement and Martine's Guest: https://www.instagram.com/doitmovementpod/ Check out the website: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/


19 Dec 2019

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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly In Real Estate With The Cash Flow Queen, Kristina Spells

Whether you've been in real estate for a while now, following trends, or just looking to get started one of the most popular ways to create cash flow to the naked eye is investing in rental properties. This week Martine is joined by her good friend, the cash flow queen, Kristina Spells. If you have questions about building your rental property portfolio, this episode is a must as both of these real estate bosses uncover the good, the bad, and the very very ugly truth about owning rental properties. This is even when they don't property manage most of their properties. If you are considering your first rental property, this is free advice from incredible women who are experiencing the do's and don't's everyday. You can follow todays guest and more by following the #doitmovement podcast IG page: https://www.instagram.com/doitmovementpod/ Be on the lookout for #doitmovement gear or listen online here: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/


2 Jan 2020

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No time? No problem! This is how you can invest in real estate

We purposely made today's episode short, sweet and to the point. Do you not have a lot of time because you are extremely busy but you want to invest in real estate? Listen to this episode on your drive to your destination to find out how you can get a piece of the pie. About the host: Martine Jackson is the founder and owner of Hoover Homes LLC. This Richmond based real estate investment company helps homeowners find solutions for the convenient sale of their homes by purchasing their property. The organization also helps people realize their dreams of homeownership through its rent to own program for those who may not qualify for a traditional bank loan. Martine was featured in Urban Views Weekly detailing how Hoover Homes LLC goes the extra mile to service its’ clients. She is also apart of the 2018 Class of 30 Under 30. Amongst owning Hoover Homes, Martine also strives to be an active participant in the community. Martine host a monthly Real Estate Investing Meet-Up where different investors in the city come and collaborate on how they can collectively strengthen their businesses to help better the city. She also volunteers weekly at the Boys and Girls Clubs of metro Richmond. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, she plans to create a program that helps teach financial literacy and introduces the youth to entrepreneurship. She is a Richmond native and graduate of Huguenot High School. She is a graduate of the 2012 class of James Madison University (Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance) and a 2009 initiate of the Theta Nu Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Martine believes that her purpose in life is to show people, with a special emphasis on the youth, that come from disadvantaged backgrounds that you can break the cycle and accomplish the goals that you desire. Music Credit: Snap Your Fingers By Lil Jon


13 Sep 2018

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Passive Income With No Money And No Credit Check With Martine Jackson

Are you a newbie in real estate? Or wholesaling your life away because it was the easiest place to start without money or credit? Believe or not, just because you don't have money or credit you don't have to ONLY wholesale.  In this episode Martine teaches us exactly how to identify and lease a property with the option to buy so that you can begin owning rental properties if you'd like to diversify your portfolio. She even uncovers how to do this with the least amount of risk and create additional cash flow. You will learn from a live example that Martine worked herself that you can apply to your local market, from everything including scripts to use, to responding to rejections, and how to build trust with sellers.This is not an episode to miss because Martine teaches us exactly how to use a new strategy that will change your cashflow. Make sure to join the #doitmovement tribe on IG: https://www.instagram.com/doitmovementpod/ Check out more about Martine and her guests OR listen online here: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/


14 Nov 2019

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Wealth Creation 💰 with NONE of your OWN money OR credit 🤑

Today's episode is a real treat. Today I explain STEP by STEP how you can go out and buy a house that you will KEEP without using your money OR credit. Sounds too good to be true right? Well it isn't. The topic for this episode is buying a property while leaving the existing mortgage in place. Yes, we are changing the ownership of a property and we are leaving the old mortgage in place. Listen carefully to this episode and replay it over and over until you have mastered the concept and then guess what? 🗣 Go out and do it! This is an action takers podcast. We aren't listening for analysis paralysis. We're out here making it happen babaaaay! Enjoy this content and make something happen for yourself and your family. #DoItMovement Books: All by the great Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Cashflow Quadrant Why The Rich Are Getting Richer Rich Dad's Guide To Investing Increase Your Financial IQ Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod  Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


25 Apr 2019

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Show Me The Money With Rashauna Scott

