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Conspiracy Corner is a no holds barred straight-talk show about both conspiracy theories and facts with guests and Information you may not hear via mainstream media.Hosts David and Wes

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World Events and Economic Update and Conspiracy Stuff

Welcome back fellow conspirators! We will again look at the current developments around the world that are leading up to something, whatever it will be. Greece is on the verge of either an exit from the EU or making a deal with the slave masters at the IMF. The Ukraine situation continues to boil closer to a major conflict as does the situation in Syria.We will also look at what is happening around the US as the government pushes for more control of the populous. From more Executive Orders to major shipping disruptions, things here at home are not improving.We will also play some more "Conflicted" cards and discuss how one might react to facing difficult situations in a post "event" world.Peace, Love, and Conspiracy~Dave and Wes

2hr 6mins

19 Feb 2015

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World Events Accelerating Rapidly towards WW3; Special Guest Brandon Council!

Welcome back fellow conspirators! We have all witnessed the increasing rate of change that has and is still shaping the future to come. As economic conditions continue to deteriorate across the globe, and those in power prepare for conflict abroad and at home, we are all caught in the middle of very interesting times! Governments continue to try to keep up their narrative that “everything is fine” while at the same time preparing for “civil unrest” and war. They are losing their grip of control of both the economy and their credibility; like a dangerous animal backed into a corner, they are preparing to lash out in a vain effort to maintain their influence on the people of this planet.Fortunately for us, all of their power is based in lies, deceit, and unsustainable doctrine from a time long since passed. We are the future and what we do today does alter the playing field. Join us tonight as we welcome Brandon Council to share his insights and intellect on these topics and whatever else we discover along the journey deeper into the rabbit hole!Peace, Love and ConspiracyDave and Wes

2hr 40mins

12 Feb 2015

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Vaccines, RFID Chips, Economic Collapse Update, and Finding Hope For Humanity

Welcome back fellow conspirators and inquiring minds! Tonight we're going to hit on a cornucopia of topics and hopefully make sense of at least some of them! Given many of the recent cases of varying disease outbreaks, measles, Ebola, various flu viruses and even Plague in Madagascar, the powers that be are pushing vaccines hard again. We will discuss the science and propaganda around the whole vaccine issue. In relation to that, as well as any other possible pieces of information about your personal life, RFID chipping is becoming another avenue of Big Brother to ensure your "security" in lieu of your "freedom". From big businesses to grade schools, the concept of RFID chips in things like credit cards all the way to implants for your pets and kids, RFID chipping is being pushed with an increasing fervor. As always, we will touch on the current movers and shakers and current events leading up to the inevitable Economic Collapse that continues to move full speed ahead. From Western NWO to the "Eastern NWO", the potential clash and or merger into Full Spectrum Dominance of the many by the few continues to proceed mostly unchecked. Soon, if not already, even the internet will be reclassified and regulated into oblivion.Lastly, I think that there is Hope left for us and we can still turn the tide, or at least survive our mistakes and turn this around! Let us join minds and hearts and unlearn what we have learned. This is a journey not for the meek, but for those of us brave enough to keep the faith. We will not go gently into this goodnight!Peace, Love and Conspiracy!~Dave and Wes


5 Feb 2015

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La Corrida de Poncho!

Some of my friends stopped by the Oasis on their way back from the Capitol today and wrote a song about foot sticking door jamming fun. It must have been the BBQ or southern fried chikin but I swear I saw a man channel Mearle Haggard tonight. Song lyrics and guitar by Pablo Frias.


30 Jan 2015

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Open Carry TX Update & Guests; Economic Update; Global Chess Moves

Good evening fellow conspirators! Welcome back! Tonight we are expecting to hear from some special guests from the front lines of the battle for Open Carry in Texas! The situation on the ground continues to develop as Lt. Governor Dan Patricks tries to back pedal on his word.Also, we continue to monitor the economic waves as they crest on the global stage. Greek elections this week have elected the Anti EU / Anti Austerity party. The possibility that Greece could default and leave the EU could topple the dominoes of unstable, insolvent regimes across Europe. Concurrently, Western / EU countries continue to pressure Russia into lashing out against the sanctions and other actions imposed upon them. Not to be outdone, the Middle East turmoil continues to froth up and spread into a larger regional / global war game.Be sure to join us live, in the chat, and on the call lines! (347) 308-8713. Don't forget to stop by our FB page and give us a like. Conspiracy Corner: Blogtalkradio.Peace, Love, and Conspiracy!~Dave and Wes

2hr 6mins

29 Jan 2015

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