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At UX Café designers meet to discuss about User Experience and related disciplines like information architecture, interface design or interaction design.

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[DE] #22: Human Computer Interaction

Stefan, Tom und Holger diskutieren über Paradigmenwechsel: Ist die Spracheingabe das Interface der Zukunft?


12 Jul 2011

Rank #1

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[EN] #20: The Future of UX (Live from UXcamp Europe)

[English] Are we going to evolve into tie-wearing consultants? Do UX pros matter at all a few years down the road? And how do Africa and refrigerators fit in? Together with the awesome folks at UXcamp Europe, we discussed the future of our profession. Thanks to all UXcamp attendees for a marvelous weekend, and special thanks to the Orga team -- we had fun!


18 Jun 2011

Rank #2

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[EN] #16: Storytelling (Recorded by accident)

[English] After recording a regular episode, Tom and Holger got into a heated discussion about storytelling - and the recorder was still running. Both have some interessting points to make, but be warned: We earned that explicit rating in iTunes for a reason - this episode contains more four-letter words than all previous episodes combined!


6 Mar 2011

Rank #3

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[DE] #12: Mental Models

Wer hören möchte, wie Stefan innerhalb einer halben Stunde 300x Ähm sagt, der ist bei unserer neuen Folge genau richtig! Alle anderen können erfahren was Mental-Model-Diagramme sind, warum man sie einsetzen sollte, und wie man selbst Nutzerinterviews organisiert, durchführt und als Diagramm auswertet. Viel Spaß bei diesem Mitschnitt von der IA-Konferenz 2010!


23 Jan 2011

Rank #4

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[EN] #7: How to write the perfect pop song

[English] At UXcamp Holger talked about song-writing, creativity, shitty first drafts, and teaching stuff. The title is "How to write the perfect pop song" - and yes, indeed, this has a lot to do with User Experience!


22 Jul 2010

Rank #5

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[EN] #4: Zombie Personas

[English] This is by far the nerdiest episode we ever did, so fasten your seat belts. In his session at UXcamp, Tom said: "Personas - love 'em or hate 'em - you can't not use 'em. Either you have zombies, or you have living ones." In this recording of his session he talks about different kinds of zombies like Mirror Personas, Undead Personas, Unicorn Personas or Stupid User Personas. He gives advice on how to avoid these fellas and how to make good use of living personas during a project. As a bonus, Tom explains why 37signals doesn't need personas at all.


21 Jun 2010

Rank #6

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[EN] #30: iOS 7

Hot on the heels of Apple's recent iOS 7 announcement we're discussing exactly that: Apple's new iOS 7. Is it a good experience? Is it a good interaction design? Is it a good visual design? And can Jonathan Ive, besides all his hardware work, really design software? Let's find out!


12 Jun 2013

Rank #7

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[DE] #29: Interne Barcamps

Stefan und Holger diskutieren über interne Barcamps als Weiterbildungsmaßnahme.


25 Aug 2012

Rank #8

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[EN] #28: Art vs. Design

What's the self-image of UX professionals? Are we artists? Designers? Consultants? Or more like movie directors? Can we express ourselves within a project? This time, the guys have a little bit of a philosophical discussion.


30 Jun 2012

Rank #9

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[EN] #27: Challenges

What challenges do we face and what to do about it? Together with the awesome crowd at UXcamp Europe, we discussed roadblocks and areas in need for improvement -- and how to tackle these fellas to evolve as UX professionals.


16 Jun 2012

Rank #10