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Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and author of The Mindset of Organization, Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time, and How ADHD Affects Home Organization.Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.Lisa believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life. Lisa has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at Organize365.com.

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BONUS - Pandemic Update - WE are in this TOGETHER

This is a bonus episode recorded as a Facebook and Instagram LIVE on Friday March 24th, 2020. Today, I want to share with you some thoughts on where we are in the midst of the COVID health crisis and our sheltering in place. I share some of the things I am finding inspiring, and I also share some inspiration for continuing to stay safe at home and finding our new normal. Please forgive any sound abnormalities, but I wanted to be able to share this important message with you! Learn more about the 100 Day Organization Program or try a FREE WEEK. 


24 Apr 2020

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101 - Organization 101 – The Sunday Basket

Where do I START organizing? That's the number one question I get asked as a professional organizer. And while that is a loaded question with multiple "right" answers, I have decided to start all of my clients with a simple system I call The Sunday Basket. It's not magic, and you don't have to use a basket... any bag or box will do. You see, organization is a way of living and "being organized" is a way of thinking. The Sunday Basket is a system for processing mail, kitchen counter "to do" papers, and ongoing household projects. The weekly routine of collecting, processing and maintaining household to dos and papers is the perfect training ground for all your future home organization skills. And, like it or not, the mail just keeps on coming... giving us plenty of practice to hone and refine our organizing skills. I have complied all the best videos, podcasts, and posts from all over my website into one organized page to help you get your Sunday Basket started in 4 easy steps. Sign up for the FREE 4 step Organization 101: The Sunday Basket here.


20 May 2016

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4 Steps to Organizing BIG Projects for Productivity - Part 1

For the April podcast episodes, I want to talk to you about how to plan a big project or work towards a big goal. Full disclosure, I generally record podcasts 6-8 weeks in advance. I recorded these in February and March, and I used the examples I was planning at the time. Today, the world looks very different, and many of my examples are not things we can do right now. I know many of these kinds of big projects, celebrations, and plans are all up in the air right now. We are all missing out on direct physical connection to keep our communities safe. I made the decision to air these episodes anyway, because how you plan a big project did not change. How we are living right now has changed dramatically. But, the principles of organizing never change. You can still learn the skill of organizing. It takes learning and skill to develop organization and productivity.  I am sharing my system for completing big projects. I break it down into smaller steps, and I am going to teach you these skills so you can follow along, and maybe even plan a project of your own. I am trying to provide as much encouragement, motivation, perspective, and love as possible during this time of uncertainty. We are in this together! After you have been doing your Sunday Basket® for 6-8 weeks, you will find you have 2.0 slash pockets with projects that still need your attention. Today on the podcast, I want to share with you how to move beyond your Sunday Basket® to dos and weekly focus to actually completing big projects. I want to show you how I create bigger goals and accomplish bigger projects. I do this by using a consistent system for approaching my big projects and I want to teach you how to apply these same skills.  For this podcast series, I am talking about three different example projects: a large party or celebration, summer planning for kids, and moving to a new home. This system is for a project that requires more than a single weekend to complete. Much of the time, you will collect ideas and papers for your project in a 2.0 slash pocket. When you are committed to taking action and completing the project, you will follow the steps in the podcasts. Step 1 - Identify your Project and Dedicate a Sunday Basket® or Workbox to the Project  Once you have committed to your project or goal, dedicate a separate Sunday Basket®, portable Sunday Basket®, or Workbox to your project. You can purchase a plain Sunday Basket (no slash pockets) in the Organize 365 Shop. Having a separate box physically represents your resolve to reaching the goal, and helps your brain to focus on completing the project. The separate box is a temporary focal point - at the end of the project you will reuse the box for something else. Then, empty your brain into the box. Write down every thought, idea, or plan you have about your project. Make sure you capture every thought your brain has, even if you end up with duplicates. Getting everything out of your head will resolve the feeling of overwhelm that you initially face. Drop physical items (invitations, photos, receipts, etc.) directly into the box. Click here to download these printables! :)


