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009 Spike Brehm - Sharing javascript in browser and server - building isomorphic apps

Spike explains the different categories of Isomorphic apps and how this is accomplished. He mentions various tools for facilitating sharing across browser, server, and devices. He shares how Airbnb, Yahoo, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram are using some of these technologies today. Finally, he provides resources to help others learn and get started. Episode InfoEpisode NotesLinksVideo / Slides Episode Info Episode: CW 009 Published: July 16th, 2014 Tags: nodejs, js,jsconf Duration: 13:48 Episode Notes 01:50 - Isomorphic definition 03:15 - Tools for sharing code across browser and server 04:00 - Browserify for using Node.js packages in browser 05:20 - Categories of Isomorphic code 06:20 - Superagent - HTTP client 07:08 - Airbnb’s Rendr - render Backbone apps on client and server 07:30 - Compelling reasons for building isomorphic apps 08:00 - Flickr main page isomorphic, modown project 08:39 - Meteor framework 09:25 - Getting started with Isomorphic JavaScript 10:10 - ReactJS - client and server rendering, can attach event handlers to server rendered page 10:40 - Facebook and Instagram using ReactJS for Isomorphic apps 11:30 - Following Spike Brehm and Isomorphic JavaScript Links Spike Brehm’s Isomorphic Resources Airbnb blog - Isomorphic JavaScript: The Future of Web Apps Isomorphic Tutorial Isomorphic JavaScript website Nodejitsu - Scaling Isomorphic Javascript Code Browserify - packaging NPM modules for the browser Superagent - HTTP client for browser and Node.js Airbnb’s Rendr - Rendering Backbone apps on the client and server Yahoo’s Modown project Meteor framework ReactJS framework for building user interfaces Spike Brehm Twitter Jeff Barczewski, Founder, CodeWinds twitter CodeWinds twitter Video / Slides Watch Spike Brehm’s JSConf talk on YouTube Slides from Spike Brehm JSConf 2014: Building Isomorphic Apps - Slideshare


16 Jul 2014

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010 Nico Bevacqua - JS build tooling, development workflow, and his new book JavaScript Application Design

Nico Bevacqua, the author of JavaScript Application Design which is in early access at Manning, explains more about JS continuous development, integration, and deployment. We discuss build tools, module systems, component architectures, MVC, and finally the experience of writing a traditionally published book. Episode InfoEpisode NotesJavaScript Application Design - ManningLinksVideo / Slides Episode Info Episode: CW 010 Published: August 8th, 2014 Tags: nodejs, js,jsconf Duration: 29:10 Episode Notes 01:35 - Why build first? 03:25 - Continuous development 05:00 - Continuous Integration - Travis-CI 05:20 - Continuous Deployment - Heroku, Amazon EC2 06:20 - Build tools - grunt, gulp, npm - determining the best choice 11:35 - JS Modules - AMD, CommonJS (CJS), ES6 Modules, RequireJS, Browserify, AngularJS DI 15:00 - HTTP/2 efficient parallel streaming potentially reducing need for bundling 16:30 - Browserify limitations and CommonJS 18:30 - App design, modularity, package managers (component, bower, npm) 20:20 - Current state of building components - Bower, Component, Polymer, Web Components, AngularJS, ReactJS 22:24 - MVC Frameworks - AngularJS, ReactJS and the Virtual DOM 23:35 - Experience writing JavaScript Application Design published by Manning 27:35 - Following Nico JavaScript Application Design - Manning Published by Manning, currently available as early access edition - Purchase at Manning Links Browserify - packaging NPM modules for the browser Nico Bevacqua’s Pony Foo blog Code samples from JavaScript Application Design Build first resources Build first site Nico Bevacqua twitter Jeff Barczewski, Founder, CodeWinds twitter CodeWinds twitter Video / Slides Watch Nico Bevacqua’s JSConf talk on YouTube Slides from Nico Bevacqua JSConf 2014: Front End Ops Tooling - Slideshare


