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41 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Keith Mitchell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Keith Mitchell, often where they are interviewed.

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41 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Keith Mitchell. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Keith Mitchell, often where they are interviewed.

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Keith Mitchell | Paralyzed to awakened: NFL All-Pro turned Superstar Yogi

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Keith Mitchell is a former All-Pro NFL football player turned internationally renowned Celebrity Yogi.  As a Motivational Mindfulness Coach,  Holistic Health & Fitness Advocate, Community Activist and Humanitarian, he is committed to providing purposeful holistic tools that help others achieve optimal health, peace and aliveness to the fullest degree.

After a life-changing football injury left Keith partially paralyzed, he utilized yoga and meditation to fully recover. He now shares his inspirational transformation with others as a highly sought after spiritual lifestyle and wellness coach, a motivational speaker and through various charity endeavors.

Although Keith’s football accident forced him into an early retirement, it led him to his true life’s calling — inspiring others to move beyond survivor and victim consciousness to full empowerment.  Keith is a leader and exemplary teacher for people dealing with emotional and physical suffering.

What you will learn:

  • How to be empowered even while being scrutinized
  • How to have a great relationship with yourself first
  • Creating chaos to excel
  • Learning how to embrace conflict
  • A "how to" guide for mediation
  • Creating emotional maturity for yourself
  • How being partially paralyzed caused an awakening in Keith
  • What world are you creating for yourself

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Nov 10 2020 · 54mins
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Ep 102 - Keith Mitchell | Pivot to Innovation

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Keith Mitchell was the creator of America's first online film festival  called New Hollywood Film Festival (NuHo) in 2014. Today he leads FestiVee, a digital company helping other film festivals create an online experience for their attendees. Find out how one American small business is rising above a COVid-19 world that has not been friendly to small business, or the film industry.
Sep 02 2020 · 43mins

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Podcast Episode #216: The Three Dramas of Our Sexuality - Keith Mitchell

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"When did you realize that you have a relationship going on with yourself?" asks Keith Mitchell. 

Keith is a former All-Pro NFL player turned Celebrity Yogi and joins Katrina on the podcast today for a conscious conversation about how to relate to each other and to identify the ways in where we have betrayed our own sexuality. 

Do you want consistent love in your life? Everyday? 

Keith shares three dramas to support a new viewpoint on how to start the deep conversation with yourself, lover, partner, and spouse. 

  1. Learned Pleasure from the Lingham.  We only know what we have experienced. 
  2. The 15 year marriage - Keeping the love and keeping the respect.
  3. Hostaged Yoni- She withholds and resentment builds. 

BTW: find out what is the man’s menstrual cycle? It will surprise you. 

By listening to this podcast you will discover:

  1. What is the part of the woman that needs absolute development and has not had the space to play?

  1. Why the man doesn’t need to do tricks for the yoni?

Keith Mitchell  is a former All-Pro NFL player turned Celebrity Yogi,

a Motivational Mindfulness Coach,  Holistic Health, Fitness and Wellness Advocate,

Community Activist, Humanitarian and Founder of the Light it Up Foundation. 


Intragram: KeithMitchell59


Katrina Elkins 

Katrina is a Life Purpose Alignment and Intimacy Coach. 

Katrina empowers men and women to get radically honest about their desires of intimacy so that they can live and THRIVE unapologetically in all areas of their life. 

She is a speaker, mystic, breath-worker, somatic surgeon, International best-selling author 3 x published and creatress of “The Elemental Lifestyle” Brand- an open source community. Her popular program Radical Honesty has now blossomed into additional opportunities of support with MILK, HONEY, and THE WILD PARTS.

Katrina empowers her clients to fully embody their own sexual energy so they can blast through their plateaus and address any lingering addictions to food, porn, drugs, alcohol or mental games of self-sabotage, perfectionism, and control. Through her workshops, videos, online courses, events, private and group coaching, she invites people to integrate their Masculine energy to support their Feminine energy by allowing more intimacy, sex, play, joy, and bliss into all areas of their life!

Katrina's own personal process in overcoming depression, addiction, auto-immune diagnosis, and PTSD has given her the depth in holding the space of compassion for the journey to wholeness and complete freedom. Her global reach has touched the lives of many in India, Kuwait, England, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, England, Bangladesh, and the United States.