3 Apr 2020

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110 - Productivity #1

Every other week I will be recording podcasts on productivity to share with you what I do to get so much done.    Becoming a more productive person is a process that happens overtime. The spacing of these podcasts will give you time to absorb and implement changes into your routine so you will become more productive too!   All the posts in this series will be linked at www.organize365,com/productivity   In this podcast I mentioned the books: 168 Hours You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkamp Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews


22 Jul 2016

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239 - A Year To Get Organized - Molly

Come peek at a year in the life of Molly, a woman who has decided that she has had enough; it’s time to take back her life. In order to do so, she needs to get organized, and that means organizing her paper, organizing her house, and becoming more productive. She wants to free herself from the everyday responsibilities that she thought were solely hers to open herself up to her unique talent. Lisa walks us through the first two rounds of the 100 Day Home Organization Program that is part of All Access, as well as a few of the bonuses offered with the program. If you’ve ever wondered what these systems are and how they can transform your home, listen in! Check out the new web site (and the All Access Program)! Binge the top 7 podcasts Lisa recommends to start. Be sure to check out organize365.com/239 for notes, links, and photos from this episode. Like the show? Leave a review! If you tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to see them! Follow me on Instagram and join the Facebook Group for more great organizing tips, then share your photos with me by tagging me @organize365 or using #organize365!


25 Jan 2019

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60 - Sunday Planning Printables

Planning my week on Sunday saves me hours of time each week. These FREE printables will help you save time too! Click here to download your printables: https://organize365.com/sunday-basket-planning-printables/


7 Aug 2015

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279 - 3 Reasons Why You Can't Get Organized & What To Do About It

When our life gets unorganized, we tend to blame outside sources such as our spouse, our lack of money, not having enough time, and so on. But the truth is that your cluttered life (and home) has nothing to do with any of that. Those are just the things we like to think are holding us back. What’s really holding us back from living a more organized life is having a plan to achieve that life. If you’ve tried to get organized in the past and failed time and time again, you’re in the right place. Today's podcast is designed to help get you organized and decluttered once and for all. Before we dig into the good stuff, I need you to download this fun worksheet to follow along with the podcast. We have ALL been unorganized at some point in our lives... even me. Before I turned 40 back in 2012, I reached the most unorganized stage of my life. My home was so cluttered, it was tearing at the seams. My "epiphany" moment hit me on a random afternoon when I came home with a few bags of groceries and realized I had nowhere to put anything that I bought. The fridge was packed and some of the things in there were way past their expiration dates. The cupboards were the same. But the madness wasn’t confined to my kitchen. Oh no. The clutter rampage had spread throughout my entire home. Every drawer was a junk drawer. So, I sat down and made a list of every single space that needed to be organized and I spent the next 100 days organizing. I needed to regain control of my house and my life. It wasn’t easy, but I got there, and now I want to help you do the same. Sometimes life just gets moving too fast and we literally get run over. Unfortunately, it is not a matter of if this will happen, it is a matter of WHEN. And when it does, it takes a herculean effort to get back up and get organized again. Many of you ask me... "How do you know what I am thinking or what my house looks like?" Well, because we have all been there. I know you feel like no one has ever ended up with their house as disorganized as yours, but we ALL have. And after analyzing when and why this happens, I have actually determined that there are some key seasons in your life where almost everyone will feel like you do today... In the podcast today, I unpack... 1. What’s your why. 2. What season of life are you in. 3. Understanding the Cycle of Organization. And why we can get organized in one phase of life and everything seems to fall apart as you move from one phase to the next. Now is The Best Time to Get Organized :) Don't roll your eyes at me! You know you are itching to clean out the garage, wash everything in sight, and declutter! And you will... for a weekend. And then you will fall back into your daily routines and stop your organizational efforts. It is not you. It is totally normal! But do you want ordinary? Or are you ready for EXTRAORDINARY? Living an organized and productive life is extraordinary! The 100 Day Home Organization Program is your plan to move from an ordinary reactive life to an extraordinarily productive life. Sign up! We start on Monday! View the full post here: http://organize365.com/3reasons/

1hr 4mins

10 May 2019

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316 - Solve the Problem for Good!

