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Who knew that doing human would be so messy? God did and He knows you can do it!!!! Join Carrie as she helps you to develop the emotional resiliency that “Doing Human” requires. By combining gospel principles from the Book of Mormon and life coaching tools, you will discover how to build up your confidence while tapping into the power of your covenants. We will learn how to face our doubt and fears, improve our relationships, and become better stewards of our agency as we develop a mindset that focuses on eternal principals that then propel us to take deliberate action in our own personal creation process. Carrie's intention is to serve women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to become confident in their personal creation process. This includes developing the mindset to boldly use their agency by being in charge of their thoughts, feelings and actions. Carrie offers 1:1 coaching and would love to work with you. You can follow her on Instagram @carriehickenloopercoaching where you can DM her for more details.

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Ep 84: Pure and Delightsome

2 Nephi 30 Within this chapter is a promise that I believe we can especially enjoy this time of year during the Christmas Season. It is the promise of the scales of darkness falling from us and the potential of becoming a pure and a delightsome people. Learn how we can do this and ponder on how you can experience this blessing of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ immediately. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian! Also, check out the Ponder Prompt for this week's episode https://sisterscriptorians.com/download/episode-84-pure-delightsome/


9 Dec 2019

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Ep 73: An Isaiah Recap

Since our study of Isaiah has spread out for several weeks, and because Isaiah's poetic writings aren't necessarily divided into chapters like they are in the Book of Mormon, I decided that a recap of his highlights may be helpful. I hope you enjoy! Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


9 Sep 2019

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Ep 72: Is This The Man?

2 Nephi 24 I love the insight that Isaiah gives to us about our adversary, Lucifer. His pride has eliminated himself from the eternal progression that we are all engaged in. The imagery that Isaiah provides show us there will be a time, when Lucifer is leashed, that we will have an opportunity to gaze upon him - truly him - and not all his false power and deception. What will we think? What will we observe? This week's episode explored those thoughts and reminds you of how powerful you are. You are doing better than you think you are doing. I promise! Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


2 Sep 2019

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Ep 13: The Power of Thoughts

1 Nephi 3-4 How did Nephi obtain the Brass Plates? How did he move past his failure and reach success? It all began with his thoughts. On this week's episode we apply the CTFAR model developed by Brooke Castillo (The Lifecoach School Podcast) and also taught by Jody Moore (Better Than Happy Podcast). We explore the power we have to choose how to think about the circumstances we face which create our feelings, which drive our actions, which produce our results. Comparing Laman and Lemuel's thoughts with the thoughts of Nephi gives intersting insight into the power that virtuous thoughts produce. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


21 May 2018

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Ep 12: The Lord Will Prepare You

1 Nephi 3 & 4 To shrink or to rise? That is the decision that Nephi was faced with when he was asked to do something hard. The Lord commanded the sons of Lehi to return back to Jerusalem and obtain the Brass Plates. But how were they supposed to accomplish their task if the Brass Plates were kept by a mighty man named Laban who had chased them out of his house and taken all of their property. If the Lord asks us to do hard things, shouldn't he give a plan on how to do it? If he doesn't give us a plan, then what exactly does he expect from us? What did Nephi intend for us to understand when he said that "the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." (1 Nephi 3:7). What is the Lord's role? Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian! Also, check out the Ponder Prompt for this week's episode https://sisterscriptorians.com/download/episode-12-the-lord-will-prepare-you/


14 May 2018

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Ep. 4 Don't Be A Laman or a Lemuel

"Don't be a Laman or a Lemuel!" These 7 words, to an LDS person are a complete sermon. 1) It is a warning against Murmuring! What is murmuring? AND Why do we do it? 2) It is a warning against being stiffnecked. That's a funny word! Join us to discover what that means. 3) It is a warning against being a disrespectful family member. Learn why this warning is applicable for every member of the family unit. 4) And finally - the last is more of an invitation - Come to know for yourself the dealings and mysteries of God. Read this week Lectures on Faith - specifically Lectures 3 and 4. Ponder how knowing the attributes and characteristics of God actually can increase our power of faith and can help us be at ease with the Lord's plan for us. Don't Be A Laman or a Lemuel! Come to know Heavenly Father and your Savior, Jesus Christ in a more personal way. Referred to in this episode: "Murmur Not," by Elder Neal A Maxwell Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian! Also, check out the Ponder Prompt for this week's episode https://sisterscriptorians.com/download/episode-4-dont-be-a-laman-or-a-lemuel/


19 Mar 2018

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Ep 29: Have Ye Inquired of the Lord?

