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A to B Podcast: Simplicity | Organization | Fun

Join hosts, Autumn and Bethany, as they navigate the quest for simplicity, organization, and fun. Professional organizer, Autumn, shares her trademark style of making even the trickiest organizing dilemmas feel manageable and within reach. Each episode, A to B podcast dives into the world of organizing through interviews, tips, listener questions, and monthly challenges.

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Ep 26 Peter Walsh Helps A to B Get Organized

We are still pinching ourselves after we had the honor of interviewing Peter Walsh and asking him loads of burning questions about organizing, purging, and minimizing. He is a best selling author whose titles including It's All Too Much, Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight, Lighten up, and his latest book Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life. You can find the complete set of show notes on AtoBpodcast.com/26.


19 Sep 2017

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Ep 58 20 Things to Throw Away TODAY

We are fans of Marie Kondo! Have you seen Tidying Up on Netflix yet? But, what do you do if you don't have time to KonMari your whole home? Grab a trash bag and join us as we find 20 things in our homes to throw away TODAY! Find our complete set of show notes on AtoBpodcast.com/58.


26 Feb 2019

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Ep 40 Three Life Hacks You’ll be Happy You Tried

Today, we are sharing 3 types of "life hacks," or tips as Bethany likes to say, that we actually do to make our lives simpler! No clever ideas that are too complicated to implement or you will never actually do. Find our complete set of show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/40


25 Apr 2018

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Ep 74 How to be a Minimalist without Getting Rid of all your Stuff

We are questioning if you can become a minimalist in certain areas of your home without getting rid of all your stuff. Find our show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/74


7 Nov 2019

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Ep 69 Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning can feel like a never ending job and let's be honest, nobody really likes cleaning, but it has to be done. Today, we are creating a simple cleaning schedule so we don't feel like we are cleaning all day! *Be sure to download your own Chore Planner so you follow along with us at AtoBpodcast.com/69.


30 Aug 2019

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Ep 59 Knocking Out Common Clutter

In our last episode we listed 20 easy things to throw away, but what about all the things you do need to keep! Where do all those things belong? I know they don't belong on every available flat surface cluttering up your home?! Today, we are taking a closer look at common clutter makers in order to find permanent homes for these items. Let's reclaim our counters and tables and knock out common clutter!  Find our complete set of show notes on AtoBpodcast.com/59.


12 Mar 2019

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Ep 41 Organizing Photos with Molly Bullard

Today we are chatting with Molly Bullard from Seattle Photo Organizing. We have so, so many questions about getting photos organized from digital photos to print photo as well as navigating keeping our memories safe in this digital age.   You can find the complete set of show notes on AtoBpodcast.com/41.


8 May 2018

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Day 1 - Fridge 10 Day Challenge

Today is the day! Day 1 of our 10 Day Organizing Challenge and we are conquering the fridge. Find our show notes AtoBpodcast.com/day1.


20 Apr 2020

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Ep 77 Peter Walsh Helps A to B Get Organized REPLAY

We are revisiting one of our favorite episodes of all time to remind ourselves, "It is not about the stuff!" Find our show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/77.


31 Dec 2019

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Ep 85 10 Day Challenge

We are starting a 10 Day Challenge and we are so excited for you to join us. We are going to be tackling 10 different spaces with 10 minutes of organizing for 10 days!   Head to AtoBpodcast.com/85 to download the 10 Day Challenge Guide.


16 Apr 2020

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Ep 80 Top 3 Decluttering Tips

At the start of any new year, there's always a slew of organizing tips. We are sharing our top tips along with a few others we found!  Find show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/80.


5 Feb 2020

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Ep 35 Clear your Paper Pile in 5 Steps

If you struggle with paper piles, this is the episode for you!  In a moment of organizing inspiration Bethany conquered her inbox paper clutter. She is sharing the 5 easy steps she took to organize in her inbox. Find the complete set of show notes plus a free printable guide to clear your own paper piles at AtoBpodcast.com/35.


14 Feb 2018

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Ep 44 Simplifying Meal Planning

We still have meal planning on our mind from our last episode! Today our goal is to give Bethany, an aspiring home cook, the steps for planning her meals in the simplest way possible! Find our complete set of show notes on AtoBpodcast.com/44.


26 Jun 2018

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Ep 47 Tackling Mental Clutter with Jen from Pro Organizer Studio

We are oh so excited to welcome Jen from Pro Organizer Studio today! Jen is a mentor and coach to professional organizer on the business side of running an organizing business. She has so much experience working with clients and getting things done in her own life we had to have her on. Find the complete set of show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/47


14 Aug 2018

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Ep 10 Decluttering Milestones

We are sharing the results of our love it or lose it debate. In most episodes, we ask the question, why on earth do we still have that? Today, the answers are in! Find the full set of show notes at AtoBPodcast.com/10


14 Mar 2017

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Ep 11 Decluttering Chain Reaction

We discovered, almost by accident, the joy and satisfaction of a decluttering chain reaction. Stay with me here, have you ever been cleaning out a closet or garage and find supplies for an activity you have long since stopped pursuing, scrapbooking anyone? You confess, most likely you won't be doing that activity anymore so you decide to donate it, BUT you may have a whole box of corresponding items you aren't aware of that could also be donated...see the chain reaction! Find the complete set of show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/11 If you’re happy you found us, a review and rating on iTunes will help others to find us too! You can catch up with us on Instagram @AtoBpodcast and Facebook. Send us any questions you have Hello@AtoBPodcast.com. We even have a voicemail line (858) 480-7722!


21 Mar 2017

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Ep 16 Papers, Photos, and Problems

We had more items to discuss today but we get stuck on problems with our paper and photos. But first, we're so excited to be wrapping up the final days of the 30-Day Minimalism Game, led by The Minimalists. Find the complete set of show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/16.


2 May 2017

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Ep 14 Taking Action: The To-Do List

Find our complete show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/14 We are taking a closer look at our to-do list today. Once your to-do list contains just "want" and "need" to do items, how do you get the willpower and discipline to get from “to-do” to done? Today we are focused on TAKING ACTION! We want your to-do list to be a useful tool and in order for that to happen we have to get the tasks done that are on our list. If you’re joining us in the minimalists challenge, please share your giveaway items with us by using the hashtags #AtoBpodcast and #minsgame. Share on social media #atobpodcast, or send us an email Hello @ AtoBpodcast.com. You can find us hanging out on Instagram @AtoBpodcast |Facebook We even have a voicemail line (858) 480-7722! Happy you found us? Help others to find our podcast too! We would love your feedback! Please leave us a review in iTunes.


11 Apr 2017

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EP 24 I'm an Organizing Junkie Chats with A to B

We have a special interview today with Laura Wittmann who runs the blog, I’m an Organizing Junkie. She is a true veteran at helping people get organized and we are so happy to have her share her organizing insight with us. Find a complete set of show notes on AtoBpodcast.com/24.


22 Aug 2017

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Ep 39 This Organized Life's, Laurie Palau, Breaks Down Clutter

We are thrilled to be chatting with a fellow organizing podcaster, Laurie Palau from This Organized Life. Laurie shares her insight from her many years as a professional organizer along with tips on how to declutter your calendar! Did you know calendar clutter was a thing? Find our complete set of show notes at AtoBpodcast.com/39


10 Apr 2018

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