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Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. Since August 2006, hosts Warren (in Vancouver, BC) and Steven (in Edmonton, AB) have provided listeners with their brand of amusing Doctor Who praise and punishment. A year later, Chris (also in Edmonton, AB) was added to the team, and The Three Who Rule were born.Recommended by Doctor Who Magazine, Radio Free Skaro provides an entertaining and diverting listen for the diehard or casual Doctor Who fan. New episodes usually appear on Sundays, following a loose magazine format of the three hosts discussing the news and events of the past week in the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. They have also recorded special commentary podcasts for classic series and new series episodes of Doctor Who along with interviews of some of the brightest of the Doctor Who luminaries. Radio Free Skaro is also the official podcast of Gallifrey One, the world’s largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who convention.

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Radio Free Skaro #722 – Humanity is Over (If You Want It)

The Master is back for the second week in a row in “Spyfall – Part Two” as Series 12 of Doctor Who continues! A romp across the centuries ends with a big surprise but more importantly, what were the thoughts of the Three Who Rule with the first proper story of Series 12 and Chris Chibnall’s first two-parter? More to the point, where is all this continuity leading us as we dive into the rest of this series? Plus we have the return of Warren’s favourite segment – Stats! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions – Spyfall Part Two – Skyfall Part One Appreciation Index of 82 – Skyfall Part One got 790,000 BBC America viewers – Orphan 55 synopsis, BBC One broadcast time of 7:10pm – Doctor Who Magazine 2020 Yearbook – Doctor Who Appreciation Society 2020 Annual fanzine available for free – Game of Rassilon podcast Season 2 starts January 15

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6 Jan 2020

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Radio Free Skaro #656 - No Sir, All Thirteen

The long, long wait is finally over as Doctor Who returns to our screens all new but somehow every bit as Who-ish as ever. What did your esteemed hosts think of “The Woman Who Fell To Earth?”, not to mention Jodie Whittaker, said earth-falling woman and the new Doctor Who? Listen to both their thoughts and news of all the hype and glory leading up to Series 11 starting…now! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Episode 1 “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” – Series 11 Coming Soon – Episode 1 Behind The Scenes – Stuart Manning poster for The Woman Who Fell to Earth – “The Ghost Monument” airs at 655pm on October 14 on BBC One – BBC America had a Doctor Who pre-party and after-party – BBC America Panel from New York City Comic-Con – Lynne & Erika from Verity! appeared on the preshow – Jodie Whittaker on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall on Build Series panel – Jodie Whittaker talks about the genesis of her costume – Her Universe Doctor Who collection now available at Hot Topic – Jodie Whittaker on the Radio Times cover – Jodie Whittaker surprises Sheffield schoolchildren – Gallifrey One early autumn update – Doctor Puppet Episode 8 – the final episode? – Doctor Puppet complete score available – Doctor Who Limited Edition Thirteenth Doctor Barbie unveiled – Big Finish celebrates the 13th Doctor – Doctor Who Infinity announces episode 4 and episode 5 – Missy being added to Doctor Who Legacy – Phil Morris announces non-Doctor Who missing episode find on The One Show – Titan Comics Humble Bundle

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8 Oct 2018

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Radio Free Skaro #732 - For Services to The Division

The time has come for “The Timeless Children” being timeless! Will Doctor Who canon and continuity survive? Can the Doctor and the Master ever make nice? What will become of the Time Fam? Most importantly, what was the opinion of your humble servant podcasters on this, the finale of Series 12? You will obey…by listening! Also stats, tat, Target books and t-shirts. And no new Doctor Who until the holiday season! Links: Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! Gallifrey One 2021 Tickets On Sale The Timeless Children Revolution of the Daleks to air during festive season Ascension of the Daleks BBC One overnights Ascension of the Daleks BBC America overnights Ascension of the Daleks BBC America Live+3 ratings The Haunting of Villa Diodati BBC One Live+7 viewing figures The Haunting of Villa Diodati BBC One AI Fugitive of the Judoon BBC One Live+28 viewing figures Doctor Who will not be rested 12th Doctor console The Timeless Children t-shirt Ascension of the Cybermen t-shirt The Haunting of Village Diodati t-shirt Can You Hear Me? t-shirt Blurbs for upcoming Target novelizations I Am the Master short story collection Doctor Who Humble Bundle Big Finish Cry of the Vultriss G’Day of the Doctor fundraiser