1 Nephi 15: 1-11 Nephi had just returned from being carried away in the spirit and receiving a glorious and horrific vision. As he returned to the tent of his father, he came across his brethren disputing the things which Lehi had prophesied unto them. In this episode, we liken these scripture verses to how we may respond to our loved ones who may be questioning the gospel of Jesus Christ and his prophets. Also, we learn how we may more confidently seek answers to our prayers Also refer to President Russel M. Nelson's conference talk from April 2018 "Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives" Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


10 Sep 2018

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Ep 50: Men Are That They Might Have Joy

2 Nephi 2: 25 Are you experiencing joy? Are you allowing yourself to? Can you describe joy, what the prequalification for joy are, and how you can obtain more of it? You are designed to experience joy! You are that you might have joy! In this episode we explore the answers to these questions and how becoming the Savior's friend is a HUGE part of experiencing JOY. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


11 Feb 2019

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Bonus Episode: Our Journey to Depart

Departing from Pride isn't like your typical road trip. It's a journey! So don't worry about packing a lifetime of provisions. Just gather what you need for your first step and depart. There will be stops along the way to gather more supplies. There will be times in which you'll camp for a while. And there will come a time when the spirit will confirm that you've done well and that it's time to move on. Departing from Pride is one step at a time for a lifetime. The Book of Mormon will be our most important provision. Partake of its nutrients DAILY! Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


7 Mar 2018

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Ep 27: Nephi's Vision - Plain and Precious Things

1 Nephi 13 We believe the Bible to be the word of God, however, from Nephi's vision, we learn that many plain and precious things pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ, including covenants, were removed intentionally by the adversary. God's work among his children, however, will not be thwarted. God had a plan. He would manifest himself unto the remaining seed of Lehi and he would reveal many plain and precious truths. They would record them and when the timing was right, the Lord would make this record known unto the Gentiles beginning a marvelous work of restoration. We know this record as the Book of Mormon. In this podcast we review some of the plain and precious things that Book of Mormon reveals, not only making it the perfect companion to the Bible, but securing it's role as an essential testament of Jesus Christ. For those who read and follow its teaching, the Book of Mormon empowers us by eliminating our stumbling blocks and empowering us with the power of God. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


27 Aug 2018

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Ep 26: Nephi's Vision - Delivered by the Power of God

The vision that answered Nephi's desire to see, to hear, and to know the things that his father saw was both glorious and horrific. On this week's podcast we discuss the effects of the large and spacious building and the mists of darkness upon the children of men. The devil has a pattern of creating destruction and despair among the children of men. BUT the Lord's ways can not be thwarted and for those who choose him, the Lord always delivers in power, hope, and glory. We see this cycle play out in the Nephite history as well as our early American history. Find out how simple things like birds, wind, and fog were used to deliver by the power of God. credit: Seven Miracles that Saved America by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


20 Aug 2018

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Ep 28: Nephi's Vision - Who's on the Lord's Side? Who?

We are all apart of a team. In this even there are no sidelines. There are a choice of two team - either the Church of the Lamb of God or the Great and Abominable Church. The Saints of God vs the servants of the devil. In this episode discover each team's jersey, their strategies, and what the final outcome will be. Who's on the Lord's side? Who? Now is the time to show. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


3 Sep 2018

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Ep 51: Joseph, Joseph, and Joseph

2 Nephi 3 Is it possible that everything is working out exactly the way the Lord knew it would? Don't just give an impulsive "YES" to this question. Instead, dive into 2 Nephi 3 as Lehi reviews the prophesies of Joseph, son of Jacob about their day, but also about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If the Lord has the ability to interconnect 3 Josephs who existed thousands of years apart from one another, what is He capable of connecting in your life? Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


18 Feb 2019

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Ep 5: Characteristics of God (Part 1 of 2)

1 Nephi 2 If Nephi said that Laman and Lemuel murmured "because they knew not the dealings of that God who had created them," (1 Nephi 2:12) doesn't that make knowing God's characteristics and attributes necessary to exercise our faith in him? To see his hand in our lives? To temper our complaining and rebellion? While referring to Lectures on Faith, this podcast will focus on the first three characteristics - That God is the Creator and Upholder of All Things, That He is Merciful and Gracious, Slow to Anger, and Abundant in Goodness, and that He Changes Not. Hopefully, by the end of this episode you can see areas of weakness in your faith that need fortifing so that your faith can become productive. He wants us to know Him so we can understanding His dealings. Go to sisterscriptorians.com and become a Sister Scriptorian today! https://sisterscriptorians.com/download/episode-5-characteristics-of-god-part-1/


