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Falcon Heavy Discussion - Orbit 11.04

Jared Head, Mike Clark and Tim Dodd sit down to discuss the upcoming launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy and what that can mean for the future of SpaceX and the industry as a whole. Launches:Electron Still Testing SuccessChina launches more spy satellites againArianespace launches 2 comsats with an anomaly News:Neutron Star Merger Throws Us A Curveball PuzzleProblem with CanadaArm's new handLife's Ingredients Found in MeteoritesLunar Eclipse === CONTINUE THE CONVERSATION ===Twitter.com/TMROFacebook.com/TMROTVYouTube.com/TMROReddit.com/r/tmroTwitch.tv/TMROTMRO.tv === OUR REAL-TIME DISCORD CHANNEL ===All of the TMRO Shows are created and maintained in our Discord channel. Escape Velocity Patrons have access to a special room, but we also have free #general rooms that anyone can participate in. Join in for free at https://discord.gg/9NkkFWD === TMRO IS CROWD FUNDED ===TMRO shows are crowd funded. If you like this episode consider contributing to help us to continue to improve. Head over to http://www.patreon.com/tmro for per-episode contribution or http://www.makersupport.com/tmro for monthly contributions and reward information.

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28 Jan 2018

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Can SpaceX really get StarShip to Mars by 2024 | Space

This week we welcome on Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut to talk about the SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy programs, his experiences in Boca Chica and what we can look forward to with SpaceX's Moon and Mars plans.

1hr 9mins

4 Aug 2019

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The evolution of galaxies with Dr. Charles Liu - Orbit 11.25

Dr. Charles Liu joins us to talk about the observable evolution of galaxies, quasar hunting and has some inspiring words about science communication. Launches: Russia Launches GLONASS-M Satellite Space News: Einstein you genius B-b-b-blackhole and the jets The EU is taking down the trash

1hr 35mins

24 Jun 2018

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Interview | NASA's Psyche Mission to a Metal Asteroid

We are joined by NASA's Psyche mission lead Lindy Elkins-Tanton to talk about this upcoming mission to explore the metallic asteroid that may be the core of a protoplanet! We cover what this means for us here on Earth and why is it important as well as how they plan to accomplish the mission itself! Orbit 12.21


23 Jun 2019

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Erday Astronauting – Orbit 10.07

We bring back Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut to talk about Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Math as well as how he works to inspire youth. In Space News: * Planet (not Labs anymore) Satellite deployments – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IE1Q9JvQUM * List of Landing Sites for Next Mars Rover Narrowed * Small Satellite Rocket Booster Arrives at New Zealand’s First Launch Site * Group Effort Finds More Than 100 Exoplanet * CubeCab looking to launch small sats * NRO Payload Mounted For West Coast Launch TMRO:Space is a crowd funded show. If you like this episode consider contributing to help us to continue to improve. Head over to http://www.patreon.com/tmro for information, goals and reward levels. Don’t forget to check out our SpacePod campaign as well over at http://www.patreon.com/spacepod The post Erday Astronauting – Orbit 10.07 appeared first on TMRO.

1hr 11mins

20 Feb 2017

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How we will survive out in Space - Orbit 12.13

Engineer Brittany Zimmerman of Paragon Space Development Corporation joins us to talk about the different ways Space wants to kill you. We cover how Paragon is working on Life Support And Environmental Control Systems, including water purification to help keep us all alive on out journey to Mars. This one is an eye opener including a lot of stuff that will be required if us ugly giant bags of mostly water are to colonize the solar system.


14 Apr 2019

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Exploring Asgardia, the first Space Nation - Orbit 12.06

This week we welcome on Lena De Winne, the Deputy Head of Administration of Asgardia to talk about what Asgardia is, what they hope to accomplish and how they will get there. Asgardia is the first Space Nation and you can get more information at asgardia.space.


10 Feb 2019

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Masten's Lunar Ambitions - Orbit 11.34

Dave Masten of Masten Space Systems joins SpaceMike to talk about his current fleet of vehicle and plans to do more than just flags and footprints on the moon.There were no launches this week Space News: OSIRIS-REx and New Horizons' targets are in sight Leak at ISS detected Our Solar System Is Nothing Special

1hr 8mins

2 Sep 2018

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How Hubble helped Ultima Thule - Orbit 12.01

The New Horizons flyby of Ultima Thule is an amazing extension of the spacecrafts original mission -- But did you know that almost didn't happen? Find out how Hubble saved the day thanks to a creative use of director's discretion. No more launch minutes! Those are moving to their own segments that will be released on Fridays prior to the show! Live shows will be conversations with guest interviewees and guest hosts! Topics covered today:Ultima Thule MissionChina's Chang'e-4 mission on the far side of the moonLaunchPad Astronomy with Christian Ready - @launchpadastro

1hr 19mins

6 Jan 2019

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Women working in STEM - Orbit 11.17

Holly Griffith, NASA Orion Vehicle Systems Engineer joins us this week to talk women working at NASA and in STEM. Launches:Sentinal-3B launches on Russian RockotChinese Long March 11 launches Zhuhai-1 remote sensing satellites News:Uranus smells like fartsBridenstine sworn in as NASA AdministratorGaia

1hr 23mins

2 May 2018

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APL's Interstellar Probe - Orbit 12.12

The always energetic and information powerhouse Dr. Kirby Runyon joins us to talk about New Horizons, Yuris Night and announces the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Interstellar Probe. It's a really fun and exciting interview, and we had a bit of stuff we missed in After Dark so we left a bit of that in there at the end as well.


