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Our mission on the Par Train is to help frustrated golfers #EnjoyTheRide again on and off the course. We believe if you can learn to smile through bad golf, you can smile through anything. We interview PGA Tour Pros, best-selling authors, CEOs, mental coaches, every day golfers, and more to make the hardest game in the world feel easy and help you get out of your own way.

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#52: George Gankas - The Hottest Teacher in Golf

George Gankas, the hottest teacher in golf, hops on the train to talk about his rise in the game of golf, how to make your game better and so much more. This is a must listen. Highlights:-What makes a swing "wet enough" for his IG-How you go from never playing golf to shooting even par a year later, why Adam Scott approached him-How he and Matthew Wolff started working together-Short game practice secrets-His relationship with Tiger's old coach Chris Como and what he's learned from him-Why not caring is the best way to get followers-And much more


13 May 2019

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#31: Erik Anders Lang - Most Interesting Man in Golf?

Erik Anders Lang is the host of Adventures in Golf, the Erik Lang Show Podcast and overall a very lucky dude to win the chance to play Augusta National. Erik joins the Par Train crew for an insightful, hilarious and probably one of our favorite conversations overall. Highlights:-Every detail about Pro Shop heaven on Monday after the Masters-The top 3 must have golf gear items when you go to a big tournament or famous course-Would the prestige flip if Augusta National was public and Pebble was private?-The magic of Augusta National and why it’s like the world’s most interactive museum-What it’s like winning the lottery to play Augusta National-Did Augusta National really not allow Erik to play a yellow golf ball?-What all Augusta National caddies have in common-The differences and similarities of Augusta National and St. Andrews. Is one better?-Behind the scenes of Adventures in Golf series-How Erik’s life is a contradiction to golf-Which Adventures in Golf episode Erik would pick to be a movie-What grows the game more: Walk Up Music on Tour or golf boards at your local muni -Why we will probably be in the next Adventure in Golf-And much more


23 Apr 2018

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#21: Kevin Chappell

Kevin Chappell, top PGA Tour pro, hops on the train for an unforgettable hour interview. Chapp shares a never before told story about the first time Tiger hit full shots in public when he and Tiger co hosted a clinic for the TW foundation a few weeks ago. He also takes us behind the scenes from the President's Cup, shares his craziest story from his early professional days and even talks conspiracy theories. Chapp has one of the best personalities on tour and this hour long interview is definitely unlike any golf interview you've ever heard. Show Highlights:-Never before heard Tiger story from when he and Tiger were hitting shots 3 weeks ago at his foundation's clinic-Tiger's arms: Intimidating or Inspiring?-What has Tiger taught you?-Over under 6.5 beers for Dustin Johnson before the President's Cup winning press conference-Biggest surprise from the President's Cup-Knowing what you know now, the one thing you'd tell yourself when you first turned pro-Bigger accomplishment: His first PGA Tour win at Valero or President's Cup win-Your practice routine or drill that every amateur should do too-Your best "Man we were dumb" tour story-Key difference between a top collegiate player and a PGA Tour pro in the top 125-Myth buster: Why do pros really look down at their clubface and divot after a 40 yard hook. Is this an act?-Mic'd up caddies. Why can't it happen?-What it was like being in contention at the Masters-And much much more


27 Nov 2017

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#38: Colt Knost - Mayor of the PGA Tour

Colt Knost, PGA Tour Pro veteran and former #1 amateur in the world, joins the Par Train crew for what may be our favorite interview to date. Colt reminds us how awesome it really is to play on the PGA Tour. You're in for a treat -- enjoy. Highlights:-A Tuesday gambling story with Phil that lasted all night-Trash talking on Tour-What it’s like being Michael Jordan’s partner on the golf course-Who’s in his crew on Tour-Why amateurs can learn more about how to play better golf from someone like Colt Knost vs. DJ or Rory-Talks about 2007 when he rose to the #1 amateur in the world-What a 7 year PGA Tour pro knows that the #1 amateur in the world didn’t-Why the short hitter on Tour only has about 7-8 events they can win a year-Colt gives Ev the pep talk he really needed-What you do when you hit someone in the gallery IN THE CHEST and Phil’s in your group-The difference between being a Tour Pro in Scottsdale vs. Florida-How many strokes Colt has to give the 1 handicap dentist at his club-How pros balance wanting to see fast results and not tinkering too much-And much much more


