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Nick D'Virgilio Talks About Joining The Cirque-us

Nick D'Virgilio is an American drummer and multi-instrumentalist musician, often referred to as NDV, best known as a former member of the progressive rock band Spock's Beard. He was also one of two drummers chosen to replace Phil Collins in Genesis on the Calling All Stations album.read more


26 Feb 2013

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Joe And Jeff Discuss Practice Routines and Foot Technique

In this podcast Joe and Jeff talk about bass drum technique and practice routines. This is part of a series of shorter podcasts where we discuss various aspects of drumming. If you're on Twitter you can CLICK HERE to let us know you like it... Please leave a review on iTunes if you use it.   -----read more


9 Apr 2013

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Stuart Elliott Talks About 40 Years Of Sessions

Stuart Elliott has been a recording and gigging drummer for 40 years. Starting his career with Steve Harly and Cockney Rebel he went on to play with Kate Bush, Al Stewart and The Alan Parsons Project among others. In this interview we talk about his career to date, how studio recording has changed in the last 4 decades and how he approaches studio sessions. You can find out more about Stuart at: Myspace.com/stuartelliottdrumsread more

1hr 1min

12 Feb 2013

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Joe And Jeff Discuss Reading Music

In this podcast Joe and Jeff talk about reading music.  How good do you need to be and what kind of gigs require reading these days? This is intended to be the first in a series of shorter podcasts where we discuss various aspects of drumming. If you're on Twitter you can CLICK HERE to let us know you like it... Please leave a review on iTunes if you use it.  read more


26 Mar 2013

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Dil Davies Talks About Inventing The BC2 Drum Stool

Dil Davies is half of Porter and Davies (porteranddavies.co.uk) the company behind the incredible BC2 and Gigster drum thrones. I bought one of these shortly after Gavin Harrison gave it a rave review.  I tried it out for 20 minutes and bought it then and there.  It's the best purchase I've made in the last 10 years. In this interview I talk to Dil about his drumming career and how the idea for the BC2 was born.read more


12 Mar 2013

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Lee Davies Talks About Teaching

Lee and I grew up pretty close to each other and have played in a lot of the same bands. In this podcast I talk to him about how he got started and his progression towards teaching drums. You'll find out more about Lee on his website www.leedaviesdrums.co.uk If you enjoy the interview you can thank Lee by clicking here to tweetread more


23 Apr 2013

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Jack Pollitt Talks About Surprise Sessions With Beyoncé, And His Band Mama's Gun

In this interview Jack talks about his band Mama's Gun, how he ended up on a session for Beyoncé, the benefits of doing function gigs, and what it takes to be a session musician. You can check out Mama's Gun at www.mamasgun.co.uk And you'll find Jack on Facebook, and Twitter (@jack_pollitt)read more

1hr 7mins

5 Feb 2013

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Jeff Bowders Talks About Working In LA And Getting Books Published

Jeff Bowders is an L.A. based drummer.  His credits include Paul Gilbert and Puddle of Mudd to name just a couple.  He teaches at Musicians' Institute and has 3 drum books to his name : Double Bass Drumming (UK version, US version), read more

1hr 2mins

22 Jan 2013

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Dave Weckl Talks About His Sound, Recording and his New Project

For more than 25 years, Dave Weckl has developed and maintained a reputation among fans, peers, and the international music community as one of the great living drummers. For this, he has received numerous accolades and honors; Modern Drummer inducted Dave into their Hall of Fame and named him "one of the 25 best drummers of all time."read more

1hr 2mins

21 Dec 2012

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Daniel Glass Talks About The Evolution Of Drums And Rock Drumming

Daniel Glass is an award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator. He is widely recognized as one of today's foremost authorities on classic American drumming. A member of the pioneering swing group Royal Crown Revue since 1994, Daniel has recorded and performed all over the world with many top artists, including Brian Setzer, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and KISS frontman Gene Simmons For the past two years, he has been voted one of the top five R&B drummers in the world by readers of Modern Drummer and DRUM magazine. read more


21 Oct 2013

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