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Rob Skiba Interview: Sleep Paralysis, Shadow People, Demons, Fallen Angels, Masturbation | bcdPodcast #305

Some topics. Spiritual warfare. Did Jesus really exist? "Stop Trying To Quit" masturbating, having sex with God, Rob explains to me what a crucible is, how to forgive your ex wife.AND: Rob Skiba vs Stephen SchroederRob Skiba vs Isaac Newton's ProphecyRob Skiba vs Sleep ParalysisRob Skiba vs Shadow PeopleRob Skiba vs NimrodRob Skiba vs MasturbationPLUS: 2 prayers that God ALWAYS answers.Listen: https://archive.org/details/RobSkibaStoppingSleepParalysisShadowPeopleDemonsFallenAngelsMasturbationDownload: https://archive.org/download/RobSkibaStoppingSleepParalysisShadowPeopleDemonsFallenAngelsMasturbation/Rob%20Skiba-Stopping-Sleep-Paralysis-Shadow-People-Demons-Fallen-Angels-Masturbation.mp3Video here: http://youtu.be/cqsznZ77J04Support Rob Skiba's SEED and get awesome free stuff. Click the link to check it out.http://www.seedtheseries.com/about.htmlFor people who believe he's out there, having hard time connecting with him."God, I need a tangible expression of your love today."Rob tells how it worked for him.Also:http://www.pornenlightenment.com/home/stop-trying-to-quit-cold-turkey/https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XXXchurch.comhttp://www.kingsgatemedia.com/Presskit.htmlhttp://www.seedtheseries.com/PromoExecSum.pdfBest Conspiracy Documentarieshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYtGihKsH0_wThRFB9zRAxQ

27 Jul 2015

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Islam vs Christianity: Why Can't We Be Friends? | bcdPodcast #304

7/18/2015Islam vs Christianity: Why Can't We Be Friends? | bcdPodcast #304or, "We're headed for global Islamic law, woohoo!!"'Listen: https://archive.org/details/Islam-Vs-Christianity-Why-Cant-We-Be-Friends-bcdPodcast-304Download: http://archive.org/download/Islam-Vs-Christianity-Why-Cant-We-Be-Friends-bcdPodcast-304/Islam-vs-Christianity-Why-Cant-We-Be-Friends-bcdPodcast-304.mp3http://youtu.be/uJG8GTwsdaYphoto by: google image searchphoto by: google image searchstephen's video on all the verses in the qur'an that say to kill christiansin this episode....muslims vs christians: why can't we be friends?also:reperations: whites, blacks, american indians in a cage. who wins?farrakhan getting away with having malcom x murderedmister dr. x asks:who was mohammed?what's illegal under sharia law?how was islam founded?good islam vs. bad islam?radical muslims vs. moderate muslims?Stephen Michael Schroeder says:  islam was founded when... this dude mohammed was attacked by a demon who used violence to force mohammed to say "god did not have a son." mohammed's wife convinced him that it was actually the angel gabriel, and that mohammed must be the messenger to introduce this new religion of islam.islam was attractive at first because it was monotheistic.photo by: google image search"If you want the real news, watch Egyptian news reporting.""I have never seen a government try harder to provoke its people into a civil war than america is now."Islam endorses slavery. Islam's founder owned more slaves than George Washington did.""Christians don't threaten to kill you if you go try another religion. Islamic law will kill you if you try another religion.""The ones who want a race war most in America are Islamic""Every single Islamic attack is motivated by passages in the Qur'an"photo by: google image searchin the news:isis is throwing isis is throwing gay dudes off tall buildings; if they aren't dead when they land, isis members stone them to death. just for being gay. homosexuality is against sharia law. sharia law is what islam wants to force on the entire world.islamic attackskilled 5 military peoplewhole "lone wolf" thing - it's not really islam to blame, it's this one guyshroeder sez: we could send them roses, job opportunities... they will still want to implement islamic law globallythey still want to eradicate christianity because that's what the qur'an demandsphoto by: google image searchisis hanging christians for being christians. bogas flow bro.apotheosis of george washington. george washington is a god? the problem with americaAlso in this episode....prayer: should you do it?can you pray against the will of god?isis beheadings: are they real?did god have a son or three daughters?why won't islam tolerate the christian viewpoint, that god had a son named jesus?that is against the islamic sharia law, along with homosexuality, etcallah vs god: what's the difference between god and allah? is god allah?does the christian bible call for violence, if so why?the christian old testament law compared to the current islamic sharia lawjesus loves you mane

20 Jul 2015

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The Second Coming of Tecumseh | 2nd Coming of Tecumseh | bcdPodcast #308