22 Jul 2018

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#47: Chipping Away - The Golf Addiction Epidemic

Chipping away is a new mini series where the Train crew unpacks why certain things are the way they are -- asking questions that others aren't asking. Why is golf an addiction, why does it make people crazy, is it an elitist game, shared suffering or the ultimate bitch lover? Hope your mind is ready for this one, because it's about to be blown. Highlights:-Why is golf an addiction-Why do we even care so much about golf?-What makes golf different than other sports-Why golf is basically insanity-Is golf less enjoyable if you’re a scratch golfer?-Is golf the only sport where the vast majority of people are bad at it?-What you all have in common with Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake -The mental side of the game-The power of expectations -How Jack Nicklaus forced himself to get in the zone-Process vs. the results-Zen Golf’s most impactful mental hack -Why committing is everything-What separates the pros on Tour vs. everyone else-Why golf is the ultimate bitch lover-Elitist game or shared suffering?-Segment: Golfer’s Anonymous - An opportunity for golf addicts to finally fight against their denial. -A quick 2 minute lesson from a short game master


10 Mar 2019

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#28: The Life of Phil "Figjam" Mickelson

The Par Train crew gives you the first of a brand new episode series called "PGA Player Deep Dives" where you learn new things about your favorite PGA Tour players. This episode was focused on the man, the myth, the "Figjam" legend - Phil Mickelson. Highlights:-Phil joins us for the first 5 minutes and gets angry...-Phil vs. Tiger stats -Did Phil play better or worse when Tiger was in the same tournament?-#WhatWouldPhilDo Everyday situations where we compare what the average Joe would do vs. what Phil would do (Buckle up)-[Make sure you listen to the end!] with three exclusive stories from Evan Gibbs, Director of R&D at Callaway Golf, about his 10+ years working with Phil-3 favorite Phil moments-Are we placing bets on Phil to win the Masters?-Highlights from his amateur career-What makes Phil and Tiger at their best different than the top young players today


12 Mar 2018

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#45: The Funniest Guy in Golf @PGAMEMES

The @PGAMEMES account on instagram has grown like wild fire this past season. The posts are hilarious, savage and spot on to what's happening on the PGA Tour. So spot on that people wonder who's behind the account? Is it someone with ties on Tour? Is it an ex player? A caddie? Today -- we find out. Well, kind of. To keep his identity a secret, we have disguised his voice. Get ready for a ride unlike any other. Highlights:-The funny stories about the pros who can't handle the jokes-The story behind how @PGAMEMES got started-How to get 40,000 followers in 30 days-Tips and tricks to grow your instagram followers-Keys to creating engaging content-Deconstructing his favorite memes-Patrick Reed vs. Ian Poulter - Who's more unlikeable?-The creative process-And much more!


28 Jan 2019

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#30: Brandel Chamblee - The Greatest Masters of All Time is Here

Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel), the man that can put the golf world in a tizzy with a single tweet, hops on the Par Train and doesn’t hold back.Highlights-Why this Masters will be the GOAT-Tiger is not his favorite to win (And it’s not Phil, Rory, DJ or Spieth either)-What it would take to throw David Duval into Rae’s Creek-Darkhorse picks-Hole by hole tips he learned from Jack Nicklaus on how to play and win at Augusta-We gave Brandel a final chance to come clean and admit that DJ’s drive in Hawaii was not the greatest shot of all time-Why Brandel LOVES when Patrick Reed wears red and black on Sundays-Find out why Brandel goes against every idea we have to grow the game-“The game of golf is a lot better off without golf bros.”-And much more


2 Apr 2018

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#29: Keith Mitchell - Why the PGA Tour Needs Walk Up Music