When you are first getting organized, I teach you that there are actually 3 steps you need to take to get your schedule, your home, and your papers in order. First, you declutter. Second, you organize. Third, you improve your productivity. I teach you how to start getting organized each week by using a Sunday Basket® . I help you to get your home organized in the 100 Day Home Organization Program. Once you have these areas under control, you will be amazed at how you get more done in less time than you ever have before. Women tell me all the time in the Wednesday Transformational Podcasts how much more free time they have.  Today on the podcast, I want to share with you how I use these very same organizational skills to tackle other problem areas in my life. I wanted to solve several problems for good. I was tired of the time and mental energy I was spending on each of these areas of my life. To be honest, I could not have solved these problems prior to getting my home and paper organized first, but I have now permanently fixed these life issues. Listen in today to hear how I solved several of the issues in my life for good. I will tell you about my hair, my makeup, my schedule, my food, and my clothing. I also teach you the skills, the thinking, and the steps to finding the same solutions in your own life.  Share with me on Instagram or Facebook and tell me what problem you are able to solve for good! PS - If you want to have me visit your city in person during the book tour for The Paper Solution: What to Shred, What to Save, and How to Stop It From Taking Over Your Life launching August 4, 2020, please fill out your information and connections here.


3 Jan 2020

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62 - Creating Morning & Evening Routines

Every year I tweak my morning & evening routines when summer ends and the kids go back to school. Here are 5 steps to create your own morning & evening routines. http://organize365.com/how-to-create-morning-and-evening-routines/


30 Aug 2017

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243 - How to Get Organized Faster

We tell ourselves all kinds of reasons why we can’t get organized. Some of them are legitimate, others others are thinly veiled iterations of “It’s hard” or “I don’t want to.” In this episode, Lisa strips down two of the most common legitimate excuses--chronic illness and young children--and uncovers a new way to tackle the 100 Day Home Organization program that doesn’t involve small bits each day. If you’ve got one of these barriers, or if you’re just a project-oriented person, you’ll want to listen to this episode to find out how to modify the program to fit your needs. Be sure to check out organize365.com/get-organized-faster for notes, links, and photos from this episode. Like the show? Leave a review! If you tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to see them! Follow me on Instagram and join the Facebook group for more great organizing tips, then share your photos with me by tagging me @organize365 or using #organize365! Want more information on launching your professional organization business? The Professional Organizer’s Think Tank is for you. Want more information on adding the Sunday Basket Certification to your current business? We’d love for you to join us in the Certification Program!


24 Aug 2018

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294 - Declutter - Answering Your Questions

As I tell you all the time, getting organized has 3 steps - decluttering, organizing, and increasing productivity. Today, I deep dive into changing your mindset to get better at decluttering so you can move towards a more organized home and life. I teach you how to adapt your thinking in order to be more successful in your decluttering. I answer your decluttering questions including:  How do I stop bringing things I don’t actually need (like those pesky just in case items) into my home? How do I get rid of the clutter associated with all the projects on my to do list?  How do I keep book clutter under control without having to eliminate my entire TBR pile? How do I follow through with my decluttering plans and actually get stuff out of my house? What is the thing that is holding me back from getting rid of things I no longer want or need? And, at the root of all of this, how do I move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset? I am here to help you get your home and paper organized in one year with functional systems that work. I help you figure out what questions to ask yourself to get some of your most difficult clutter out of your home and move towards a more organized life.  I share some of my own challenges in clearing out my house. I also teach you how I was able to adapt my thinking to move me towards the organized and productive life I am living today.  I look forward to helping YOU get Organized! :)Lisa


2 Aug 2019

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Organizing Your Kid's Medical Needs - Organizing Life's Stages and Unexpected Events:

From paperwork to tax deductions and pills to therapy. Professional organizer, Lisa Woodruff, shows you how to organize your kid's medical needs.


