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Spiritual Warfare: What is Spiritual Warfare | Dr. Eric Mason

Dr. Eric Mason begins a new series this week entitled "Spiritual Warfare". Join us in Ephesians 6:10-13 as Dr Eric Mason answers the question, What is Spiritual Warfare?


20 Jan 2019

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Bible Study: Romans 7 - Understanding the Most Misunderstood Chapter of the Bible

Pastor Larry Smith leads our monthly bible study on how to correctly read & study scripture, using Romans 7:15-25 as an example. 

1hr 4mins

26 Mar 2015

Rank #2

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Keeping it 100: The Decisive Disciple

Pastor Eric Mason continues his "Keep it 100" series in II Corinthians 1:12-24 as Paul addresses the Corinthian church. He talks about how decisiveness means the removal of the unnecessary complexity.


1 Nov 2015

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Spiritual Warfare: "Weapon #1 Fighting the Lies of the Enemy; How to Restore Truth at the Core of Your Life" |Dr. Eric Mason

Dr. Eric Mason continues in the "Spiritual Warfare" series and describes the first piece of the full armor of God: "Weapon #1 Fighting the Lies of the Enemy; How to Restore Truth at the Core of Your Life" Ephesians 6:14a


18 Feb 2019

Rank #4

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Family: Shaping Generations "The Creation of Family"

Pastor Eric Mason begins a new series titled "Family: Shaping Generations" this week. Join us in Genesis 2:18-25 as Pastor Eric unpacks what a christian family looks like and how we are to be shaped


14 Jan 2018

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Act Like Men

Pastor Eric Mason encourages men for this fathers day message. Unpacking a powerful message out of 1 Cor. 16:13-14


19 Jun 2016

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Worship: Worshiping the Limitless God

Pastor Eric Mason closes our worship series in Genesis 18:9-15 


8 Sep 2013

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Engaging Race Issues In the Church

Pastor Eric preaches from James 1:19-21 encouraging the body to be a unified light 


1 Dec 2014

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Who's Your Daddy?

Pastor Curtis celebrates Father's Day as he preaches from Matthew 6:9-13 and describes God as the greatest Father we could ever have.


18 Jun 2017

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Race Justice and the Gospel: Seeing Through the Lens of the End

Pastor Eric Mason preaches from Revelation 7:9-17 in the first installment of the sermon series Race Justice and the Gospel. Pastor Eric points in scripture that in eternity all ethnicities will be distinct yet unified because of Jesus


20 Sep 2015

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So You've Been Sinned Against | Dr. Paul Tripp

Dr. Paul Tripp teaches from Romans 12:1-2, 14-21. Dr. Tripp encourages us to die to ourselves, and know the will of God for ourselves. Telling ourselves that we will never repay evil for evil. Tune in and be blessed! Grace and Peace


22 Apr 2018

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When God Cuts You| Dr. Eric Mason

This week Dr. Eric Mason returned to walk us through John 15:1-8 and challenge us not to fear when God cuts distractions from our lives


16 Sep 2019

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Manhood | Sexual Enjoyment and Cautions | Dr. Eric Mason

This week Dr. Eric Mason taught us what it means to be a man who biblically engages and enjoys sexuality based on Proverbs 5:15-21


25 Nov 2019

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Race Matters!

Pastor Eric Mason continues his series on Race, Justice, and the Gospel. Coming out of 1 Peter 2:4-12, unpacking a powerful message on race and why it matters. 


27 Sep 2015

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You Can't Run Him Off

Pastor Eric Mason continues his series in Ruth 1:6-18 and explains through the story of Ruth how God never forsakes us even when we give up on Him.


21 May 2017

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The Danger of Shortcuts

Pastor Keith Battle from Zion Church in Maryland stopped by for Epiphany's 8 year anniversary service. Pastor Keith preahced from Genesis 16 covering verses 1-15 encouraging God's people not to force what God has delayed! 


14 Sep 2014

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It's Time To Grow Up: The Picture of a Satisfied Life

Pastor Eric Mason picks up in 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 unpacking his one point "Mature Christians think carefully before making quick and long lasting decisions"


6 Apr 2014

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Love Out Loud

Pastor Eric continues in the 1 Corinthians series and picks up at Chapter 13 and walks through verses one to seven


9 Nov 2014

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#WokeChurch - Lamentations 3:1-18

Pastor Eric Mason finishes up the #WorkChurch series with teaching the need to lament and allows the congregation to share in lamenting.

1hr 3mins

23 Oct 2016

Rank #19

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Spiritual Warfare: Why Are We Fighting? |Dr. Eric Mason

Dr Eric Mason continues in our "Spiritual Warfare" series. Diving into Genesis 3:1-7, 14-15 he explains why we are fighting. He teaches about the origin of the enemy, Satan, and of the hope we have that satan's day is coming. listen and enjoy!


4 Feb 2019

Rank #20