8 Aug 2014

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008 Guy Bedford - jspm & SystemJS - Unity and simplicity in loading CommonJS, AMD, and ES6 JS packages

JavaScript module loading has traditionally been difficult due to diverse module formats and difficult configuration. With so many competing standards it is hard to get everything to work well together. Guy has come forward with a solution which simplifies loading and management of JS packages. This is a full workflow solution including both dynamic loading and capability to build bundles for production. Episode InfoEpisode NotesSimple example of SystemJS in browserLinksVideosOther podcasts Episode Info Episode: CW 008 Published: July 2nd, 2014 Tags: nodejs, js,es6,commonjs,amd,es6,packages,modules,jsconf Duration: 22:12 Episode Notes 03:00 - es6-module-loader 04:25 - CommonJS, AMD, ES6 modules. Browserify 05:10 - SystemJS - loads ES6 modules, AMD, CommonJS and global scripts. Designed in spec itself, IE8+, suitable for production, runs in browser and Node.js, promises API 08:00 - SystemJS workflow - dynamic loading and build capability 10:00 - Using SystemJS with build tools 10:30 - SystemJS community 11:30 - Auto file type detection (CJS, AMD, UMD, …) or can specify 12:45 - Optional configuration. Made to be as easy as possible to get going 14:30 - jspm - JavaScript Package Manager - CDN for SystemJS, require by name. 15:30 - Core ideas - making requiring really simple and making package management really simple 16:00 - Design of loader and manager 17:28 - Ready for review and full workflow. An invitation to the community 18:26 - GitHub locations for projects, examples 20:34 - How to follow up, closing remarks Simple example of SystemJS in browser <script src="system.js"></<span class="hljs-name">script><script> System.import('app/app') .catch(function(e) { // we add this since promises suppress all errors setTimeout(function() { throw e; }); });</<span class="hljs-name">script> Links es6-module-loader - ES6 module loader polyfill SystemJS - Spec-compliant universal module loader - loads ES6 modules, AMD, CommonJS and global scripts. SystemJS-Build-Tool - Build tool for SystemJS which can bundle for production jspm - Package manager for the SystemJS universal module loader, built on top of the dynamic ES6 module loader. Load any module format (ES6, AMD, CommonJS and globals) directly from endpoints such as npm and github with flat versioned dependency management. For production, use the jspm CLI tool to download packages locally, lock down versions and build into a bundle. In development, load modules directly from CDN for frictionless experimentation, switching into production on the same code with a single configuration change. Supports SPDY with server push. jspm-es6-demo - jspm ES6 module loading workflow demo - write ES6 modules, load external from CDN, install locally using CDN versions, bundle into single file for production jspm Google Group - Discussion forum for JSPM Guy Bedford’s Twitter Guy Bedford’s GitHub repositories Jeff Barczewski, Founder, CodeWinds twitter CodeWinds twitter Videos Fluent Conf 2014 - Guy Bedford on ES6 modules, jspm, SystemJS Mountain West JS 2014 - Guy Bedford on the genesis of jspm, SystemJS JSConf 2014 videos - Videos from the JSConf 2014 sessions (videos are in progress of being posted) Other podcasts JSJabber 115


2 Jul 2014

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007 Forrest Norvell on ES6 and our community's role at JSConf 2014

