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The Gentleman‘s Journal brings you exclusive interviews with the world‘s most interesting businessmen, tastemakers and raconteurs. Hosted by Joseph Bullmore.

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Style and substance — Henry Hales

Henry Hales is the founder of Sir Plus, a men’s fashion start up that uses surplus material to build distinctive British garments and accessories. From his humble beginnings selling boxer shorts on a stall in East London, Henry has grown the business to a formidable size, and built a brand that stands all on its own in a particularly crowded marketplace.  In today’s episode, Henry shows us the power of growing slowly, the tricks to building an incredibly loyal following, and the importance of doing one thing extremely well.


24 Jan 2018

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How to live curiously — David de Rothschild

David de Rothschild is an explorer, conservationist, and Breitling watch ambassador. He looks a bit like a more handsome Jesus, and is, in many ways, the older brother you've always wanted. He’s got a ripping yarn for any situation, often with the battle scars to match — like the time he danced for an Ecuadorian chieftain, at gunpoint, to Kajagoogoo. Or the time he sailed a catamaran made of plastic bottles around the world. In a thoroughly enjoyable episode, David tells us why GDP is the worst metric for success; why advertisers should pay a dividend to nature; and why fear, actually, can be a very good thing. 

1hr 6mins

22 Aug 2019

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How to make a career from the thing you love — Simon Kidston, classic car dealer

Our guest on today’s episode is Simon Kidston, perhaps the best known vintage car broker and connoisseur in the world. Born into a motoring family, Simon was destined to work with cars — and what he doesn’t know about the things really isn’t worth knowing. Today, he’s a world authority and private advisor and who helps the likes of Ralph Lauren and Marc Newsom get their hands on some of the rarest cars on the planet. In a very enjoyable episode, Simon tells us how to make your own luck, how to make a career out of your passion, and how he once took the Batmobile for a joy ride. Our thanks to Mark's Club for playing host

1hr 16mins

7 May 2019

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Don't bother with anyone who doesn't bother with you — Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE

Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE might best be described as a serial entrepreneur — though that doesn’t really cut it. Stefan has been a policeman, an advertising agency founder, a film producer, a stock broker, the director of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s charities, an arch philanthropist, and an advisor and investor to countless successful start ups. He's also the first Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship at King's College London.   In a lively recording, we spoke about Stefan's Harlem Globetrotter-like approach to rugby union; the reason he used to keep a tank of piranhas by his desk; and the giant blag he pulled off at the age of 19 that kick started his business career.

1hr 19mins

3 Jan 2020

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Vogue Traders – David Gandy and Terry Betts

David Gandy is the most successful British model of his generation, a fashion entrepreneur in his own right, and an investor in several menswear start ups. He's joined today on the show by Terry Betts, the former Buying Director at Selfridges and now the head of business development at Thread, the revolutionary online stylist.  In today's episode, these kingpins of the fashion industry tell us why menswear has exploded in the past decade, how the rise of influencers could be a dangerous thing, and why we may all soon be getting our clothes delivered from a blimp. 


28 Sep 2017

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"If you're the smartest guy in the room, you're in the wrong room" — Steve Varsano

My guest on today's episode is Steve Varsano, founder and CEO of the Jet Business, the world’s first private aviation showroom. Steve’s career started up in the clouds when he trained to become a pilot in the 1970s. He's scarcely come down to earth since. Today, the New Jersey boy has sold more jets than almost anyone in the world, and his remarkable showroom on Park Lane continues to use breathtaking technology and insight to win over its clients.  In one of the most entertaining episodes we've ever recorded, Steve tells us how a chance encounter at a night club led to his first job in sales; how a good network is one of the most valuable things one can own; and how his first sale — at the hands of some mysterious Venezuelans — was almost his very last. Our thanks, once again, to Mark's Club for playing host.


7 Jun 2018

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The Future of Wealth – Alex Scott, Charles Hambro, and Piers Hedley

Getting rich is easy. It's staying rich that's the hard part. Today, we speak to three titans of the wealth management industry – Alex Scott, Charles Hambro, and Piers Hedley – and discover just how much this ancient game has changed in recent years. From the fallout of the financial crisis, to the rise of millennial billionaires and the advent of investment algorithms, today's guests give us an unprecedented insight into wealth management’s inner workings, its future, and the strategies that will help secure it. Along the way, Alex, Charles and Piers tell us how they can instantly tell a good entrepreneur from a bad one, how the wealthy make their own luck, and how everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.    