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2 Mar 2020

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Radio Free Skaro #721 – Where Worlds Collide and Days are Dark

The dawn of a new decade means only one thing: NEW DOCTOR WHO! Doc and the Time Fam are back and battling enemies old and new in “Spyfall – Part One”, a globetrotting bit of intrigue involving glowing aliens, Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry, and more! What will happen next!?!? Well, we’ll give you some updates on tat, new actors for series 12, a Gallifrey One update, a celebration of Terrance Dicks and the return of Stats! You have been warned. Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions – Spyfall Part One – Terrance Dicks dedication – Terrance Dicks A Celebration happening March 15 – Spyfall Part One BBC One overnight viewing figures – Spyfall Part Two synopsis – Series 12 to have linking theme – Sacha Dhawan edited out of promotional material – Radio 1 interview with Jodie Whittaker – James Buckley announced for Series 12 – Series 12 on iTunes Canada – Weekly t-shirts available via Forbidden Planet in the UK – First Series 12 shirt available for preorder – Gallifrey One guest announcement – Gallifrey One charity auction info – Doctor Who demand on BritBox UK outpaced other shows 20:1 – German Season 23 Blu-Ray release – Big Finish Diary of River Song series 7 due this month – Toby Hadoke’s 2019 Doctor Who In Memoriam

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2 Jan 2020

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Radio Free Skaro #719 – You’re Nicked, Briggs

Tatsplosion! All the merchandise madness we deferred last week in place of actual proper Series 12 news must be faced now, and with tremendous vigour! And, hoo boy, is there a lot of tat to discussion from upcoming Big Finish releases to more modern Target novels to comics, t-shirts, miniature spinning TARDISes…madness! We also have Gallifrey One guest updates, wandering Judoon, AND an interview with Big Finish impresario, voice of the Cybermen, Judoon, (and Daleks?) in Series 12, and writer Nicholas Briggs! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions – Gallifrey One guest update – Anjli Mohindra and Laura Fraser announced for Series 12 – Big Finish “Doctor Who: Masterful” brings John Simm back as The Master – Big Finish Chase the Night due January 2020 – Big Finish Third Doctor Adventures Volume 6 due May 2020 – Immersive Doctor Who theatrical experience coming to London in 2020 – Doctor Who fan film produced by Welsh school – New Target books due July 2020 – Doctor Who Magazine 546 released – John Levene autobiography available in hardback – Thirteenth/Tenth Doctor comic crossover happens during Blink – Big Chief Definitive Series Fourth Doctor – TARDIS consoles due February 2020 – Spinning TARDIS replica available – Hero Collector Figuring Collection, Time Lords Set #1 featuring The Curator and Romana II – Hero Collector episodic t-shirts – Hero Collector pin badge Doctor Who collection – Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver with visual effects – Race to the TARDIS board game – Time Ladies talk Doctor Who merchandise – Judoon at Victoria Station – Wendy Williams died Interview: – Nicholas Briggs – Big Finish

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15 Dec 2019

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Radio Free Skaro #718 – Everything Changes on New Year’s Day

