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Copywriting Descomplicado


8 Sep 2021

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Copywriting Panel Highlights With 5 of the Most Influential Copywriters Alive: John Carlton, Brian Kurtz, Parris Lampropoulos, Craig Clemens, and Richard Viguerie From Joe Polish’s Genius Network Annual Event – I Love Marketing Episode #403

I Love Marketing

Solve any problem, build a successful business, and create the impact that you desire through copywriting.  If you’d like to join world-renowned Entrepreneurs at the next Genius Network Event or want to learn more about Genius Network, go to www.GeniusNetwork.com.   Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn in this episode:  The biggest mistakes Entrepreneurs make when it comes to hiring and working with copywriters What to do before taking a product to market Craig Clemens recommends every Entrepreneur read THESE three copywriting books Lessons that copy, marketing, and sales has taught about life and humanity


22 Jun 2021

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STL Roar


2hr 6mins

3 Nov 2020

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#150 - Sales Tips From Copywriting Guru John Carlton

Cold Email Outreach with Jeremy & Jack

Today we are joined by John Carlton, our copywriting guru we have been learning from on our whole path to this point. Enjoy! HERE’S WHAT WE COVER IN THIS EPISODE: Stepping stones for growing the sales Why copywriting attracts introverts  Why it’s important to step back  Learning by doing adds and failing adds  List of words that are going to get you in a spam filter How to discover what’s keeping our client up at night The research resources for copywriters How do develop the feel when it’s too much selling in an email It was a treat to have John on the show and share his wisdom bombs. Check out his writings and books he recommends and take your campaign on the next level. Resources: Podcast PSYCH INSIGHTS John Carlton website John Carlton’s copywriting books Simple success secrets no one told you about, a book by John Carlton Travis McGee series of books by John D. MacDonald Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, a book by Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Titanides, by Marcella Allison


6 May 2020

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Chapter 5 - Why John Carlton is THE Man... Book Summary

Sapere Aude: Seeking Wisdom

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16 Apr 2020

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CCR171: Crisis Survival Plan with John Carlton

Copy Chief Radio

John Carlton dishes out his unique wisdom from the trenches with great advice about how to cope with all the mental and physical threats to your well-being in times like this.


31 Mar 2020

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John Carlton: A Master Speaks About Copywriting, Part 2

Copywriters Podcast

Legendary copywriter and teacher John Carlton returns from last week. Thousands of copywriters and entrepreneurs have learned from Carlton. He still gets royalty checks every month for ads he wrote decades ago. And if you pull him away from writing copy, he plays a mean electric guitar. Carlton agreed to come back because he had more to tell us than we could fit into one show. I’m proud to call him my friend and to have partnered with him on more things than we have time to mention in these show notes. But let’s summarize what you’ll get from listening to John Carlton on this show: He shares some key but little-understood insights from advertising greats of the past, Claude Hopkins and Rosser Reeves. Insights that, once understood, will help you dominate your market, even if your products are 99% the same as most of their competitors. Also, one of Carlton’s most valuable concepts — being a "sales detective" — gets elucidation and clarity I’ve never heard before, and I’ve spent a lot of time talking with and listening to Carlton in years past. You’ll also hear the key insight he got from Napoleon Hill. Once you hear it, ask yourself this question: So maybe I already knew it. But do I actually DO it? It’s a key question. And taking action on the answer makes all the difference in the world. Finally, Carlton’s unique and can’t-miss method for getting clients and their customers to open up and "give you the goods" that you need to write winning ads. There’s a fundamentally different way of interacting with people that most writers simply don’t know how to do, and John spells it out. It’s not that difficult and certainly not impossible to learn. You’ll want to hear what he has to say and decide for yourself if this is something you want to start doing.Download.

4 Nov 2019

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John Carlton: A Master Speaks About Copywriting

Copywriters Podcast

Our guest today is John Carlton. In case you don’t know who he is, maybe you haven’t been paying attention. But you definitely should. John has been a force of nature in copywriting and copywriting education for decades. He was Gary Halbert’s business partner. He worked in Jay Abraham’s office. He’s one of the few people allowed to speak on Dan Kennedy’s stage. I met Carlton at the Gary Halbert Hurricane Andrew Seminar in the early 90s. About 15 years later we did our first seminar together, and we’ve been friends and partners in crime ever since. And like all great copywriters, John’s letters and ads have sold millions upon millions of dollars worth of stuff. In this episode, John reveals the ONE BOOK he read eleven times that got him a job in Jay Abraham’s office (a book you can easily get on Amazon for a few dollars). He also provides some very pragmatic and little-known information about how a copywriter should read a book, which is completely upside-down from how you were taught to read a book in school. Carlton used this approach to become one of the top direct-response copywriters in the world. Definitely worth checking out. Many people approach copywriting mostly as an intellectual activity. Big mistake, says Carlton. It’s all about wisdom-inspired action and very little about deep, wide-ranging intellectual knowledge. “I’d rather take a streetwise salesman and turn him into a copywriter, than take a guy with a PhD in English lit and try to turn him into a salesman,” John says. What’s the difference between someone telling you, “I like your product” and “I WANT your product?” All the difference in the world, John says. He explains how copywriters look at this and what they do to move from getting the reaction, “I like it” to “I want it.” The copywriter’s perspective is paramount to success. You’ll hear some things that are disturbing, some things that are enlightening, but all them are enriching and will stay with you as you move ahead in your copywriting and entrepreneurial career. Links for this show: John Carlton’s website: john-carlton.com John Carlton’s Simple Writing System: CarltonSystem.comDownload.

28 Oct 2019

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John Carlton

Geniuses Of Copywriting

This week we have a very special episode of the Geniuses Of Copywriting Podcast, with none other than copywriting legend John Carlton, a man who needs no introduction to most copywriters. On this episode, John reveals: - His amazing story of becoming a copywriter, inventing industry standards like the HotSeat, and how to become a real professional - John's 'E+C+E' formula for becoming an A-List copywriter, demanding huge fees and becoming an industry celebrity - How to develop Empathy - the secret ingredient to copywriting success that nobody ever talks about I had the honor of speaking at a recent event in Europe with John, and the insights he shared on stage (and afterwards over beers) were just as powerful as what he's shared on the show today. To absorb more of John's copywriting genius go to funnelinfluence.com/sws Full transcript of this episode is available in geniusesofcopywriting.com/john-carlton.


23 Sep 2019

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651 – Empathy, The Illusive Success Trait – With John Carlton

James Schramko Podcast

Copywriter extraordinaire John Carlton talks with James Schramko about empathy and why it's important in business and marketing.


22 May 2019