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52 Traders | Trading Interviews: Make Your Wallet Fat!

The 52 Traders podcast is created for all you "Newbie", "Strategy Hopper", "Risk Taker", "Over Confident", "Emotionally Challenged" and "Almost Cracked It" traders out there. Over the next year, your host, Cam Hawkins gets inside the minds of 52 of the world’s best traders to find out if he has what it takes to become one of them. Join Cam every week on the 52 Traders Podcast or at 52traders.com if you're looking for Inspirational, Motivational and Actionable trading tips, strategies and advice. Each episode features one successful trader who shares their story: Their failures, big AH-HA moment, trading strategies and much more. Then it's into the "Technical" round where Cam extracts priceless resources and action steps to help improve your trading. And finally our traders are put to the test and use their years of experience to contribute to a strategy you can trade!

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11: Dr Alan Ellman on His Favorite Chart Indicators & How He Finds Hot Stocks

Show notes: https://52traders.com/dr-alan-ellman/ VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/ In the show Alan reveals: - How covered call writing works - The websites he uses to screen for "hot" stocks to trade - His "sweet spot" to balancing Technical & Fundamental analysis - His specific indicators & settings he uses for Technical analysis - How he determines an uptrend


23 Jun 2015

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70: Derek VanDelinder - 3% Profit Each Day with Crazy 95% Win Rate

In the show Derek shares: His approach to scalping The special number that stops him over trading His money management system His biggest drawdown and how he handled the market heat Full interview & show notes: https://52traders.com/derek-vandelinder/ http://automatemytrading.com/


12 Apr 2017

Rank #2

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31: Mysterious Forex Trader Offers to Teach 3 Lucky Listeners His 87% Accurate System

Show notes: https://52traders.com/nick-31/ VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/


26 Apr 2016

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36: How Andrew Mitchem Trades Forex Using Round Numbers, Candlestick Patterns & Trends

Show notes: https://52traders.com/andrew-mitchem/ VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/ In the show Andrew reveals: His “home-grown” strategy to trade longer term timeframes 3 things most traders do wrong When to ignore Candlestick patterns His definition of round numbers in Forex


14 Jun 2016

Rank #4

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34: Algorithmic Trader Ernie Chan Shares His Strategy Sources & Why He Doesn’t Trade High Frequency

Show notes: https://52traders.com/ernie-chan/ VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/ In the show Ernie reveals: Where he gets his strategy ideas from How he trades without ever looking at a price chart Why he’s not into High Frequency Trading (HFT) just yet The best way to learn new trading techniques Some “Mean reverting” strategy ideas


25 May 2016

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121 FREE: Profitable Trading is Closer Than You Think

Watch the Video: https://52traders.com/dollar-signs-despair/ Andre's Mentoring: https://52traders.com/andre-mentor/

1hr 6mins

19 Dec 2017

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94: 400% in 3 Weeks, 95% Win Rate & Naked Chart Strategy w/ Rag Tewathia

In the show you’ll discover: How he compounded his account by 400% in 3 weeks The strategies you should learn to become a more diverse trader How he succeeded in Forex trading and how you can achieve that too How to understanding what the time frames are telling you His simple strategy to winning every trade How you can benefit from stacking trades Why you fail big time and how you can deal with it to start your trading career Full interview: https://52traders.com/rag/ Pro Membership: https://52traders.com/pro/ or Build Robots: https://automatemytrading.com


23 Aug 2017

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93: A Newbie Traders Biggest Obstacle… It’s Not What You Think.

For me, this episode highlights the biggest obstacle newbie traders face. And it’s probably not what you think. If you think I’m talking about: Picking the wrong strategy Keeping your stops too tight Risking too much Revenge trading Over leveraging You’re on the wrong track. Full Show Notes: https://52traders.com/newbie-obstacle-tmm/ Join Trading Mentors Match-off: https://52traders.com/tmm/ Get Pro Membership: https://52traders.com/pro/


19 Aug 2017

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21: Known as 50 Pips he talks Support & Resistance and the Secrets Newbie Traders Should Avoid

Show notes: https://52traders.com/50-pips/ VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/ In the show 50 reveals: - The element of a price chart he gives most attention to - One thing he never did that most newbie traders do - Tips to approach trading when you're working a day job - How fundamentals sometimes trip up novice traders - How he saves time when placing trades Full interview: http://52traders.com/50-pips/


8 Sep 2015

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82: Zach Faraone on Free Trading Education You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

In the show, Zach reveals: How growing his account by 60% led to 2 important lessons for us all An amazing (FREE) resource every Forex trader should check out Two common levels he used for his exits which simply didn’t work What not to do with your risk to reward A major weakness he wants to overcome – is it the same as yours? Show notes: https://52traders.com/zach-faraone-tmm/


28 Jun 2017

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69: John Hill, 91 Year Old Trading Veteran… Could He Master Fear & Greed?