Everything is happening! As we hurtle towards New Year’s Day and the premiere of “Spyfall”, the first of a two-part episode of Doctor Who Series 12, the info we were waiting all of 2019 for is now flying fast and furious and the Three Who Rule are all that stands between you and total cranial destruction! So let’s get right to this melange of promotional show appearances, UK, US, and Canadian air dates, and an interview from Chicago TARDIS with former Doctor Who brand manager Edward Russell! Listen, or you will be destroyed (by news!) Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions – 30 years since Survival aired, piece by James Cooray Smith – Series 12 opens with “Spyfall”, airing New Year’s Day – Episode 1 first look – Series 12 release date trailer – The series will open with a 2-parter – Some Series 12 episodes will have a cold open – BBC One will broadcast Spyfall at 6:55pm – BBC America will broadcast Spyfall at 8:00 ET/PT – CTV Sci-Fi confirms New Year’s Day broadcast of Spyfall – Jodie Whittaker on the Graham Norton Show – Jodie Whittaker given silver record for Yellow, her Children in Need contribution – Fathom Events holding Spyfall screening January 5 – Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla will appear in Series 12 – Russia buys Series 12 and will offer older series on demand – Total TV Guide – BBC America Doctor Who marathon begins December 24 – BBC America Doctor Who marathon will include The Macra Terror – Michelle Ryan announced for Gallifrey One – Gallifrey One 2020 ticket resales open – Who 77 Promotions presents An Afternoon With Graeme Harper – Jonathan Morris’s project on which Doctor Who scripts exist – Gareth David-Lloyd catches someone trying to deface the Ianto shrine – DC Fontana died – Richard Easton died Interview: – Edward Russell – Chicago TARDIS 2019

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8 Dec 2019

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Radio Free Skaro #508 - Code Name Damsel

It’s Christmas! And in finest non-denominational fashion, the Three Who Rule are celebrating with not only plain red cups from noted purveyors of paganism Starbucks but also have seen “The Husbands of River Song” and have opinions on said…husbandry! Plus just a smidgen of news for you to consume along with the turkey, Tofurkey and other holiday meal staples you and your hold near and dear. And stay tuned to the end as Steven, Warren, and Chris talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Spoilers! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

1hr 26mins

26 Dec 2015

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Radio Free Skaro #447 - All the President's Cybermen

And with that, Series 8 of Doctor Who is over! After a radical turn towards darkness and drama it all came together with “Death in Heaven,” the final episode of the series and the P-Capstone on the 12th Doctor’s inaugural year. From the machinations of Missy (AKA The Master) to the glorious fake-out of Jenna Coleman as the Doctor in the opening titles all the way to…well, there’s some Cyber-shenanigans which the Three Who Rule cover in great detail. And as a bonus, we have an Long Island Who report from The Memory Cheats and Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway co-host (and all around fine gent) Josh Zimon! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

1hr 21mins

9 Nov 2014

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Radio Free Skaro #589 – Without Hope, Without Witness, Without Reward

Lo, the (almost) end has come, and the Three Who Rule have thoughts, feels and comments about “The Doctor Falls,” the penultimate episode for both director Rachel Talalay and showrunner/writer Steven Moffat. What did the three scoundrels think of this stew of Masters and Mondasians? More to the point, what’s going on with the First Doctor and the upcoming Xmas special? So many questions! Next week, the return of Fluid Links, but only pertaining to Series 10, so no questions about Nimons and Axons! Links: – The Doctor Falls review – Christmas Special press release – Christmas Special promo pic – Doctor Who Fan Show interviews Moffat & Talalay – Moffat homage to RTD as mentioned in the Fan Show – Matt Lucas says goodbye – Michelle Gomez says goodbye – The Doctor Falls BBC One overnight viewing figures – The Eaters of Light final BBC One viewing figures – World Enough and Time Appreciation Index – The Thirteenth Doctor’s actor should be known soon – Gallifrey One guest announcement – Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who at San Diego Comic-Con – LI Who guests – Voord and Tetrap figurines – Planet 14 Information

1hr 10mins

2 Jul 2017

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Radio Free Skaro #505 - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Series 9 is over….and what a way to go! Time Lords, Clara, Me, hybrids, mythology, mystery and a certain retro time machine make for some delicious Feels Gumbo on this week’s Radio Free Skaro. From Rachel Talalay’s fine direction to subtle performances from both P-Cap and J-Co and everything in between, this episode had it all, and the Three Who Rule dive deep into “Hell Bent” for you, dear listener. Also discussed is the upcoming "The Husbands of River Song", and the new line of Doctor Who inspired fashions from Hot Topic! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