PGA Tour Pro Keith Mitchell is not only hilarious, he’s an innovator. This episode is almost a full hour because the stories are that good. Buckle up. Bear down. And listen to the end. Who knows, by the end, we may get a signed contract by the PGA Tour to institute walk-up music at every event.Highlights-Keith gives us brand new golf lingo to replace “bababooey” and “mashed potatoes”-The private jet “horror story” with JT, Zach Johnson and others where they almost left Patton Kizzire’s trophy on the runway-How Keith almost made walk up songs a thing on Tour-We all guess what tigers walk up song would be-Keith knows the REAL big cat-Stories about playing with Larry the Cable Guy and Ray Romano at AT&T Pebble Beach-Hear how Keith reacted the first time he saw Tiger at Torrey. He may be more excited than all of us for Tiger’s return.-3 ideas to grow the game. Keith picks his fav.-Why we all agree Patrick Reed should never wear red and black on sunday-Find out what “Heat it up like a hot dog” means-Why Keith thinks we‘re basically on tour already-Everyone needs to YouTube Mark Steffenhagen-“If I knew that answer to that question, I think every tour Pro would pay be a million dollars a year.”-Learn how Keith tricks himself mentally to stay focused on one shot at a time-Hear why “playing on the pga tour is the easiest of any tour I’ve played on”-What it’s like to walk on your first pga tour range as a rookie-Why the Valspar suited Tiger well-How he decides what tournaments to play-Why Dufner skips most of the tournaments until the Honda-What he’s learned from Justin Thomas’s rookie year on tour that he’s applying to his game-“If a guy like Corey Conners can get rattled, most laid back guy, anyone can.”


19 Mar 2018

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#48: The Life of Rory "Back Door" McIlroy

The second edition of our player profiles episode format is here. We take you DEEP into your favorite players' life and career stories unlike ever before. This week? Rory "Back Door" McIlroy. Embrace debate. Buckle up. Highlights:-Rory’s amateur career highlights that you probably didn’t know-Find out what Rory has accomplished that only 3 other players in history have done-What only thing Rory did that made him Tiger-esque -Why Rory is the biggest back door guy in history-Rory’s “Madden Curse”-Why Brandel Chamblee would’ve never talked about Rory’s body if he went to East Tennessee State-The parallel universe that would be the Irish Dufner-Rory controversies-Rory vs. Spieth: Who will finish with the better career?-What would make Rory more likable -Fat boy Rory vs. Buff Rory-5 innovative strategies to make Rory smile more #yawelcome-Will he win another major? -And much much more


24 Mar 2019

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#53: The Life of Brooks "Smash" Koepka

The Train crew take you down memory lane to uncover where Brooks "Smash" Koepka came from and what made him the dominant force he is today. Highlights:Exclusive transcripts from Brooks and DJ's book club, Brooksy's childhood and amateur career, Why his hometown basically made him half Vanilla Ice half serial killer, The importance of Brooks choosing Europe over the Web.com Tour, The "secret code" behind Brooks' domination, The battle of Brooks vs. Brandel, Who will have the better career; Brooks, Rory or Spieth, Is the world a better place with Brooks Koepka as world #1 and so much more


27 May 2019

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#35: The Family Behind Bandon Dunes and Golf Heavens Everywhere

Chris Keiser, son of Mike Keiser, (the man behind Bandon Dunes) and VP of MLK Consulting takes us behind the scenes of building some of the best golf destinations in the world. Warning -- do not listen to this unless you're ready to ditch your job or class to go play golf. You'll probably want to book a trip to a Keiser property immediately as well. This is a gem -- enjoy!Highlights:-Did the family think their dad was crazy when he wanted to build a golf resort in the middle of nowhere Oregon?-What their dad “had to get out of his system”-Two of their world-class courses, one of which was inspired by Pine Valley, that most people don’t know about-Why it took 19 years for David McClay Kidd, the architect of Bandon Dunes, to build another course with the Keiser family-How the Bandon Dunes property has changed and evolved over the last 19 years-How Sand Valley Resort is similar and different to Bandon Dunes Resort-The common mistake first time Bandon Dunes visitors make-Insider travel tips for Bandon and Sand Valley -Why they build fun par 3 courses at their world-class resorts-And much much more


