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Need to know how to fix a leaky faucet, stop a squeak or paint your porch? No project or renovation job is too small for National Home Improvement Expert, Danny Lipford, and seasoned contractor and author, Joe Truini. Danny and Joe host the Today's Homeowner Podcast each week — sharing the latest tips and practical advice to help you have the best–looking house on the block. If you are looking for REAL solutions for REAL homeowners, the Today's Homeowner Podcast is the place for you.

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Spring is Here — Let’s Rethink Landscape Design | Ep. 61

On this Week's Podcast: Landscaping 101 This week, we speak with an award-winning landscape design expert, author, and businesswoman Monique Allen. Monique has spent 35 years as a gardener, designer, and contractor. She is the CEO, founder and creative director of The Garden Continuum, a Massachusetts-based gardening company that works to ensure landscaping is organized, healthy and has a ‘wow’ factor that makes you want to stop and take in its beauty.   Everyone has their own preferences, and the company’s name refers to the continuum of landscape design and aesthetic, and where your preferences lie.  In addition to 35 years in the business, Monique is an accomplished business coach, industry blogger and just completed her first full-length book, "Stop Landscaping, Start Life-Scaping."    Also in this week’s podcast: How to deal with nail pops appearing in rooms that have moisture like bathrooms or laundry rooms. Hear about a great new bath ventilation fan that attacks moisture without you having to flip a switch. Eco-friendly spring-cleaning tips that are not only great for the environment but will also save you some money. How to remove a waxy buildup from laminate floors.   Follow Joe’s Simple Solution to learn how to get an early start with your gardening with a used soda bottle. Question of the Week Rick writes, "I have a 60-year-old house that has superficial cracks. I want to paint the house but I’m afraid the cracks will continue to show through. Is there anything I can do about that? I’ve seen STO or drive systems used on commercial buildings — is it something I could use over stucco?"   DIY Project of the week 4 Ways to Bring Warm Colors to a Cold Kitchen Nothing’s more inviting than a warm, functional kitchen. But if people in your home avoid this room, a few simple changes can make the space more welcoming. Colors stir different feelings in people, and there are many ways to bring warmth and comfort to your kitchen through color.


20 Mar 2020

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Get Rid of a Retro Family Room | Tips

Is your home stuck in the 70s? Shag carpet and dark wood paneling easily show age in any room. Carpet is easy enough to remove but what about the paneling? Here is an easy way to modernize those walls.


20 Feb 2020

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Ep 2. Talking Tiny Houses & Accessing Hard-To-Reach Cabinets

We’re talking about tiny houses – their popularity and why new building codes may lead to more popping up in the future.  And, one homeowner is tired of needing a step stool to reach her laundry room’s overhead cabinets. Danny and Joe share some DIY projects making this storage space more accessible. Plus, moisture inside a home turns refurbishing hardwood floors into a challenge.  The $10 item that will track down the main source of this issue.


18 Jan 2019

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Ep 7. Dirt Floor Dangers & Installing Crown Molding

Dirt floors, while common in crawlspaces, can present dangers — we have tips to keep water from touching your home. And: Here’s a product that transforms dated popcorn ceilings into a clean wood finish, and we share a durable, affordable option for crown molding. Plus, Joe has a simple way cyclists can get extra space inside the garage by creating a bike rack.


22 Feb 2019

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Is Dog Urine Killing Your Grass? Try This! | Ep. 60

On This Week's Podcast: Dog's Killing Grass We help a homeowner with some dogs whose urine is killing the grass in the backyard. Cathy says her two dogs are doing their "business" right off the steps of her deck. Her ground slants towards the deck, adding another issue to the dog mess. Also in this week’s podcast: • A strange smell in your home can be alarming. We discuss 7 household smells that could signal danger. • Learn about a product that will give your furniture a distressed, antique look. • Do you want to remove wallpaper? Try this formula! • A homeowner is having a hard time finding the right paint to repair and refinish the cabinets — here are our suggestions       • Follow Joe’s Simple Solution to create a homemade disinfectant. Question of the Week Tom from Virginia writes, “I want to install carpet. I have laminate flooring now, and I was told the laminate had to come up before the carpet was laid. What are your thoughts on this project?” DIY Project of the week How to Install a Dimmer Switch Replacing a standard wall switch with a dimmer switch is a great way to improve your home’s atmosphere.  


