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A weekly comics interview show hosted by David Harper of SKTCHD.com that gets the story behind the stories and creators we love, as well as the broader comic book industry.Patreon: Patreon.com/OffPanelTwitter: @slicedfriedgoldEmail: david@sktchd.com

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Off Panel #44: Maximum Hickman with Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman guests on Off Panel this week to talk about his current and upcoming Image books - East of West and The Black Monday Murders. The conversation starts with a discussion about East of West, his comic with artist Nick Dragotta, looking at how that book developed, how the two of them work together, how far out Hickman plans, how his background in other fields impacts his writing, world-building, their recent silent issue, who his favorite character is, and what's next for the book. Hickman also discusses his recently announced title with Tomm Coker, The Black Monday Murders, why it's such an exciting project for him, how he's taking bonus content in the book to another level, how people response to the design elements in his books, and then the discussion shifts to talk about comic book economics, collection sales, what today's industry is like, how Image fits in, launching new titles at different points in your career, and much more. It's a sprawling discussion with one of the industry's best creators.

1hr 23mins

12 Apr 2016

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Off Panel #231: Terminal Velocity with Mark Waid

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Mark Waid joins the podcast for a career-spanning chat examining his writing. Waid discusses how his early jobs editing comics and writing about them affected his storytelling approach, how he became a writer, his love of writing himself into a corner, where his love of problem solving comes from, how The History of the Marvel Universe fits in there, Javier Rodriguez's greatness, why he loved writing Impulse so much, the intersection of writing young characters + knowing comic history, what continuity means to him, comics in mourning, differentiating H1 from other superhero universe, his love of not being in a box, why Ignited appealed to him as a storyteller, what the most interesting thing happening in comics today is to him, and more.

1hr 7mins

25 Nov 2019

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Off Panel #65: Storytelling with Chris Samnee

Chris Samnee, the co-writer and artist of Marvel's Black Widow, joins Off Panel this week to talk his work on that book and his new Daredevil Artist's Edition from IDW Publishing. Samnee talks how that Artist's Edtion came together, his approach to art, why the inking process is so important to him, what makes working on Black Widow so special, how co-writing that book changes things for him, the superpowers of color artist Matt Wilson, character acting, and more. It's a great chat with one of the best in the biz these days.

1hr 4mins

17 Oct 2016

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Off Panel #8: Comic Tangents with Joe Keatinge

On this week's episode of Off Panel from SKTCHD.com, David welcomes writer Joe Keatinge of Shutter fame and the upcoming Ringside. Joe joins the show this week to talk about the economics of the creator-owned model, what creators can get from working in a comic shop, making comics work for you, the distribution system, social media, art vs. commerce, the evolution and development of comics, and a lot, lot more. If it sounds like it's a sprawling conversation, that's because it is. But it's a very interesting and tangent filled conversation with a great creator that touches on all things comic books.

1hr 17mins

5 Aug 2015

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Off Panel #123: Penthouse Forum with Matt Fraction

On this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Matt Fraction joins the show to discuss his work on comics like Sex Criminals, Casanova, and Solid State. Fraction talks the impact of the Warren Ellis Forums, the rise of the Brimpers, why so many connected deeply to Sex Criminals, the book's backmatter, following your gut in writing, accessibility, getting over the fear of writing, integrating Elizabeth Breitweiser into their creative routine, collaboration, Casanova's impact, the unique challenge of Solid State, the importance of a comic being of physical substance, the Milkfed newsletter, and more.

1hr 7mins

16 Oct 2017

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Off Panel #84: The Story of Image with Todd McFarlane

In the final Image founderscentric edition of Off Panel, Image Comics co-founder Todd McFarlane joins the show to share his perspective on the story of Image. McFarlane talks the appeal of the move away from Marvel, the story behind Image's creation, the meeting at Marvel and why they went to DC after it, why he stayed exclusive to Image, how the Image deal became more appealing to others, Robert Kirkman's fit as a partner, Eric Stephenson's impact, whether Image looks as he expected after 25 years, what the biggest difficulties were in figuring everything out, and more.

