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It-Part One (Re-Release)

To celebrate the upcoming release of It, I'm re-releasing my reviews of King's masterpiece.  Enjoy! From the original episode description: In 1986, the master of horror released the novel worthy of his title.  This novel reflected many of the themes, characters, and story beats that he had introduced in his earlier novels and stands as his ultimate thesis of the horror genre.  More importantly, it is the pinnacle of coming of age stories, a tale that places childhood friends at the center of a cosmic conflict, and only through the power of friendship can we overcome our fears.  If that doesn't speak to Mr. King's sensibilities, I don't know what does.  Oh, and it has a scary clown!  Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you packed your bags, because we will be spending the next month in Derry, Maine, home of Pennywise The Dancing Clown.  Enjoy your stay, and keep away from the drains, the canal and the Barrens.  You'll never know what you might find there.  Or what might find you. . .

1hr 21mins

2 Sep 2017

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Episode 180-The Outsider

Welcome back, everyone! Last week, King released his newest novel, The Outsider! Part crime-fiction, part supernatural, it's a great blend of the genres that King loves, and the mix creates for a new, enjoyable experience that plays upon real-world fears.  Plus, it includes the appearance of a fan-favorite Stephen King character! That was such a treat!

1hr 24mins

3 Jun 2018

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Episode 215-The Top 10 Works of Stephen King of The Past Decade

I didn't think I was going to do it, but I did! Here is a top ten of the most important/best/impactful/influential works or adaptations of the works of a Stephen King property from the last decade. The beginning of the decade started out a little rocky, but as we head into 2020, he's back on top, possibly sitting larger than ever before.  2010-2019 gave us a lot of Stephen King content (including this podcast!), so plug in and hear me out as I rank my top ten works of Stephen King over the last decade!

1hr 40mins

29 Dec 2019

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Episode 147-The Stand, Part One (Re-Release)

Welcome back, everyone.  Based on recent current events, I thought it was pertinent to re-release my examination of King's The Stand.  When I watch millions of women and men gather together to protest intolerance and bigotry, when your neighbors leave their homes to protect your rights while others threaten to take those rights away, I can't help but think of Mother Abigail's message to her people.  Remember, at the end of the world, God did not ask His people to go to war with Randall Flagg.  He merely asked His people to stand against him.  I'm re-releasing my reviews of Stephen King's classic in honor of everyone who is out there making their stand.  And for the record, despite what I say in this episode, I do NOT believe that Fran's baby is the Crimson King! :)

1hr 15mins

30 Jan 2017

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Episode 167-It (2017)

Welcome back, everyone!  At long last, I present my thoughts on the latest adaptation of King's 1986 masterpiece, the mega-blockbuster, It!  This will be the first of a two part review, with the second part coming later in the week.  Thank you for being patient, everyone.  I hope you enjoy!

1hr 36mins

13 Sep 2017

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Episode 200-Pet Sematary Movie Review (2019), News Roundup

Happy 200 episodes! Thank you for staying with me on this ride for this long. I really appreciate it, gang. It's been a fun one. On this episode, I read listener e-mail, iTunes reviews, share some Stephen King news and conclude with an in-depth review of the new Pet Sematary film.

1hr 40mins

11 Apr 2019

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Episode Forty Nine-The Stand, Part One

Welcome back to the Stephen Kingcast!  This week, I kick off the summer by launching into a month long examination of what many consider to be Stephen King's best novel, the ultimate tale of Good and Evil in the ruins of America: The Stand!  How does it stack up to his other novels? Find out this week in the Stephen Kingcast!

1hr 16mins

5 Jun 2015

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Episode Three-Salem's Lot Review

This week on the Stephen Kingcast, I examine Stephen King's second novel, the classic tale of a small town plagued by vampires, Salem's Lot.  Hardcore Stephen King fans, stick around after the end of the podcast to listen to how Salem's Lot ties into King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower.  

1hr 24mins

24 Aug 2014

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Episode 197-Castle Rock, Episode 10

Here we are at the conclusion of Castle Rock? Did it live up to expectations? What did it all mean? What were Thomason and Shaw playing at this entire time? Tune into this episode to find out!