19 Jun 2018

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#24: The PGA Tour Course You Have to Play Before You Die

Meet Stephen Arendt - head golf pro at Kapalua Golf Plantation Course (The home of the Sentry Tournament of Champions). Stephen gave us some gems on a few PGA Tour players, why they don't change the course for the pros, travel tips and may even transform your game with these two simple instructional nuggets. More Highlights:-The biggest misconceptions about Kapalua -What you don’t know from watching on TV-Why Kapalua is one of the hardest courses out there for amateurs and one of the easiest, lowest scoring courses for the pros-Rickie vs. Danny Lee parking lot pranks-The text he saw from Jason Dufner’s agent-Why Jason Hahn chose to hang out in the pro shop each day after he played-Career fair segment where college students wrote in with ridiculous questions on how to get the best job in golf-What makes Kapalua different from every other week on the PGA Tour-What you can learn about Jordan Spieth from his range session after round 1 vs. round 2-Why you’ll need to play Kapalua twice and why “There’s not another golf experience like it on the planet”-His teaching philosophy that will help any golfer get better-Get Butch Harmon’s book “The Pro” -The hardest thing for golf pros to teach-What you should never do when hitting balls-One thing an amateur should do to improve their game-Tips for visiting Maui and planning golf at Kapalua-Why the head pro at Kapalua says DJ’s drive on #12 shouldn’t even be in the top 10 of greatest shots ever hit. Sorry Brandel.


22 Jan 2018

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#25: ESPN’s Jason Sobel - Tiger Locker Room Talk

Jason Sobel, Senior Golf Writer for ESPN, joins us again live from the West Orange Country Club locker room after winning our golf match earlier in the day. We pick the 4 major winners for 2018 and Sobel calls out one thing he needs to see from Tiger to confirm that he's BACK. More Highlights:-Jason's thoughts on our media passes being denied by the PGA Tour. #badboys-Why 2018 could be the greatest golf season of all time and entering a "Golden Age"-The one thing Jason wants to see from Tiger to prove that he's officially back-Tiger at Torrey-What we need to look for to know Tiger's ready to go (i.e. No long sleeves like the O linemen at Foxborough). Slight jog downhill #3 at Torrey South?-Any secret nuggets from Tiger's round with Obama?-Who benefits the most from Tiger coming back?-Picking major winners: Masters, Shinnecock, Carnoustie, Bellerive -Sobel's take on mic'd up caddies -The Freak leaderboard. Rahm, DJ or Rory?-When everyone is playing their A game, is DJ still the best?


25 Jan 2018

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#20: The Trainy Awards - 2017 PGA Tour Award Show

What could possibly go wrong when 3 guys drink lots of booze and host their own PGA Tour Award Show celebrating the 2017 season? Award Categories:-Mr. Extra Curriculurs-Silent Killer-Mr. Par Train-First Lady of Golf-Gerber Baby Presents Baby Back Bitch Award-Golf Coach of the year-Instagolfer of the year-Best moment-Golfer of the yearSegments:-New Years Resolutions (Best PGA Tour achievements from 2017 and new goal for 2018)-True or False (Fun facts from 2017 PGA Tour Season that the boys guess are true or false)Other highlights:-2017 PGA Tour Best SoundbitesGrab your glass, buckle up and punch your damn ticket. Let's GO.


10 Nov 2017

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#42: Seamus Golf - Authenticity is Everything

The Par Train crew sits down with Akbar Chisti, the man behind Seamus Golf, to talk about everything from starting your dream business, to Matt Kuchar, to goat caddies and much more. Whether you're a golf nut or you have a dream, this conversation is for you. Akbar is a living example that nothing is more important than authenticity. Highlights: -A must listen Matt Kuchar / Ryder Cup story, -The funny story about how Seamus Golf got started -How they got into Bandon Dunes as their first golf shop -What has happened in the last 3-5 years that has made the look of your golf bag a form of personal expression -Why Oregon is the new hotbed for cool golf gear and experiences -What it’s like to play in Bandon’s Summer Solstice event every year -Goat caddies -Biggest surprise about the golf industry -How to break into the golf industry -Advice on how to start your own business -Why “Giving your buddies a Christmas gift” may be the ultimate business lesson you’ll ever learn. -A dream day in golf is _ -The importance of design when building a brand -The impact nostalgia can have on people wanting your product -And much more!