1hr 17mins

16 Feb 2017

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Off Panel #147: The Comic Life with Robert Kirkman

In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Robert Kirkman joins the show to talk comics and his new book, Oblivion Song. Kirkman discusses why he keeps making comics, whether he's an art nerd, how his success allows him to take risks, learning from other creators and comics, Oblivion Song's lead time, his approach to writing, Savage Dragon's impact on him, how artists have changed the path of his comics, what made Lorenzo de Felici the right fit for Oblivion Song, what he looks for in his collaborators, the ending of Invincible, seeing so many other people working in his sandbox, the glory of Andrew J. Shaw, fictional editors, and more.

1hr 14mins

19 Mar 2018

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Off Panel #213: Superhero State of the Union 4.0 with Oliver Sava

In this week’s episode of Off Panel, The AV Club's Oliver Sava returns for our annual chat about the state of superheroes. Sava discusses where superhero comics are right now, DC's big changes, Marvel and DC's current architects, Bendis killing it on DC, Immortal Hulk, the coming Hickman era on the X-Men, Tom Taylor's greatness, recent moves by creators, house styles in art, The Joker and Harley Quinn's immense presence, Ink and Zoom's launch books, Squirrel Girl's coming end, what we're excited for on the horizon, and more.

1hr 35mins

15 Jul 2019

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Off Panel #23: The Power of Color with Matt Wilson

Colorist Matt Wilson guests on this week's episode of Off Panel, as he joins David to talk the art of coloring comic. The pair talks the role of a colorist in a comic, how he works, what drives his choices, how he collaborates with his partners, what he does while he works, the increased visibility of colorists in today's industry, how his experience differs from project to project, the role of colorists as a tastemaker, the power of flatters, and much more.

1hr 11mins

18 Nov 2015

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Off Panel #202: The MCU Power Rankings with Andy Schmidt

In this week's episode of Off Panel, former Marvel editor and the guy behind Comics Experience, Andy Schmidt, joins the show for a Marvel Cinematic Universe power rankings episode. Schmidt discuss the overall quality of the MCU, how being a former Marvel editor changes his viewing experience, Avengers Endgame expectations, and more, before we rank a whole lot of MCU related topics, like our favorite deep cut characters, the best castings, scores and villains, our favorite random moments, things that we were surprised worked, our favorite MCU movies, and more. Note: This was recorded well before the release of Avengers: Endgame, so no spoilers are discussed here.

1hr 59mins

25 Apr 2019

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Off Panel #182: Frontier Psychiatrist with Jeff Lemire

In this week's episode of Off Panel, cartoonist Jeff Lemire joins the show to talk about his work on titles like Black Hammer and Gideon Falls. Lemire discusses his organizational abilities, what getting ahead with your writing offers you, a day in his life, studio space, his connection to rural locations, Black Hammer's connection to his love of comics, the divide between independent and superhero comics, how Black Hammer evolved, his collaborators, expanding its universe, the appeal of horror, Gideon Falls's development, working with Andrea Sorrentino, the JH Williams III effect, creating tension, writing for others versus himself, him stepping back from for-hire work, and more.

1hr 12mins

19 Nov 2018

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Off Panel #33: Prolific Ways with Jason Latour

Jason Latour, the writer of Spider-Gwen and artist/co-creator of Southern Bastards, joins Off Panel this week to talk about his work, career and collaboration. We talk the difference between writing and art for him, how those two roles inform each other, his working relationships with his creative partners like Jason Aaron, Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, how growing up in the Charlotte area helped him, Coach Boss as Bill Belichick, challenging readers, Saturday morning cartoons, Spider-Gwen's success, the Carolina Panthers, barbecue, and much more.

1hr 23mins

26 Jan 2016

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Off Panel #247: Fun Times! with Terry Dodson

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Terry Dodson joins to show to discuss his art and work in X-Men/Fantastic Four and Adventureman. Dodson discusses making comics during a national emergency, why Emerald City Comic Con rules, how important interiors are for him, the power of covers, the origins of Adventureman, his influences, the two sides of his career, world building, why X-Men/Fantastic Four jives with him, how he works with his wife (and inker) Rachel, where comics are today relative to when he started, and more.

