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Traumatic Narcissism, Featuring Daniel Shaw

Engaging With

I speak with psychoanalyst, Daniel Shaw, about the development of traumatic narcissism and the way in which it manifests in interpersonal relationships.  For more information about Daniel's work, please visit: Daniel's Website: https://danielshawlcsw.com/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/DanielShawLCSW Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/Daniel-Shaw/e/B00GDOWP3W/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 Intro/Outro music: Meh by Monplaisir

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29 Sep 2021

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Interview With Daniel Shaw Master Hopologist

The Understory Lawyer ®

The Maglife PodcastThe Tango Yankee ProjectDe-Platform InsuranceSubscribe to my email list here: understory.newsFollow me on Odysee by clicking here: https://rangercohort.com/insurance

1hr 13mins

26 Aug 2021

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Orange - Daniel Shaw - Philip Shaw Wines

Fine Vines and Wine

On this week’s episode of Fine Vines and Wine, I’m joined by Daniel Shaw, head winemaker at Philip Shaw Wines. We talk about how Daniel has been working in the wine industry from a young age, his time as a winemaker in America, and different wine making techniques around the world as well as Daniel’s own personal wine making style and approach. We also discuss what goes into having a successful cellar door, the perfect food and wine pairings (get ready to start salivating), how to make the perfect Chardonnay, and Daniel’s love of lighter style reds. Make sure you also listen to the end for an amazing experience that Daniel has offered to my listeners, you don’t want to miss it. As always, head over to my instagram page (www.instagram.com/finevinesandwine) for a list of all wines mentioned in today’s episode.  Links:https://www.philipshaw.com.auhttps://www.instagram.com/philipshawwines/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Jun 2021

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The Tiberius Show EP 138 Daniel Shaw

The Tiberius Show

What is a Wrestling league, how can you make your own. Do you like wrestling? Do people really get hurt? How does one get into the wrestling business and why would they want to? What does it take to be a wrestling announcer? These questions and so much more are answered by Daniel Max Shaw!!, along with heart of a LION and Math corners!!!!


9 Jun 2021

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Woo Girl! Gen Z vs Millennials with Daniel Shaw

Good Judy

Daniel Shaw, Gen Z fashion icon from WUSSY Movie Club podcast, joins us on the pod to discuss everything about Generation Z, TikTok, Instagram, and more.  Good Judys Brigitte and Ellasaurus present Woo Girl!, an intimate series of convos with some of our most favorite judys. These weekly mini-episodes will be full of embarrassing stories, heartwarming memories, and gag-worthy gabs with the world’s finest woo girls, guys, and thems and theys!  Good Judy is a podcast about queer art, news and pop culture hosted by two Atlanta queens, Ellasaurus Rex (@queen_ellarex) and Brigitte Bidet (@brigittebidet). Tune in every Tuesday with Brigitte and Ella as they discuss the latest news, chat with very special guests, and crown a Good Judy and Bad Judy of the week. Good Judy is part of the WUSSY Podcast Network, hosted by WUSSY Mag (@wussymag) Produced by Jon Dean @jondeanphoto Podcast Art created by Nick Sheridan @glass.knuckles Podcast Music by DJ Helix @1djhelix Donate to our Patreon Page! Follow Good Judy Podcast on Instagram Follow Good Judy Podcast on Facebook


2 Apr 2021

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RockerMike and Rob Presents: Daniel Shaw Uppercase D and The lowercases