1hr 13mins

6 Dec 2015

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Radio Free Skaro #446 - The Moffat Master Plan

The penultimate episode of Series 8 is upon us, with Cybermen, the afterlife, and Missy, who is revealed as….well, you should certainly watch “Dark Water” (penned by Steven Moffat and directed by Rachel Talalay) before listening to the Three Who Rule expound upon the contents therein, or risk a mega-spoiler of cataclysmic magnitude. Have you watched? Good. Then enjoy our banter on the excellent direction, subtle performances, and the sometimes….excited reaction of certain segments of fandom when a beloved character takes a a sharp right turn into a different form. Next week, the finale, "Death in Heaven", and news from Long Island Who! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

1hr 4mins

2 Nov 2014

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Radio Free Skaro #646 – Flipping Cat Fights All Hours of the Day

Insanity levels are slightly lower in this, the week after San Diego Comic-Con, but there’s still plenty to discuss including Jodie Whittaker being a proper cinephile (at a now sold out appearance at Somerset House), a new book about the women of Doctor Who, upcoming Doctor Who merchandise discovered live on Amazon during the podcast, John Levene chronicling the saga of his life and times, Doctor Who: Infinity and Big Finish news, and the main event – the return of Fluid Links, where you ask the tough questions and we meander with half-baked responses!

1hr 9mins

29 Jul 2018

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Radio Free Skaro #454 - Tangerine Dream

Mind games, face huggers and tangerines...that's what passes for Christmastime when the Doctor gets involved. Sarcastic elves, a sassy Santa, and questionably CG reindeer round out Doctor Who's dip into surreality on this latest Xmas special, "Last Christmas", from the pen of Steven Moffat and directed by Paul Wilmshurst. So what did the Three Who Rule, brains slowed by turkey and Tofurky, think of P-Cap's first foray into Yuletide adventure? Down some egg nog, tear yourself away from erudite political discussion with the relatives, and have a listen!  Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com


26 Dec 2014

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Radio Free Skaro #619 – Can I Have An Apple?

The countdown to Gallifrey One continues, with the official convention schedule out for your perusal and ticket transfers up and running until January 31! Also, news of Jo Whit/P-Cap salary equilibrium…and, well that’s it for the news really. And good thing too, because we have part one of our mammoth look back at the Steven Moffat era! This segment focuses on the Matt Smith years and features Doctor Who on the Couch’s Heather Berberet, Nerdist scribe, and co-host of Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room, Kyle Anderson, and educator, podcaster and all around lovely fellow Paul Booth! Links: – Gallifrey One schedule – Gally ticket transfers close Wednesday – Jodie Whittaker earning the same as Capaldi – Complete History to extend to Twice Upon A Time Panel: – Heather Berberet – Kyle Anderson – Paul Booth

1hr 48mins

28 Jan 2018

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Radio Free Skaro #579 – The Crooked Smile

A rare occurence on this week’s Radio Free Skaro in that two thirds of the regular Three Who Rule are absent. So we present to you Two other Rulers! Erika from Verity! and Kyle from Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room join Steven (Chris and Warren are off somewhere making tea) to review the second episode of this most recent series of Doctor Who. Will they be smiling or in their appreciation of it? Or will they merely be gritting their teeth and pretending as to not get murdered by cute robots? Isn’t that everyday anyway? Links: – Doctor Who S10E02 “Smile” – “Smile” – overnight viewing figures – Memorial University prof inspires robots on new episode of Doctor Who – “The Pilot” AI – 83 – “Knock Knock” synopsis – Knock Knock to get a binaural audio edition on iPlayer for headphone users – David Bradley back as the First Doctor in the Christmas special? – David Bradley is cagey about the Christmas Special – Class North American DVD/BR release July 11 – Oxford English Dictionary adding some DW words: Sonic Screwdriver, TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman – Radiophonic Workshop concert and Q&A at the Science Museum June 16, £25 – BBC Studios in Wales gets new head of drama

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23 Apr 2017

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Radio Free Skaro #657 – Fish Fingers and Custard Creams

