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When Orla Met…is a conversation with people from the world of sport, about sport, but it's not just a sports podcast. It's a podcast for anyone interested in stories, in the fortitude and frailties of those who push themselves to the limit of human ability. It's a conversation about outrunning demons and finding inspiration in the pursuit of excellence.It's a chance to get to know some of the biggest names and brains in sport along with Orla, to listen to the stories behind the headlines, and to learn a little more of the motivation, fears and discipline that drives the ordinary to become extraordinary, and to the very top of their game

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11: When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters: Can sport ever be clean, and why does it matter? - Part 1

When Orla Met Jonathan Vaughters is a thoughtful discussion with the former professional cyclist, confessed doper, and current cycling manager about the idealism and practicalities of clean sport. Does it exist? Can it exist? And where do we draw the line from eating cheese, to injecting performance enhancing drugs?


9 Jul 2018

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