In the show John shares: 3 steps you can take to start trading profitably Why risk control is everything in trading His risk-reward ratio approach What a Yumm-Yumm, Upthrust and Spring means when you trade The 5 markets he currently trades The time frames he relies upon when trading Full interview & show notes: https://52traders.com/john-hill/ http://automatemytrading.com/course/


6 Apr 2017

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97: Essential Trading Trick (It's Not his Price Action Strategy) w/ Nick Bencino

In the show you’ll discover: The 3 core skills you should master to become a successful trader The hidden benefits of being a trader A simple trick to improve and win more trades 4 great nuggets for newbie traders Simple and effective strategy Nick’s been using which you can learn and apply to your own trading 3 recommendations you can follow when reading price charts Nick’s favorite and profitable entry setup Full interview: https://52traders.com/nick-bencino/ Build a Trading Robot in 5 Mins: https://AutomateMyTrading.com/ Unlimited 1:1 Coaching: https://52traders.com/andre/


6 Sep 2017

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66: How Any Strategy Can Make You Money in an Ever Changing Market - Andrew Peters Reveals a Unique Approach

In the show Andrew reveals: The realization that changed his trading forever (it could change yours too) A special Moving Average that may make any strategy in profitable How to make manual trading a lot of fun How to trade 12 strategies at once with complete confidence His experimental "Spaghetti" strategy Full interview & show notes: https://52traders.com/andrew-peters/


15 Mar 2017

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83: Avdo on 95% Winners, Catching Profit Packed Smaller 1 Minute Chart Trends

In this episode you’ll discover: The unique way he marries his scalping strategy with his new one for max. profit A big realization that helped him catch tops, bottoms and reversals on the 1 minute chart Where to find profit packed smaller trends to make more than just a few pips The math around his scalping strategy to net 400 pips/month A special market pattern that happens 90% of the time (and how institutions make it occur) Exactly when to dip into the market to extract pips with his unique setup And much more... Show notes Trading Mentors Match-off


5 Jul 2017

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75: Sterling Suhr a 5 Figure Trader at 17 to Trading for a Living at 30

In the show Sterling shares: His obscure connection to Cam How his Stop Run strategy works  What patience and discipline will do to your trading account What kicks him out of the market What time frame he uses to determine market structure Full interview & show notes: https://52traders.com/sterling-suhr/ Cam's other site: http://automatemytrading.com/


18 May 2017

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40: Al Brooks on Dominating Price Action, Understanding Probability & When to Buy vs Sell

Show notes: https://52traders.com/al-brooks/ VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/ In the show Al reveals: 3 indicator types that will trip you up How you should be trading a range and a trend His unique discretionary approach to trading Where you should place your stops Why he’s no longer an automated trader What’s missing if you just look at risk and reward


13 Jul 2016

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68: Ivo on Working Vs Trading For A Living & Daily Chart Technical Analysis

In the show Ivo Luhse shares: One of his candlestick patterns strategies with 85% accuracy His journey to become a profitable trader His view on automated trading 4 elements to a high success rate trade on a daily chart The biggest mistakes in trading Full interview & show notes: https://52traders.com/ivo-luhse/ http://automatemytrading.com/


30 Mar 2017

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84: Harmonic Pattern Jedi Master Becomes Retail Trader Hero w/ Scott Carney

In the show you’ll discover: Old trading books and mentors that can help you profit now The market movement theory that you need to understand How to identify harmonic patterns The magical numbers he uses to find great trading opportunities The indicator & technique that’ll help you confirm entries with harmonics What to look for to confirm a potential reversal zone The periods of the day that offer up 3-5 good opportunities The levels to trade off, with currencies The two things you should learn aside from Harmonics The 3 types of exits he uses and where Full interview & show notes: https://52traders.com/scott-carney/ Trading Mentors Match-off VIP Series: https://52traders.com/tmm/


11 Jul 2017

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119: This “Brain Hack” Can Make Traders Millions w/ Russ Rausch

Full interview: https://52traders.com/russ-rausch/ Pro Membership: https://52traders.com/pro/ In the show you’ll discover: How to define a Performance Mindset in the trading world Similarities between sports and trading How your brain experiences a typical day Big factors that have huge impact on your performance Helpful hacks to stay focus and get enough sleep Tips on how you can improve your trading performance Why you need to prioritize training your mentality How you can get the kind of life experience you desire A special technique to control your emotion and get back in focus


14 Dec 2017

Rank #19

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144: Digging Deep on Volume Profile & Volume Spread Analysis w/ Andre Stewart

Check Out Andre's New Volume Profile Mini Course 


31 May 2018

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