It’s the second week of new Doctor Who and one Jodie Whittaker and her Time Friends are wandering an alien planet, fighting killer bedsheets and practicing Venusian aikido, and the news has not let up one jot. New TARDIS, new title sequence, new appearances, the Dreaded Stats return to menace Warren and delight Steven and Chris and a surfeit of tat, videos, Big Finish and more! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Episode 2, “The Ghost Monument” – Ben Pickles talks about the new title sequence – Episode 3 & 4 details released – Rosa will go out on BBC One at 6:55pm Oct 21 – Featurette on the new TARDIS – The Woman Who Fell to Earth BBC One overnight viewing figures – BBC America viewing figures for The Woman Who Fell to Earth – New York Comic Con Doctor Who panel – Chibnall and Strevens interviewed by TV Insider – Jodie Whittaker Q&A with SPACE – Jodie Whittaker on The Social – Jodie Whittaker Reddit AMA – Doctor Who streetwear collection at Selfridges – Honest Trailers takes on nuWho – Honest Trailers takes on Classic Who – Big Finish Tenth Doctor volume 3 announced – River Song series 6 & 7 announced – Big Finish Short Trips to continue through 2020 – DWAS unveiled the William Hartnell blue plaque – Bernard Cribbins autobiography released – Tony Curran announced for Chicago TARDIS

1hr 42mins

15 Oct 2018

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Radio Free Skaro – 2019 Advent Calendar, Day 24

This holiday season, Radio Free Skaro is presenting a Fluid Links Advent Calendar! Every day from December 1 until December 24, we’ll discuss one topic from our list provided by you, the listeners. Today: Day 24.


24 Dec 2019

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Radio Free Skaro #480 - The Talons of Dr. Chang

News! News! News! So much news this week, from Vines of P-Cap playing guitar to Series 9 rumours, royal honours, convention doings and undoings, and (fake, but awesome) Doctor Who LEGO video games! The mind boggles! “But what else, you fiends?!” you declare, and for you, beloved listener, we also have Verity’s own Tansy Rayner Roberts with us for a commentary on "Dark Water", the penultimate Series 8 showstopper featuring water, darkness and more! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

1hr 39mins

14 Jun 2015

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Radio Free Skaro #459 - Colour Separation Overlay

With Gallifrey One looming ever closer, the Three Who Rule looked far and wide for news, and found very little, other than the discovery of a lost Desert Island Discs from 1965 starring none other than one William Hartnell, and of course the long-awaited release of Seasons of War, the unofficial War Doctor Anthology in support of the Cauldwell Chirldren’s charity helping UK kids with autism. But all this was mere preamble to Color Separation Overlay, a new pilot project from Lindsey Mayers, and featuring Dennis Slade, Izis Mollinedo and our own Steven to talk about race and representation in Doctor Who. Put on your thinking caps and enjoy! Check out the show notes at http://www.radiofreeskaro.com

1hr 3mins

1 Feb 2015

Rank #19

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Radio Free Skaro #717 – One Month Away

As the 2019 calendar strikes December, we are officially one month until new Doctor Who (likely) returns on January 1! And to that end, we bring you an interview Steven did with Tosin Cole, recorded live on stage at Chicago TARDIS, where Tosin teases elements of Series 12 of Doctor Who while also discussing his work on Series 11. But before that, Paul Booth drops by to talk with Steven about the convention, the news of the week, that Series 12 trailer, and more! Links: – Support Radio Free Skaro on Patreon! – Chicago TARDIS 2019 – Pearl Mackie announced as Gallifrey One guest – Tracy-Ann Oberman, Tracie Simpson headline Gallifrey One guest announcement – Doctor Who (likely) returns January 1 – New First and Thirteenth Doctor and Companion sets from Hero Collector – Big Finish Class series 3 & 4 announced, due April 2020 – Big Finish The Prisoner Volume 3 released – Doctor Who Infinity Announces Full Launch Interview: – Tosin Cole

1hr 22mins

1 Dec 2019

Rank #20