16 Sep 2018

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Re-Release-Pet Semetary

Hey, gang! In anticipation of the upcoming film, I've decided to re-release my review of the book that started it all. And don't worry. I'll be sure to review the new film when I see it!

1hr 10mins

1 Apr 2019

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Episode Twenty Six-Pet Sematary

In this week's review of the Stephen Kingcast, I take a look at Stephen King's examination on death and its impact on the living, Pet Sematary.

1hr 10mins

29 Jan 2015

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Episode Sixteen-The Gunslinger Review, Part One

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."  With those words, a 19 year-old Stephen King embarked upon a decades-spanning journey that included 7 books, numerous tie-ins and a near death experience.  That's right, Constant Reader.  This week, I launch into The Gunslinger.  Please note that this week is only part one of a two part episode.  This week, I review The Gunslinger, trying to remain as spoiler-free about anything that comes afterward.  Next week, I place The Gunslinger into the context of the greater series and examine how well it holds up against the later novels.  This is one that I couldn't wait to review, and as of right now, this is my favorite episode I've recorded so far! Join our ka-tet as we make our way across the desert, into the mountains in our quest to reach The Dark Tower.  Will we reach it? Let's find out together! Thanks to Bright Giant for use of their song, "Jake and the Gunslinger."

1hr 4mins

22 Nov 2014

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Episode Five-The Shining Review

In this week's edition of the Stephen Kingcast, I examine what many might argue is Stephen King's most famous novel: The Shining.  Don't forget to come back next week when I chime in with my thoughts on the great debate between the book and movie!

1hr 5mins

7 Sep 2014

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Episode 158-Night Shift (Re-Release)

In preparation for my return to Stephen King's short story collections, I'm re-releasing my original review of the stories collected within Night Shift.  Stay tuned for my next episode in which I review the stories I didn't get around to the first time.


8 Jul 2017

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Episode Forty One-It (The Movie) Review

Are you scared of clowns?  If you are, it's probably because you watched the ABC mini series starring Tim Curry as Pennywise!  That's right, I finish up my month long stay in Derry with an examination of the television adaptation of King's most massive book to date.  Can it hold a torch to King's ultimate statement of horror?  Find out this week on the Stephen Kingcast!


17 Apr 2015

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Episode 114-Top 10 Short Stories

In this week's episode, I list Stephen King's top 10 short stories!


13 Feb 2016

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Episode 121-Top 10 Villains

In this week's episode, I take a look at King's top villains!


19 Mar 2016

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Episode One Hundred-11/22/63

Get your tissues ready for this one, guys.  11/22/63 was a major surprise to anyone thinking they were going to get a novel JUST about time travel and changing the course of history.  I don't think any of us expected the romance that King gave us.  Find out all my thoughts on the Stephen Kingcast!

1hr 44mins

13 Jan 2016

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Episode 103-Doctor Sleep

With Doctor Sleep, King returns to the world he immortalized in the pages of The Shining.  Dipping back to popular wells is always a tricky decision to make.  The question we should be asking is, "Was it the right one?" Find out this week in the Stephen Kingcast!

1hr 24mins

18 Jan 2016

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Episode Sixty Nine-Insomnia

This is a big one, guys!  Insomnia was the first novel that Stephen King had published after I had become a Stephen King fan.  Nightmares and Dreamscapes might have been the first short story collection, but this is the first, full-blown novel that I had to look forward to, and I honestly think that Stephen King wrote it specifically for me.  Why? 1) It takes place in Derry, the city of his 1986 masterpiece, IT. 2) It's a wild, comic-booky concept involving colorful auras, super powers, and higher levels of existence.3) It introduces 2 classic Stephen King villains, the rusty blade wielding Atropos and his master, the grand daddy of all Stephen King baddies, the Crimson King, which brings me to . . .4) He fleshes out the mythology of the Dark Tower series in ways that he hadn't done so in the actual Dark Tower books.  Some people hate this novel, and this episode is designed to convince them that they should give Insomnia another chance!

1hr 43mins

13 Aug 2015

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