24 Oct 2014

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192 - Morning Routines For The Modern Day Woman

In this week’s podcast episode, I talk all about productivity and morning routines. You’ll discover why my morning routine is different than everyone else’s and why I make no apologies for that! Two years ago, I recorded a podcast episode where I talked all about my morning and evening routines at that time. If you would like to hear it, click here. In that episode, I focused on decision fatigue and how setting up routines that you can run on auto-pilot will minimize the number of decisions you need to make. It's amazing the difference a well-planned morning routine can make! This week’s episode continues to build on that topic with a focus on productivity. I love productivity. I’m a productivity nut. If there is any way that I can save 5 seconds a day, I’ll figure it out and I’ll save those 5 seconds, whether I put them to good use or not! Wasting time is one of my biggest pet peeves. So, I love to study how to be more productive. However, just recently I noticed that the majority of the productivity gurus that I have been following – those with podcasts, books, blogs, etc. on productivity – are all men. I’ve tried to change this and seek out female leaders in the productivity field, but they are hard to find. Even though I am a very productive person, it’s hard not to feel like I’m not as productive as I could be when comparing myself to someone so different than me. There are many differences between the productivity schedule of a man and a woman. There are also key differences between the schedule of a Gen X and Gen Y person. There are HUGE differences between the productivity schedule of people with and without kids! Many of the male gurus I have been listening to want you to get up early (before 5am), have an ice cold shower, exercise, meditate… this is not for me. I've tried aspects of it. I even found myself in the gym at 6am…it DID NOT work out well for me! I realized, I was comparing myself to people with such different lives, goals, and challenges than mine. We all strive for balance. As women, we are always trying to seek balance in our lives. But you know what… balance is boring! We can’t perfectly balance everything and if we do – if there is complete balance and not one single thing that gets more of you because you’re so passionate about it – where is the fun in that?! Think of it like a cookie. First, we all like/need different ingredients in our cookies. The base ingredients are often similar, but the rest varies, whether that’s chocolate, raisins, gluten free, soy free, etc., just like we all have different things going on in our life. Second, whatever those ingredients are, they are not required in equal proportions. That would not make for a good cookie! Third, there is no perfect cookie for all. We are all different and unique! You need to know WHO you are taking productivity and morning routine advice from. The productivity routine of the modern woman covers 7 items: Household Cleaning Shopping Work - paid or unpaid Self Care Spouse (optional) Kids (optional) They may not all be applicable to everyone. For example, I know not everyone has a spouse or kids. Personally, I opted out of number 2 and have a housekeeper! My point is that you need to know who you are, what phase of life you’re in, when you like to wake up, what your expectations are for yourself and work. When you are clear on all of that, you can work out the best morning routine for you. My morning routine. I define my morning routine as from the time I wake up until when I start the productive part of my day. For me that is a 5:45-6am wake-up until around 9-10am when I get to work. I wake up with enough time to get up, get ready, and get in the car to take my kids to school. I’m on auto-pilot with my routine so much so that I don’t need to think about it. Refer to this episode and also this one to learn about my make-up caddy. It’s almost impossible for me to forget anything with the way that I’ve organized this. In this week’s episode, I talk you through in detail exactly what I do, what I eat, etc. There are 4 steps to establishing a morning routine. Step 1 – Habitualize your regular daily morning routine for getting up/ready Step 2 – Determine your best work time for doing your household tasks and work Step 3 – Create a flex day – this is a day where you don’t have any big work demands and can blitz smaller tasks and be responsive to new things that come up Step 4 – Create a focus for each day – this doesn’t mean you can’t do other things, but always have a focus/priority for each day There is no perfect. I’ve spent so much time trying to find the perfect morning routine and the perfect way to be productive. I realize now that there is no such thing as perfect. I would love for you to look at your own morning routine. Are you a morning person or not? Do you like to dive into creative work early or not? Is exercise something that really helps you first thing? Get to know yourself and build the routine that suits you. What fuels you? How long does it take? How do you work best? Let me know in my Facebook group. Next week, I’m going to talk about afternoon and evening routines. View the complete post here: https://organize365.com/192