8 Aug 2017

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How to become a serial entrepreneur — Justin Byam Shaw

Our guest on today’s episode is Justin Byam Shaw, the chairman of the Evening Standard and the Independent, the director of the Felix Project, and a serial entrepreneur.  Justin’s career has spanned many, many companies and several decades, but it all come back to a few familiar traits — an eye for the main chance, a winning way with people and an uncanny sense of timing. From the privatisation of BT to the manic days of the dot com boom and the new media revolution, Justin’s successes trace the story of modern entrepreneurship.  Today’s episode, recorded in his corner office at Northcliffe House, is a must listen for anyone interested in getting to the top and staying there.


19 Jul 2018

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Time is Money – Wilhelm Schmid

In this week's episode, we talk to Wilhelm Schmid, the CEO of German watchmaker A. Lange & Söhne. Though Wilhelm’s background is in the automobile industry, he has, since a very young age, been obsessed with watches. He’s in the right place, then – based in the famous watchmaking town of Glashütte in Germany, A. Lange & Söhne is perhaps one of the most celebrated and venerated watch brands in the world. Today, the CEO tells us how a watch can possibly cost 2 million euros, why smart watches are doomed by their very nature to fail, and why gentlemen are still so in thrall to measuring time. Our thanks, once again, to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


12 Oct 2017

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British Manufacturing special — Crockett & Jones, Ettinger, Turnbull & Asser

In a special episode of the Gentleman's Journal podcast, we're joined by three towering figures in British craftsmanship and manufacturing — Robert Ettinger of Ettinger; Jonathan Baker of Turnbull & Asser; and James Fox of Crockett & Jones. What these three don’t know about the art of manufacturing — and the science of selling — isn’t worth knowing. And as you’ll see, they present this ancient, deep-rooted industry in a refreshing new light. For any entrepreneurs interested in making beautiful products, and building brands from the ground up, this episode will be 45 minutes very well spent. Our thanks once again to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


6 Mar 2018

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The future of Champagne — Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon of Louis Roederer

Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon is the chef de cave at storied champagne house Louis Roederer, and one of the leading voices in this ancient and enigmatic industry. This was an incredibly fun episode to be a part of — Jean-Baptiste brought a couple of bottles of champagne along to the recording, and over a flute or six we spoke about his predictions for the world of wine, the truth about biodynamic champagnes, and why all wine, really, is about our childhoods. Enjoy. Our thanks to the Savoy for playing hosts. 


27 Jun 2019

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Be the tortoise, not the hare — Nick Wheeler, founder of Charles Tyrwhitt

Our guest on today’s episode is Nick Wheeler, the founder of Charles Tyrwhitt. Now a true pillar of the high street and perhaps the best known shirtmaker in Britain, Charles Tyrwhitt began when Nick started flogging shirts by mail order at university. In the decades since, it’s had monumental highs and a couple of lows — in fact, Nick tells us how the brand very nearly went bust twice, and how he’s learned just as much from these near failures as he has from his successes. Recorded at the hub of Charles Tyrwhitt operations in London Bridge, in this episode Nick tells us why he’ll never, ever sell the business; how the high street might just save itself; And why he keeps a beard in a jam jar.

1hr 6mins

31 May 2019

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Why it pays to have fun — Will Butler-Adams of Brompton Bicycle

Our guest on today's show is Will Butler-Adams, the CEO of Brompton Bicycle. We recorded this one at Brompton’s factory in West London, and it's a fascinating episode that tells the story of one of Britain's most singular brands and the man behind its quiet revolution. In it, we spoke about Will’s two trips to the amazon (one of which very nearly killed him); his visions for a truly bike friendly London; and why it's what we do in the five-to-nine really defines us. Enjoy. 