As we uncover all of the unique ways you can double or triple your money in real estate, one of the most popular ways is raising private funds for major investments.  While huge deals funded by many investors yield a bigger return, this is stuff is not for the newbie. Rashauna Scott, A seasoned investor explains how and why leveraging your partnerships and knowledge is key to securing your first private money funded deal.  Private money comes from people around you, people will support you as long as you present their investments as an opportunity to potential lenders. Remember, by bringing the knowledge or the property to the table you are the expert and you are bringing them an opportunity.  Funding deals with private money might not be so difficult after this episode. Make sure to follow the #doitmovement podcast:  https://www.instagram.com/doitmovementpod/ Join and follow the tribe: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/


21 Nov 2019

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Getting Deals in Today's Market w/ Dr Leadz

In today's episode we will go over how we're getting deals in today's market. We are joined by Jay Malloy aka Dr Leadz! Jay is an expert marketer! He has been in real estate for 6 years and is a pro at finding leads. He also owns a marketing company and has coaching students that he teaches his techniques. Check out this episode and find out some of his strategies to make your business a lead pumping machine!!! Music Credit: Snap Your Fingers By Lil Jon


27 Sep 2018

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🔥 ALL your wholesaling questions answered PART 1 🔥

In this episode Steven Leigh joins us as we answer ALL of your wholesaling questions. Wholesaling is essentially locking up deals at a deep discount so then you can in turn find out what exit strategy you need to use. So to sum it up, everyone that invest in real estate can benefit from learning the art of finding deals at insane discounts! We have a list of question from the listeners and we are tackling each question one by one to explain in detail how to solve them! This is a good one! We had so many great questions that we had to break this episode in 2 parts. This is part 1. Catch us next week to hear the remainder of the questions for part 2. Take action on these answers and let's make some deals happen! #DoItMovement Books: The Dream Giver By Bruce Wilkinson The Richest Man in Babylon By George Samuel Clason The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho The Go Giver By Bob Burg Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers

1hr 16mins

30 May 2019

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Leveling Up To 6 Figures Per Month With Earon Bevans

If you're not scaling your failing! Or so they say when it comes to real estate wholesaling. But the one thing many don't discuss is how to scale or how to keep up from month to month after you have your first big revenue month.  Consistent 6 figure earners will remind you that in order to hit high numbers every month you need a team, systems, processes, and hustle. Martine's guest, Earon Bevans, talks all about how he learned too well exactly what it takes to go big in this game and stay on top as a 6 figure earner.  Join Martine's tribe on IG and make sure to not miss an interview: https://www.instagram.com/doitmovementpod/ Check out Martine's tribe online: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/


5 Dec 2019

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From Active 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 to Passive 📫 Income 💰

Today, we have Alisha Merriman Durbin joining us. Alisha got into real estate by doing multiple flips. While fun, she realized this was a very active way to make money. Once she started hanging around other passive investors, she realized that she ought to create passive strategies for herself. Listen in today to hear how she got started and how she switched over to doing more passive strategies and is now cash flowing every month on work she did months ago! Use these strategies to create some wealth for you and your family. #DoItMovement Books: Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill The Richest Man in Babylon By George Clason Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss Crushing It By Gary V I Will Teach You To Be Rich By Ramit Sethi Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


9 May 2019

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Getting The 🤑 Ends 🤑 To Pay For Deals

Today, Beau Eckstein joins us. Beau is an expert in lending. He has over 20 years of experience in Real Estate Investing. He works with funds of accredited investors to lend Hard Money. He shares the criteria with working with these funds for Hard Money. We also discuss private money and gap funding. He explains when it's the best time to use each. Today's episode is extremely informative in helping you decide what money is out there and how you should use it. Beau also gives a little piece of advice to surviving a down market. Use this content when making your money decisions with your deals. As always, do not listen and not do! We're action takers over here! #DoItMovement Books: Long Distance Real Estate Investing By David Greene Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod  Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


11 Apr 2019

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Teamwork Makes The Dream Work 👊🏾