1 Sep 2017

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310 - Ditch Your To Do List With Notecards

Today on the podcast, I want to teach you how I ditched my long to do lists and every single thing I ever want to do ends up on index cards (notecards). I have shared bits and pieces of my system in Instastories and on some of my Facebook lives before, but today I want to share the WHOLE system with you.   Listen in to hear: How I used to make long to do lists on legal pads and filled up notebooks, and why that that NEVER worked for me. The DETAILS of the process I use to record each to do or thought I have on an index card. I’ll tell you what to write, where to put the index card, and how it is SO much more effective to make a non to do list to do list. (Say that 3 times fast!) How I go from all of those individual thoughts and index cards to a single index card with my daily plan. If you are struggling to keep track of your many different to dos, if you keep finding old to do lists that never got done, or if you just want to improve your planning and productivity, this episode is for you! I have been able to make such incredible improvements in my productivity since I have switched to this system, and I want you to be able to do the same.  And, if you STILL have unanswered questions after today, please send me an email and I might do a follow up episode. As a teacher, I know if one person ASKS a question, probably several of you had the same question!  PS - I hope you were able to join me the week of November 11th for the Holiday Blitz. We looked at the memory filled time from Thanksgiving through New Years and identified our priorities. We planned ahead for where to spend our valuable time, money, and energy to best take care of ourselves and our families during this busiest time of the year. It’s not too late to join us and have your best holiday season yet. You can register to get your free printables. And, the Holiday Blitz videos are now available on the Organize 365 YouTube channel for FREE! PPS - You can also follow me on Instagram to see how I use my index cards!


22 Nov 2019

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309 - How to Get Organized with ADHD - Your Questions Answered

Today on the podcast, I want to answer questions that have been submitted about how to get organized with ADHD for both adults and children. I do start with a review of different executive functions. I want to be sure you hear me clearly - no one has perfect executive functioning. So, I want to share different ways you can adjust your mindset and behaviors to make progress on your organization journey. Here is my best hint: consistency beats everything. Simple things done consistently over time will result in real, lasting changes in your life, home, and organization. If you fall off the wagon, or break your streak, just start again. Keep going.  I start with telling you about different medications, supplements, over the counter, and support techniques I use for myself and my children. One that was Joey’s favorites was Alpha Brain Supplements.  Listen in as I answer the following questions: How do you get a routine going when you can’t stay consistent?  How do I not get so overwhelmed so that I do nothing? How do I stay focused? How do you overcome out of sight is out of mind? I have a 14 year old girl who never sticks with a system. Everything is always disorganized! How do you maintain everything in its place? That’s so boring! How do you get started when you do not want to do it, and the project looks overwhelming? I am consistently inconsistent. Help! How would you organize a student with ADHD? How do you stay on task?  Where do you start when getting organized? Kids’ spaces are always disorganized. What should I do? I’m overwhelmed because I have a very messy space. How do you move forward when your brain shuts down? How do I learn to delegate? I teach some different ways to deal with these issues and help you along your organizational journey! I love to answer your questions. If you have another topic or questions you would like to have me answer, please email me - lisa [at] organize365 [dot] com.  Did you miss the Holiday Blitz? You are not too late! Head over to the Organize 365 Facebook group or IGTV to watch the videos from this week and download the printable workbook at organize365.com/blitz.