16 Oct 2018

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#39: Making the PGA Championship the Major We All Deserve

Ever wonder why the PGA Championship lacks excitement compared to the other 3 majors? Rest assured -- after listening to this podcast you'll never wonder that again. Feel free to thank us later. We're @TheParTrain on twitter and the instas. So -- ya, thank us there. Highlights:-Hear what 3 things you’d have to change this season and you’d have the greatest season in PGA Tour history-Groundbreaking sponsored promo with “PGA of America” to get you pumped up for “Glory’s last shot”-Why the PGA Championship lacks excitement vs. the other majors-Ideas to make the PGA Championship more exciting-Conspiracy theory on how the PGA of America tries to trick us into thinking what they want-How to combine WWE cage match with the PGA Championship-As a St. Louis native, Evan predicts 5 things guaranteed to be shown 10+ times during the PGA telecast-Local insider secrets about Bellerive Country Club-Why we deserve big thank yous from DJ and Spieth-We become Rickie’s sports psychologist (For FREE) -- you’re welcome Rick-Putting Tiger Woods 2018 season in perspective before the final major-Why Tiger Woods WILL win multiple majors again AND his fellow Tour Pros will become intimidated-Bigger meltdown: Patrick Reed vs. Bryson DeChambeau (LINK: https://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/2018/07/29/bryson-dechambeau-unravels-loses-in-germany)


7 Aug 2018

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#22: 5 Reasons Why Tiger is the New Bitcoin

Ev and Stratt take a deep dive into Tiger's career and recent return to help you decide if he's really back. Spoiler alert --> he's back. Listen in for 5 reasons why Tiger is basically the new bitcoin. Show Highlights:-5 reasons why Tiger is back-The stats you wish you knew about Tiger Woods-Soundbite from our Kevin Chappell interview giving a behind the scenes look on what Tiger was doing with the golf ball 3 weeks before the Hero Challenge-Sabermetrics deep dive into his driving distance at the Hero World Challenge vs. his averages since 1997. The results may excite you...-How big of a motivator winning for his kids will be (Remember, he's never been dominant with kids or them being old enough to remember)-Top 3 favorite Tiger moments-Discuss the one weakness no one is talking about with fusion back surgery #medicaljournalists-And much more


11 Dec 2017

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#34: Shane Bacon talks Shinnecock Hills

Fox Sports Golf Analyst Shane Bacon hops on the Train to talk the 2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills.Highlights:-Why Tiger is more likely to win the U.S. Open than Phil-Why the U.S. Open is the one major Tiger has the best chance the rest of his career-Shane takes us behind the scenes at the U.S. Open-PGA Tour players who could win at Shinnecock-New tricks to expect from Fox Sports-Is it harder than it looks to call golf?-What everyone should know about Shinnecock Hills before watching-A priceless Paul Azinger story-And much more!


10 Jun 2018

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#32: Jason Sobel's "Not the 5th Major" Preview and Early 2018 Review

Senior Golf Writer, Jason Sobel, hops on the train for his third time to preview the Players Championship, discuss why the Players Championship is not "The 5th Major" and do an early review on the 2018 PGA Tour season thus far. Highlights:-Biggest surprise of the 2018 PGA Tour season-Heated debate about why Players Championship shouldn’t be known as the “5th major”-We grade the 2018 PGA Tour season -How to take walk up music to the next level-The challenge of breaking stories like the one about Patrick Reed’s family and his take on it-A look behind the curtain on how the PGA Tour makes featured pairings-Does a player elevate to the next level after they win a Players Championship?-Is the popularity of the FedEx Cup Playoffs diminishing the Players?-The types of players who win the Players-Phil’s approach at #17 and why it’s likely different than most other players on Tour-The two superstars that could get hot the rest of the 2018 PGA Tour season-His conversation with Spieth about why he’s OK with a slow start-And much more


7 May 2018

Rank #20