26 Mar 2018

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Ep 45: How Merciful the Lord Had Been

2 Nephi 1: 1-4 After Nephi had ended his teachings about the words of Isaiah, his father spoke, reminding Nephi and his brethren of the many tender mercies of the Lord in bringing them out of Jerusalem. The journey had not been easy and much sacrifice of comfort and trials of faith had been experienced, but NOW they stood in the land of promised. Father Lehi asked his family to reflect back on all the Lord had done for them, how merciful the Lord had been. What a perfect time of year for us to do the same. To recognize that the trials we experienced, the stretching moments, and the trials of our faith may truly have been for our benefit. What tender mercies did the Lord give to you to make you mighty and deliver you. What you may have been once happy to escape from with the close of 2018 may have just been the perfect lesson to help you in your "Becoming" for 2019. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


7 Jan 2019

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Bonus Episode: Trusting God

I thought that I would capture my experience as I have been practicing this week's challenge to trust in God's plan, that He has a purpose that I don't fully know for me, but I know He knows everything from the beginning, that He can prepare a way for all of his works among the children of men to be accomplished and that I know that He has all power to fulfill all of His words. Knowing all of this and practicing it can be two different things. That's what happens when you are a human learning eternal truths. In this bonus episode, I explore some of my barriers that I experience in fulling trusting and how I work at breaking down them down so that I can align myself with God's purpose for me.


25 Jul 2018

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Ep 96: He Worketh In Me

Words of Mormon It's at this point in the Book of Mormon where things switch up and there's a good reason for it. This week we remember why the Book of Mormon transitions from a 1st person point of view to a 3rd person point of view. We learn how the Lord knoweth all things and is able to accomplish His work. The Book of Mormon is a PERFECT example of this. Finally, we learn how the Lord can work within us. He can worketh in [us] according to His will. We might not know the "why" (Nephi never did) but if we are obedient, He can use us to do His work and make us delightsome.


16 Mar 2020

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Ep 97: Men of Understanding

Words of Mormon - Mosiah 1 There has always been days of chaos and the Book of Mormon is not exempt. Yet, despite the contentions and the dissensions, the false Christs and prophets, incredible men were able to rise above and do incredible things. It take men and women of understanding to not allow evil to overcome good or for despair to overcome hope. In this episode, we discuss how king Benjamin desired his sons to be men of understanding and for his people to rise to this caliber as well. A special announcement was made for all of those who have signed up to become a Sister Scriptorian. Have you yet? Go to sisterscriptorians.com and sign up before Thursday of this week. This week's Ponder Prompt is designed to help you in your studies to gain understanding. Pick a topic, a characteristic of God's or a gospel principle that you would like to understand better. Look up the correct definition, scriptures that give more insight and words from prophets and apostles. BE SURE TO FIND THE STRENGTH THAT THE LORD PROMISES YOU when you are obedient to the Lord's ways. Finally, observe how you have profited from the scriptures with this added understanding.    https://sisterscriptorians.com/download/episode-97-men-of-understanding/


23 Mar 2020

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Ep 39: After the Manner of the Lord

1 Nephi 17:48 - 1 Nephi 18:4 We wrap up 1 Nephi 17 with the most exciting part of the entire chapter. Nephi basically receives superpowers from God and Laman and Lemuel finally receive their personal "Know of a surety" moment! While you listen to this episode, I want you to liken the verses to what you are currently being asked to do by the Lord. Are you All In? Whatever He asks of you, are you in? Are you being patient with the process? Are you acting in faith by taking the first step? Are you trusting that he will reveal to you "from time to time" what comes next? Are you working after the manner of the Lord or of men? Are you going to the temple often and praying often to receive the Lord's guidance on how you should personally work the timbers of your ship? I hope so! If not, listen to this week's podcast and consider the possibilities if you choose to partner up with the Lord. Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


19 Nov 2018

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Ep 65: "I Am Undone" to "Here Am I"

2 Nephi 16 Here Nephi has preserved the calling of the prophet of Isaiah. I love Isaiah's initial feelings when he is in the presence of the Lord. I think it is how we might feel or have felt when we have been given assignments that appear beyond our abilities. But with the atonement of Jesus Christ, through the purifying of Isaiah's iniquities, he moves from his initial reaction "I am undone" to "Here Am I." Can we do the same? Go to sisterscriptorians.com to sign up to become a Sister Scriptorian!


17 Jun 2019

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