Author and speaker Stephen Michael Schroeder talks about The Second Coming of Tecumseh prophecy and how it ties in to present-day events in Indiana.Listen: https://archive.org/details/2nd-Coming-Of-Tecumseh-Shawnee-Indian-Prophecy-Stephen-Michael-Schroeder-bcdPodcast-308Download: http://archive.org/download/2nd-Coming-Of-Tecumseh-Shawnee-Indian-Prophecy-Stephen-Michael-Schroeder-bcdPodcast-308/2nd-Coming-of-Tecumseh-Shawnee-Indian-Prophecy-Stephen-Michael-Schroeder-bcdPodcast-308.mp3Listen to episode 308 of the Best Conspiracy Documentaries Podcast below...Here is an excerpt from Red Justice... The 2nd Coming of Tecumseh. Click the cover to get a copy on Amazon.Below the excerpt is the rest of the show notes.Red Justice…The Second Coming of Tecumseh. by Stephen Michael SchroederNot just an Indian Prophecy…not just Indiana folklore…but Indiana History.The Second Coming of Tecumseh was indeed a prophecy circulating among the tribes that had been united by this Shawnee Protestant Separatist called Tecumseh…whose confederacy of the Lost Tribes was broken by the Masonic Militia under the leadership of William H. Harrison…who declared that this sacred capital of the tribes (Indianapolis) was to be taken for the purpose of ‘establishing the true throne of religion upon it’…and that ‘true religion’ was not, is not, Christianity…and this book reveals what this ‘true religion’ was that would be built upon the ashes of the Spiritual Capital of the Red Man. The Second Coming of Tecumseh was an actual Halloween event held by the City of Indianapolis in October of 1900…a week- long event actually called the Second Coming of Tecumseh…the pagans celebrating their victory over Tecumseh and his people…those who claimed that God had given them this land, this paradise, this sacred Capital.…as unreal and fantastic as it seems, the 2nd Coming of Tecumseh was a grand event where the Key to the City was given to a Tecumseh stand in…actually gave the key to their city…access to all the secrets that most of them had no idea of…making the fatal mistake of destroying themselves by making a mockery of a very real contest that never was…a battle where only one leader of one side was present…an injustice unbearable…for the Battle of Tippecanoe was not battle at all…for Tecumseh wasn’t even there…where the so called ‘Battle’ took place…it was an invasion into paradise when it’s Master was out of town…and yet the Masonic Roman Empire of Harrison declared victory and went forth with his Jihad to scatter the tribes and take their paradise…not in the name of the God of the Bible…but rather in the name of the God who sits on the throne in Washington…Washington, who was, and is not, yet is…sitting in the temple showing himself that he is God. Read how this fatal mistake by the State of Indiana…who not only committed crimes against humanity…doing the will of their father, killing, stealing, and destroying…but also making the fatal mistake of making the State into a Goddess…the ‘triple goddess.One of the images Stephen refers to around the 4:00 minute  mark in the show’…the ‘three daughters of Allah’…and how giving the key to the city to your adversary, dead or alive, is a big mistake as is documented in this book wherein the ‘secret foundation’ is revealed, it reveals the true design and purpose for the City that would sit atop the sacred Capital of the Indians…and how justice finally returned to Indianapolis with the cleaning of the State Capital of its pagan display of the 9 Commandments…as well as putting an end to the virility of their tiny gods image…but forcing the State to make another fatal mistake that would result in making the graven image that had given them their power impotent and no longer able to provide it’s divine providence any longer.One of the images Stephen refers to around the 4:00 minute  mark in the show…and this ‘power’ and the diminishing to the point of impotency would be transferred to Washington and begin the ending of the Curse of Washington placed upon the Presidents and the guilty party by this Red prophet named Tecumseh…with the book closing with the final chapter which is about the size of a small book in itself, called the State House Star Gate…how the Indiana State Capitol was designed and used for the resurrection of souls…used for the Apotheosis…of how the offspring of the serpent had defeated the red children of the Master of Life…by deception and the sword…and how justice would no longer be denied…and how justice was visiting this North Country…and Justice demands that the witnesses know and understand the true history of this Nation…the truth about this land…as detailed in this 3rd book of Michael.One of the images Stephen refers to around the 4:00 minute  mark in the showIn This Episode!Stephen Michael Schroeder gives us a real American History lesson about how the American Indians got to the Americas, and the real story of the Israelites coming to America... could these be the Lost Tribes of Israel?We also learn about George Harrison invading Prophetstown - near Tippecanoe. Tecumseh wasn't there so Harrison sent troops to invade, then lied and told everyone that the Indians attacked them and so they killed them all. Nice guy, this Harrison.Also in this episode, we learn about...How George Harrison is a coward, a liar, a phony, and a Satanist.Shawnee and the Cherokee tribes.The mound building Indians and their Phoenician connections.Shell inside one of the mounds, looks like a square but has loops.Kali goddess and Ishtar.Ishtar on the Empire State Building.Where does the term "missionary position" come from?Ishtar worshipers put the woman on top during sex. It's some big deal to them, having the woman on top during sex. It's their goddess worship of Ishtar.Ishtar is one of if not the only goddess that demands fetal sacrifices - where you sacrifice a newborn baby or unborn baby to the goddess Ishtar in exchange for her blessings. Turns out, Indiana is Ishtar.They made Indiana into a goddess just like the Romans used to do.The state of Indiana is the goddess Ishtar, just like the Romans did, because this is the revived Roman empire.And we learn about...Masons invading America and taking over and killing the Indians.Stephen Schroeder and Tecumseh both stomped their foot and prophesied earthquakes. Listen to the episode to hear the story. It will blow your mind, it's truly amazing.And we learn that...George Washington was not a godly man, at all.George Washington declared himself to be God.Stephen explains what he calls the "Last Temptation of Man" and that the temptation is: "Make the Graven Image and I will give you power and authority to rule." Guess who is behind the temptation. It's Satan or whatever you want to call him. The bad guy."He will give power to the kingdom that obeys his voice..."Stephen Michael Schroeder Links and Resourceshttps://www.facebook.com/whoyalookin4https://www.youtube.com/user/protestantsep