Getting lumped up with Rob Rossi

RockerMike and Rob Presents: Daniel Shaw Uppercase D and The lowercases Guitar was the first instrument that captured Daniel’s attention. Next was drumming. He wore headphones and studied In-a-gadda-da-vida every day, memorizing the drum solo and every little nuance of the recording. He also enjoyed singing along with the band Foreigner while his dad recorded it on the stereo. From age 4-11 it was air jamming,but guitar lessons changed his world.Taught to play by ear along with Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, etc, D quickly learned all of his favorite songs on electric guitar and air drums. Locking himself in the room with War Pigs screaming through his amp placed in the window, facing OUT, a small crowd would gather to enjoy his ability to play along. D played bass and guitar in numerous bands from his late teens to late 30’s.Growing up in Woodstock NY, he was sharing stages with the coolest local acts. His musical style ranges from rock, metal, punk, funk, to trippy grooves.D taught himself to play bass and NOT air drums by age 20. Utilizing his understanding of song structure, ability to play every instrument, sing, and intense focus on the mixing aspect, D began recording onto 4-track cassette.Finally the DR-880 Dr. Rhythm became a staple in 2008. Daniel finally had a way to create all of his original and cover songs with bass and drum patterns to work with.He spent hours on little details, testing mixdowns on various sound systems to ensure a well-balanced mix. Along the way he started making his own music videos. Using a phone or tablet for editing, and music apps, Caustic3 and Fruity Loops became the focus until present. He was never into electronic music and decided to embrace it’s wonderful existence with the intention of adding a human feel.Now he’s been mixing it all. He built a vocal booth and has a small 32-track home studio.His works are posted on social media.Daniel Shaw was the guitarist in a band called SPBhttps://m.soundcloud.com/daniel-shaw8/born-from-underneathplopped-out-1974?in=daniel-shaw8/sets/uppercase-d-the-lowercases https://instagram.com/theemistershaw818?igshid=wovzb0za58x2 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064256053705Please follow us on Youtube,Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Patreon and at www.gettinglumpedup.com https://linktr.ee/RobRossiGet your T-shirt at https://www.prowrestlingtees.com/gettinglumpedupAnd https://www.bonfire.com/store/getting-lumped-up/Subscribe to the channel and hit the like button --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rob-rossi/support https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/getting-lumped-up-with-rob-rossi/id1448899708 https://open.spotify.com/show/00ZWLZaYqQlJji1QSoEz7a https://www.patreon.com/Gettinglumpedup#musicproduction #musicvideo #musical #musicislife #musiclover #musically #musician #musiclife #music #musicstudio #musicproducer #musicphotography--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rob-rossi/support


31 Mar 2021

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Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation with Daniel Shaw

Transforming Trauma

Our host Sarah Buino is joined by therapist, social worker, and author Daniel Shaw to discuss his seminal book Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation. Daniel explores the theme of traumatic narcissism from a developmental and trauma-informed perspective. In his work, he connects the challenging symptoms and behaviors of clients diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder to the deeper understanding that they were raised in a highly traumatic environment by narcissistic caregivers. His underlying message for listeners is that, “It's important to understand what's going on in the mind of the narcissistic traumatizer in order to help patients free themselves from those relationships, in order for therapists to help the patient, and in order for the patients to help themselves.” Sarah and Daniel discuss the common thread in Daniel’s work and NARM. Much like in NARM, in which the therapists support clients to reconnect with their own agency, Daniel’s intention in working with people that have experienced narcissistic abuse is to help them “retrieve a faith in themselves that has been taken from them by the narcissistic abuser.” Sarah and Daniel close by discussing the role of the therapist, and how therapists can support the client in this process of self-reflection through being fully attuned and letting them know that we are “in their corner.” If the therapist is able to do this, the therapeutic relationship then becomes a place where the client can begin to feel this unconditional, fully present relationship from another, so that they can begin to feel it for themselves.  About Daniel:  www.danielshawlcsw.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/DanielShawLCSW Twitter: @NyackDanShaw Daniel Shaw is the author of Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation. He is faculty and supervisor in New York City at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies. He maintains his private psychotherapy practice In New York City and in Nyack, NY. To read the full show notes and discover more resources visit http://www.narmtraining.com/podcast NARM Level 2 Online Training begins January 2021. REGISTER NOW: https://narmtraining.com/transformingtrauma/level2/ NARM Training Institute http://www.NARMtraining.com The NARM Training Institute provides tools for transforming complex trauma through: in-person and online trainings for mental health care professionals; in-person and online workshops on complex trauma and how it interplays with areas like addiction, parenting, and cultural trauma; an online self-paced learning program, the NARM Inner Circle; and other trauma-informed learning resources.   We want to connect with you! Facebook @NARMtraining Twitter @NARMtraining YouTube Instagram @thenarmtraininginstitute


11 Nov 2020

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Episode 109: A Conversation with Musician Daniel Shaw

