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1516: First Eddie Mair LBC show - 2018

A few chosen moments from Eddie Mair on his first show in his new home at LBC as he returned to commercial radio - after many diligent BBC years - on 3rd September 2018.   The worst thing about a new show is hitting the junctions - Eddie clearly was not over worried  about that here though.  More importantly, this was a fresh, re-invigorated Eddie, sounding thoroughly relaxed and, rightly, warmer, than the Eddie the BBC paid for. As ever the beauty of Eddie is what he doesn't say - but you know he's thinking.  This is a great LBC move - and good to hear Iain Dale's professionalism about his move from the show, justifiably repaid in spades.


3 Sep 2018

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1480: First Dave Berry Breakfast Show - Absolute Radio June 2018


4 Jun 2018

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1667: Australia fires - January 2020


1 Jan 2020

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1589: Final Top 40 on Radio 2's FM frequencies - March 1990


17 Mar 2019

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1599: Country Hits Radio - Launch 2019


5 Apr 2019

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1631: The moon landing on The World at One on Radio 4 - 1969

One giant leap for mankind.  Clips from the World at One on BBC Radio 4 on the afternoon of 21st July 1969 after the astronauts from Apollo 11 made their historic moon walk.  Ray Moore is on news duty, and there are reports from the BBC’s Apollo studio.


14 Jul 2019

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1510: BBC Radio Durham closes - 1972


25 Aug 2018

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1664: Radio 1's new Christmas presenters - 2019

From Boxing Day 2019 to New Year, Radio 1 debuted 35 voices from community, local or student radio - or digital outlets.  Tatum McGreal Laura Crockett Dave Holt Gregor Davidson Fee Mak Cal Carthy Mayce Al-Hroub Summaya Mughal DJ Davda Hannah Sackville-Bryant  and Joel Mitchell Connor Coates Stuart Millar Nakia Oliver & Fabienne Oliver Lucy Edwards Jade Worsley Carmen London DJ Astonish Priya Matharu Holly Palmer & Rhys Gunter Jessica Maciel Fat Brestovca and Kathryn Wilson Sian Eleri Ailbhe Máiréad Aine Cronin-McCartney  Kaylee Goldin Henrie Kwushue Jacob Edward Katie Owen Laurie Charlesworth Gabriel Green and Joe Pilbrow BLOG: https://www.davidlloydradio.com/post/radio-1-s-inspired-christmas-move


26 Dec 2019

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1633: First Tony Blackburn BBC appearance - BBC Light Programme - 1967

After some educative years on board the pirates, Tony Blackburn returned home just before the pirates faded to join the BBC on the Light Programme, just weeks before it split into Radio 1 and 2. Enjoy here his debut for Auntie in August 1967, with his familiar sig tune, gags and trademark smile - and just a hint of 'new boy'.  It's deliciously of a time and place in radio: 'and a number called...'.  Witness how old and new come together beautifully when Tony enters a very plummy BBC news bulletin, although the reader tries the very best he can to return to Tony's programme with suitable energy.


31 Jul 2019

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1628: Last Jane Garvey/Peter Allen 5 Live Drive - 2007

One of the greatest partnerships in radio - Jane Garvey with Peter Allen on BBC 5 Live. Hear here the last Drive programme with Jane - and the duo were on sparkling form.


29 Jun 2019

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1520: First BBC Radio 4 Extra live programme - Jake Yapp

As the audiences to digital stations grow, so does the content.  After some live moments on special occasions, BBC Radio 4 Extra went live properly for the first time on Saturday 8th September 2018. Jake Yapp hosted the programme, with superb intervention from Kathy Clugston, more usually heard on continuity announcer or newsreader duties. As can be heard, she rather enjoys herself.


10 Sep 2018

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1497: Jo forgets she's on Gem

It's happened to us all.  We move from station to station. And we usually remember where we are. But just maybe on the odd occasion, we mess up.  A station name, frequency or phone number from a former life spurts out your mouth.  Or even your own phone number.   Jo Russell was on Trent for a lifetime - but a full ten years after leaving  - and having been through Absolute, BRMB and Free en route to her current home at Gem in the East Mids - for some reason the word 'Trent' came out. Maybe it was just because she was back in her home city.  The brain is a funny old thing.

27 Jul 2018

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1668: Tony Blackburn chart show confusion - 1981

Most of us have done it at some stage in our career. Aired something that was not destined for so being. In the fortunate examples - such as this  - there are no expletives.  Tony likely kicked himself, though, as a perfect chart opener was not aired on 11th Jan 1981 as he no doubt produced - but an earlier version. In pursuit of excellence - he'd evidently tried it twice. Those sort of things usually make a presenter so annoyed, they mess up everything after. Tony didn't though.


10 Jan 2020

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1482: Georgey Spanswick returns to BBC York breakfast


4 Jun 2018

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1626: Jonathan Dimbleby's first Any Questions - 1987

Jonathan Dimbleby first took the chair of BBC Radio 4's topical panel show Any Questions? in September 1987. His last edition was aired in June 2019.


28 Jun 2019

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1503: Final Nick Grimshaw breakfast show on Radio 1

At almost six years, Nick Grimshaw enjoyed the second longest spell on BBC Radio1 breakfast. Like just a few others, his breakfast tenure was to be followed by another daytime stint. These are excerpts from his last show on 9th August 2018.,


10 Aug 2018

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1655: Radio 2: Round Midnight; Sounds of the 60s; Peter Clayton - 1983

A slice of Radio 2 in 1983, when  continuity and JAM jingles were in full swing. Enjoy here the end of Brian Matthew's Round Midnight, the in and out of Sounds of the 60s with Keith Fordyce; before Peter Clayton. Aired on 5th March 1983.


1 Nov 2019

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1660: Banbury Sound, Rugby FM, Touch closes - 2019

29th November 2019 saw another tranche of brand changes as the Touch stations, Rugby FM and Banbury Sound closed - ready to become Capital under a brand agreement between Global and the station owners Quidem. For the industry, it was a move which might have been predicted some years ago. The rationale is well-rehearsed and the evidence for change reasonably solid in a fast-changing world. Powerful radio brands are one of the reasons why UK commercial  radio is in good health with both audiences and revenues.  "I suppose it is a 'Black Friday' for me..." Nevertheless, for those who grew up with the stations - and for those who have appeared on them, it is of course a hugely sad moment. Here, enjoy some of the goodbyes from the presenters. Hats off particularly to Kirsty with  her heartfelt farewells - played in split and tailored for each area. Doing it once  is painful enough. Well done Kirsty. "I've enjoyed nearly every second of it" "It's been an honour to be in your life" "Thanks to my family listening in to my last show..." Hear too the eerie ten seconds of silence before the warm-up for Capital begins and the legal moment of the start of the brand licence kicks in. Under Capital, the stations will originate a joint regional drive show, providing a new opportunity for Ollie and Simon from Touch, and localised informational segments. 107.6 Banbury Sound (Banbury, Brackley & North Oxfordshire)  107.1 Rugby FM (Rugby)  96.2 Touch FM (Coventry)  102 Touch FM (Shakespeare’s County & The Vale)  107.3 Touch FM (Warwick, Leamington & Kenilworth)  101.6/102.4 Touch FM (Tamworth, Burton & Lichfield)


30 Nov 2019

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1624: Alan Robson announces Metro/TFM farewell - 2019


13 Jun 2019

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1477: Words from Windsor Castle

Reflecting on the relationship between the Monarchy and Windsor Castle - as registered by the key broadcast moments. Produced by me for BBC Radio Berkshire.


3 Jun 2018

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