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Every week hosts Maher and his guests discuss life's ridiculousness.

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Confident Drunks

Happy Halloween! Kids, toddlers, and drunks. Oh, and Kevin Spacey. Merry Holidays friends. 


1 Nov 2017

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Husband, Wife, and our Pet Peeve

On this episode, Kate and I discuss things that bother us about each other. You know, marriage and stuff.


4 Jan 2018

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An Overseas Grump

We made it overseas! In this episode the wife and I discuss USA portion sizes, my sour attitude, and her amazing shoes. Ain't marriage grand?


30 Aug 2019

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The 13th Floor

Kate and I discuss superstition. Also an update on my workout, and a shoutout to EDM.


11 Jan 2018

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Christmas and Comedy with Jesse Egan

In this episode I interview the talented comedian - Jesse Egan. He's, funny, friendly, and fun! We talk comedy, family, and a whole bunch more! Tune in to this one - you'll learn something. (o: 


24 Dec 2018

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Positive Pete and the Beach

We took toddlers to the beach on "vacation". Kate and I have very different opinions on the matter. Who's right?? (Maher) I think need therapy.


10 Sep 2018

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The Basement and Eyelashes

In Episode 4 Maher discusses Halloween, his son peeing everywhere, and the different excuses men and women use to get out of stuff.


24 Oct 2017

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ISIS and Vegetables

ISIS and Vegetables - In this one I tell you about smelling my underwear, working out (lack thereof) and terrorism. Oh, and how I am NOT superstitious..at all.


17 Oct 2017

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Comedy, MD

In Episode 42 I welcome Dr. Gill Segev - he's a doctor AND a comedian. Crazy right!? Join us while we talk shop and other silly things. Turns out he too isn't handy.


1 Jun 2019

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Christmas, Parties, and a Comedian

In this one, Kate and I debate brining something to a dinner party. Frankly, I agree with George Costanza. Also, I HATE elevators - but more on that in this episode. Thanks for listening! 


26 Dec 2019

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The Pilot, a Lebanese Wedding, and a Fortune Cookie

In this episode I tell you all about my TV pilot audition! Plus a Lebanese wedding, and a fortune cookie's interesting message. 


3 Oct 2018

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Happy now? Kate and I discuss happiness. What the hell is it anyway? I'm no Dr. Phil, but I can Google it to death. Take a listen - you'll be happy you did.


13 Jul 2019

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Merry Holidays Friends

In this one, Kate and I argue about the holidays. Personally I think we spend too much on crap we don't need! Take a listen and pick a side - #teammaher #teamkate


12 Nov 2019

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Comedian Andrew Cook

In episode 40 my guest is Washington, DC based comedian Andrew Cook. He told me some very sad (but so funny) stories of his childhood and teenage years. We also discussed the mechanics of a comedy bit. Follow Andrew on social media and see a DC area comedy show!

1hr 21mins

1 May 2019

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Alex and Julie

In episode 41 Kate and I are joined by my good friend Alex and his wife Julie. We talked about marriage and how Alex hates when Julie answers a question with a question. Join us for funny stories and marriage crap.


6 May 2019

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Hump Wednesday

In this episode Maher and Kate are joined by Alicia (Kate's sister). We discuss ASMR, budget airlines, and the importance of sharing. It is caring after all isn't it?


3 Mar 2019

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Turkeys and Tress

Maher and Kate discuss how much Maher hates decorating and carrying boxes. My dad ruined Christmas, also turkey is dry and you know it! 


20 Nov 2018

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Kate and I discuss the Netflix series, "Love is Blind". We also realized that technically she and I area not compatible. Eh, it's fiiiine. What questions would you ask your future spouse before you could physically see them? #marriage #comedy 


3 Mar 2020

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What is the Matta

Hi! Episode 46 has Kate and I talking about our 6th anniversary, kids, and how I can TRY to give myself an hour-a-day break every day. We shall see. Married life. Comedy. And good ol'fashion fun.  Also, divorce is not THAT surprising folks!  PS: I will be in Provo, UT October 11, 2019 for Dry Bar Comedy. Check it out! 7PM and 930PM shows.


7 Oct 2019

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Pickled Carrots, Underpants, and Marriage

In this episode Kate and I argue about annoying cooking habits. Hashtag marriage. 


23 Feb 2018

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