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Trading Story: Trading Interviews, Tips & Inspiration For Newer Traders

Trading Story aims to bring NEWER traders practical & inspiring trading interviews and tips. Plus, it chronicles the host's journey to becoming a a consistently profitable trader. New episodes released 2X per week. Trading Story provides: encouraging stories of real life struggles and triumphs in the market, tips for anyone looking to make a part-time or full-time income trading, practical strategies to use in your trading today, knowledge bombs to guide you to consistent returns, simple explanations for sometimes-complex trading concepts, and takeaways, worth every minute. For FREE.

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34 – A Beginner’s Guide to Options Trading

Options trading one of those less popular forms of trading. Compared to stocks, forex, and even futures, options seem to be the ‘lesser-loved’ financial instruments  for most traders. But it does not mean there’s not money to be made there. By no means! I have some experience paper trading some stock options. I even went through an extensive options trading class, so I know something about it. For those of you who are interested in options, I thought it would be good to provide a brief overview.


16 Jul 2015

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65 - Tim Grittani on Learning to Trade Penny Stocks

Tim Grittani may be one of the most well-known mentees in the stock trading world. Tim is one of Tim Sykes penny stock trading students. And now the student is becoming the teacher. He is a full-time penny stock trader, turning $1,500 into $2.6 million in 3 short years. And he's beginning to teach others how to do the same.


2 Nov 2015

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83 - Swing Trading Stocks with Kyle Fisher

Kyle Fisher has been trading for 10 years. He runs KCapitalAdvisors.com, a stock trading advisory firm where he provides small cap stock signals for swing traders. He focuses his practice on swing trading which is one of the reasons I wanted to chat with him today. He has earned his MBA from University of Massachusetts and is working on his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a full-time trader.


4 Jan 2016

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29 - Mike Bellafiore on $600K/Year Proprietary Trading

Mike Bellafiore is a New York City trader. Mike co-founded SMB Capital with a some trading buddies. SMB is a proprietary trading firm focused on helping newer traders become successful traders trading their system. In fact, some of his traders now make $600,000/year after trading three short years. If you're interested in learning more about proprietary trading or prop trading, this episode for you.


29 Jun 2015

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19 - Jeff Kennedy's Step-by-Step Elliott Wave Trading

In this episode, I speak with Jeffrey Kennedy. Just because you're a good trader does not make you a good teacher. But Jeff Kennedy happens to be both. A natural teacher and a consistently profitable trader for over a decade, he walks us through the Elliott Wave for newer traders. He also provides some practical tips if you never use Elliott Wave. He is the co-author of Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading and has a host of industry designations you'll hear about in the introduction. I personally got some great tips for my trading and I think you will as well.


25 May 2015

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69 - Zero to Hero Trader Yvan Byeajee

Yvan Byeajee started trading in 2007. He's a full-time trader, has lived in France, Canada, and now is now on 6-month visit to the Island of Mauritius off the coast of Madagascar. He wrote a couple of books, including 'Zero to Hero: How I Went from Being a Losing Trader to a Consistently Profitable One". He also blogs at TradingComposure.com.


16 Nov 2015

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38 - Four Tips for a Transition to Trading

So last week, I let you into an unfolding drama on my end that directly related to my trading. I told you guys I was quitting my full-time job to focus on my marketing clients and trading. What I realized later, I didn’t give a lot of details related to the transition. I haven’t stopped working at the job yet. But that’s coming soon.


30 Jul 2015

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111 - Trading Forex Poles with Scott Barkley

Scott Barkley is president and co-founder of ProAct Traders, a professional forex trading mentorship and home of the 1-year Fast Tracker program. He's been trading full-time for 14 years. He lives in the Austin, Texas area with his wife and he sometimes babysits his daughter's golden retriever. He is also my personal trading coach.


11 Apr 2016

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107 - Writing Trading Plans with Justine Pollard

Justine Pollard is a professional stock and CFD trader. She's been trading for over 25 years, is a trend follower, and specializes in trading plans. Her book, Smart Trading Plans, is published by Wiley. She blogs at smarttrading.com.au.


28 Mar 2016

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31 - Trend Trader Jason Leavitt Plays Stocks

When most newer trader think about trading, they think about stock trading. That's why I'm excited to bring to you a conversation with Jason Leavitt. Jason is our first stock trader on the program and it was a good one. He's been trading for almost two decades through bear and bull markets and he has a great plug for trend trading.