13 Mar 2020

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Ep 29. Removing a Mirror, Rallying the Troops, and a Simple Grill Cleaning Tip

On this week's podcast: • We discuss how to safely remove large mirrors. It’s a very slow and meticulous process that a homeowner is about to take on in his Oklahoma home. • A listener inherited a dingy steam shower from the home’s previous owners. Listen to hear how she can maintain the tiles inside the shower that are showing mold and discolored grout. And: • The troops rallied behind a listener with a hot wrought iron handrail. It’s always great to hear tips from you! The tips our listeners came up with to help a previous caller. • Joe has a simple solution that will help you clean your grill before your next cookout! Question of the week: Vincent from Pennsylvania says, “What is the best way or method to vent a bathroom fan? Through the roof or wall? I have seen in PA that there is a PVC pipe through the roof and then an elbow on it. Is that venting through the roof for a fan?”


26 Jul 2019

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How to Remove Mold from Your Washer and Dryer | Ep. 50

On this Week's Podcast: • Front-loading washers often attract mold and mildew — here are a few ways you can fight back against these fungi.  • Organizing professional Kandy Negus shares tips on how to declutter your home — fast — for the New Year.   •  A caller wants to remove a 1960s cast iron bathtub from his home, but how in the world will he get it out? We offer a few suggestions. • Joe’s Simple Solution will quiet down a squeaky door hinge. Question of the Week: Tara writes, “My dog found a hand warmer and got the black powder inside the package all over our hardwood floors. (The dog is fine, but) the black powder stained the hardwood (floors0 in two areas and also our couch.  We have washed and scrubbed the areas but the stain is still there.  What would you recommend using to clean the areas?”


3 Jan 2020

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Ep 5. Danny’s Magic Trick & How to Touch-Up with Bondo

Home improvement expert, TV show host, and… a magician?  Danny isn't pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but he does have a unique trick up his sleeve for a homeowner looking to remove a toilet.  Plus, a homeowner’s septic tank system has been running strong for over 20 years. Now, it' starting to flood. Why a new code requirement may be causing the tank to clog.    And, Danny and Joe talk about the benefits of using automobile Bondo for limited touch-up projects. Also, Joe has a simple solution to save you time and energy next time you paint your ceiling.


8 Feb 2019

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Simple Back Support for Working in a Sink Cabinet | Tips

If you’ve ever had to work inside a sink cabinet, you know it can be a real pain. The kitchen floor is usually three or four inches lower than the space inside the sink cabinet. Moreover, the hard edge at the bottom of the cabinet box always hits you right in the middle of the back or on your neck. What you need is a platform, something that you can lay on to ease that transition between the floor and the sink cabinet’s hard edge. But you don’t have to go out and buy something, or even make something. And all you need to use is an ironing board.


26 Feb 2020

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Circuit Breaker Tripping? Here's How to Fix It! | Ep. 55

On this Week's Podcast: Circuit Breaker Fixes What do you do if your circuit breaker keeps tripping? This is a big trial-and-error job unless you take our advice on how to get the job done. Also in this week’s podcast: • A homeowner is putting together a workshop in his basement. We give him a few ideas on creating a dust collection system perfect for his future wood-working projects. • We get a lot of questions about spray painting. Chelsea Lipford Wolf steps in to help cut through the painter's tape, so to speak. Hear what she, Danny and Joe recommend when it comes to paint sprayers.  • And, we're back from the massive International Builders’ Show and Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Listen to the podcast to learn about some great new products we saw in Las Vegas. • Joe has a 3-in-1 Simple Solution for removing a stubborn screw. DIY Project of the Week: How to Transform a Brick Fireplace With Limewash Applying a limewash is a quick, easy way to update a fireplace. Here's how to do it! Question of the Week Debbie from South Carolina writes, "I put a contract on a home over the weekend that was built in 1987 that needs a lot of updating. There are true hardwood floors (I pulled the vent) in the Foyer, Living and Dining Rooms. Overall, they are in good condition so refinishing them isn't at the top of my list. What can I apply to enhance their look? These won't be high traffic areas. Also, there is a pocket door that is sticking. What can I do to make it slide with less effort? Thank you."