8 Apr 2019

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Making money from space junk - Orbit 11.36

Astroscale COO, Chris Blackerby, chats about the money to be made from space junk, and how we can leverage these space resources for the benefit of humanity. Launch minute: Falcon 9 | Telstar 18 Delta II | IceSat-2 Space News: Orion completes final parachute test SpaceX, NASA, and JAXA all have Lunar plans Opportunity's 45 day clock begins ticking

1hr 16mins

18 Sep 2018

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Enjoying a cup of coffee in space - Orbit 11.26

Jeffrey Ayers of Death Wish Coffee joins us to talk about the caffeinated payload they just sent up to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX's CRS-15.TMRO has an incredible history with coffee. When we were Spacevidcast the whole show was produced at the back of the Crow River Coffee Company, we had our own blast off blend coffee and Adam (Cafn8ed) directed the show. We are excited for a time when coffee is a regular part of a space journey. Along with many other creature comforts we take for granted today. Launches: Long March 2C Launches 2 Secret Demo Satellites Falcon 9 Launches CRS-15 Space News: Hayabusa in the sky with diamonds Spacewalks and Falcons and Space Force, Oh My! Stealth Comet

1hr 16mins

1 Jul 2018

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From Rocket Bikes to Starhopper - Orbit 12.02

Peter Beck joins us today to chat how Rocket Lab will ramp their launch cadence in 2019, and how it just may have all started with a rocket powered motorbike. We also take bets on when SpaceX's next generation test rocket, the Starhopper, will fly. When do you think we'll see it launch? Topics covered today: SpaceX Starhopper and Crew Dragon Demo Mission-1 OSIRIS-Rex mission begins orbiting asteroid Bennu Peter Beck (Rocket Lab CEO) chats Rocket Bikes and Rocket Lab's 2019 plans

1hr 22mins

13 Jan 2019

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Space News: Blue Breaks Ground, SpaceX DM-1 gets ready and OneWeb Internet

This is your space news update for January 30th, 2019. Our Space Mike hologram is back, in non hologram form this week to deliver Launch Minute as well as an update on the SpaceX DM-1 mission. We also chat about the recent Blue Origin Test Flight and the ground breaking for their new engine production facility. OneWeb may have access to a lower cost ground based system for their upcoming satellite constellation. And finally, a quick update on NASA’s Opportunity Rover. If you enjoy shows like this, consider becoming a Patron! Contribute whatever you feel the shows of TMRO are worth. Head over to https://www.patreon.com/tmro for more info


30 Jan 2019

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3D Printing in micro gravity with Made In Space - Orbit 11.33

If humanity is to have a permanent presence in the cosmos, we will need to learn how to create parts and structures in space itself. MadeInSpace is working on 3D printers that work in micro gravity and this week we have Justin Kugler, Business Development for Advanced Projects join us to talk about their vision of the future. Launch Minute: Vega | Aeolus Long March 3B | BeiDou-3 M11 & M12 Space News: Water Ice Found on Lunar Surface SpaceX Updates - Crew access to Load and Go Why Jupiter's Stripes Are Only Skin-Deep

1hr 12mins

25 Aug 2018

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The Space Launch System Roundtable - Orbit 10.27

Our long awaited Space Launch System or SLS roundtable discussion has arrived! Benjamin, Mike, Jared and Cariann all talk about NASA’s new super heavy lift rocket, its merits and faults. In Space News:Private Space Telescope? NASA’s Thinking About ItAstrobotic and ULA planning 2019 robotic moon landingNew Study Finds The Moon Has Water In Volcanic LeftoversSenate votes on NASA 2018 budgetBreakthrough Starshot Flies Smallest Sat Ever TMRO:Space is a crowd funded show. If you like this episode consider contributing to help us to continue to improve. Head over to http://www.patreon.com/tmro for information plus our all new goals and reward levels

1hr 33mins

30 Jul 2017

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Space News | Beresheet Impact, Falcon Heavy Tips Over, Stratolaunch and Black Holes

A lot of stuff happened in our local system this week! In Traffic the Beresheet suffered a rapid unintended kinetic disassembly and Falcon Heavy launched, landed and then the center core tipped over. In news: The Stratolaunch Carrier Aircraft took to the skies and we get to see the image of a black hole for the first time! As always we wrap the show up with space weather.


17 Apr 2019

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Mars soil and water want to kill you - Orbit 11.44

We continue the round table format. Trying to tighten it up a bit but still make it conversational. This week we have Sarah Vincent, Michael Clark (in studio,) Benjamin Higginbotham, Cariann Higginbotham and Jared Head all leading the discussion. And of course YOU, the community of TMRO! Launch Minute: Soyuz | GLONASS Soyuz | MetOp-C Space News and Conversations: Europa's Plumes Are Confusingly Cold New research into Mars' perchlorates Parker Solar Probe Completes Perihelion No. 1 Floods on Mars SpaceX tests new recovery ship, spacesuits and simulators, and Elon teases mini-BFS

1hr 30mins

11 Nov 2018

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What's missing to get humans to Mars? - Orbit 11.28

We have our scheduled roundtable this week, voted on by the Citizens of TMRO. Jared hosts and asks, "What are the missing pieces needed to get humans to Mars?" This turned in to a really lively discussion and we would love your comments below or on our new forums at https://community.tmro.tv Launches: Launch of Progress MS-09 on New 4 Hour Trip to Space Station Long March-2C launches PRSS-1 & PakTES-1A Long March-3A launches BeiDou-2 satellite Space News: Ghost particle traced to its source! Crew Dragon Update Oumuamua is a confirmed non-icey comet?! If you would like to continue the conversation we have a few great ways to do that: Comment on YouTube. We'll comment back or even feature it in the show Create a new post on our community forum at https://community.tmro.tv -- That can be anything related to this video, space, science, technology -- Or anything at all! We just want to hear from you! Head over to our real-time Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/9NkkFWD

1hr 43mins

15 Jul 2018

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