FB: The Elemental Lifestyle Private FB group 


The Elemental Lifestyle Website 


Aug 06 2020 · 1hr 24mins
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The Mindfulness Playbook and WisdomFeed Profile with Keith Mitchell

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In this phenomenal StreetSmart Wisdom Episode with former NCAA Hall of Famer and All-Pro NFL player, Keith Mitchell, we discover the great work that Keith is doing in the world today. Keith takes us behind the scenes to follow his inspiring journey and tells us how he survived the dangerous inner-city streets, became an NCAA and NFL star, and then how he persevered past a career-ending injury to become a Yoga and Mindfulness Expert.

Keith describes his current lifestyle being a plant-based foods expert. From mindful eating to meditation Keith shows how he now lives a balanced and healthy life and gives us great tips for living well in the age of COVID.

Listen to Streetsmart Wisdom on: Apple Podcasts


Jul 23 2020 · 25mins

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Episode 3 - Special Guest PGA Tour Winner Keith Mitchell & College Golf Free Agency

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Catch up with PGA Tour winner Keith Mitchell after him making the cut at colonial while the AGT Van Drivers dive into college golf free agency known as the transfer portal.
Jun 16 2020 · 31mins
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The Magic of Gemstones with Jewellery Designer, Keith Mitchell

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I've always been drawn to gemstones and crystals and in this episode I talk to kindred spirit, Keith Mitchell, about his love of working with these magical gems through his hand-made jewellery business, Kreations By Kam.

Keith shares his experiences of handling an array of stones and we discuss some of the qualities associated with them.  To find out more about your birthstone, follow this link to the information Keith has put together for listeners of this podcast.

You can view Keith's work at his Etsy store.

Follow him on Instagram and You Tube.

Jun 08 2020 · 36mins
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The History of LINX with Keith Mitchell

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LINX is one of the first European Internet Exchanges created. Keith Mitchell joins the History of Networking to talk about the origins of LINX, and the important decisions that shaped its success and the IX community throughout Europe.



May 26 2020 · 33mins
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Punt & Pass #QuarantineChronicles w/ Keith Mitchell and Aaron Flener (3.21.2020)

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Drew is joined by PGA Tour golfer and UGA alumni Keith Mitchell as well as PGA Tour caddie Aaron Flener for this episode of the @PuntandPass #QuarantineChronicles. Keith and Aaron discuss how they are tackling the self isolation, life on tour, and some of their favorite stories from the past year. Obviously, we talked about the (hopefully) upcoming football season and where Georgia should stack up. Thanks for listening and please rate/review/subscribe!!
Mar 21 2020 · 53mins
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Keith Mitchell: Former NFL Player, Celebrity Mindfulness Coach, Author, Light It Up Foundation

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Our guest today is former NFL player Keith Mitchell! Keith is in-studio to talk about the moment a routine tackle changed his career path forever, his journey through depression and an full life shift, how he found yoga, and the beautiful and inspiring way he has created an entirely new career out of his yoga practice, mindfulness teachings, his Light It Up Foundation, and his upcoming book and international book tour. Talk about a busy guy! We are so grateful Keith could make the time to sit down and speak with us today, I know you'll be inspired by so much of what he shares. Please enjoy, and use the links below to connect with Keith, pre-order his book, The Mindfulness Playbook, and much more!

Instagram: Instagram.com/keithmitchell59
Website: www.keithmitchell59.com


Website: yogatocope.org
Instagram: instagram.com/yogatocope
Donate: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?country.x=US&fromUL=true&locale.x=en_US&token=XDrpy6mYUHq_gWzsmhw1XtdCIQfukIKH4usRayKAYgi1zj4JmNi_MI0K7x0Jg0_o4fR_nW
Mar 02 2020 · 1hr 5mins
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Keith Mitchell—From All-Pro Football Player to Yoga Guru

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From All-Pro football player to personal growth and yoga guru, Keith Mitchell joins David to share his liberating story after being paralyzed on the football field. Find out how conscious breathing, yoga, and meditation helped him to heal.
Feb 07 2020 · 53mins