7 Feb 2020

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Ep 35. DIY Screened in Porch Tips, Tub Paint Peeling, & Drill Bit Depth Gauge

On this week's podcast: •  We're helping a homeowner that wants to screen in a porch. The job doesn't have to be intimidating and we'll talk about why.   • Hear from a listener who just bought a house with a painted cast iron tub.  The paint is peeling and needs to be updated. And: • Have you ever bought a can of WD-40 and it stopped working halfway through?  There's a trick to get more out of a can that will save you a trip to the home store. • Joe has a simple solution to help drill several holes to the same depth. Question of the week: Rob writes, "Danny & Joe… I have @ 2 ft. of rotten fascia board in the middle of 20′ section. I also have a gutter over the entire span of the fascia. I’d like to replace the rotten section of the fascia board (I understand how to do that) without removing and re-hanging the gutter, but am trying to figure out how to cut the section of fascia board behind the gutter. Any suggestions?  This project’s about 15 ft. off the ground and I’m working alone."


6 Sep 2019

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Ep 19. Patio Paint Problems & Butcher Block Protection

On this week's podcast, Danny and Joe discuss:  • The issues accompanied by painting concrete. How to repair a damaged and chipped concrete paint job.  • Planting in the summer heat.  • How to keep butcher block countertops in tip-top shape. • Joe has three simple solutions that will add extra space inside your garage. Podcast question of the week: Lou Ann from Michigan asks, “Why does my sump pump kick on every few minutes?”


17 May 2019

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Types of Hand Saws: How to Choose the Right One | Ep. 53

On this Week's Podcast: • Saw Talk! There are dozens of sizes and styles of saws on the market. Learn when to choose which handsaw for the right project. • Also: We help a homeowner in the middle of a shower renovation. They want to make sure it’s done right by putting up the correct material before the vinyl goes up. • Joe has a Simple Solution to fix a loose baluster — all you need is a toothpick. Question of the Week: Donna writes, “I am currently building an addition to my home. The concrete finishers pouring my concrete slab for the foundation removed the plastic vapor barrier, so now I’m looking for suggestions to fix the problems. Should they fix it or is there another solution?” 


24 Jan 2020

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How to Clean and Organize Garages, Workshops and Sheds | Ep. 66

Dedicating a space to crafting, woodworking and automobile repairs makes all the difference when you need to focus on a particular project. Make your shed work for you. But garages, workshops and sheds should be in ship-shape for optimal use. And we’ll talk about how to get them that way in this episode of the Today’s Homeowner Podcast. Listen to learn how Chelsea repurposed old kitchen and dining-room furniture for her workshop; how to remove efflorescence from a garage floor, and a solution for your shed’s floors. [00:01:53:25] Chelsea shares how she recycled kitchen cabinets for use in her workshop [00:07:40:13] The best flooring for enclosing a lean-to on a storage shed [00:12:59:01] Danny discusses the benefits of TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer [00:15:40:01] How to deal with efflorescence (salt) on the surface of a garage floor [00:18:54:15] How to extend landscape lights’ life [00:21:12:24] Best New Product: Ajustco barrel bolts for sagging gates [00:22:43:16] DIY Project of the Week: How to screen in an existing porch [00:26:28:29] Question of the Week: Danny and Joe advise on the best way to install a galvanized railing post on a new handrail Question of the Week Q: “We are replacing a wrought-iron handrail. The post at the top of the handrail needs to be installed on a tiled concrete porch. “The original railing post was core-drilled into the concrete and the tile was cut to fit and installed around the post. “When the old railing is removed, the tile around the post will need to be removed as well and replaced. “The new railing is galvanized. The railing company is suggesting that the post foot be mounted directly on the new tile rather than core-drilling directly into the concrete. What is the best way to install the new galvanized railing post?” A: If you can place the post into the concrete and pour epoxy around it, that’s an easy option. Also, try using Concrete Fasteners’ Large Diameter Tapcons. DIY Project of the Week: How to Screen in a Porch This time of year, we all want to be outside, and particularly this year when we’ve all been cooped up for weeks in quarantine. But the warmer weather is also appealing to the bugs, so many of us find ourselves swatting mosquitos to enjoy the great outdoors. If you want to enclose an existing porch area with a screen to get some relief, watch this video.


