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ComixLaunch: Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers on Kickstarter... and Beyond!

ComixLaunch: Crowdfunding for Writers, Artists & Self-Publishers on Kickstarter... and Beyond!

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128 – Eight Powerful & Profitable New Launch Lessons to Take Into the New Year [Part 1 of 2]

2017 was a big year for launches. In this year-end session of ComixLaunch, Tyler shares his biggest and most profitably lessons learned from the many successful launches he's been a part of this year.

31 Dec 2017

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132 – Fighting Insecurity and Perfectionism with Ten 31 Publishing’s James Powell

Does your entire creative career feel like a struggle? Do you constantly feel like no matter how hard you work, you'll never measure up? In this session of ComixLaunch, writer and editor James Powell (Ten31 Publishing) opens up about his own struggles with creative insecurity and how he's fought back against them.

28 Jan 2018

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3 Strategies I Used to Dramatically Expand My Online Audience

Tyler looks back at three distinct strategies he employed at three different stages of his creative career that helped him dramatically expand his online audience, and as a result, his network and his launches. Highlights...

27 Oct 2019

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153 – MasterMind Sessions: Better Social Media Strategies & Systems with “The Scientists” Geoff Weber

As creators, we know we need to actively promote our work. But how do we do so in a way that doesn't leave us completely drained and take all our time from creating? In this mastermind session episode, a group of creators help graphic novelist Geoff Weber navigate the tricky waters of social media systems.

24 Jun 2018

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122- Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset on Kickstarter and Beyond

Is Kickstarter a sustainable long-term platform or are we in a bubble that's soon to burst? How creators respond to this question reveals a ton about how they see the world, and in particular, whether they are operating from a mindset of scarcity or abundance.

19 Nov 2017

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125 – What is a Mastermind and Why Joining One Might Be the Key to Your Breakout Year

What do King Arthur, Franklin Delanore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Bill Gates all have in common? They all attribute some of their success to being a part of a mastermind group as a key to their success. In this session, you'll learn what is a mastermind, what the benefits to joining one are, and how to find one to help you succeed in the new year.

10 Dec 2017

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37 Kickstarter Page Elements That Build Trust With Backers

You'll want to bookmark this episode the next time you build a Kickstarter page because in it, Tyler shares 37 Kickstarter page elements that build trust with backers and lead to a successful launch! And the best part... this entire episode was generated with the help of the ComixLaunch community.

3 Feb 2019

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“The Newbie Advantage” on Kickstarter & Beyond

Is it possible that "Newbie" Comic Creators actually have an ADVANTAGE on Kickstarter?

16 Mar 2020

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How to Start Turning a Consistent Profit With My Comic [Coaching Call]

Comic creator Nathaniel Gold finally started going after his comic creating goals in the last year and has started to have some success. Now he's looking for help playing a bigger game and trying to start generating a consistent profit from his art. In this coaching call, Tyler will share strategies to help him do just that!

27 Jan 2019

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148 – 4 Pillars of an Audience Building Platform

What are the key components you need to build a strong audience? Find out in today's session.

20 May 2018

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New Kickstarter Shipping Dos & Don’ts

Are you thinking about how you're going to ship your Kickstarter rewards? Whether you're in the midst of fulfillment or still planning your next launch, this episode is for you, as Tyler shares three valuable Kickstarter reward shipping DOs and three DON'Ts.

19 Aug 2018

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158 – 5 Steps to a Winning Kickstarter Image

Your Kickstarter project image is the single most important image on your page and one of the most important decisions of your launch. And yet, so many creators treat it as an after thought. In this session, you'll learn how to avoid the most common image mistakes and learn how to craft a compelling image for your next launch.

29 Jul 2018

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How Can Patreon Pay for My Comic? [Coaching Call]

After a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch his latest series Skies Over Superior, creator Josh Dahl is interested in moving his series to Patreon for ongoing crowdfunding. Tyler asks Josh to walk through his Patreon launch strategy and helps him refine it.

9 Sep 2018

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5 Things That Are a Hot Mess in My Creative Business & Life Right Now (and What I’m Planning on Doing About It)

In every creative life and business, there are some aspects that are less then perfect. Check that... that are straight up broken, messy or not working at all. In this behind the curtains episode of ComixLaunch, Tyler shares five areas in his creative life that are far from perfect, and what, if anything he plans on doing to correct them in the near future.

30 Sep 2018

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Painting a Fuller Picture of the Comic Book Industry With Creator At Large Jeremy Melloul

Creator At Large Jeremy Melloul returns to ComixLaunch to discuss his new comics industry podcast and the difference between breaking in and building a career.

11 Nov 2018

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What Potty Training Can Teach ComixLaunchers

After 3 days of (successfully!) potty training his toddler, ComixLaunch host Tyler James as popped back up with 10 lessons comic creators and crowdfunders can learn from the process and apply to their successful 2020.

5 Jan 2020

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How Do I Do Less Conventions and Not Lose Connection to My Fans? – Dirk Manning Hotseat [MasterMind Session]

As his writing demands increase, Nightmare World creator Dirk Manning realizes he's going to need to cut back on his convention schedule. However, he's worried about losing connection with the fans who've supported him along the way if he's out of sight and out of mind. Hear the counsel Dirk receives from a mastermind of creator peers.

16 Jun 2019

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160 – Ask ComixLaunch: Self-Publishing Frustrations, Kickstarter vs Indiegogo & Giving It Away For Free

How easy is it for potential readers to find YOU? That's just one of many questions Tyler will ask you to think about as he dives into the ComixLaunch Mailbag to answer creator questions.

12 Aug 2018

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My Graphic Novel is Nearly Complete… What Now? [Coaching Call]

After pouring years into creating his first graphic novel which is finally about to be complete, creator Zach Block is now looking for a little guidance on how to proceed with getting it launched to the world. Sit in on this final coaching call with Zach and Tyler as they walk through what happens after your book is finished.

7 Apr 2019

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Is 2020 the Year Crowdfunding Comics on Kickstarter Stops Working?

Could 2020 be the year that Kickstarter finally stops working for comic creators and crowdfunders? In this session, Tyler looks at 5 common concerns creators have about the sustainability of the #1 crowdfunding platform… and shares his own insights on the future of the platform.

12 Jan 2020

Rank #20