Watch video on YouTubeEpisode InfoEpisode NotesLinksVideosEpisode Info Episode: CW 007 Published: June 24th, 2014 Tags: nodejs, js,es6,jsconf Duration: 38:33 Episode Notes 01:36 - Forrest explains his new position at npm Inc. 02:20 - Discussion of Forrest’s JSConf 2014 talk 03:30 - Rise of community standards, Douglas Crockford’s the Good Parts, John Resig jQuery, Promises A+ standard 05:50 - Standards committees, an inside look 08:00 - ES4, ES5, Harmony, ES7 (champion for each feature) 10:00 - test262 - conformance test suite 11:58 - Our community has the power to figure out what features in ES6 are useful. Sort out the parts that are genuinely useful. Figure out the good parts now. 14:48 - Module proposal benefited from critical discussions from the community 16:00 - Tools for using ES6 features now 17:26 - Development community needs to get on top of things and teach how we use the features with emphasis on the compelling parts. 18:50 - Forrest no longer recommends Crockford’s Good Parts to new developers because half is scar tissue and dogma, instead Dave Herman’s Effective JavaScript which gives them a mental toolkit to determine their own style 20:55 - Don’t concentrate on what’s cool, but concentrate on what’s stable and effective. As an educator be conservative. 21:29 - Warnings from Java, Perl history 24:00 - Typescript and Coffeescript bring things to the table but they could fragment the community 24:40 - ES timeline 26:30 - Features need enough examination to ensure they are finished 28:00 - Keeping some things in user land to see what community comes up with. Developers as leaders in this transition. 29:00 - npm growth, npm Inc dev ops, addressing pain points in npm CLI 34:30 - All software languages have something that is terrible. Community is something that makes Node.js special. 35:45 - Node.js in the enterprise is happening very rapidly. A very interesting time to be in the middle of this evolution. Links Forrest Norvell, npm product maker at npm Inc. twitter npm Inc. - npm, Inc. supports the JavaScript community by providing the registry where developers publish and share packaged open-source modules. traceur - Traceur is a JavaScript.next-to-JavaScript-of-today compiler. Compile ES6 code into JS which can be used by today’s browsers. es6-shim - Provides compatibility shims so that legacy JavaScript engines behave as closely as possible to ECMAScript 6 (Harmony). es6-module-transpiler - ES6 Module Transpiler is a JavaScript library for converting JavaScript files written using the ES6 draft specification module syntax to existing library-based module systems such as AMD, CommonJS, or simply globals. sweet.js - Macros for javascript which can be used to add in ES6 features. es6ify - browserify v2 transform to compile JavaScript.next (ES6) to JavaScript.current (ES5) on the fly. ES6 compatibility table - ES6 compatibility table, comparing browser versions, Node.js. Links to ES6 feature descriptions. Spider Monkey - Firefox JS engine written in C++. Currently Spider Monkey is leading in the number of ES6 features that are implemented. (56/66 according to Kangax) Effective JavaScript - David Herman’s book Jeff Barczewski, Founder, CodeWinds twitter CodeWinds twitter Videos JSConf 2014 Talk


24 Jun 2014

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006 Daniel Shaw (@dshaw) introduces NodeSource at JSConf 2014

Watch video on YouTubeEpisode InfoEpisode NotesNodeSource Team (mentioned in interview)Social Media LinksEpisode Info Episode: CW 006 Published: June 18th, 2014 Tags: nodejs, jsconf Duration: 23:54 Episode Notes NodeSource is a professional Node.js software company. NodeSource provides enterprise-grade software products and educational and professional consulting services to empower companies to be effective and productive with Node.js. https://nodesource.com/ - NodeSource website with team background https://nodesource.com/products - NodeSource products npm Plus - NodeSource is the premier, certified reseller of on-premise, private npm instances. NodeSource has partnered with npm Inc. to deliver a secure, on-premise, private npm solution alongside managed services such as: Bespoke npm Training 24x7x365 Support Custom Integrations (LDAP, SSO, etc.) N|Ship - NodeSource’s official Node.js deployment solution to make app deployments easy, secure and automated. http://2014.jsconf.us/ - JSConf 2014 - May 27-31, 2014 at Amelia Island, FL NodeSource Team (mentioned in interview)![DanShaw][] ![JoeMccann][] ![RodVagg][] ![ChrisWilliams][] ![TrevorNorris][]Social Media Links NodeSource Team (partial list) NodeSource twitter Daniel Shaw, Co-founder twitter Joe McCann, Co-founder twitter Rod Vagg, Director of Engineering twitter Chris Williams, Director of Professional Services twitter Trevor Norris, Node.js Maintainer twitter CodeWinds Jeff Barczewski, Founder twitter CodeWinds twitter


18 Jun 2014

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