1hr 8mins

20 Dec 2019

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The product is king — Luca Faloni

Our guest on today’s episode is Luca Faloni, the founder of the Italian menswear brand that bears his name. Luca’s business is a classic style start-up success story — one excellent hero product, a little artisan craftsmanship, a successful online store, a loyal and discerning following… and then the slow steady climb to start competing with the big boys. Today, the brand has four major stores across the world (with seven more on the way next year) and has an adoring following wherever it appears — their linen shirts, in particular, come highly prized. In this episode, Luca tells us why 28 is the ideal age to start a business; why the restaurant owner next door can teach you just as much about business as Elon Musk; and why there’s no such thing as being over prepared.


26 Nov 2019

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How to go with your gut — Nick Woodman, Founder of GoPro

Our guest on today's episode is Nick Woodman, the founder and CEO of GoPro. Nick first started the company in 2002, when he realised that it might be fun to record his surfing antics on a wrist-strap camera. And the rest, as they say, is history: adrenaline junkies, performers and sports stars have been using these incredibly smart and nearly-indestructible cameras to record just about everything ever since. Today, Nick tells us how he sold Indonesian shell necklaces to fund the first ever GoPros; Why it’s important to put a deadline on your success; and how it’s good to be a little bit scared once in a while. Enjoy.            The Gentleman's Journal Podcast is brought to you by Martell Blue Swift. 


21 Dec 2018

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How to find followers and influence people — Steve Bartlett of Social Chain

Our guest on this afternoon’s episode of the Gentleman's Journal podcast is Steve Bartlett, the founder and CEO of Social Chain.  Since its birth in 2014, Social Chain has gone on to become the most successful social media agency ever — it owns and controls some of the world’s biggest social accounts, employs more than 250 people worldwide, and has been behind some of the biggest viral trends of the last several years. In an incredible candid interview, Steve tells us why he dropped out of university on the very first day, how buying followers for your rivals is the quickest way to destroy them, and why everything does NOT happen for a reason.  Our thanks once again to Mark's Club for playing host

1hr 6mins

21 Jun 2018

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How to reinvent yourself — David Spencer-Percival of Rosemary Water

David Spencer-Percival is the serial entrepreneur behind No. 1 Rosemary Water and now No. 1 Botanicals, a new range of botanical-infused drinks with various health-giving properties. In a fascinating episode of the Gentleman's Journal podcast, David tells how a chance encounter in a carpark changed his life forever; why he decided suddenly one day to sell all his worldly possessions; and how a tiny village in the Italian hills might just hold the secret to a long and healthy life. Our thanks to Dukes Hotel for playing host.


27 Sep 2018

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Live Special! The Early Stages of Entrepreneurship with Martell Blue Swift

This is a very exciting episode for us  — it marks the first time we’ve ever recorded the podcast in front of a live audience. In December I sat down at the Conduit Club in Mayfair with five of the most exciting young entrepreneurs in London, and spoke to them about their memories and experiences in those make-or-break first days of the start up game.  We were very lucky to be joined at the Conduit by Freddie Garland of Freddie's Flowers, Daniel Scott of AirSorted, Henry Hales of Sir Plus, Arthur Kay of BioBean, and Archie Hewlett of Duke and Dexter. It’s definitely one of the most interesting and downright useful episodes we’ve ever recorded, and we’re incredible grateful to Martell Blue Swift for collaborating with us on a very special evening. 


17 Jan 2019

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Look at the mountaintop, not at the mountain – Geoffrey Kent

Geoffrey Kent is the founder, chairman and CEO of Abercrombie & Kent, the world's first ever luxury travel company and still the industry's gold standard. In this week’s episode, the travel tycoon tells us how he convinced the richest man in the world to become one of his first customers; why most entrepreneurs fall at the first hurdle; and how an incident with a tailored shirt changed his outlook on life forever. Our thanks to Mark's Club for playing hosts.


23 Aug 2017

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How to create brilliant word of mouth — Zia Yusuf of Velocity Black

Zia Yusuf is the co-founder of Velocity Black, a mould breaking digital members’ club and one of the fastest growing venture-backed technology companies in the world. Zia is one of those tech founders who really does live and breathe his business, and he has an almost philosophical approach to entrepreneurship that I think a lot of business people could learn from. In a fascinating conversation, we spoke about the secret to all great partnerships, how to create word of mouth publicity, and why we should all chase that 'top of the rollercoaster' feeling. The Gentleman's Journal podcast is brought to you by Martell Blue Swift


7 Mar 2019

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