1hr 23mins

16 Mar 2020

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Off Panel #19: Getting Sassy with Cliff Chiang

The artist of Paper Girls, Cliff Chiang, joins the show to talk about collaborating with Brian K. Vaughan, Matt Wilson and Jared K. Fletcher on the new hit Image title. Chiang shares his thoughts on bringing the era of the book to life, what he did to research it, what working with the team is like, how his past work in editorial has helped him be a better artist, the creative freedom of creator-owned, covers, and much more.

1hr 1min

21 Oct 2015

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Off Panel #94: Breaking In with Jen Bartel

In this week's episode of Off Panel, artist Jen Bartel joins the show to talk about breaking into comics. She talks about her art background, the pros and cons of art school, her path to the world of comics, the importance of just making art, the power of the internet and social media, her advice for people looking to break in, why she's focused on covers over sequential art, the reason she prefers inking and coloring over the problem solving part of art, her affinity for neon colors, merchandising, valuing your work monetarily, before the podcast closes with five questions about Bartel herself.

1hr 13mins

17 Apr 2017

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Off Panel #4: Constructive Comics Criticism with Oliver Sava

In this week's episode of SKTCHD.com's weekly creator-centric podcast Off Panel, David brings on someone who isn't a creator, but a journalist like him. It's Oliver Sava from AV Club, one of the best and brightest in the comic critic game. Oliver joins the show to talk about Marvel's All-New All-Different future, how the #DCYou is shaping up, the rapid recent changes in comics, the value of diversity in creators and comics, and much more. It's a sprawling conversation about what both David and Oliver would like to see more of in comics.

1hr 8mins

8 Jul 2015

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Off Panel #227: Hi, I'm Rosemary with Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

In another episode of Off Panel recorded at New York Comic Con, artist Rosemary Valero-O'Connell joins the show to talk about the graphic novel she did with Mariko Tamaki, Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me. Valero-O'Connell discusses her notably good few weeks, balancing drawing Laura Dean with going to college, the important of working on this book for her, bringing characters to life, her love of details, drawing, coloring and lettering the book herself, her paneling and layout choices, working with Tamaki, the greatness of First Second, making the comics she wants to make, and more.


21 Oct 2019

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Off Panel #198: The Power of X with Matthew Rosenberg

In this week's episode of Off Panel from Emerald City Comic Con, writer Matthew Rosenberg joins the show to talk about his path to Marvel and the experience of writing the X-Men. Rosenberg discusses how his work experience in comic shops impacts him, the role his Black Mask work played in getting him on radars, the DC Writers Program, why Marvel has been a good fit for him, the Bendis vacuum, tying his early X-Men work into his Uncanny run, Peter David's X-Factor, his oddball Uncanny team, their strange mix of costumes, managing expectations, what the X-Men mean to people, and more. Note: this was recorded before the announcement about Jonathan Hickman's pending arrival on the X-Books.

1hr 6mins

1 Apr 2019

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Off Panel #98: Ego the Living Podcast with Jason Concepcion

On this week's episode of Off Panel, The Ringer writer Jason Concepcion joins the show to talk Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the 2017 slate of comic book movies. Concepcion talks Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (spoiler alert like crazy!) (00:51s), whether Guardians feels disconnected from the rest of the  Marvel universe (4:55), the stingers (8:27), what worked in the movie (12:34), whether it had the best Stan Lee cameo (14:53), what didn't work (16:37), then Guardians talk (and the spoilers ends) as we talk the comic movie Mount Rushmore (22:10), hype levels for 2017's remaining comic movies (25:30), the advent of rated R comic book movies (42:09), the state of the X-Men movies (47:00), Inhumans as a TV show (49:30), why comic adaptations work and video game adaptations don't (53:45), before closing with five questions about Concepcion (59:00).

1hr 14mins

8 May 2017

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Off Panel #21: Business and Storytelling with Jim Zub

Jim Zub joins Off Panel to talk the business of comics and his work on Wayward at Image Comics. Zub talks about the blogs he has put together about his work, career and financials successes, managing your brand online, how interacting with retailers has impacted his books, some of the tinkering he's done to develop the audience for his book Skullkickers, his teaching job, his collaborators on Wayward, where the book is going next, and a whole lot more. It's a really insightful chat about not just creating comics, but finding an audience for them once you do.

1hr 20mins

4 Nov 2015

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