15 Nov 2019

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241 - Using Your Planner for Productivity

When we use our planner as our datebook, we may have an idea of the times of our appointments and commitments, but we don’t align our weekly focus with the goals we actually want to accomplish in our lives. In this episode, Lisa explains her purposeful decision to not do laundry, and the deeper reason why she chooses intentionality over obligation. Lisa shares the problem with the readily available planners in today’s market, and why the Home CEO Planner is different. If you are looking for permission to let go of the guilt and start intentionally focusing your time toward the things that matter to you, this episode will speak to you. Listen to Podcast 134 to get the full details on how Lisa divides the year into three planning seasons. If you want to get your hands on your own Home CEO Planner, join the 100 Day Home Organization Program. Be sure to check out organize365.com/planner-productivity/ for notes, links, and photos from this episode. Like the show? Leave a review! If you tried any of my suggestions, I’d love to see them! Follow me on Instagram and join the Facebook group for more great organizing tips, then share your photos with me by tagging me @organize365 or using #organize365! Want more information on launching your professional organization business? The Professional Organizer’s Think Tank is for you. Want more information on adding the Sunday Basket Certification to your current business? We’d love for you to join us in the Certification Program!


10 Aug 2018

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197 - You Need A Schedule

On the podcast this week, I talk about time management and productivity. I’ve finally figured out what is missing for women on this topic! Everyone needs a schedule. You need a plan and you need to proactively tell yourself what you should be doing. Because if you don’t, you will just end up sidetracked and distracted. I haven’t talked about time management and productivity very much in the past. That is because I think that you need to get physically organized first before you can get mentally organized. This is a little different from what you’re used to hearing me say. I do think that change happens in your mind first and then in your physical reality – as far as getting physically organized and decluttered. But when it comes to productivity and time management, we’re at a whole new level. Now we are visualizing what change will look like and mentally making the changes. That is why I want to make this physical for you. I have created some AMAZING printables that I’m so happy to share with you. You can download them here and they go with this week’s podcast episode and next week’s episode as well. They also go with episodes 192 and 193 on routines. Making changes to our time management and how we manage our schedule does not happen overnight. I have devised 4 steps for creating a plan for time management. Steps 1 & 2: Morning and Afternoon & Evening Routines I recently created two podcast episodes on my morning routine and my afternoon and evening routines. Thank you for all the feedback that I’ve received on these episodes – I loved recording them and they’ve been really well received. Many people talk about morning and evening routines, but for me my afternoon routine is my most important routine right now (between 2-5pm – after my productive work) . In this week’s podcast episode, I talk you through exactly what I want you to do to creat your routines and my worksheet will help you formulate one – just add ONE new thing into your morning, afternoon and evening routine. Step 3: Work out all of the roles that you are responsible for in the household This step is going to overwhelm you! I take you through the task of working out how many roles you are responsible for when it comes to running your household. There are A LOT of roles and you will be surprised how many relate to you. For example, healthcare coordinator, taxi driver, vacation planner, etc. On the worksheet, you are then asked to work out all of your ‘to-dos’ for each role. You may find this difficult, but give it your best shot! To put this into context – a couple years ago, I completed a time study for me and Greg. We discovered we were spending 36 hours a week on household and childcare related tasks. Step 4: Planning your time and creating a schedule In this final step on my worksheet, you actually plan your time. You create a schedule. The focus is on being PRODUCTIVE. When you plan your time in advance (right down to the minutes), you will find that you have more minutes. Yes, you get more time back in your day! I can work with you on this task, if you'd like. I love helping people plan their schedules in order to be more productive. Just click here to book a coaching call with me. You NEED a schedule – especially if you work from home. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a work-from-home employee, a stay-at-home mom, or you have any other role that requires you to work from home, you NEED to have a schedule. I consider "work" as your life purpose. That is how I define work. This could be paid or unpaid (i.e., stay-at-home mom). Whatever your work is, it’s your life purpose. Time is so valuable and you can never get it back so you need to work out a schedule that ensures you do not fritter away your time. Share your new schedules in the Organize 365 Facebook Group! View the complete post here: https://organize365.com/197


6 Oct 2017

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109 - Organizational Quicksand: What to Do When You Are Stuck

It never fails. You are ready to get organized, but the people and circumstances around you have you stuck.    In this podcast I will break down the various situations that get us stuck in each phase of our organizational journey.   Join the 100 Day Home Organization Challenge here.


15 Jul 2016

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