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Leading By Example with Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood

RAW Podcast

On this episode of RAW Podcast, Sarah sits down with Anna and Lindy from Love Powered Co. They share their stories of becoming women entrepreneurs, Lindy shares a heartfelt story, a story that she holds close to her heart and connects her to who she is today within Love Powerd Co. and beyond, and a ripple effect for rad active women! Anna and Lindy share how they would like to own their voices and heart even more within their communities. You will walk away from this RAW Podcast feeling like you want to dive into your dreams and lead by example in all aspects of your life. Love Power Co. DetailsClick here to check out Love Powered Co. WebsiteClick here to follow on Instagram 


6 Oct 2021

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The Hey Social Babes Podcast is for entrepreneurs, girl bosses, and side-hustlers. Join us while we share all the biggest tips on social media, branding, marketing, routines, habits, business strategies, and mindset to help you level up your brand. Hosted by Social Media Guru & Social Babes Co Community Leader Brittney Megann. In EP.67, Brittney is joined by Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood, co-founders of Love Powered Co, to cover all things “the importance of affirmations". Join us as we hear about the birth of Anna & Lindy's powerful business idea, how affirmations can improve your outlook on life, and what steps you can take to improve your whole family's mindset to one filled with self-love and appreciation! To stay connected, find us on Instagram @heysocialbabes and join the community @socialbabesco. Follow Anna & Lindy on Instagram @lovepoweredco and visit their website at www.lovepoweredco.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/heysocialbabes/message


13 Nov 2020

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Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood of Love Powered Co "How Affirmations Can Help You Heal"

The A Walk In My Stilettos Podcast

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood are Founders and CEO's of Love Powered Co., the affirmation company. They are moms on a mission to power the next generation of mindful leaders and make I AM affirmations common practice in homes around the world. Their affirmations have been seen on The Marilyn Denis Show, Breakfast Television, Fox News, and enjoyed by influencers and celebrities including Jessica Alba, Sarah Landry of The Birds Papaya, Jaime King, Jully Black, Cheryl Hickey amongst many others. Tune in to hear how they are using affirmations to heal themselves and others. Stay connected with Anna & Lindy online: Website: https://www.lovepoweredco.ca/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovepoweredco/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovepoweredco Stay connected with us online: Facebook- http://bit.ly/2CkjhqV Instagram- http://bit.ly/2OszRfs Twitter- http://bit.ly/2RU9tcz Youtube- http://bit.ly/MakiniSmithYoutube LinkedIn- http://bit.ly/2IZZZIm Website- http://bit.ly/2PvRRSu Books- http://bit.ly/MakiniSmith Subscribe to our newsletter if you love the value and free stuff! http://bit.ly/2AVKNJM Send feedback/questions to info@awalkinmystilettos.com Submit guest suggestions HERE info@awalkinmystilettos.com


24 Oct 2020

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Founders of Love Powered co. Lindy Sood & Anna Lozano - On Entrepreneurship, Mixing Friendship and Business, Motherhood and Time Management Techniques

Save Her Seat | Females Who Side Hustle

We saved a seat for the founders of LOVE Powered co. Lindy Sood & Anna Lozano. LOVE Powered co. is THE Affirmation Company that encourages self-love, mindfulness, positivity and more. Lindy & Anna are two driven, mindful, innovative (the list goes on) and amazing women that want to share their mission of empowering the next generation of mindful leaders through LOVE Powered co.We discuss it ALL - from entrepreneurship, the "WHY" that keeps business owners going, mixing business & friendship, pivoting & adapting, new moms in business, time management techniques, what success really means, how balance is bullsh*t & so much more. Tune in to see what these two women have to share with YOU! Amazing advice & insight into the real and raw layers of their business journey. So have a listen, send to a friend and #saveherseatPS. Start your own podcast with Buzzsprout HEREGUESTS:@lovepoweredcoLindy Sood & Anna LozanoWebsite: Click here!LISTEN on @spotifypodcasts and @applepodcast HOSTS@bysarahsingleton@tcancans@byracheldedinskyPOWERED by @femaleswhosidehustle


15 Oct 2020

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#71 Using Affirmations To Empower You and Your Children with Love Powered Co Founders, Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood

Intentional Conversations

I’m joined by the founders of Love Powered Co, Lindy Sood and Anna Lozano. The mission of their company is to empower the next generation of mindful leaders through their affirmation card decks. In this episode Anna and Lindy share their stories and why they saw a need for this type of company and how these cards can support your growth, your children’s growth and ignite deeper conversations.  Show notes and resources here: https://anintentionalbusiness.com/2020/10/affirmations/


7 Oct 2020

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Cultivating a Positive Inner Dialogue with Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of @lovepoweredco

The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Building a business takes patience, grit, and a whole lot of passion. Vanessa chats with Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of @lovepoweredco. The mission at Love Powered Co is "to empower the next generation of mindful leaders, through the POWER of I AM. " Starting a company while raising young families didn't come without its hiccups, but Anna and Lindy's passion for helping others through positive affirmations has been what has kept the two of them going. If ever the world needed to be flooded with inspiring self-talk, it's now!  To find more information on Love Powered Co, check out their website and instagram. They offer products for littles, teens, and adults. Then be sure to head over to our MOMFORCE FACEBOOK GROUP - full of thousands of moms from all over the world, helping each other through the highs and lows of motherhood!