6 Jul 2015

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59 - Steve Burns on Risk Management

Steve Burns has been trading since 1995. He's the founder of NewTraderU.com, "the best online resource for new traders" and is the perfect fit for the Trading Story podcast where we aim to help newer traders. He's the author of at least 10 trading books, including New Trader 101.


12 Oct 2015

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71 - Wealthsteading & Trading with John Pugliano

John Pugliano has been a trader and investor for over 30 years. He's the founder and money manager at Investable Wealth an investment advisory firm in the state of Utah. He's also a podcaster - been podcasting since July 4, 2014 - at the Wealthsteading Podcast.


23 Nov 2015

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75 - The Forex Trading Coach Andrew Mitchem

Andrew Mitchem has been trading forex for 11 years. He's a podcaster, a YouTuber, and has a very cool domain theforextradingcoach.com. When he's not trading, he's practicing karate, flying a helicopter, or hanging with his wife and 5 kids in New Zealand.


7 Dec 2015

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47 - Trading Psychologist Dr. Gary Dayton on Mindfulness

Dr. Gary Dayton is a psychologist, a trader, and author of the book, Trade Mindfully: Achieve Your Optimum Trading Performance with Mindfulness and Cutting Edge Psychology.  In our discussion, Dr. Gary tells his trading story and reviews several aspects of trading psychology including the area of 'mindfulness' in trading. It was helpful discussion and valuable to both newer and experienced traders.

1hr 1min

31 Aug 2015

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73 - Mercedes Oestermann van Essen: The Buddhist Trader

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a trader and trading coach. She specializes in trading psychoology has written several books including The Buddhist Trader. She also runs the website, theBuddhistTrader.com.


30 Nov 2015

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84 - Six Reasons to Swing Trade Stocks in 2016

On Monday, we introduced our podcast’s first sponsor, K Capital Advisors. If you haven’t heard Kyle Fisher’s interview on Monday, you probably should. This episode is a follow-up to Kyle’s trading methodology. But even if you don’t hear Kyle’s interview, you should get some value out of this episode. Kyle’s approach to the stock market is swing trading. And it perfectly aligns with the target audience of the Trading Story podcast audience. Our audience is smart, they believe in the dream of trading, and have some time (though not enough to join a full-on mentoring program yet) to devote to learning more about the markets. I believe swing trading is the perfect vehicle to step further into the world of trading. So without further ado, here are 6 reasons you should swing trade stocks in 2016. 1. Investing 2.02. Method trades the most popular market – stock market.3. Learn to trade stocks by doing.4. Doesn’t take much time (using a picking service).5. To understand first-hand why professionals use stops.6. Great for someone with a full-time job with little time to trade.


7 Jan 2016

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67 - Daniel Garnier: 21 & Profitably Trading Forex

Daniel Garnier started trading in 2012. He's focused on the forex market and has been consistenly profitable about a year ago. He's 21 years old and is now broadcasting his Periscope on uploading trading videos on YouTube @DanielGarnier.


9 Nov 2015

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43 - Jon Frohlich on Remote Prop Trading

In episode 43, I spoke with Jon Frohlich about proprietary trading at Maverick Trading. In Episode 29, I spoke with Mike Bellafiore about another proprietary trading firm, SMB Capital. So we’ve been covering this area a few different times. And I think it’s an important area for newer and aspiring traders.


17 Aug 2015

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106 - The One Thing in Trading

Hope things are going well and progressing with you guys on the trading side. This week, I took 3 positions: all net losers. I had a deadline on another project so I didn’t spend as much time as I would like. Such is life. But one thing I did was grab another book that I recommend. It’s not a trading book, per se. It’s more of a business success book that has plenty of application for those of us learning to trade. I’m about half-way through the book now to be up front. It’s a short read – 224 pages, but easy reading. I’ll finish the book by the time this podcast is released. But what I have picked up so far has been pretty good. The book is called The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I heard an interview with Jay Papasan a few months back plugging the book. What piqued my interest was the simplicity behind the concept. I like simple. Jay and Gary both also live in my hometown, Austin, Texas. So being the late-adopter that I am, I finally picked up the book. It was written in 2012 and I’m podcasting in 2016. So do the math, I’m late to The One Thing party.


24 Mar 2016

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110 - 6 Mistakes Traders Make Picking an FX Broker with Justin Hertzberg

Justin Hertzberg is a currency trader and also President and CEO of Forest Park FX, a CFTC-registered introducing brokerage firm. On this episode, we're going to be discussing the mistakes people make when shopping for forex brokers. He lives in sunny Boca Raton, Florida with his wife and boy-girl twins.


7 Apr 2016

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