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Tips to Get Trail-Ready

Trail riding season is fast approaching, and whether you go out for a few hours or a few days at a time, and whether you're going to take 1 or 2 trail adventures this year or 1 or 2 every week, I want to share some of my tips that I've learned through the years.  Want your question answered in the What the Hay? Q&A segment? Email it to podcast@juliegoodnight.com

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18 May 2020

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Canter with Confidence

In this episode, let's talk about cantering with confidence! I'll go over the mechanics of the gait, how to cue, how to ride it, how to set your horse up for the correct lead. We'll even talk about controlling and refining the canter, and I'll address the issue all of you advanced riders want to hear about: the flying lead change. As always, we've got some brand new questions to answer straight from our listeners in the What the Hay Q&A segment!

1hr 11mins

16 Feb 2020

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Ride Through the Spooks

This topic is often asked about, and was also inspired by my first few rides out this spring on my young horse, Pepperoni. We're going to take a look at the behavioral aspects of spooking, how to train the horse to face what he's afraid of, and most importantly, how to execute the emergency stop when all else fails.Want your question answered in the What the Hay? Q&A segment?Email it to podcast@juliegoodnight.com

1hr 5mins

19 Mar 2020

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How Can I Help My Horse Like His Job?

In this episode, I'll talk about having reasonable expectations for your horse, considering the horse's point of view in the discipline you are training, and providing the physical and emotional support your horse needs. Plus, how to avoid training burnout and plateaus in your training. In other words, how do I keep my horse moving forward in his training, progressing, and still staying fresh and enjoying his job? Episode Resources: Perfect Practice Training Video & Booklet: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/?s=Perfect+Practice Balance & Rhythm Training Video: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/product-tag/balance-rhythm/ Julie's Clinics & Events Schedule: https://juliegoodnight.com/events/

1hr 22mins

20 Dec 2019

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Horses That Rip & Run

Today's topic is about dealing with horses that rip and run. I'll talk about this dangerous behavior, what it looks like, how it develops, and situations where it's likely to happen. We'll look at what this behavior means—why the horse does it, and how he benefits. Fortunately, most horses never learn how to overpower people and get away, but once it's been learned, it can't really be unlearned, and it makes the horse particularly difficult to handle. Whether or not you have a horse with this problem, you're going to want to listen to find out how to mitigate the issue, and prevent it before it becomes a problem. Plus, I've got some brand new questions to answer in the What the Hay? Q&A segment! Show Notes: Short Courses & Academy Memberships: https://signin.juliegoodnight.com/goodnight-academy/ FREE Daily Doses of Horsemanship Homework: https://signin.juliegoodnight.com/daily-dose-of-horsemanship-homework/ Episodes About Horses That Rip & Run (watch with your Library or Interactive Membership):  Episode 213: The Great Escape http://signin.juliegoodnight.com/videos/horse-master-shows/episode-213-the-great-escape/ Episode 412: Break on Through http://signin.juliegoodnight.com/videos/horse-master-shows/episode-412-break-on-through/ Don't have a membership yet? Get yours here: https://juliegoodnight.com/join


15 Apr 2020

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Winter Tips for You & Your Horse

How to manage your horse's needs in winter, plus some of the secrets I've learned from living in the high mountains of Colorado for the last 30+ years when it comes to staying warm while you ride, when you feed, or while you do your horse chores in winter. Finally, we'll talk about how to stay fit as a rider—even if you can't ride as much over the winter as you usually do. I'll share some of my favorite workout routines, and some exercises you can do in your living room to keep fit for riding all winter long.


18 Nov 2019

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What the Hay Q&A: You Asked, I Answered!

Megan and I sifted through the backlog of questions we've been getting from you, because this time I'm dedicating the entire episode to answering as many as I can! Enjoy this special hour-long episode of What the Hay? Q&A! Do you want your question answered in the What the Hay? Q&A segment? Email it to podcast@juliegoodnight.com


10 Oct 2019

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Bits & Bitting

"What bit should I start my horse in?" "When should I change bits?" "Are snaffles the mildest bits?" "Does my horse even need a bit?" There are so many bits out there (not to mention old wives tales—or misinformation), and every horse has different needs. In this episode, I'm talking about bits, sharing my knowledge to help you understand them better, and answering call-in questions in What the Hay? Q&A.  Show Notes:Upcoming Appearances (Clinics, Expos, and other events) More Bit & Bitting Resources (Note: some of these articles/videos are available with a free membership, and some are only available to Library or Interactive members.) Myler's Bit Assistant

1hr 5mins

24 Sep 2019

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Collection: A Short Story Made Long

In this episode, let's talk about collection—what it is, and more importantly, what it's not. I'll share with you how to prepare for this skill, how to cue your horse for collection, and how to feel it when you get it right. Plus, we've got some brand new questions to answer straight from our listeners in the What the Hay Q&A segment! Episode Resources: Refinement & Collection Video: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/product-tag/refinement-and-collection/ Goodnight's Principles of Riding 1-5: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/product-tag/goodnights-principles-of-riding/ Goodnight Bitting System: https://shop.juliegoodnight.com/product-tag/bitting-system/ Bit Information: http://juliegoodnight.com/bits


16 Jan 2020

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Is Your Horse A Good Citizen?

In my blog earlier this month, I wrote about what it takes to win an Equine Good Citizen Award. So for this episode, I get more in-depth about the top 10 skills that I think every horse should have. Find out if your horse passes the test—or if you have some new goals to work toward! Plus, my advice to boost your confidence & what to do about a "cinchy" horse in an all-new What the Hay? Q&A!

1hr 1min

24 Jun 2019

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