On today's episode we have THE Eric Hunter. Eric has been investing in real estate for several years now. Through real estate Eric has built a life of freedom. He noticed that a lot of people wanted to change their lives through real estate and were hitting lots of road blocks along the way. He realized that with his knowledge and his close knit circle's knowledge that he could help transform these people's lives. We live in a culture where we tend to think of ourselves the most. His goal is to change this mindset and bring forth a culture of community and working together to get to a certain goal. I absolutely love this! Change the mindset and change the culture! Listen in today on Eric dropping gems! His group is specifically for people that are interested in wholesaling and doing it with some champs in the business. To get more info on the Lions Den email Chris@Startflippingdeals.com Books: Go Giver By Bob Burg The Twelve Pillars of Success y Jim Rohn My Life & 1,000 Houses By Mitch Stephen Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod @Livingfresh @Majorleague_billy Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


4 Apr 2019

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🤯 Billionaire Mindset 🧐

Hello folks, On today's episode we have Jamal Cummins. Jamal invest in the Huntsville, Alabama area and specifically likes to target mobile homes and single family homes. A specific strategy we talk about in this episode is how he likes to owner finance mobile homes to give his residents the chance at home ownership (the American dream :-)) Listen in on how Jamal details how much of a cash cow a mobile home park can be while you are truly providing tremendous value. Jamal also mentions how streamlined his business model is so it frees him up to do what he likes best, find more deals and create more opportunities! You do not want to miss this! Take these golden nuggets and apply them NOW! Do not listen and not do! Do it! #DoItMovement Connect with us: Instagram @doitmovementpod Books: Black Folks' Guide to Making Big Money in America By George Subira What Makes The Great Great By Dr Dennis Kimbro The Power of Focus By Jack Canfield Chase The Lion By Mark Batterson How To Get Something Out Of Nothing By Jamal Cummins https://www.amazon.com/How-Get-Something-Nothing-Entrepreneurs-ebook/dp/B01MSHTDHL  Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


21 Mar 2019

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Why Selling Vacant Land Is Just As Profitable With Zack Broaddus

Are wholesailing or cash flowing rental properties and currently wondering why the h*ll you got into this in the first place? You've found yourself struggling with tenants that won't pay and you've become an overpaid landlord. Then it might be time to consider buying and selling vacant land. In this episode, Martines guest, Zack Broaddus, discusses exactly why his prior real estate business led him straight to buying land. No rehabbing properties, no more rentals, no bad tenants, just selling land and typically to their neighbors. And if you're wondering if it's just as profitable, make sure to listen to this episode as Zack discusses exactly how and how much one can make off of flipping vacant properties. 


9 Jan 2020

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Why Mobile Homes Are A Cash 💵 Flow Secret With Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams

We've always heard relationships can make or break you depending on the partner but this power couple built on their relationship while building their empire.  Join Martine's guests, Byron Sellers and Sharnice Williams as they uncover exactly how to evaluate a deal if you're considering investing in a mobile home. From the average investment cost, rehabilitation, and surrounding leverage they tells us exactly how to get started.  Their honesty in this episode about how they started with nothing at their full-time jobs will inspire anyone to understand you can start exactly with what you can afford. Purchasing mobile homes is far different that purchasing a home, but something to consider if you're looking for a less expensive place to get started in real estate investing. Want to learn more about mobile home investing:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-we-made-10k-in-our-first-30-days-with-mobile-home-investing-tickets-74626051529 Follow Byron and Sharnice on IG: https://www.instagram.com/mobilehomeeliteinvestors/ Or learn more about Martine and her guests: https://www.doitmovementpod.com/


3 Oct 2019

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💰 Cash Flow Is Sexy 💸

Today, we have Daniil Kleyman. Daniil has been in real estate since 2006 and started investing while working his full time job. Fortunately, (yes fortunately) he was laid off in 2008 during the crash and this allowed him to go all in with his real estate endeavors. Today Daniil talks about how he buys land, develops buildings on the land, and holds the buildings for cash flowing assets. This episode is great! He shares a ton of reading material so you can also get in the right frame of mind to achieve your entrepreneur endeavors. Check this episode out and use his helpful tips to go out and build some wealth for you and your family! #DoItMovement Books: Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow Quadrant By Robert Kiyosaki Never Split The Difference By Chris Voss The Lessons of History By Will Durant  Head Strong By Dave Asprey Connect with us: Instagram @Doitmovementpod Music Credit: Lil Jon Snap Your Fingers


23 May 2019

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