Suck It! Podcast

Daniel Shaw, 2019 The Voice Australia Runner-Up  When Daniel was 8 years old he went to a Billy Joel concert which inspired him to become ‘just like Billy’. He dreamed of incorporating both piano and vocals and becoming the next “Piano Man”.  So for 13 years, every weekend, Daniel busked in the city of Melbourne to continue to improve and develop his sound and practice his art. This has made him no stranger to connecting with his fans. Already filling rooms across Australia in September with his CTL Tour and again in Australia & NZ in January 2020 with 2-time Grammy award-winning Lauren Daigle, fans recognise him for what he is - a true artist who is on the path to something special.  ​Now at only 21 years of age, Daniel Shaw is very much already a veteran of the music scene. Having released his first album, and touring in America and Europe, at the age of 12, Daniel takes inspiration and confidence from his influences such as Passenger and Ed Sheeran. In America, he was able to compete in the World Championships of Performing Arts where he won silver in five categories for his original song "Hey Little Brother” (off the 10 years album).   In 2017 he released his second album It's You, which added to his melodic and soft pop discography, mirroring musical influences Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Billy Joel. In late 2018 Shaw released his EP Cross The Line which entered the top 100 on the iTunes charts peaking at #2 above the likes of Billy Eilish, INXS and TKO in 2019. Following this, Daniel Shaw released his first acoustic album named 10 Years which was another successful release, entering the top 100 on the iTunes charts and peaking at #38.   This episode is proudly brought to you by:   #Manscaped: https://www.manscaped.com/ use code "SUCKITPODCAST" for 20% off and free shipping  #Betterhelp : https://www.betterhelp.com/sipod for 10% off  #H2one #Handsanitizer : https://h2one.com/ BUY MERCH!!!!!  #Merch Store: https://www.dckproductions.com/shop Follow me: https://www.instagram.com/suckitpodcast https://www.facebook.com/suckitpodcast https://www.twitter.com/suckit_podcast ​--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/suckitpodcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/suckitpodcast/support


30 Oct 2020

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#39 Cults: What You Need to Know | Daniel Shaw, LCSW

SuperPsyched with Dr. Adam Dorsay

Cults…they’re scary, predatory, and life-sucking. Perhaps you know someone who was in a cult. These days, with loneliness at an all-time high, our basic human desire to feel connected and belong can make us vulnerable.  Pair that with the nefarious and novel ways cults can reach out through the Internet, we are more threatened than ever by their presence. Truly, anyone can be a victim of a charismatic, malignantly narcissistic, and delusional leader. HBO’s documentary series, The Vow, is one of many shows that go into great depth showing us that smart, well-intentioned people can be manipulated badly. Knowledge is power and my expert guest on this episode, Daniel Shaw (www.danielshawlcsw.com), is the perfect person to teach us about cults. For many years, he was a member of a cult and, fortunately, he found his way out. Today, Dan is a highly-regarded author, psychoanalyst, clinical supervisor, and teacher. His brilliant book, Traumatic Narcissism, has been described by a colleague at Harvard Medical School as a “must-read for any of us who have worked with victims of traumatizing narcissists or been their victims ourselves.” So, listen in as Dan and I have a lively and informative discussion about cults and what you need to know. https://www.icsahome.com


9 Oct 2020

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Daniel Shaw, Mental Toughness and Guilty Pleasures

The Gun Experiment

Welcome to the Gun Experiment Episode 012.  This week Keith and I speak to a very special guest, discuss Mental toughness, and shoot the shit about guilty pleasures. We drop new episodes on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month so be sure to subscribe and share the show with friends. I. Interview (00:02:00) Our guest tonight is a retired US Marine Corp infantry leader and combat weapons master instructor, founder of Shaw Strategies, director of marketing at Gun Mag Warehouse and host of The Gunfighter Cast Podcast, please welcome Daniel Shaw. II. Run and Gun (00:44:11)III. Let’s Mix It UP (00:46:36)”Hurt or injured? There’s always a way to fight. You just have to find it.” We discuss mental toughness and how we can develop the mindset to keep pushing through during difficult challenges IV. Shootin’ The Shit (00:56:56) The guys shoot the shit about guilty pleasure and how Keith has zero guilt about anything. V. Outro (01:05:15)I want to thank Daniel for being on the show, it was a pleasure hearing all about his experiences and we thank him for all of his insight. You can find Daniel at:Shaw Strategies Gunmag TV Instagram Facebook If you liked this episode we’d appreciate a 5 star review and leave a comment on i tunes; we’ll read any comments you leave in future episodes.  Also be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @thegunexperiment so we can keep the conversation going.

1hr 5mins

8 Sep 2020