16 Aug 2015

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Homesteading and Hermetics with Cosmic Preachers' Desmond Garrett | bcdPodcast #307

Homesteading and Hermetics with Cosmic Preachers' Desmond Garrett | bcdPodcast #307Mr. Desmond Garrett, lead vocalist and guitar player for Cosmic Preachers, joins Mister Dr. X and Stephen Michael Schroeder to talk about homesteading, pentagrams, and Desmond's genius idea to have churches stop paying somebody to mow their lawns and start growing food! Then they can give that food to people in the community who are hungry. It's a really great idea and I hope some people put it to use.Listen: https://archive.org/details/Homesteading-And-Hermetics-With-Cosmic-Preachers-Desmond-Garrett-bcdPodcast-307Download: http://archive.org/download/Homesteading-And-Hermetics-With-Cosmic-Preachers-Desmond-Garrett-bcdPodcast-307/Homesteading-and-Hermetics-with-Cosmic-Preachers-Desmond-Garrett-bcdPodcast-307.mp3"We're already experiencing the 'crap hitting the fan.' This is what it looks like." -Desmond GarrettCosmic Preachers: Rock 'n Soul from IndianapolisDesmond Garrett, Lead Vocals and Guitar for Cosmic PreachersStephen Schroeder vs DNRStephen Schroeder got ticketed for trespassing on Flat Rock River in Columbus, IN. Schroeder took it to court and set a precedent: people of Columbus, you may now go enjoy the Flat Rock River without getting ticketed by the DNR. You can thank Stephen Schroeder for that.Other Topics in this Episode IncludePentagrams on the "In God We Trust" Indiana license plate, Columbia Club and Masonic Lodge flying Indiana state flag upside down, Greenwood Police Department, food independence, what is homesteading?, how to get started homesteading, what to do when SHTF/CHTF, bug out locations, generators, community and group prepping, self-reliance, survival, storing food, and more.Video Playlist Companion PieceHere's the episode playlist. It's chock full of sweet live videos from Cosmic Preachers and watch the videos that Stephen Schroeder and Desmond Garrett are talking about in this interview with the secret occult layout of Indianiapolis and Washington, D.C., the magic squares, Egyptian magick, and more.LinksDesmond Garrett on FacebookCosmic Preachers on FacebookCosmic Preachers on YouTubeImages from the episodeSacred Geometry | The Flower of LifeIndiana License Plate with PentagramsOklahoma License Plate without PentagramsRepublican Party PentagramsMedal of Honor Pentagram Vitruvian Man on the Map

2 Aug 2015

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Rob Skiba (Raw, Uncut) | bcdPodcast #306

bcdPodcast #306 with Rob Skiba. | RAW. LIVE. UNCUT. PURE. UNADULTERATED. SKIBA. and. MICHAEL. and. MS. X, PH, D.Listen: https://archive.org/details/rob-skiba-raw-uncut-bcdPodcast-306Download: http://archive.org/download/rob-skiba-raw-uncut-bcdPodcast-306/rob-skiba-interview-stop-slee-paralysis-bcd-podcast-306-raw-uncut.mp3Bonus Images:Topics: How to Stop Sleep Paralysis, Demons, Fallen Angels, Shadow People, Masturbation and MorebcdPodcast #305 with Rob Skiba. | RAW. LIVE. UNCUT. SKIBA.

4 Oct 2015

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