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Jonathan Dimbleby

Monocle 24: Meet the Writers

The veteran broadcaster, biographer and historian talks to Georgina Godwin about his latest book ‘Barbarossa: How Hitler Lost the War’. It gives a detailed account of the Nazis’ calamitous invasion of the Soviet Union and the political and military decision-making that shaped it.


12 Jun 2022

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Moscow 1941: Hitler's Nemesis with Jonathan Dimbleby


While the Allies reeled from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and Hitler's declaration of war on the United States, a ferocious battle was also raging across the icy steppes of Russia in early December 1941. Hitler had launched his invasion of the Soviet Union in June of that year - Operation Barbarossa - the largest and deadliest in modern history. The German army was no match for the sheer number of soldiers sent by Stalin or the brutal conditions of a Russian winter. By the time Hitler's army reached the gates of Moscow on the 2nd of December, millions from both sides had died. In June 2021, Dan was joined by historian and veteran broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby to discuss the beginning of Operation Barbarossa and the German offensive. Jonathan joins Dan once more to look at Stalin's response, what was going on in the city during the Battle of Moscow and why the Soviets ultimately succeeded in defeating the Germans. This episode was first broadcast on Dan Snow's History Hit, 9th December 2021.For more Warfare content, subscribe to our Warfare newsletter here. If you'd like to learn even more, we have hundreds of history documentaries, ad-free podcasts, and audiobooks at History Hit - subscribe today! To download, go to Android or Apple store.Email us at warfare@historyhit.co.uk Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


25 May 2022

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32: History Lessons – Jonathan Dimbleby on Operation Barbarossa

EI Weekly Listen

Mattias Hessérus in conversation with Jonathan Dimbleby on the strategic decision that cost Hitler the war. Credit: Art Media / Print Collector / Getty Images


2 Jul 2021

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Jonathan Dimbleby on 'Operation Barbarossa' and how Hitler lost the war

Between the Lines

Was Stalin's Russia the real force behind Hitler's defeat?


17 Jun 2021

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Jonathan Dimbleby

Inheritance Tracks

Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, the final movement.


15 May 2021

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Jonathan Dimbleby on Harry Hopkins

Great Lives

On May 10 1940, the Germans invaded the Low Countries, Winston Churchill became prime minister, and Harry Hopkins moved in to the White House. This remarkable man was President Roosevelt's closest confidante until the end of the war. A principal architect of the New Deal, he was the president's first envoy to meet Churchill and was sent off to meet Stalin too. But what also impresses his nominator, Jonathan Dimbleby, is his courage - Harry Hopkins had stomach cancer and died in 1946.Features biographer David Roll, author of The Hopkins Touch, plus impressive archive of Hopkins on the BBC.Presented by Matthew ParrisProduced in Bristol by Miles Warde


6 May 2021

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Spectator Out Loud: Jonathan Dimbleby, Katja Hoyer and Melissa Kite

Best of the Spectator

On this week's episode, broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby reads his diary (00:55), journalist Katja Hoyer reports on the German Greens and their poll surge (06:25) and Melissa Kite on why she's perfectly happy to stay in the country this summer (12:05).


24 Apr 2021

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Chapter 126 : Jonathan Dimbleby

Iain Dale’s Book Club

Iain Dale talks to broadcaster and historian Jonathan Dimbleby about his new book BARBAROSSA: HOW HITLER LOST THE WAR. They also talk about broadcasting, the art of interviewing and the Dimbleby Cancer Care charity.

1hr 7mins

23 Apr 2021

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The Ethiopian Famine with Jonathan Dimbleby

The Send

In a special episode, The Send talks to Correspondent, Presenter and author Jonathan Dimbleby. He talks about the story that changed his career and the course of history in Africa, his new book, what it was like following in his famous father’s footsteps and competing with his TV presenter brother. Plus, with his long-standing connections to the royal family he tells us what he made of the Harry and Meghan interview and so-called cancel culture.A Middle Table Production.Find out more about our media and presentation training:Email: louise@middletable.comWebsite: middletabletraining.com/thesend


14 Apr 2021

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Jonathan Dimbleby: Barbarossa

The Book Club

My guest this week is the broadcaster and historian Jonathan Dimbleby. In Barbarossa: Hitler's Greatest Mistake, Jonathan describes the extraordinary and horrifying story of the Nazi campaign against Stalin, and its still more extraordinary strategic and diplomatic background. It's a bloody and sometimes tragicomic parable of how dictators can become detached from reality - and in it he makes the case that, contra the prevailing image of Anglo-American victories in France having been decisive in winning the Second World War, Hitler's goose was actually cooked as early as 1941.


7 Apr 2021