28 Apr 2020

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118 | Creating Mindful Rituals With Your Family + Loved Ones with Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood of LovePowered Co.

The Alchemized Life

What you think and say out loud has the power to change how you relate to yourself. This week’s guests and founders of LovePowered Co., Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood, delve into the power of affirmations to cultivate more self-love, self-worth and confidence. When you affirm the truth of who you are, you light the way for the next generation of mindful leaders.To learn more, and for the complete show notes, visit: TheAlchemizedLife.comResources:WEBSITE | INSTAGRAMAnna Lozano’s INSTAGRAMLindy Sood’s INSTAGRAMREGISTER NOW:The Academy of Breath is officially open for enrollment. To join the Academy and deepen your practice while also learning how to facilitate Breathwork and meditation in 1:1 and group settings: THE ACADEMY OF BREATHStay Up To Date:Follow @TheAlchemizedLife and @AvaJohanna on InstagramSubscribe to NewsletterVisit AvaJohanna.comLearn more about 1:1 Mentorship with Ava HERESponsors:Storyworth: Get $10 off your order by using code ALCHEMIZED at Storyworth.com/ALCHEMIZEDThe Alchemized Life is a production of Crate Media


16 Apr 2020

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024. Entrepreneurship, Motherhood + The Power Of Manifestation & Affirmations With Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood

The Heroic Humans Podcast

Dana chats with Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood, co-founders of Love Powered Co., The Affirmation Company! This episode dives deep on entrepreneurship, motherhood, and why it's so important to use manifestation and affirmations in your every day life! These ladies are moms, friends and entrepreneurs on a mission! That mission: to power the next generation of mindful leaders and make affirmations a common practice in homes around the world, spreading love through the life-changing POWER of I AM. https://www.instagram.com/lovepoweredco/ https://www.lovepoweredco.ca


14 Apr 2020

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Love Powered Affirmations to Ignite Your Greatness with Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood

True Grit and Grace with Amberly Lago

In This Episode You Will Learn About: How Anna and Lindy started Love Powered Co. Affirmations to empower children Connect with your higher self, on the deepest level The power of reminding  yourself of the times when you did it, you were it, you became it, embraced, allowed, created, and prevailed The science behind the power of “I Am” Work ethics and core values Ways to grow your confidence and self-worth The importance of setting up your kids for success How to get clear with your goals As parents, we are our children’s biggest cheerleaders. We all want the best for our kids. And as they grow up they can get easily frustrated when they don’t get the result that they want. That’s why it’s vital for us, parents to encourage them to pick themselves up when they fall. To prepare our kids to live a fulfilled life, we need to guide and help them develop a mindset of success and positivity. One way to do that is through positive and love-filled affirmations! Joining me in this episode are two soul sisters and mompreneurs, Anna Lozana and Lindy Sood, who founded the Love Powered Company, with a mission to empower the next generation of mindful leaders (our kids!) through positive self-talk, confidence, self-love, and self-worth. They were awarded the Mompreneur Top Finalist Award and have been featured on Today’s Parent, Breakfast Television, Drive Global and the Huffington Post! Today, they share how they handle being a mother and an entrepreneur at the same time. Anna and Lindy also talk about the importance of making affirmations for young ones and how we as parents can set our kids for success.  Grab your copy of Love Powered Littles Affirmation Cards for Kids 👉 here! Get in touch with Anna & Lindy : Instagram @_annalozano Instagram @lindysood Love Powered Co. Website Love Powered Co. Instagram Love Powered Co. Pinterest Love Powered Co. Facebook Love Powered Co. Twitter  Unlock your highest potential and start living the life you deserve! Read the True Grit and Grace book here and learn how you can turn your tragedies into triumphs! Thank you for joining us on the True, Grit, & Grace Podcast! If you find value in today’s episode, don’t forget to share the show with your friends and tap that subscribe button so you don’t miss an episode! You can also head over to amberlylago.com to join my newsletter and access free downloadable resources that can help you elevate your life, business, and relationships! Want to see the behind the scenes and keep the conversation going?  Head over to Instagram @amberlylagomotivation! Website @amberlylago.com Instagram @amberlylagomotivation Facebook @AmberlyLagoSpeaker


25 Mar 2020

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The Freedom Babe Podcast

For this episode Kelly was really excited to chat with Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood, the Founders and CEO's of the affirmation company, Love Powered Co.! They're chatting about how to start your business when you're multi-passionate and don't know where to focus, how to find affirmations that you actually believe and don't feel like total BS and a custom Freedom Babe affirmation to manifest your best freedom life. Plus Kelly is sharing her freedom life update after her trip to Montreal and her fav new workout spot! 


4 Mar 2020