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420 - Ratkin Army Review

Join Alex and a crack team of Warchiefs as they delve into the deep and dark tunnels of strategy of the Ratkin. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the expert panel of Corey Reynolds, Nicholas Mikelonis, and Michael Pearcy for their contributions to this strategy marathon. In this army review we break down each unit, how to use them, as well as general strategies for the army. We also answer listener questions from Facebook and go over some sample army lists. Get comfortable and pour yourself a drink, or two, because this is a long one. Enjoy!

8 Apr 2020

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293 - Basilean Army Review

Join Jeremy, Tom Annis, Tom Millard, and Kyle Timberlake as they do a deep dive into The Forces of Basilea! The gang covers army list entries, model options, and gameplay strategies. Blessed Be!

25 Nov 2018

Rank #2

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276 - Vanguard - Join The Vanguard!

18 Sep 2018

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345 - Basileans Are So Hot

4 Aug 2019

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382 - 3rd Edition

Join the newly invigorated Counter Charge team, now with The United Kingdoms Steve Hildrew and Canada’s own Alex Kus, as they do a deep dive into Kings of War Third Edition. The gang will explore the new and amazing rulebook for Version three and share initial impressions.

21 Oct 2019

Rank #5

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336 - Ratkin Army Review

7 Jul 2019

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322 - Blues City Brawl

We recently held our third annual Blues City Brawl in Memphis, Tennessee and were proud to say it was another smashing success. Tonight, we have a collection of recordings from the participants themselves taken during the event. So sit back in a nice comfy chair and enjoy!Jake Ciarapica and Brian Brodeur 00:00:46Jess Cornwell and Tim Smith 00:30:13 Jon Faulkes and Dan King 00:41:08 Dylan Murray and Nick Gunther 00:57:10Will Sinclair and Tim Smith 01:06:12John and Jackson Blakemore 01:22:05Greg Person and Jake Ciarapica 01:43:55

21 Apr 2019

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313 - US Paragon Shannon Shoemaker

Tonight Jeremy and Rob are joined in the Counter Charge Studio by the freshly minted US Paragon Shannon Shoemaker. Shannon breaks down the event and goes through each game in excellent detail.

9 Mar 2019

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367 - Kings of War 3rd Edition with Matt Gilbert

Tonight Rob, Jeremy and Steve are joined in the Counter Charge Studio by none other than Matt Gilbert, Chief Operating Officer from Mantic and the man responsible for 3rd edition. In standard Counter Charge fashion we cover the history behind 3rd edition and breakdown the design process used for its creation. Along the way Matt shares a number of elements from 3rd edition, including one of the new armies you will see in the upcoming Armies of Pannithor supplement.Huge thanks to Matt and we hope you enjoy the show!

16 Sep 2019

Rank #9

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333 - Elves Army Review

23 Jun 2019

Rank #10

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392 - Undead 3rd Edition Update

Join the Dark Lord himself Dan King, the Master of Cheese Rashad, and Jake from Unplugged Radio, as they share their initial thoughts about Undead in Third Edition.

24 Nov 2019

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383 - Elves 3rd Edition Update

Mike Austin and Keith Randall join Rob in the Counter Charge Studio to chat about all things Elves in 3rd edition.

25 Oct 2019

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329 - Abyssal Army Review

31 May 2019

Rank #13