25 Apr 2020

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Why Sinkholes Occur and How to Repair Them | Ep. 44

On this Week's Podcast: • Hearing the word "sinkhole" can be scary — Danny and Joe share how to repair an area that’s starting to sink. • A homeowner has a shed with a 30-year-old coat of paint  — it's time for a makeover! Here’s how she can check for rot, mold, and mildew before adding new paint. • Do you have some cracked floor tiles? Hear several solutions on the podcast to get the floor as good as new. • Joe’s Simple Solution — How to keep your shed burglar-proof.  Question of the Week: Patrick from Arizona writes, “I have a stained-wood front entryway and back deck. I’m seeking a recommendation for the best material to cover steps (partially) for best foot-grip In snowy/icy conditions without harming Or deteriorating the wood beneath."


8 Nov 2019

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Ep 32. New Weed Killer, a Shrinking Floor & Behind-The-Scenes of the Today’s Homeowner TV Show

On this week's podcast: • Hear about a new method to kill weeds. This information surfaced after a homeowner accidentally created brown spots in her grass with bug spray. • We help a listener who is dealing with some water stains left on a newly refurbished piece of furniture. • A homeowner’s vinyl plank floor shrunk. Listen to hear what likely caused this problem. And: • Danny and Joe talk with longtime Creative Director and Producer of the Today’s Homeowner Television show, Scott Gardner. Hear about some of the obstacles the crew faced when taping the latest episode involving a recycled patio. • Joe has a simple solution that will help you make perfectly square crosscuts with your circular saw. Question of the week: Jackie from Pennsylvania writes, “I have a home built in the early 60s. The interior walls are made of a fiberboard that shows seams. Currently, they are wallpaper. The walls seem to absorb moisture when its damp outside and the house smells musty. I’d love to have drywall or wood walls but unsure if it’s safe to remove this fiberboard let alone the mess and dust. Any suggestions?”


16 Aug 2019

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Tips: How to Stop a Leaky Roof

Listen for a step-by-step process to repair a damaged roof shingle.


1 Aug 2019

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Renovate Your Home the Eco-Friendly Way | Ep. 59

On this Week's Podcast: Eco-Friendly Renovation From cars to food, people are modifying their lives to help conserve the earth's resources and support a cleaner environment.  In this podcast Danny, Joe, and Chelsea open up about some of their tricks to renovating a home, but in an eco-friendly way. Also in this week’s podcast: • Ever think about installing a hot tub in your basement? Well, there is a lot more to think about than just how are you gonna get it down there. • A piece of furniture that's been passed down to a listener is stubbornly not opening its drawers. What she can do to safely pry open her inherited cabinet. • The garage floor often stains due to its porous nature. We discuss what you can do if you notice a stubborn rust stain on your garage floor. • Joe has a Simple Solution that will have you reaching for an ironing board next time you need to do any work under the kitchen sink. Question of the Week: Donna Writes, "I am currently adding an addition to the back of my home. I recently discovered that when the masons poured the concrete slab for the foundation, they removed the Visqueen plastic vapor barrier. So now I'm looking for suggestions to fix the problem? I live in Florida and moisture is a big problem. Should I insist that the masons re-do the foundation or are there other solutions to guarantee I will not have a moisture and mold issue in the future? Please help. I am so frustrated right now." DIY Project of the week: How to clean soot from a brick fireplace surround.


6 Mar 2020

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Tips: Getting Your Grill Ready for Summer

Listen to hear some great cleaning tips for your gas or charcoal grill. It will be getting a workout over the next few months. Getting it clean will not only impress your guest but will also keep you safe.  


13 May 2019

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What to Do When You Smell Gas in the House | Tips

In its natural state, natural gas is clear and odorless, which makes it incredibly dangerous because it’s difficult to detect any leaks. Before utilities pipe it into your home, they add a special heavy odor to the gas, so you can detect even small amounts of it escaping. Here’s what you do if you smell gas!


24 Feb 2020

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